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If Youre Feeling Bad This Holiday Season..About Family And What You Left Behind Remember Theres Always Family and Adventure Elsewhere

Don't feel bad on the holidays or at any time during your campaign about separation from family. Especially if they were a danger to you as a Target. Self preservation isn't anything to feel guilty or bad about. A great old film clip may demonstrate this scenario. Put it aside becuz theres always others. There will always be good and decent people to balance out the bad you meet. And at the end of the vid Tuco is thinking about THE NEXT ADVENTURE. THE GOLD CHASE. THE ROAD AHEAD. Theres always you and yours. Potentially what you left behind was a prison or worse a pit of snakes. You may be better off.


Blog Alledges New Law States If You Have Large Overdue Tax Debt Govt Can Confiscate Passport

If You Experience Harassment Or Bad Drivers On GREYHOUND Or Any Other Form Of Transport While Traveling There Is Recourse

I never realized I could make a complaint to the Dept Of Transportation concerning Greyhound drivers. So much of what GH does is designed to keep TIs off balance and tramatized so that they cant reach out to the agencies that take care of oversight of the industry.

Gang Stalking is meant to keep a Target away from thier rights and from making perps accountable for thier actions.
Company complaint:

Driver complaint:

This probably includes public transit buses but Im not sure.

Make sure its a legit complaint not something related to Gang Stalking or covert warfare, It helps if other passengers were also complaining as well.

Make NO mention of GS, covert war, psy ops etc.  Theres plenty of instances where gang stalking has included extremely bad drivers acting totally psychotic or abusing power and being unprofessional.

Also theres been safety violations on Greyhounds Ive been on like purposely overcrowding the bus and picking up more passengers than is allowed on the bus.

I dont think you can report GS harassment, Ritual Abuse or a MILAB but I wish you could. Its hard to prove. Im told there are no cameras on buses like this. If I am wrong-if there were cameras Ive go ta hell of a case going.

Im aware that TIs get harassed so frequently that if we complained about everyone and every incident then we would be busy all day and night writing out complaints which is one of the purposes of the exercise.   Diversion and time and money wasting.

Ive learned that reporting whats important is what needs to be done and things that are on camera or very obvious with witnesses.

There seems to be some sort of new program in society at least around here where people report in on MBTA and other employees like that when they abuse power. Ive had this done for  me in this area even recently and whatever bs the employee pulled they didnt do it again. So the public or some hired eyes and ears are keeping tabs on these kinds of instances. But not always.

I know that transit of all kinds in the USA  has been one of the greatest sources of abuse and harassment if not life long for some of us-since 9-11. Amtrak, Greyhound and now Megabus has joined the ranks of the utter assh*les. Bolt bus is still decent but that may be becuz they are so small.

Every city that has public transport has been a nightmare. From drivers directly involved in the unethical human experimentation to doing extremely abusive things like shutting the doors on us as we get on or off the bus and theres consistent psychological operations from perps mixed in with passengers. The trains and buses in some cities are worse than others.

People with badges became unquestioned authority figures after 9-11. And they readily abused that to destroy the lives of people who were marked as Targets across the United States. During Bush they were very arrogant but then toned it down during Obama. There were still those that behaved as if it was still the Bush era. Nothing could be worse than that period of time in this country for abuse of power involved in continued unethical human experimentation.

Hitchhiking Robot Gets Ripped Apart-No One Hipped Him To Stay Out Of Philli

Great now they are making fun of us and trying to figure out how The Road works and being a Traveler. Thank goodness that it takes actual human skill, ingenuity, creativity and that luck/intuition that only travelers posses.

Firstly, this could happen to a human Traveler to begin with. This extent of violence more so in a deserted area or from a killer who can hide somewhere like train hopping. Plenty of crazy violence in that group. They are always cool with me (when they are genuine and not agents posing as train hoppers trying to infiltrate the subculture) but Ive heard about weird violence in that lifestyle.

Also going to Philly is never a good idea. To be honest its safer in Old Town on a Sat night than outside of it over the bridge if you know what I mean.
No place is safe at night nor on a partying night especially. I actually met cool people there and the blacks there are nicer. They have a ready sense of humor about things. HitchBOT must not have understood how to make connections.

Im hoping that someone ripped this thing apart becuz it mocks real traveling culture and it makes it appear as if we are a joke. It also reveals too much about the culture and how it works which isnt good either.

Humans dont do things for nothing. Acts of kindness have a selfish motive. People either want to feel safe or feel good about themselves by being helpful or they were in that position themselves and need to pass it forward, sort of in a superstitious way, to feel orderly inside themselves. Some simply want company and are bored. Being a TI some people of course want to do psych harassment to us in order to gain whatever they can get out of it.

It would have been very funny if someone acted out the most ridiculous myths about the traveler culture and asked HitchBOT  for sexual favors or gas money.

He probably got rides more so becuz he was a sanitary robot who wasnt going to mess up the seats or ask for 20 bucks for beer. Maybe he got more rides than we would have. Maybe less.

Having HitchBOT go around filming and experimenting in this subculture is like sending a spying robot to travel the Underground Railroad while slaves still need it to escape.  Its not a good thing.

Maybe he should bring a road dog with him next time for safety and companionship. Like a toaster or blender or something. Maybe Boston Dynamics can provide him with one of those prototype killer cheetahs theyve created that can run faster than any mammal on earth and probably kill with precision-and cannot be reasoned with or have mercy.

