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Scapegoating The Homeless

Why is homelessness perpetuated yet ignored? Why are we intentionally misrepresented so we will be misunderstood? Why are we not represented from within our community and why are we not given options other than Homelessness=Free Ride (and total control by the system) or Get Housed=Legitimacy?

There is a ploy, a con involved and like most of normal society people not associated with business or law enforcement or crime are not even aware there is a deception involved.

The missing information is that our society targets the homeless and the poor as a demographic, forget about Targeted Individuals.
We are lumped into one group in public perception and then judged by what seems to be either group or personal opinion which includes morality.

To some its immoral to allow one's self to be so inefficient and lose self reliance, to not work and to be without material gain.

Others judge us according to what seems like Christian morality or just old fashioned decency.

To many no matter where their opinion of us hails from we are indeed misunderstood as we are misrepresented.

This peasant class if you will, street people have been present since ancient times. I am not educated enough to know if tribal societies lacked such a group due to the all inclusive nature of their society as well as its small size. But empires based on Rome and a fuedal system do seem to have such populations.

The problem is that in a global world, everyone had started minding everyone else's business, the govt has become more involved with homeless people. Determined to apply their social work ethic to an age old problem of such societies: to get us all housed and END homelessness.
Doing so not out of wholey wanting to care for people but partially to stop taxpayers from whining about free loaders. And local business owners I assume as well.

One problem is that homeless people have become bold and numerous. Crack cocaine along with the gangsta mentality being popularized has been partially responsible for this. The other factor is the system itself getting involved: many homeless are coddled to the point where they never learn they are unwelcome and have to stay in the backround of society.

Many homeless are severely mentally ill- you can thank Reagan for that as many institutions were closed by his administration. Why you ask? Why would the govt want to assist crack dealing gangs to fund a covert war action in a far off land (Iran Contra)?? Becuz its part of social engineering. Simple cause and effect.

There are very plausible theories from those of us familiar with these technologies and these actions rooted in Proj Paperclip etc as to why one would want to release mental patients into public spaces: Reagan had proposed what is essentially the gang stalking system to openly manage prisoners and the mentally ill. There was such outrage that it was quickly pulled from his campaign platform. Looks as if it was simply implemented without such public notice.

Also the homeless that are stresssors on any community and disruptive will motivate people to fund gentrification, gated communities and with 9-11, anti terror funding to be used to protect communities.

The reason these options are attractive to the powers that be is becuz it makes alot of people alot of money. If the homeless were not let lose on society, fed crack, mingled with SEVERELY mentally ill disruptive human beings and then whoever else traumatized then harassed constantly into feeling persecuted for being houseless or a transient, then you might actually have a managable situation. Also the refusal of the powers and the system to suggest or alllow inventive, creative solutions such as true representation of distinct homeless demographics, encouraging representation from within the Homeless community as well as homeless hostel type situations for high to med functioning homeless to get off the street and be more self sufficient and independent than chronic shelter living or traveling shows a purposeful and intentional oppression of the Homeless population.

Forget about the ACLU suing cities like San Diego for not providing enough hand outs and free resources, lets start legal action for the continued insistence on oppressing this population by insisting they become housed and managed by the system slavishly as well as not ALLOWING any sort of alternative to being managed by the system and forced fed hand outs.

Charity groups is one thing, its their choice, they enjoy providing for the needy, many as part of their religious belief. I suspect communities often provide the bare minimum through the city/state in order to simply keep such people away from what is Their's that they value.

The human and civil rights abuses that continue to be perpetrated upon the Homeless population continue due to a campaign of psychological warfare and propaganda that brainwashes the public to PERCIEVE that freeloading, crack smoking crazy lazy drunks deserve disregard until they become proper Calitalists.

And I would buy into that too...if I didn't know the reality of the situation.

Whistle blowers and Targets as you know are harassed into this population nowadays, I think becuz its just not as easy as decades ago when you could simply frame someone to prison.

There are many intelligent talented people such as inventors who historically seem to have been victimized by covert warfare- thus the cliche of dying 'penniless and insane'.

Not all homeless are unfortunate. Some are living off the system, some are rotten human beings and certain shelters gangs are either involved in skimming funding, actual funding or running operations out of the shelter. White collar crime and organized crime are more reasons why the homeless scene remains a mystery and its desired the public stay mystified, hateful and aloof or conned with constant sob stories and little violins.

Criminals need places to hide-smart ones who work with local crime/law enforcement even city officials.

