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On gangstalking - Blogged


Escape from California..not yet

Uhh, still having trouble with this. STILL here..a few reasons why and none of them quite good enough. OK I dont get gang stalked in downtown SD and now I am seen with friends every waking minute I dont get any action outside of downtown either. But So Cal is still a place that brings on depression in me- heavy depression. Especially at the height of sun during the day. I noted this depressive effect driving through in a rig before I made it down here for the winter.

Its the need to let your brain drain out and become a zombie to survive the social environment. I feel much better after dark and usually from 12-4 or 5 I just want to sleep or die depending on how hot it is. So Cal promotes unhealthy living. I am sure the popular ideal of healthy living coming from Cali is either old school or is in some other part of Cali..or perhaps just for rich people. Being able to afford living healthy is NOT healthy living. It should be from the street level up..a sensibility like New Englanders have where food, sun, the ocean, the seasons and the snow all contribute to making one hardy to survive through anything.

Also southern California is depressing due to it being a state of sameness. It all looks the same. Its all mostly modern as well. They dont turn old buildings into something else..they just knock them down and build something else.

Another thing is that being as homeless person, socially there is no place for you here. You're totally marginalized. Poor people and street people here are segregated from the rest of the population. Unless you are totally geared out and 21 with a guitar and you look like a traveling kid- the perception of a wanderer or nomad just escapes everyone. They just see poor white. And here poor white does not gain respect due to European ethnic culture such as Irish, Italian etc. If they hear your accent or see your ID people back the f*ck off quick but the perception of whites out here still equates with weak and afraid if not backed up by wealth. Its reeaaallly annoying. But I have to agree that in this area I have not seen many whites that look really respectable or tough. Whites dont ban together here to form a power structure against the upper classes or other aggressive ethnic groups. Mexicans are the least of my worries. They only suck in Phoenix and New Mexico in my limited experience. Perhaps I just havent run into any bad situations yet. Many of them across the border seem to know me. Who knows anymore.

Its hard to hook up with travelers becuz I am focused on writing. I also dont smoke pot, drink or want to hang around all day or steal. I approach panhandling like a serious business enterprise. I am also much older than a traveling kid.
There is also this perception that women shouldnt travel alone here.

In SD I have encountered women who talked about being houseless with the attitude that women usually do not do this by themselves. Its strange to me to experience women admitting or being conscious of male company. This is something you dont touch on in Boston, its private. Any woman who is overly dependent on a man just not something I recall street people making a big focus of. In SD couples are very popular as if having a man with you is a necessity to being outside the system.

But sadly due to the parties involved in my campaign NY- a place I may have been extremely happy that always suited my tastes and temperament much moreso than Boston- is a place I am not allowed in. It was one of the worst places for organized stalking and harassment.
The following is so true:
"drew "the pork master" m. says:
NY is like LA's judgmental, overbearing older sister. Deep down, NY loves LA and can't live without it, but always has to prove that it's smarter and wiser. Even when it's FUCKING UP and sucking. Back in the day, NY sort of had a case. Back in the day, NY was a real -respected- city. A force to be reckoned with. Great movies were made about how fucking serious NY was. Warriors, Escape from New York, 1990: Bronx Warriors. You didn't fuck with NY!

NY would say shit like, "You're all plastic and dumb LA! I have art, music, lots of hookers and crime! And the deuce! Grow up!". Then what does NY do? Yes, get's all plastic and dumb. Secretly jealous of LA, rips its own heart out and invites Disney to move in. Plants the seed of Beverly Hills in Soho, and lets it spread all over downtown! WTF?? Then some planes crash into her dick, and she goes batshit! All she has left is the H8orade. Tragedy.

You have to pity NY. I do."

The Warriors..what a great damn movie. Interesting the way it kinda resembles fighting as a TI. Its also interesting to consider that perhaps some design somewhere is to rob people from the northeast of their exclusive culture and thier mental toughness and natural fight. The NWO doesnt want warriors like this: Jews taught to continue to operate outside the system, Irish or Italian still regarding the system as suspect, with disrespect or as something to beat. They want PC, corporate culture with obedience to the NWO, not wildness, laser beam focused intellectual ability and an innate understanding of politic even in the poorest and uneducated...and poor Euro immigrant fight still left over from terf wars with other cultures..and 'the Old Country'.