Hey..wait..if people can afford to built fake robots that do stuff like hitch or outperform humans, then why do we still need warfare at this stage of technological evolution??



ADHD Linked To Wanderlust Gene In Humans-Being A Traveler Might Come Naturally

Scientists Link Gene Variant To Human Longevity:

Restless Genes:

I am very fortunate to be of a generation (Gen X) where they did NOT medicaid us as it wasn't part of the culture yet in my class and social level of society.

They knew you were 'bright' but just not made for the classroom so they would pass you and hope you find your way or you'd have a hard time, drop out and forge your own path some other way.

It was also a time where our Boomer parents still had strong a hold on society and bohemian and alt cultures were tolerated.

Terrorism as its known now hadnt come to America yet and so going or existing outside the established structure of society hadnt caught the interest of authorities or citizens the way it does today.

You could find your way elsewhere or get the wanderlust out of your system enough to find something you could focus on.

Its important in America to control people now but I notice that much of the wonderful things our gene family brought to the world doesnt exist much anymore.

I dont meet or see many younger people who look like me or resemble our kind. If I do they are Traveling kids who are recovering from being medicated with Riddlin or similar drugs as kids and resent the system.

Pass this on. I think its important to start advocating against preventing us -7R's from existing in the modern civilized world. Much is missing due to us being missing from the natural human landscape.

These studies have also found that we have bodies that are more geared towards long distance travel. This may be why we 'recognize' each other and Travelers kind of look the same, other than the styles that define the subculture.


Fukushima Took So Much From Travelers, The Homeless And TIs-RIP California, I Miss Cali

As you know many people and all life on the west coast of America are being effected by the nuclear fallout from Japan after the tsunami it had in 2011. Many of us felt the effects quickly. Who knows if its becuz we are from radiation experimentation or all the years of being hit with microwave tech and other electromagnetic nightmares. I know I can never return in my lifetime. I was and am devastated at my second home being ripped from me after years of reinventing myself and creating new networks, getting familiar with new territories. This and Harvard being destroyed as a scene-the place I was born, where my parents met. Perhaps by design or maybe randomly. Losing a scene near a college is one thing but an entire state? A whole coast? I went the see the northwest in earnest a few years ago for the first time and now its going to have to be my last. California was truly a very special place. Its the might and size of the Pacific. The area is on a different tectonic plate. It truly isnt like the rest of America. Cali taught me to slow down, stop walking fast everywhere. That theres space for everyone and endless things to see. A culture that always tolerated Travelers and weird people, the rich seming to take this as a sort of normalcy in daily life and they segragate themselves as they choose-but they were always friendly. It made you feel like there wasnt anything to be afraid of. Even though its wise to take note that Cali can turn deadly more quickly than any other place. People take risk there. Big risk but it pays off and who cares? Theres no winter to punish bad decisions or consequences for impracticality. Coast to coast in seasons had become my life. I now dont quite know what to do. Its beautiful and for something like this to happen is truly part of Armageddon. I sometimes think looking back my writing told of strange thingd both in Cali and in Harvard and I wonder if someone somewhere decided to ruin these places not just for me but for anyone like me. For everyone. People in the northeas they just dont know. I can see that clearly now. How special Cali..was. I miss California.


Intentional Communities And The Homeless/Experimentees, Sacrifices, Victim Witnesses, Whistleblowers Hidden Away In Homeless.Population

Since living as a 'homeless' person with the luxury of the added Traveler status giving me a bit more respect and much more freedom Id always wondered why there are no homeless collectives or homeless hostels, pay-to-stay shelters.

Houston Ive been told has flop houses an old fashioned solution now long gone from the northeast (but someone said there were still some in NYC).

NYC supposedly has experimental pay2stay shelters.

Still why arent there opportunities like this or solutions being developed more often in more locations.

I discovered that theres so much hidden in the homeless subculture just like the sex industry, that the established power structure merely wants CONTROL not long term solutions over this population and culture.

Secondly is most obvious-the non profits, social worker types and homeless industry- all glorified babysitters and jailers, would lose money and jobs.

This is why i suspect after OCCUPY proved theres a percentage of 'the homeless' that could become functional, organized and self or semi self sufficient while having a relationship with the surrounding community- theres a move by both government and institutions to end homelessness.

I also think that they desperately want to avoid homeless people from organizing or taking charge of our own lives becuz eventually what would arise would be communities of Targeted Individuals and thus our plights would become more credible with society at large.

Its laughable that Stanford University is involved as many Survivors of mind control projects have named Stanford as a major player in that game.  Stanford is also involved in the OFFICIAL research into mind control (which is far behind the classified levels that actually exist that the elite and their cronies have access to). They are also tied to MK Ultra unethical human experimentation.


Perps Giving Clear Messages To Go To NYC-Even Though Homelessness Is A Growing Problem With No Solutions (Becuz They Want To Create Chaos Instead)

 So why am I getting this constant ideation as well as actual visions of NYC for the past few months? 

The GS is really heavy and overt in Boston and Cambridge now as of the new administrations taking control in earnest (Governor, mayors, city managers, police chiefs and commissioners-you name it) in key cities of power in my former home state. I left becuz it was so bad I actually feared for my life I was hit so hard. I go back for errands or appts sometimes and its bad. If I had the mind to get out the camera the stuff they are doing is Bush era worthy.