Homeless people are thus abused, scapegoated and intimidated as a source of profit. I believe this is why so many whistleblowers are targeted in shelters. Anyone with any intelligence who is outspoken is treated badly. And a good number of clients are indeed helped ensuring there are a population of people who cannot say enough wonderful things about this or that shelter.

People who become travelers or sleep outside usually have the intelligence and individuality to get mobbed by shelter rats as well as staff who use a lot of prison type psych tactics to control a large population with little staff.

The linked article above has one sentence that I appreciated being said: we are indeed shamed, demeaned and misunderstood.

This is why its so convenient to chase TIs into this level of society. Per usual the shadow system gets the public to do their work for them without them understanding what's really going on.


Re: Natalie

Good luck Natalie. Many Targeted Individuals have similar experiences. There are always other Targets everywhere u go so u r not alone. And there seems to be sympathizers in positions of power who assist.
Unfortunately u r now stuck with these odd circumstances and must adapt and evolve accordingly in order to survive. Dont suicide its what the bad guys want most and dont snap either.

Any questions there are long time TIs who are helpful and have info posted on internet. Beware of comference calls as well as networking with other TIs...there are many perps, operatives and criminal opportunists in the TI community baiting and waiting for desperate vulnerable Targets.


211: San Diego CA

San Diego 211: press yes for survey becuz i think this makes a difference in quality of service.
Woman on line is slow, robotic, wastes phone minutes and time and in the end communicates very little info needed about meals etc.

Goal is to stress out caller it seems. She was paranoid aboit being on speaker phone and demanded to be taken off speaker phone, too ignorant to know about repeater issues with echo of voices on phone.

Asked too many personal questions, goal of which seems to be to gain compliance snd control over homeless poor caller or to gauge caller's mental stare or compliance level.


Home Stretch Beginning, Might As Well Keep The Male Protection

i am going to try to travel with him again. just becuz its not safe right now. but i will make sure I keep more control over my own affairs. i also will not try to influence him so much. we spend too much time together and we have some things in common but not as much as it takes to be in someone's face all the time. I always feel like he weighs down something about me, whatever makes me fast and fleet of foot. I cant stand it.

Hes like a stagnant pool. I am like a force that keeps trying break out of a frozen over pond. I always had that image mentally as what a real horrible situation would be like. Trying to find a hole to get out of a body of water you fell through, not being able to find it. Feeling along the top ice under water, knowing its just a matter of time.

Fun what goes through Survivor's heads isnt it? Or is it put in our heads by outside forces? Survivors have the particularly horrible experience throughout life of knowing somewhere in there what is in store for us and what is, eventually, going to happen to us. What our fates are.

Survivors of programming often cry during certain movies for this reason- they know from info within their programming certain things about their own futures. Yet there is nothing one can do about it. This information is embedded within the programming system.

Only when a process akin to Pinnochio becoming a real boy occurs, can Survivors have Willful control over thier lives.

That of course is when the external system of controls comes after Survivors. Ensuring they become nothing more than has beens. Destroyed.

Orphans Wanted

Had to ditch that road dog i was with. He was most likely working to get out of trouble with the jail system. He could have just been a f*ck up, he definitely had issues with his mother and sided with dad, which most of the men i get are like this...that or closeted gay who cant admit it.

Traveling with someone was a good idea. But it has to be someone dedicated to real change, not some poser hippie who lives to be irresponsible.

The kid just could not take care of his own affairs. I havent been writing becuz I had to manage everything. He smoked some pot with this crazy old street hippie and i told him not to do anytjing like that outside of a safe situation, a controlled scene where anyone too crazy is 86'd, like Berkeley or Harvard Sq. I was asleep and he smoked the medical stuff out here in Cali. Then he started talking total nonsense. I don't know if the guy dosed him or if pot just brings out what could be really wrong with him mentally.

I brought up that he always acts normal, coherent and has nice conversation when his dad is around. Yet with me hes always whining about. walking too far, being hot in the sun (while wearing too heavy clothing ) and making planning our day as difficult as possible for me. It seems with me, his main goal in life seemed to be to sit around, be lazy, eat large amounts of food and pretend to care about activism. Yet, when around his dad who happens to have the keys to a house he can stay at and will send him money in an emergency, he is fairly normal and cooperative.

I dont think he was really a traveler. More a drifter. He would take too long to get used to environments-new places when we arrived. I travel for activism, to avoid being targeted in one place too long and to find a place to write my book and do more on my blogs. He just wasnt supporting that final goal. He acted like being with me was a chance to say whatever popped into his head and waste time.