America is being made into something else very different from what alot of us are used to and no matter what we do it will happen as well as most people will believe it is good. I dont think there is anything anyone can do about this. Every president keeps mentioning a NWO. Anyone paying attention has seen Elder Bush, Obama and son Bush all mention NWO on tv at some point. I dont know if Clinton ever did.

As the system becomes our nanny and gets into our business and our heads more and more, telling us what is good for us and what we need to do to function, fit it and be 'normal' the more we become like a hive with one common standard for success, sanity, social acceptability and happiness.

Cali is sort of like this anyway. They lack the Irish acceptance of insanity or eccentricity as amusing or normal part of life or a person's character. They lack the Italian acceptance of human failings or passionate outbursts as part of daily life. The Jewish compassion, maternal caretaking. The WASP understatment, quite compassion or respect for privacy.
The African Americans back home and in the midwest are perhaps much more politically aware and aware of corruption.

The lack of intelligent conversation as well as the unhealthy living, the marginalization from any other social group as well as the heat and not being allowed in most places or not being left alone for 5 minutes (even in places where yer left alone there is a sense of NOT being left alone. Or the lingering of extremely low status, like a lingering stink in the air that follows you everywhere.)
Its pathetic and if you stay here your brains will melt, you'll become pathetic and you will most likely not mind and be very satisfied with all this. (amend 6/4/11:Pot is legal here as medical use and people can smoke in the street like I recall in the 70's. Its OK when combined with a still sane free society, but in this environment, it reminds me of stories I was told growing up about Nixon flying in marijuana to keep the college and university students stoned and quiet. One of the pilots of one of those flights told a family member that story so its not hearsay.)

Still I dont get harassed here and I have friends. This is the holding pattern I find myself in now. (amend 6/4/11: From my other posts its obvious that downtown is heavily managed by tech or chemtrails and tech so this is also hard to escape.)


Ideas for homeless and nomadic to integrate into our society

I personally am tired of being surrounded by the worlds greatest f*ck ups ever time I enter a major city and realize the shelters are corrupt or as a Targeted Individual, full of people on the take or who need housing THAT badly they will do anything to any one to get it, and get it faster than anyone else on any list by helping the dirty tricks dept.

Then you cant handle being treated like a mental patient, a child or a prisoner so you try urban camping and find that its either the mentally ill or the drug addicts anyway. There are many urban campers however that I can tell are also TI's. Many people simply had a break with thier lives in mainstream society and found being outside or nomadic suited them better.

The problem is that there are camping grounds but they are either hard to get to or they are expensive. In CA right now you need a reservation. And cleverly they have made sure that there is a no tents only anywhere near San Diego downtown. This may be due to the largely mentally ill or meth head homeless population but its also prob due to illegals from Mexico.

What I wish this country would do is start by legitimizing the nomadic lifestyle as well as urban and rural 'homelessness'. Then perhaps give people some sort of ID or priveledge cards when they can show they are responsible squatters who clean up after themselves and dont cause trouble or steal. Fights or arguments are going to happen with humans living communally but these are often worked out. 'A' camp who does front gate security at a Rainbow gathering are more murderous and violent than anything I have seen on the street in San Diego. Its all perceptions of who the homeless are and what the homeless do.

And dont whine that now the homeless are being documented and have no privacy becuz the cops are constantly running your ID anyway especially if you are a nomad or houseless traveler.

Create Urban Camping Grounds. Just like camping grounds outside of the city.

Making private property in and out of the city into urban camping grounds may give owners some revenue or create some business perk or benefit for them doing so with land that isnt being used for anything anyway as its being sold or looked at for development etc. San Diego is full of such spaces. There was a parking lot like this in downtown but there were too many fights the owners kicked everyone off. Well duh check who is on your property first. Not all homeless are of the same demographic.

As far as shelters go start up places where the homeless or travelers who are functional can go away from the severely mentally ill and away from the negative, trouble elements. Design it so there is a fee either nightly or weekly and match this with the money already available from either the govt areas or donation/fund raising. Many of us are tired of living in Oliver Twist while fully entered into the 21st century.