 A t-shirt on one of many passing perps said "THE WAR ON YOU". They havent done communications like that in years. In Back Bay station a woman passed with a shirt that said "ITS BETTER IN NEW YORK". Im so seasoned in this from the Bush years and early Obama when Hayden was the head of the CIA that I know what Im looking at and it doesnt phase me but its just so brazen to send someone ideation suggestions that they post about and then have someone wearing a t shirt in a crowd with heavy psy ops mobbing that states the exact same content.

 Like I posted before my allies are gone and my enemies seem to have their friends in power. Their goal seems to make me doubt my own sanity and forget by way of brain damage induced by constant trauma and terror also ensuring I dont get any peace to write my book. These bogus suggestions have gone on for years and if they mob you enough in one place they figure you will keep running to other places and relocating thus you get nothing done. Somehow they cant keep me on the run on the road like the did during Menino being in office so they have to go about disturbing my work in other ways.

 Who the f*ck goes to Harvard Sq with a t shirt that says "the war on you"?

This is the same admin that was coming in when I was baited and forced to act out by writing a comment with racial slurs on McDonalds in Central Sq Cambridge yet it stated THEY were the racists.  The entire place if full of gang stalkers. I posted how one of them said to me that the local low class types would be gone soon-obviously through covert means of psy ops. This might have been what got me targeted there.  And Cambridge is dying to cover its ass as well as the black community.

I get the feeling when Obama leaves they wont be able to have the power theyve had and raise hell. They did horrible things during Bush but were very covert about it as now its under the guise of some you-owe-us-for-slavery and black power bs. So this is his 'civilian security force'?

All they do is domestic terrorism, black ops, unethical human experimentation (continied MK Ultra rooted projects), intimidate and cause chaos and well as racism: Divide and Conquer. Under the guise of  Diversity and black unification. If the public knew what was behind the black power surge of the Obama admin and that it started really during Bush (Obama was a pay off for the work they did during Bush as well as all the momentum theyve gotten during Obama).

What about all the lone shootings and false flag ops during Obama so obviously aimed at taking gun rights away and framing up anyone who has an 'anti govt' blog or is critical of the USA?

As Obama destroys the nation with black power and Diversity the same forces are destroying Europe, Canada and any place else they can with the same terrorism only mass immigration is being used. Americans dont really know about this as they are busied with terrorism and now race issues.

It doesnt surprise me that these Liberal Elitist places are unlivable for anyone going against Obama or black power thats so corrupt. Other places are a bit easier but not by much. The entire US is somehow worse than it ever was during Bush.

Id rather deal with an administration that tries to kill me, dose me, gas me, poison me, run me down with cars and tortures me Gitmo style with electromagnetic technologies within an inch of my life than it be attempted to break me like a slave and make me into a mindless robot to be part of society and forget about everything I know that happened that was real. Only former slaves could attempt to break someone in such a way becuz its what they understand best. Its so obvious thats whats happening.

Now its very hard to get anything done due to so much demotivation. Torture me to death-fine. Dont break me and let me live. WTF is that? Its totally unacceptable.

Some black idiot on a CB while traveling in a truck this spring said "Shes not a baby anymore". Luckily theres not alot of black truckers and if there are they better have thier shit together. Urbanized bs doesnt fly out there its incongruent with the work environment and ethic. I think this was directed conversation but the odds are high it was not. It just urked me anyway becuz that is the kind of thing they do. To try to hide the latest methods of stopping my book and getting lawyers under some nonsense about my age and having to get myself together.

Thats the thing about gang stalking. Targeted Survivors are totally controlled and regressed (with alot of brain damage among other means) and then treated like children to keep control of us for life. Why people believe this is acceptable I will never understand.

One black man once said the country is sick. He was right but so many people live here and their minds are that way, you cant beat the majority. Its simply a matter of trying to be left alone and do your own project but they insist on interfering. The way the commoners interfere is so bizarre. They treat you like a threat to the nation but act as if you are stupid and very disrespectful. Its very confusing but America is very sick and brainwashed and confusing to begin with.

Im not going anywhere especially to NYC. I get mobbed at an incredible rate by alot of people just walking down the street to go to the store when waiting for a train at the main station or bus traveling through. Why would I go there?
Its dangerous. Im not sleeping outside in NYC. WTF?

The only reason they want a TI to come to certain towns or cities is so they can mob you and make money off of you as well as train thier peeple and get off on f*cking with a well known TI whos lasted a long time whos outspoken.

So Im going to travel at my own expense and interrupt whatever I am doing so I can go be a human sacrifice in yet another location where nothing is going to work out for me anyway?

Not happening.

NYC could have started homeless hostels or bohemian type club houses a long time ago. They had flop houses like Houston has Ive read. Pay to stay per night. There should be the aforementioned type of places to get certain med to high functioning and creative or self sufficient houseless people inside and out of shelters.  OCCUPY was the closest thing to that dream. They refuse to offer alternatives and make sure that homelessness is mostly defined by the lowest form of black urban culture or miserable white trash (Albuquerque NM for example).

Its thier problem and they choose to perpetuate it so that instead of OCCUPY type places to support a bohemian or alt lifestyle and be positive and produce creative works they now have such chaos that Obama admin is actually trying to end homelessness by 2020.