I need to find people who like me are truly orphaned. I always end up with someone who treats me with disrespect becuz they have family they can ultimately fall back on. Julie, Jake, my mother, all the rich kids in NA were all like this. They stayed connected to really screwed up families just so they could have security.

I need people that are truly alone, truly fighting a large oppressive system like I am. Not lolligagging, wasting time and being mindless hippies.


Fell For Another Manipulator

The guy I was traveling with has taken control of the relationship. I thought I could handle him and again I was wrong.

Due to my situation, poverty and my being so damaged from years of abuse, I usually have no or limited options for friends and boufriends.

I often take what I can, whatever comes along. Especially being under such duress. Predators know I am vulnerable. I am need protection, affection, companionship.

Due to this desperation I have gotten into relationships with men I hardly know who turn out to be unstable or abusive just in order to gain some sort of quick security, protection and companionship.

This keeps happening and its unavoidable- the vulnerable one becomes: older, losing looks, unable to gain economic independence or education, isolated, failing health etc- the more a Target feels they are ' only human'. Unable to make the best decisions possible for themselves and thier situations.
Being a female, collective male sentiment such as sexism or mobbing a woman is utilized greatly in my campaign; another instance where the designers of sophisticated psy ops campaigns understand and use to their advantage the primitive urges of the masses who are kept ignorant about just how animalistic their dark sides really are.

The end result is the designers end up regressing both Target and public mob into mere animals. One of their favorite things to do seems to be reducing people living like animals.
Anyone not able to keep up is seen as a part of what threatens rhe TIs life not saving it.

I thought I could handle the emotions involved with using someone who was out to use me. Not being a total sociopath, but perhaps forced to reason like one often enough, I fell into being vulnerable to emotional attachment. I also have been a total bitch to this person due to having to function a certain way in order to be safe and function.

I was desperate for a guard dog and a healer but forgot that person is a human being who cannot be changed.

Its hard to consider other's humaness when yours has rarely been taken into consideration your entire life.

TIs need someone they can trust; Survivors of mind control or programming require people they can respect and depend on. Becuz Targets are basically in a life and death situation, anyone not meeting those requirements is most likely going to get attacked. In programmed Survivors there is alot to do with discipline and having to succeed at any cost or do whatever it takes to survive. This is instilled in the person at a very young age via the various RA you have most likely read about. Suicide is preferable to failure, that and dying for whatever is trying to be accomplished, instead of giving up. All part of constructing the superman I assume.

This makes the Targeted Survivor of programming extremely difficult to be around.

Out of desperation we connect with who we can...and we pay for it dearly by depend on opportunists or other inappropriate people. It messes us up and disturbs whatever programming remains as well as whatever the gs has created over.years of conditioning. The new companion suffers as well, and thus the perps have.more evidence as to whst an unfair overbearing crazy female you really are, which in terms of the cover story, means you MUST deserve being targeted.

This system wastes nothing and its often multi purpose.


Yuma AZ Love's Truck Stop AZ. Rt I-8. Stay he hell away from the Love's truck stop on Gila. Cops doing tactical harassment, managers in on gs theatres, trucks wont give rides.

Could be power lines near by, dont know, but ended up fighting with travel companion alot, the psychologicsl warfare added to this effect. We compared notes and we both had experienced hearing one specific song in our mind's ear, repetitively for approx the past eight hours beginning with last evening late. He also claims to have heard only an excerpt of a song repetitively. How can two seperate individuals experience such a thing both only realizing the others experience afterwards?

Looked at map. There is some sort of Marine Corp installation right nearby.
Guess I have to be more careful before going somewhere next time.

It wasnt as bad as Tuscon. Alot of the content was pushing me to get a lawyer and sue. Yet, still, these technologies should not be used for rapid growth or behavior modification in humans, especially at the price of destroying intelligence, health or artistic ability. Especially psychic ability.

Bus system: YCAT
Goes around Yuma and all the way out east to Welton a small town east down rt 8. Bus is 3.50 all day pass, 2.50 adult one way and 1.75 special rate.

Target is to the Northwest and Walmart to South west.These are both 40 min walks.
The Orange line of YCAT bus goes from Harley Davidson near Love's to a different Walmart.

If you r stuck at Loves take the Orange line bus to Dairy Queen east and this is near Flying J where its more tolerant of travelers. Seven minute walk to Flying J.