DONT design the system to support everything in the mainstream system that has gotten people homeless to begin with. With people who are targeted..well its pretty much survival of the fittest as only the smartest and strongest will figure out what is happening to them or be so favored as to be assisted- that should fill in some Capitalist, greedy urges for you. Me survival and even flourishing being a TI has had little to do with socialism or the like. And dont hand me bs about that idea being discrimitory towards the mentally ill as all the shelters are so especially if they are programs towards housing as THE MENTALLY ILL CANNOT PARTICIPATE OR COMPETE THESE PROGRAMS thus by thier very design they are discriminating. And that was brought to my attention by a social worker IN A SHELTER who just plods along cuz the system is f*cked and he knows it by now.
Its interesting how many workers in the homeless industry want me to write this book. They cant go against the very system they work for that is doing little of what it claims to do becuz they need thier jobs and careers.

So that is why many of us cant "Get a Job!" as yer sorry asses will tell us many times ( I note that this has stopped now that you bastards have a taste of a rotten economy. So only NOW is our reality valid? It was there all along. Just like gang staling but you not experiencing it made it easy for you to invalidate.
The only way to expose a system THIS corrupt and offensive is to not depend on anything from the system it is actually supporting.

If you want homelessness to be managed better than it is today you have to understand what it is really about and stop listening to a bunch of PC social services hounds who forgot why they went into the field long ago or are really just cleaning up the damages of the Capitalist system which now has turned very facist and nasty. Listen to the people who are out on the street..not everyone is mentally ill, on drugs or drunk or lazy. Though I understand its going to be hard to listen to me due to my claims making me sound mentally ill. That wont be the focus of my seperate work on this issue and most homeless will agree with me on alot of what I say...that is when they are not around YOU or the people in the system managing them as they have learned that showing initiative or intelligence will get them nothing but a hard time.


There is something seriously wrong with downtown SD..and why Chila Vista is lovely/race issues and PC in campaigns

Down at the border at San Y Sadro you can get goods cheap or 'duty free'. There is a huge Goodwill store down the road. If you dont know the area or are a woman alone I wouldnt stay here past dark at least I dont.
As usual anyplace with a largely Mex population, especailly family Mexicans is a relief for me from being targeted or harassed. Down near the border or in Chila Vista its the same as it was in Segundo Barrio in El Paso. It seems that when this ethnic group is left in peace from 'Anglos' they dont feel threatened. I assume thats what it is becuz the more north one goes like into ABQ New Mexico the Mexican people turn into jerks. Phoenix is just horrible. Its like two different ethnic groups.

Chila Vista is just outside San Diego and if I could stay I would live here. My boyfriend is very blonde and doesnt want to live here as he claims he doesnt know the area. What do you need to know? The people are nice, they actually chit chat in stores with you and everyone minds their own business especially near the border. I have seen people watching who is doing what close to the border like San Y Sedro but that might be anything from undercover authorities to gangs or whatever, either keeping an eye on vulnerable tourists or trying to bust people doing illegal sh*t or terrorism or the like.
Only in these heavily Mex areas will anyone stop and ask me if I am alright or need help and they seem sincere..ok it could be guys trying to meet girls but its comforting anyway. Its not rude or intrusive.
Chila Vista has a stop or two on the trolley where hotels are not dirt cheap but cheap enough. At the Travelodge I got a living room and kitchenette and seperate bedroom and bathtub for 50 bucks. You could open the windows (unlike Motel 6 where I have actually slept on the floor near the door to get air due to my allergies to thier bedding and carpets. If you have allergies you NEED ventalation.) and they had pins in the frame so the window could be opened just a bit. The bedroom faced the back so I got good sleep. Why cant all hotel rooms be like that? Bad hotel rooms should be illegal bigtime. I dont mean dive motels where you get what you pay for and might jsut want that- like The Flamingo in Port Huron MI. A true dive with no phone, cable and a tv with rabbit ears with hardly any channels- except Canadian ones so its not so bad. But paying 60 bucks or so for a shitty Motel 6 or the like is outrageous and should be banned. The carpets stink and even the bedding due to the chemicals they use to clean or are made out of and usually there is no tub. There should be more dive motels, decent mid line ones like the one I was in last night and then luxury ones. But this scam of marketing crap off as mid priced is
ridiculous. I was very grateful there was a few alternatives to Motel 6. Its the E street stop.