I dont like the current gov anyway. Who invites Al Sharpton to advise the NYC police?  Gee during Bloomberg the CIA immersed NYPD were his "private security force". Wha happened?

Perception management is for idiots who live inside and people who are drugged up on...street drugs or psych meds or technologies. I live in the real world-out on the front lines. I can tell you first hand that the 'homeless problem' is a created problem by lots of purposeful negligence, creating problems on purpose and refusing to try alternative things as well as other horrors in the way the homeless are dealt with.

And the public wont know any different becuz like other sub cultures what goes on is not out in the open. Isnt Obama the one that was all for more transparency? Ha. When theres transparency in the non profit industry you let me know.



Dunkin Donuts Strikes Again-Newport RI (Could Be Most Oppressive Chain?)

Have vid of hysterical group of older kinda creepy Europeans or Canadians witj Americans who are genteel bikers mobbing my sitting area. At least perps are colorful here). Dunkin Donuts in Newport RI, 7 Memorial Blvd has minimal gang stalking activity thats overt from employees (other than one rude ass young short light skinned black or Latina woman who is a demanding little bitch when you dont answer her right away when she asks you if she can help you when shes assisting whoever is at the register. Law enforcement or security guard in the making or wanna be.) The harassment comes from locals or at least citizens who come into the shop which is very small. Alot of 'regular guy' types like small trade and construction or moving companies etc at this location. The employees are aware of the gang stalking and seem to make disapproving faces when the Target reacts to harassment which Ive only done a few times. They are ok but the manager is a woman who is uptight and will tell you the owner doesnt want anyone plugging their phone into the outlets above the seats. Typical lame excuses pretending they care like "god forbid anything should happen to your phone". As if the DD would be legally responsible. Only person who seems sympathetic is tall white kid but with the black and all those females in there hes surrounded by multicult PC so decency is out the door and the PC cult is out for blood against say..people like me. The black kid is nice actually but I dpnt trust him fully. Lots of harassme t here especially from (big surprise): African Americans,various ethnicities of trash, union types like regular guys and tourists. The decent people left of which there is less and less of in America of course simply mind their own business. The NWO and gang stalking seem to be being perpetrated by common people who hate anyone or anything that's true quality or naturally superior which is why they want to destroy the old guard. So we can all be stupid and average and money grubbing without any real taste or class and naturally ignorant of the arts especially discouraging them from daily life which of course should be full of their kind of mundane endless socialization. World peace can only exist when everyone is dumbed down to their level,the arts are destroyed and every culture and race is sitting together in Starf*cks, zoning mindlessly for hours in front of a glowing lap top screen sipping corporate chain culture-as-reality and ignoring the truly pressing issues of the times. It seems to not live in denial now is not just impolite or socially taboo but its probably equated with terrorism. I was staying away from the DD near the police station to avoid trouble and out of respect but its clear thats probably SAFER than this one.


US Govt Released Reports That Outline Ending Homelessness By 2015-2020/TRAVELER GENE Discovery May Be Real Cause Are they serious? WTF IS THIS? The US govt cant dictate to people if they are housed or not. We ready know the reason why no one has a problem with this becuz the entire natiin is under mind control and has been conditioned to want local homeless and houseless travelers eradicated anyway. People have a right to break with mainstream culture and with the system in place. Especially considering the effects of ABUSE OF POWER and POLITICAL OPPRESSION by powerful entities. Also there has not been any effort to make alternative lifestyles or work witj high to medium functioning homeless or even allow us to organize so that homelessness is not such a burden on mainstream society or communities. In fact this explains why everything in their power has been done to prevent organization among the houseless especially since OCCUPY proved it was possible (WITHOUT the disruptive drunk homeless that authorities sent in to mess up the camps). Alot of incidents of homeless messing up areas are a sort of FALSE FLAG OP just like is suspected of many other events giving the authorities that opportunity for 'change' they so desperately need. The FEMA camp predictions are just speculation. However the first part about the govt reports ACTUALLY EXIST. This explains alot thats been going on. Whats so insane about this is that its so blatantly obvious that they are hiding something if they have not tried to work with homeless populations or even tried alt or experimental solutions like in NY or Europe or elsewhere. It should become obvious that this marginalized population consists of people who are inconvenient to those in power. Why would there be a homeless population in a country like the USA to begin with? This might be why Im being guided to seriously find a way out of the borders of the United States. I was wondering why there was such a covert operation against the homeless nationwide and now its obvious. Some of the stuff they were doing in different cities was so obviously set ups and frame ups and creatng problems where there wasnt one. I suspected OCCUPY was actually an experiment set in motion by someone woshing to at once satisfy America's urge to protest globalism like Europe at the same to have a controlled situation that could show them exactly where TRUE resistance may lie in the hodden parts of American society. Once they got what they wanted they shut down OCCUPY then I notice thats whrn all the set ups and destruction of peaceful homeless scenes began. Ive met a good amount of Traveling kids who are completely full of sh*t and are obvioisly agents becuz they either do gang stalking and try to get me to ridr with them or they just put themselves in my path in a way thats to get me to become involved with them. I think this has something to so with the discovery of a Traveler gene also. Maybe they have predicted that we would branch out into new territory when the false environments became too restrictive as the 20% of society that posesses the gene are divergent by nature as part of humans evolving by travel all over the earth. Whatever is going on we have to fight this now or do what we do best: leave and find a new home in some unthought of new frontier outside the NWO controlled environments.


