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This Can Happen To Almost Anyone- Many Homeless Are TIs

There's a lot of strange things you will see in the different parts of American 'Homeless culture.

Some of it is sad and disturbing on a normal level of being a human animal, that people are disgarded and marginalized simply because it's natural to human survival.

Other things you will experience as a TI you are going to have to keep a level head and remember you are always essentially dealing with the world of unseen, shadowy things-a hidden system that keeps order in society. Probably a very distasteful and dark segment of legit intelligence operations. That's what it seems like anyway. A necessary evil... but it's just so damn evil, so depraved and so lacking in humanity that it's mind blowing for anyone unfamiliar with other dimensions of earthly reality.

You begin to realize the existence of what humans deem 'good' and 'evil'.

If you can keep your mind elastic and open but anchored and keep your humanity you can see what remains that's human in the horrible twisted remains and shells of what used to be people you will encounter.

You never know why someone ends up seff6emingly insanely to tk 44rt44jr4utnrj4rtmjtytrkr4hjujjhn4jjrgjhjtjjjjjjjjjuuihjgnurgnigumejjidtdgxhdeyddnuhjfyinuyhjithjdyxhdkejhjjdyjrrthjyijfjjehmunrgjyegynttyy4n4n4hyrrrnjjytihtnrgngvfhrrtkr or low functioning. It could be becaujgjguse of true 'mental illness' due to disease of the brain or dysfunction, drugs or alcohol addiction or trauma unrelated.

However, people can be made sick by the system of harassment- in theory.

Always try to keep an open mind and a rule of thumb in this game is that craziness, chaos and the 'down the rabbit hole' dimension of reality is a put on; all of these actions seem to be governed by rules even the legal realm due to patterns seeming to conform to what has to be a logical system of actions governed by rules.

The point is always to drive a Target crazy and into areas where they will be marginalized from mainstream society even sensible reality.

You will encounter some scary monsters but realize the purpose is to transform you into the monster, unrecognizable from anything human or divine.