There are motels down at the border but I know nothing of them and if yer alone it may be dangerous I am not sure.
Everyone has a different story of going over the border. Young white males who are military or money making civilians say that the police extort money out of them as par the course and the military men claim that the govt will interfere and get them out of there if they are in trouble, but not before the locals can get whatever they can out of them. But older men many of whom are in the homeless or transient population claim that they never encounter harassment and are left alone even watched out for by locals or police. They tend to go down to TJ to live off and on. A few women I met live there with thier boyfriends and said it was very cheap. I believe its a good idea to speak Spanish in general. I have noticed that even knowing a few words like bathroom or laundry and such gets you on a whole other level of respect or well recieved with Mex people. Being from the northeast I dont have a hardline anti immigration stance so dont mind learning the language. I know it was thier land first and they are technically descended from Native Americans. I do disagree with letting illegals stay and have drivers licenses or be on any public assistance. Americans have a history of putting them in awful work camps and exploiting them. Its just a battle I am not interested in due to it not having a logical answer. If its thier land..but yet now there is a nation established here..but that nation is actually null and void due to it being stolen as well as guilty of genocide..yet the nation is valid due to its people agreeing on the perception that it is valid. It just goes around and around in my head and there is no answer, most likely due to being asked to validate what is technically a lie or an untruth. It really bothers me and to then tell them they cant come onto the land...its just too much absolute b*llshit. And I am a natural born what the f*ck does that mean for me?
Here is a little secret..many 'Anglos' as Latins refer to us, actually define themselves by their European heritage at least in the North East. In places like the south they define themselves by race or moreso by region. The midwest just thinks of themselves as Americans and Cali is full of the most annoying element of 'Anglo' culture I have ever seen. CA is full of truly 'white' people with no idea who thier ancestors are..I assume its not PC to define yourself by race...uh so what is 'diversity' then? Oh, if you are black or Latino then you can define yourself by race. Its such bullsh*t. The whites out here are very bland due to lack of culture and there is a constant racial cold war due to blacks and some Latins believing that all whites, everywhere, are that stupid, weak, lacking in ethnic solidarity or dull.

I have always been mostly well recived by Spanish or 'Latino' peoples. Other whites I have spoke too feel uncomfortable. This may be that due to my dark hair and eyes I blend in. Native American areas are easier for me as well. Its obvious I am not Native to the Natives however.

So you have to tailor your travels to what works for you. If you find certain populations or ethnic areas offer relief then start to incorporate that into your travel plans.
You are going to have to be honest with yourself and about race, ethnicity or religion. In these times when PC has become part of the fabric of society you need to keep in mind that 'society' has not dealt with YOU the TI very fairly or that much of 'society' is not aware that you are being hunted and tortured like an animal. If such a PC society were to confront organized stalking and harassment it would have to look at the gross civil rights and human rights violations involved, much less it not being very PC to torture someone into silence and suicide. So thier rules dont apply to you are at war, every damn day not a member of a civilized democratic society. You have been treated differently so you must respond differently. And treat them with little respect for thier social cues and ettiquette due to them being invalidated by you being mistreated so.
However it is wise to learn all the social cues and ways of a society so that you may function superficially on a daily basis. But when it comes to the war going on, you need to throw all that bs out the window and get down to how things really work in this world not the rose colored glasses that have been thrust upon the USA nowadays, mostly to intimidate citizens into a police state where anyone who does not believe as they are told to believe is either a terrorist or mentally ill and in need of medication.

Find out where your strengths are, who likes you and who hates your guts- as a target and as a citizen. Use whatever you can to your advantage and reward protectors whenever you can..punish and crucify your detractors or people holding you back as much as possible.

It is perhaps a cultural difference that allows me to be protected or undisturbed among Mexicans in family neighborhoods, between WASP white Americans and Spanish/Native descended Catholics. Perhaps the machismo of this culture frowns upon mistreating a woman so as opposed to American mens obsession with backing up John Wayne by any means possible. Also I notice that Mex woman have my same build, nice hair and skin like European women and this look in the USA white populations is seen as a threat to manhood, to other women and is defined as a 'bimbo' or a whore. Mex people seem much more comfortable with sexuality especially female, and with the idea of beauty or art in daily life.

