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Fukushima Took So Much From Travelers, The Homeless And TIs-RIP California, I Miss Cali

As you know many people and all life on the west coast of America are being effected by the nuclear fallout from Japan after the tsunami it had in 2011. Many of us felt the effects quickly. Who knows if its becuz we are from radiation experimentation or all the years of being hit with microwave tech and other electromagnetic nightmares. I know I can never return in my lifetime. I was and am devastated at my second home being ripped from me after years of reinventing myself and creating new networks, getting familiar with new territories. This and Harvard being destroyed as a scene-the place I was born, where my parents met. Perhaps by design or maybe randomly. Losing a scene near a college is one thing but an entire state? A whole coast? I went the see the northwest in earnest a few years ago for the first time and now its going to have to be my last. California was truly a very special place. Its the might and size of the Pacific. The area is on a different tectonic plate. It truly isnt like the rest of America. Cali taught me to slow down, stop walking fast everywhere. That theres space for everyone and endless things to see. A culture that always tolerated Travelers and weird people, the rich seming to take this as a sort of normalcy in daily life and they segragate themselves as they choose-but they were always friendly. It made you feel like there wasnt anything to be afraid of. Even though its wise to take note that Cali can turn deadly more quickly than any other place. People take risk there. Big risk but it pays off and who cares? Theres no winter to punish bad decisions or consequences for impracticality. Coast to coast in seasons had become my life. I now dont quite know what to do. Its beautiful and for something like this to happen is truly part of Armageddon. I sometimes think looking back my writing told of strange thingd both in Cali and in Harvard and I wonder if someone somewhere decided to ruin these places not just for me but for anyone like me. For everyone. People in the northeas they just dont know. I can see that clearly now. How special Cali..was. I miss California.