RI Officer Claims All Panhandlers Aren't Well People “These people are not well; most have substance-abuse problems and psychological problems,” said East Providence Lt. Thomas Rush, who works in the patrol division. “And they are trying to feed whatever habit they have.” SERIOUSLY? So all Travelers are on drugs or psych cases also and every homeless person? He sounds like the old days taking about blacks which people started to find offensive decades ago- 'YOU people' or 'THOSE people'. What is this guy a registered psychologist? All that and he made Lt too huh? Gee Patriarcha ran the New England mafia from this city for years and years. Are any of those guys 'well peoppe' or is their sociopathic and psychopathy tolerated becuz they bring loads of lovely black market money into an area and arent begging in the streets. WAIT A MINUTE!! Before Patriarca took a job as a door man at the Biltmore HE BEGGED AROUND PROVIDENCE like loads of other Italian immigrants. And as far as my situation goes lets put it this way 1-My sanity was never in question until yYOUR brothers in arms to the north in Boston got entangled with career criminals in a federal investigation and wanted to make sure anyone expendable or useful idiot for diversion was discredited. 2-If you hit people with enough military grade psy ops technology they are going to look nuts. Besides its bee n proven over in Europe that certain people cannot tolerate electromagnetic pollution. Is this guy a communications tech expert and scientist too? This city has retained some of its nasty little habits from the days of protection rackets and leg breaking I see. Also Mayor Thomas Menino now deceased said it was just like any other job. Like a salea pitch etc. Im terribly sorry if Providence has become so overidden with YUPpies uptight students and posers with every area in between gone completely ghetto that you no longer retain any punk rock type of Alternative culture or people loke activists or writers or outsider artists or..etc But I live here now so I will try my best to bring create a scene and draw such people here. No problem. Im already going to the old COIN O MATIC to set up an alter to channel Patriarcha and seek his guidance in carving out a niche in thw city I used to live in so long ago. But does that mean I have..gasp! Psychological problems!! Or am I just creative, highly intelligent and have a fondness for tongue in cheek humor? Maybe he's a writing critic too. Maybe Lt. IForgetHisNameNow is like, a Mensa guy! Maybe not. I dont think he could stand the work environment at that point. So...if begging aint aggressive its legal. It would help if society wasnt trying sk hard to get rid of everyone divergent or fighting oppression by driving us crazy. Thats the problem with that statement also it totally avoids any issue of beggars being people fighting political oppression or having been burned by the system. Nero is alive and well. (To be fair only as of today have officers been interfering with panhandling at intersections which if it impedes traffic can be sighted as aggressive...tourist season coming? Who knows.)


NEWPORT WAVES Creepy Community Watch Program (Which Of Course Will Set Off Undesirables And Get Us Removed Like TIs and Mentally Ill or Homeless People)

Minding your own business is a special commidity nowadays. These programs are so obviously part of this nationwide trend to marginalize anyone who doesnt fit into a profile thst works in the desired society model they are going for. This is way to easy for perps to use against TIs. You know why East German Stasi was better to live under? People didnt sugar coat these activities to the point of creating the urge to vomit with 'feel good' 'fun' 'safety first' cover ups as legitimized reasons to create a police state that normalises torture intimidation and harassment. In order to create a program like this one would have to disregard all of human history that documents mankind always has some sort of intelligence network in every society as a control against those who oppose the power structure that might be corrupt or not in the best interest of the people. Programs like this are sickly designed by people who know whats really going on in the United States today and are creating nothing more than cheap easy FORCE MULTIPLIERS out of the duped American public. Safer streets shouldnt mean harassing people with unwanted attention. What if u don't wave back? What if u r in a bad mood and waving seems inappropriate but some cult brainwashed moron does it anyway even though if he was normal he would know that the social cues arent appropriate at that moment? What if I am not in the f$!;&#n' mood and give the finger in return? Does Homeland get called with a possible terrorist threat? Or the police with suspicious activity or the ambulance so the First Responder perp bastards can show up to assess my mental state (which I make fun of them with all the time now). Look at this FB page its hysterical. I wonder if certain people in that photo would appreciate an attentive wave if they were taking the monthly payoff money or guarding certain shipments coming into the harbor. Oh they probably dont do that anymore nowadays they outsource like everyone else. Ive been in port cities late at night and came upon guys in baseball caps all in black standing at a pier and just knew better to walk away from there. Life is so good and wholesome when reality doesnt show through eh? And cultish brainwashing like this only supports their false environments where everyone who is part of the community takes part in keeping it 'safe' and everyone who is unacceptable or doesnt belong or is a threat is kept out. They should see what some of those nice perfect people in their community are really up to. I have never encountered such high walls of denial in all my life. THIS is the nature and behavior of my grandmother's world that our parents warned us about and after all that fighting for freedom here we are again. Its like living in a garbage dump where all the trash is buried underneath but no one sees and doesn't mind living in neighborhoods built on long as they dont have to know the truth. Nothing like brainwashing people into believing they dont smell anything. Something in Newport is fishy...hmm. ("I SEE YOU!" How much more creepy and intimidating can you get? Its on the level of those old Burger King ads where The King avoids restraining orders for b and e and creeping by being charming. Ewww. It reminds me of what the characters of The Village in the old Brit tv show THE PRISONER would say in passing daily: "Be Seeing You". Im sure.)