Americans are so obsessed with business, science and industry that female prowess, nature or art is percieved as a threat to these prized things. American men are desperate to hold onto the idea that men run the world soley and its a joke that they want to 'free' Arab women so they can not where veils and show thier know why? So American culture can then simply subjegate them by having them wear tight jeans and show too much of everything. As far as I am concerned nowadays American society is just as sexist as any of the Arab cultures. Its just pulled off diffferently. But both are totaly bullsh*t as far as women having any kind of true freedom.
Do you realize how much organized sexism is involved in the campaign against me? Do you realize how many feminist activists and writers have been harassed since Bush? I am even suspect about Anna Nicole Smith all the way over to the assasination of that female leader of Pakistan I believe it was. There is a very vague but present sense of an organized anti female power movement since maybe Clinton or after. Its obvious they would rather die than have Hillary as president or any other woman for that matter. And its been done VERY covertly. Some perps actuallly have told me that the reason there are so many men on the street is due to the cultural and sexual revolution leading up to the 90's and women 'having too much freedom'.

I cannot believe this sh*t and I dont blame you if you dont either. Due to my gang stalking having a strong connection to white slavery, mc slavery and the sex industry I have come across many very insecure, sexist and and controlling males who, when in the context of these businesses of course would have to be such to exploit women or children so. But to get hints here and there that its connected to something greater that is social and political is very disturbing...VERY.

There are days in the USA when I have wished I could put on what Arab women where...I want a damn veil. For privacy and to just not be bothered by men for one damn day. When you get out of your 20's, being at war with men using high heels and make up-as-warpaint becomes something you put up on the shelf from your youth- like a soldier puts up his sword and starts to think about elder statemanship.

One of the things that is so obvious about the campaign targeting me is the effort put forth to stunt my growth as a powerful person in society especially being a female. Its obvious that I am being downgraded to either has been, used to be, caretaker mother hen, nurse/nun or wife. I also have a choice to stay in the sexual war games by being coerced into the sex industry but as someone with no power or Will of thier own. Its painfully obvious that this system does not want me to grow up, especially naturally according to my DNA, upbringing and life experience. Having seen men as their weakest in my 20's as well as being raised by large, strong females I rarely saw male oppression and if I did encournter it, such as the
male abuse of power other women in my family experienced, I instinctively did whtever I had to to counter that or beat it preventing it from having any effect on me or internalizing it as inner limitations or a psychological prison.

There is a definate feeling that the USA wants me to be either tamed or down to their level. Its really the most pathetic part of the campaign..condidering that women who are programmed and not sacrificed or destroyed are usually of superior intelligence, creative talent, physical strength and beauty.
The part of the general public that puts forth thier agenda and latches it onto what is really the business activities of hardcore white slavery trade such as mind control slaves or sex slavery are probably the most annoying one will encounter. They either dont know that is who they are really serving with thier actions against you or dont care due to them having thier culture and lifestyle- their existence validated by YOUR destruction.

The excuse that a female TI has to be behavior modified for her own good or to have a good life or to learn responsibility or to respect authority is absolute bs and serves only to cover for the activities of the worst kind of slave trades and illegal activities. Its victim witness intimidation end of story and for it to be validated as GOOD for legit or superficial society or 'the American way' is ridiculous but sadly fairly normal for the hypocrites that make up any society of civilized human beings. They accept that the dirty businesses feed thier businesses and economy and the only way to validate that decision to tolerate such things is to blame the victims. They hope that shaming and coercing the victims will keep them quiet all around every time.

Think again if you think at all.

You are going to have to seriously think of ways out of a culture that covertly validates criminals activity whilst actively preaching against it. If you ever grow up and start to see this as not only distasteful but a waste of mental energy you will be seen as a threat. Other cultures can be very valuable as even though America wants the world to percieve it as the all powerful leader of the world it is in fact only in America this is the case. Other countries have thier own cultures and systems some of them ancient. The system of gang stalking when it is targeted towards poor uneducated people, often wants to exert such strong authority on such citizens as they will be tortured or brain washed into truly believing that there is no way out,no alternatives and the whole world knows about mind control, sex slavery or denying someone thier right to exist is acceptable.