Authorities Have Slowly Taken Sleep Spots From Homeless That Had Shielding Or Without Remote Influence

I felt it as I used to a few years ago when we could sleep back here.
The normalcy, the lack of feeling targeted the ability to think straight.
Train stations or spots like this which either due to tech being unable to get back here or its kept influence free on purpose for some benefit of a select group (the Harvard people who use this area).
People were irresponsible in rhis space and certain people ruined it by not being discreet.
But it seems that rhe powers want to make sure The Homeless dont have anywhere to hide from being targeted.


Attempted Brainwashing To Go To Undesirable Cities-A Bit About California, NYC, Las Vegas NV, Portland OR

(Please remember PC has no place on the battlefield. It will be used against you as a weak spot for infiltration or control. Also you MUST assess your own personal demographic info so as to predict what you will encounter that differs for other TIs. Class, race, gender, age, style etc must be looked at to predict your experiences that may differ from mine.) Im telling random people im going to leave Austin. So the word seems to be getting to the perps a tad of pressure seems off and the area is happy Im leaving. I have been hit daily with ideations that i should go to -Las Vegas -NYC -California. Sometimes with these come flashing visions of these places and the specific idea almost in words it seems but without my hearing anything as would be audible,the reasons i 'belong' in these places. I fit in better in California supposedly. The way I dress etc which seems to be very hated here even though this place thinks they are hippies or like Cali. I belong in a place like New York supposedly. I fit in better there. According to this wisdom given theres other activists like me there. Theres people doing activism like mine. I would 'fit in' better in a place like this. Im given the idea there are collectives like intentional communities or squats where I would do better than an alternative lifestyle in a place like Austin. Im also sometimes told, in a derogatory way, that I belong among African Americans. Due to its what I am used to, what i grew up with. Sometimes I given the impression that I'm 'like' African Americans. That I'm not really Euro-American (white). That I don't belong in a white world. Before it became derogatory with that recent content, the idea was very clear that I could go there and work in the restaurant business. That there are Italians there and I 'belong' among my own kind sort of idea. That they would take care of me and I'd be tolerated due to that city being one of the only places left that retains its strong concentration of Italian influence and power. Las Vegas was pushed heavily for a time but it hasn't been part of the brain washing content lately. That consisted of my being perceived as trustworthy with money thus I could go there and get a job in a business dealing with their money. It was also pushed as being cheap to live there. To a lesser extent, the northwest where I was last year was a strong suggestion. (And this is ALL attempted hypnotic suggestion, be completely aware) It was marketed to me that places like Portland could need my help alot more than more established areas. I know the homeless scenes there are ridiculously bad as far as over tolerance, enabling and refusal of the city to put forth any real structure. The women are city-hicks (hick town turned big city) that drink and dont have any instinct for their safety or banning together with other women for safety in numbers. Rapes even death by beating is common there. Their tent city R2D2 run by a black Muslim who perhaps well meaning, is never there to oversee his project. A handicapped woman fell on my stomach after I had that abortion there. I will always recall that place with hatred for its negligence, white trash sloppiness and ridiculous favoritism and corruption. This is the place I overheard a man volunteering there ask another "Hey, are we doing any favors for her?" The guy answered "I WISH. F*ckin goldmine". Uh, whats worse than not knowing if favors are actual favors or if 'favors' refer to harassment and trickery, is being reminded Im in that situation to begin with. So the underdeveloped, still pioneering northwest could use the expertise of a city girl from back east. All of these suggestions are to get me to leave Austin. The only way to be able to stay in Austin is being pushed into becoming a Christian. That's what I'm being sucked into now. Which I must reject becuz its dishonest. One shouldnt sign contracts under duress or intimidation-or choose religious belief systems. The realities of those places being pushed daily as places to live or next destinations are as follows: Las Vegas- Atomic fallout from testing over many decades, too close to Fukishima fallout on west coast, horrible air quality as I find myself unable to breath well despite the arid climate due to pollution. Sort of ok homeless scene but too many speed/crack freaks-not the southern kind that mind their business, the Cali type that actually disturb your squat while you are sleeping there and begin talking, won't shut up and smoke more speedy shit as if they own the place. (This is what tasers or stun guns are for. Just like stray dogs, just the sound sends them on their way. In Cali anyway) SOME OF THE WORST MOST ARROGANT MALE HARASSMENT I'VE EVER RECEIVED OVER THESE YEARS perpetrated by Mafia looking guys. I absolutely avoid Italian areas now. They hate me, still dont know quite why my own people hate me. I do sometimes get favored there but its just creepy there. Those cameras looking down from the ceilings of those casinos have entities of pure blackened evil watching and thats not a sensation I want to live with anymore. Ive been given crap in NV before and not Vegas. Its not appreciated. Lastly and most of all: the House Slaves. The Mexicans there though I agree with their cause, refer to the city as part of "AztecAmerica" or Aztecland or some sort of take back the land. Its in murals on buildings even. I agree yet Im not exactly going to be a welcome demographic there and to be realistic many of them are going to be working for the drug routes and human trafficking set ups which prob include org crime, military etc. They are the least annoying perps out there. The real problem is the African Americans. These people are blacks in the old sense of the word. Shockingly, they mostly hail from the deep southern USA. They are very ignorant, backwards and are brutal to whites who are poor or Travelers. On Sundays you can see a tall lanky male dressed up from church, with his woman walking two lengths behind him. Its literally a bizarre piece of history taken from the deep south and replaced in Las Vegas. Its just another grotesque attraction so typical of that city. Needless to say the gang stalking is done mostly by blacks and its totally pervasive and they are their typical uncharming, viscous selves. Of course the males are the worst. I was almost grabbed into a cab at 1am in vegas back in 2000 when i was there for 6 mths. I was robbed by a white and a Mex. Its a dangerous place. Also as an Italian I know too well that its geography is too convenient for dumping bodies out in the desert. If u think thats paranoid you are either lying, not Italian or you are a very Catholic Italian who lives in denial. Theres also something very strange in Henderson, a place where I DO get treated well...except for the bus drivers but thats a nationwide problem anyway. Late at night I got this impression that some kind of monsters live in the desert as Henderson is on the edge of Las Vegas. Creatures that are the results of experiments done by the military or things the Natives knew existed but whites were never allowed to know about. (I believe America is a creation by foreign powers and it's people have always been slaves and kept caged by design. Another reason to get rid of the Native Americans. Either of these could be truth but its also a great way of keeping curious people out of an area-where perhaps you have illegal and nasty businesses like under age whore houses or much worse. Torture chambers for use by the elite etc. The way the area is set up is perfect for hiding. An unmarked military base is also a safe bet. At any rate, Vegas is a TERRIBLE place for a TI go especially an MK Kid. NYC: Shitty winters, moldy buildings both of which will damage my health further. Another city thats been really nasty to me and very heavy handed. The former mayor thinks the CIA connected police force were his private army. Its full of Millenials who are either new money horrors or Hipsters. A high concentration of African Americans is once again an undesirable security risk. Im also sick of contracting pin worm which only happens in areas with alot of poor blacks. Enough is enough Ive done my time with that crap. The Liberals are militant. My views on whites needing to reconnect to our European pre Christian heritage and educating whites about their heritage would be recieved there as racism and Ive had enough of leftist Liberals who come from privilege keeping me down. I refuse to even subject myself to that outdated, 20th century feminist environment anymore-anywhere. I will never forgive New York for the harassment in the past. My last visit there they were doing what Boston was doing, trying to harass me so hard I react and get jailed. The homeless scene is ghetto and dangerous. Portland as all of the west coast and specifically the north west is radiated from Japans nuclear accident. It took me months to recover from the last exposure from staying too long on the west coast. The northwest is worse. Portland makes you fat. It sucks. The money people think they are upper class rich but they are a more middle class types whom I refuse to be dominated by. At least in Harvard Sq my perps are the prettiest and the best. They are viscous but I accept that they are worthy of being in a position of power thus I fight back from my position. Portland? I reeaaally dont think so. At least let me be humiliated by a class of people who truly are the elite. Not just using the fact I exist in the underclass as leverage. Its just vulgar really. America is full of these peasants who use class mobility mistakenly as political power. It makes me physically ill. can buy your way into a power position? One that's petty at best? Id rather be harassed by intergenerational money or people with actual true power in society-not just power over me in the moment due to the American class structure that allows nobodies to have the illusion they are somebody. Im not fighting so that a bunch of American losers can get off on feeling superior by harassing me or watching it happen. Thats all its been in Austin and Ive learned my lesson about insecure nobodies who arent really political but just want to mob a Target. In Boston theres consequences on both sides in these battles. With the Nobodies like Austin, they go right back to being petty miserable idiots who hate themselves and their position in society. Im not here for the Circus part of the Bread and Circus for the public but my enemies know they will do their work for them and divert my path quite well. Cali: Horrible gang stalking, pollution from Mexico and radiation from Fukushima. Gang members doing harassment. People trying to run me over with their trucks crossing the street- very aggressive, Satanic harassment. SoCal is where they make drones. US Navy, Scientology. Whitey Bulger hid out in Venice Beach for years. ?! Berkeley has COINTELPRO blacks from Oakland who suck more than you can imagine. The locals and street kids disrespect me there always have and always will. They are political yet total snooty little assholes ABOUT political things going on (like gang stalking) and seem to side with the oppressor all the way. These are the viscous, nasty marijuana obsessed gang stalkers Ive written about for years. In San Fran the GD family talks shit about me while Im right there. They basically called me "old" last visit. Oh no! Wasnt JERRY like super old, maaaan? These people work for the corrupt parts of our govt dealing drugs. Most of the 60s little pricks who were revolutionary were elite kids or connected to US military. LSD is a key part of MK Ultra. Ever wonder why an entire revolution and era was based around LSD? Then disco and AIDs? Wake up. I dont trust Liberals or leftists anymore. Besides, the 'anarchists' i ran into all had infiltrated squat houses and were too comprimised selling herion to be effective against the system. Cali was a magical place with special beauty but its rotting from the inside out and the good people (La Jolla) can't outweigh the bad. Now all of its going to be radiated anyway so forget Cali. Its nice but its fake..a good TI vacation though and to their credit, they ALWAYS encouraged my pursuing creative ends like learning an instrument etc. Which is prob why they are being destroyed by the NWO. The west coast will never conform to the NWO. They enjoy freedom too much and Cali simply posesses an energy from the land that cant be controlled. Look at a map of the Tectonic Plates (that cause earthquakes). Cali is actuallu on a separate plate going out into the Pacific than the rest of the USA. Its the Natural world and the hidden, dormant power within humans and the land they dont want you to know about or rediscover. The NWO wants to take humans away from it completely...and they are getting stronger than ever.