My mother is a prime example of someone who seeks security over venturing out to find other answers. Due to this the system has had her in thier service at various times with and without her knowledge. Julie is another example and so is Jake. These people from my past are all cowards, with perhaps Julia being the smartest to see through the political bs of the system and staying with it due to her greed. But I have seen her coerced and kept track of more than once. Once you are part of this system and its various operatios and industries you can never get out of it, even if you were born into it due to no fault of yer own. You will have to fight tooth and nail to be free, everyone else involved will abondon you and return to the hand that feeds. Many of them are so dependant, so conditioned or intimidated over many years since childhood that they many times simply do NOT have the inner fortitude to rebel against such a megalith of power. Especailly since much of it is totally covert and unknown to the public.
In the eyes of criminals if you dont go along or go up against the system you are a defector and are going to be destroyed or punished.
To authorities you are useful animals to be exploited while they manage crime and are beneath every other citizen.
To 'normal' people you are totally seperate from them, like slaves are often percieved historically.

I often here TI's speak about moving to another country and still being harassed. Then again there are those that claimed this is all they needed to do to stop it. I am fairly suspect of moving out of the USA due to foriegners being used in my campaign here in the USA many times. But it was rather sparse in occurance. My father moved abroad and now I fully understand why. Doesnt pay to come from a crime family and on top of that start blabbing about a secret experimental project involving the company and the military. For years I really thought he was just nuts..but it always occurred to me how mysterious the circumstances were and how odd his family acted about his condition. How stupid is anyone to NOT put that together with my mother finally figuring out the importance of her being a documented survivor of human radiation experiments connected to MK Ultra. Well duuuhh.

Its all so damn simple and the system covers its ass by making it appear so insane and complicated. That everyone's claims are just insanity or conspiracy theory.
Such are weaving webs of deception I suppose.

Speaking of ethnic groups, blacks are not really great for me to be around. I seem to make a friend or two that I like more than most whites and the rest of the community sucks bigtime. Blacks have contributed to much of my oppression. They also insist frequently that I am lying in this blog and that I am 'just a junkie'. This is either due to thier frequently knowing damn well about The Man's corruption and playing house slaves by fully covertly supporting it (see ACORN vid telling people how to cover up for a underage prostitution ring) or they are still so naive and uneducated about the world outside of thier culture of folklore and myth that they really dont understand that all of this can be documented and is part of a huge mess made all the way back in the 50's, and as far as mind control slavery via druggings and hypnosis- ancient times.
This is why I often disregard anything they put down unless they understand the set up, the battle field or what is really going on. Not all blacks are going to be the radical kind who are hip to oppression..THOSE would probably be useful allies.
This is why political correctness has NO place in surviving a gang stalking campaign.

However be aware that any racial difficulties you have personally as well as were created by abuse from certain groups during a gang stalking campaign are going to be worked on by the system to get you to act out and be viewed as the worlds biggest racist *sshole and even internalized to start believing it- resulting in crazy sh*t like becoming a white supremeists or Nazi etc. I've thought about it believe me. But I know that this is a normal reaction as a fighting type of person to preserve my integrity and survive and its soley due to actions against me that are not acknowledged by society and certianly NOT the norm.

If you are a target with my similar profile stay away from downtown SD especially after winter is over. I wish now I had never gone there or at least that I didnt stay past winter.

There are multiple black men there who suffer from the unfortunate fact within thier culture that black women want nothing to do with a black man that has nothing going on for himself. This was mentioned by a black man as he noted I stayed with my boyfriend how had nowhere for me to sleep and was broke ass himself. This theory would explain why there are so many black men in many cities with no women who seem broken down by life and with no support. I cant solve this problem nor can I even address it as I have my own ass to save. I do acknowledge it however. I must be diffucult moreso to be a black man in this society. I hate to admit it but women might just be supportive of each other moreso regardless of color due to us having to survive male dominance.

This demographic is going to present the greatest problem for you as a female especially a money poor caucasian. In other regions of the USA this demographic is conditioned by social structure to not bother with you or even be aware of your prowess. In San Diego I have experienced a bizarre kind of silent racism where incorporated into CA snobbery is the southern intimidation or laying down of voodoo so top speak. They will actually all believe that big healthy white women all go over to black men as par the course of being on the street. These are not who take into account your ethnic backround such as Italian or Irish like Boston Irish. Its as if they have no concept of or experience with these cultures at all. You are to them 'white' and probably 'white trash' which means you are living on the street to party or make money anyway. You will meet some very gentle and nice black men and I have encountered many many nice black women here. These will be refreshing to a northeastern person as the bitter nastiness of NY or Boston is just not there. The black communities in Boston are as far as I am concerned actively at WAR with other cultures and ethnic groups still and this is not going to change.
Its not so much the case in SD, it just seems that they only see rich or YUPPie types of whites here so they probably think anyone white who is out of luck is fair game.