The Unibomber- Dont Let This Happen To You

Yes Harvard U programs can be hard on thier experimentees. Hmph.

Dont let this happen to you. Dont sell out. Keep your head above water. Dont let them make you snap. Dont become a scapegoat.

Its bad enough they ruined your life already- fellow TI.


MC and GS In Southern USA-Its Bad

Becuz there's so much religion, politeness, corporations and drones conforming mindlessly with little creativity its a place to hide GS in plain site. Heres a few cities : N. Carolina, around Charlotte and in city. Of course American blacks are used around city but generally the black people are so nice down here that its easily navigated. What's truly disturbing is the amount of Christians who seem to be in on a TIs campaign. Its what is known as Cause Stalking. Christian extremists in the United States are typically violent and cultish so ideal to get involved in gang stalking. However as always its possible this is merely psy ops designed to make me believe these are Christian extremists. Hiding out behind that as a front. Its certainly to the system's advantage to infiltrate Christian groups and communities in order to turn them violent and use cult mind control. Many Christians are the ones who expose much of whats corrupt in the system. Their information can be useful just as info from Satanists can be at times or pagans or Jews or Muslims etc. Just as gang stalkers demographics are often cross sections of different parts of society this is also true for those of us countering their actions and the agenda they defend. -------------- N Carolina is like a huge plantation that they make it very hard to leave. As a TI whos a Traveler I felt like I was a struggling escaped field slave. They even make it hard to walk on edge of freeways and roads with bulky dried grass. I felt tired more than usual and gear was unbelievablely heavy. Literally within the minute i crossed ovrr state line to S Carolina I felt stronger, more awake and energetic and there seemed to be a sense of life force there. In Charlotte city limits something is used in the air or perhaps on bus thru vents. I would be normal then feel so tired i was nodding off..exactly as if I has been drugged. It wasn't food. It was airborne and seemed to coinside with bus rides thru downtown. Community watch harassment was used in a development i was house sitting in for either GS or anti transient. It was overtly anti transient but that could be covert gang stalking. A lot of forced speech due to interface that ENDS AT AROUND MIDNIGHT. I was being given answers through what seemed to be an almost non stop stream of v2k but very light as if it was an intelligence like AI speaking not actual human me answers to how things worked and why things were the way the are. Though useful it wud seem, it could be deception and simply to guide my writing from now on. Also constant info stream like that is a burn out to the mind. There's no bohemian culture and everyone basically fits in and conforms and takez their place in the society. They seem uppity to Travelers. Shame based society. Took more effort physically than anywhere i can recall ive ever stayed to get out of the state. --------------- Savannah GA. Got ride here so GS activity mite have been set off before i arrived (driver was perp)? Arrived outside city. McDonalds was immediately set upon by perps-began with thw tactic of employee cleaning second i sat to eat and using tactic of having to start cleaning floor right next to where i was sitting and lingered in that area. I got up and wouldnt have my personal space mobbed, which is what that tactic comes under and also its possibly under guise of anti vagrant activity- Harassment of percieved homeless to get such people out of desired area. Happens in stores (theft prevention) and in neighborhoods (community watch). Both fronts for harassment of TI.Experienced this harassment/community watch in Virginia in neighborhood I was in, in western Alexandria VA. Lockheed Martin around corner. At least that one understandable. Perps/community watch aplroaches Target walking in public street and asks in feigned concerned manner "Are you ok?" In loud voice yet underneath there is diadain and disapproval. After eating in McDonalds just outside Savannah GA i am nodding out and falling asleep with a tiredness that once again feels like being drugged but unlike on buses in Charlotte sleepiness feels like have been drugged here in Savannah is resulting in nodding or eyes closing losing consciousness uncontrollablely IN CYCLES. it comes and goes cyclically. This happened in a southwestern state in 2012 or 13 i believe AZ which I posted. SAVANNAH GA SEEMS TO BE USING PSYCHIC WARRIORS black males of course. One in McDonalds got up very quickly to leave in reaction to my self talking a bit from forced speech. (I was given strong ideation I would eventually give up in time and conform from sheer tiredness. It was too strong me@ntally for me so i responded with 'that premonition will not come true' which is a counter measure Ive posted about before. All along the coast have been given idea that ive lost, im done and i have no allies or readers left i am old (which black perps said on bus in Charlotte in black male perp grpup) and my project cant be completed now. That wat im doing doesn't matter anymore and im alone. Im discredited. Why did this peer bullshit or 'what other people think never matter before? Oh and in McDs outside Savannah the most BS was them parading a little kid in front of me which I ignored becuz i knew it was a set up-he passes me then i hear "daddy she's homeless" a few times which, uncharacteristic of the south, dad was a rude irresponsible parent and didn't correct junior but instead said some bs about homelessness which was unintelligible...and doesnt matter anyway becuz its all fake and scripted.