There has been some strange remote influence experienced once or twice in this area, and I could swear it was actual attempted conditioning concerning race acceptance or an agenda of PC concerning race. I wont get into it but it DID occur and I have been at this long enough to tell the difference between what occurs naturally in my own mind and what is an outside influence. I of course bucked it so hard that it stopped.
Damn straight.

No one is going to brainwash me into 'peace' becuz that is not true peace or understanding between peoples but oppressive dictorial power being put upon one by the state or some other faction. Dont let em do it to ya.

If you are stupid or weak enough to start to give in to guilt about anything like expressing similar views or even thinking along these lines REMEMBER that there are many many African American targeted individuals who are experiencing, to thier dismay black on black crime as well as being messed with, kept down and fed the same bs until they to hopefully give into the system as it seems is the goal for every target.
All that mattters is other TI's, people who know that will assist you and reaching an ignorant- willfully and otherwise, public concerning the human and civil rights violations in any gang stalking campaign.

NO ONE should have to work THIS hard at living thier lives daily especially in the USA.


Non Toxic Lice Treatment- interesting results concerning enviromental influences

I dont know exactly what I meant by "environmental influences" but it was the best description I have due to me not knowing exactly how the effect comes into being.

I recently posted that for the first time homeless I had gotten a case of true lice. Probably due to my moving around frequently as well as herbs and using anti critter regimen with clothes and hygiene I had beaten this thus far. Due to my staying in SD, sleeping outside in a big city as well as not being able to use any herbs or wash my body/clothes once a month in perethremin 1% it became a problem. I was always proud that I beat this as well as some very sketchy skin issues. Those strange ones that the doctors here tell patients to take baths in baking soda for life as treatment when in fact its parasitic and in middle eastern cultures treatment is very simple. I think I came up with charcoal or sulphur.. something like that. Its been so long since I did that research. Perethrimin cures or prevents scabies, lice, fleas and I believe bed bugs. You have to use caution as it is made from ragweed. Before the Bactrim incident I used to water down a bottle of the generic gel sold at CVS and use it for body wash and in laundry. Really water it down before using it. And use only very little in prewash then soap..dont add bleach or h2o2 if you use this. I kept healthy just on perithremin, h2o2 and bleach. Allergic or sensitive just use body wash instead of laundry soap and use tiny amounts of these chemicals once a month or so and never together. Americans use much more of cleaning agents than needs to be used to get the effect. They seem to believe that if you are being poisoned by it then its working. Its crazy and they dont even realize it..until one becomes chemical sensitive. THEN it actually registers how strong these chemicals are. Dont be careless with them just use them as complimentary to your natural immune system, exercise and a good diet. Everyone's body is different and I never did well with too many cleaning agents. I would always instinctively do something to filth up my body or environment like take drugs or live like a slob when all I really needed was to use cleaning agents sparingly as medicinal to my environment and be very active traveling spending much time outside. However, the 90's approach of organic everything and no cleaning agents at all was harmful I think. Its not our great grandmother's ways as we would like to think 'back to nature'. Our great grand parents used many herbal remedies that actually worked and as I have read most likely had a anti parasite regimen as part of either diet or herbs in addition to diet.
The obsession to be clean in the USA makes me wonder often exactly WHAT we are running from. It seems the answer is our primitive selves.

If you cannot use chemical shampoos or even the alternative herbal formulas in health food stores then this may work for you:
This method was originated by a dermatologist from CA.
Experts argue that his experiment had no controls and was not done properly to prove his theory. However, its harmless enough to those of us with severe allergic reactions or sensitivities to chemicals to give it a try anyway.

Tea tree oil is very strong and I tried a bit of it in shampoo and had a reaction. If you are just chemically sensitive a very bit will not be too bad but if you are in an allergic state like I am now since anaphylaxis DONT try it. I am sometimes like the foolhardy scientist in movies that arrogantly tries his own formulas on himself, believing I know what I am doing so make the perfect guinea pig. Its just stupid really.
The lice dont like tea tree oil shampoos I guess. I know it worked wonders years ago for managing further mold exposure around places like Boston where its in many buildings that are not up to code. Payoffs you know..or 'favors'. (Like Sancta Maria women's shelter for instance. Just an old moldy run down house run by some older ladies. One of which gladly went through my files I was working on to sue Olnick/Hampton Management/Warren Hall Trust back in the day. This must be the 'favors' done to keep up a building that is way beyond code. Got your number ladies. And the act like they are some exclusive little shelter that only good girls from Pine Street can go to if they are on thier best behavior. Bite me Boston,Pine Street and Sancta Maria. I got nothing but more mold sick there.) Using a bit of tea tree oil in my body wash seemed to actually help brain fog and other affects from mold exposure. But now due to allergy state I stay away from using it.

The main point of this post is to record some strange results from using this method to suffocate the lice in the hair. Cetyphil is a very gentle liquid soap. Essentially you are suffocating the lice and eggs as well as making it easier to remove the eggs with the small comb. I works but you have to wash clothes in hot water and a bit of bleach then a hot dryer. Perhaps this worked for me as I own little and no furniture or a domicile that is a permanent structure.

I noted that when the Cetaphil was in my hair before blow drying it and after combing it through my hair to get the excess out, I reaped some mental and emotional benefits (!). Uhhh? WTF? It IS very strange. I seemed to become much more positive in my thoughts. My memory became very clear and I stopped being so 'jammed'. I could easily recall what I was supposed to be doing that day instead of fumbling and struggling with a list that was hard to write out due to memory loss or 'jamming'.
What could be the cause of this change? And it happened both times I used the soap in this manner. I felt as good as I did back in 2003 before this mess began. I felt like a kid again. Positive and healthy.
I suppose its a theory that its something in the air? like pollution has gotten so bad we dont see it so we dont perceive it and its so bad now that it affects our mental states.
It could also be that this 'pollution' is not just a product of industry that its on purpose, put into the air to influence the masses. Might sell alot of Big Pharma if everyone is depressed, ADD, ADHD or other. Silences people who system has driven into bad areas as part of harassment of targeted persons.
Third theory is that it could have some effect against whatever is used that is tech possibly. How this would work is beyond me as I understand very minimally how the tech works to begin with. Akin to a helmet or protective? But its just soap its not magnetic.
Really it felt more chemical in the mood alteration than anything else. It was very odd and very interesting. It made me want to walk around every day with Cetaphyl on my hair.

The effect goes away soon after. Hell it cant hurt.

Stay away from Cetaphyl lotions as they contain almond oils. The soap was harmless.

Keep in mind also that I am writing this and anyone can read it.
People used to be able to get high off of aspirin and Coca Cola also, or hack into computer sites using a whistle from Captain Crunch cereal. The system ensures all novel ideas and inventiveness - like good things they are- come to an end. Be always aware of this.

Squatting in SD beware lots of meth use/after winter is over

I have to leave where I was staying. I am tired and not been getting work done due to not finding any decent squats in SD. Boyfriend wont come out with me as he keeps changing his mind to stay where he is or come out with me and sleep outside. And we cant depend on friends anymore.
My boyfriend's friend who was squatting with me for safety was a good watch dog but a head case. A wonderful headcase, like from the old days. He recently accidentally set himself ablaze while messed up trying to do the fire breathing act from KISS concerts and I had to put him out with my sleeping bag. At the time it was..annoying and very draining but later something in me was fond of once again like my younger years dealing with a crazy. Crazy in a good sense not like so many people are today. He was old school. You recall the kind- always getting into something but hes interesting the stupid shit he pulls seems to slip out of memory..until he goes again I suppose. This wouldn't bother me if I wasn't living my life like a sailor trying to run a ship every day. I live like I am at war and must keep things going and organized.

Maybe I have low MAO levels, the fighter type, who feels normal once again when some action comes about or some battle or emergency. Years before only part of me was like that and I had this other side that could relax totally and be at full peace, deep deep sleep etc. Most likely due to the gang stalking breaking down programming I why I have lost some of my 'sides' or alters or capacity to enter altered states like that. Gang stalking makes you the sort of person who cannot relax at all. That compartmentalized system is a wonder and it was very valuable for preserving a true Inner Core that was untouched by my outer experiences. The system seems very threatened by this true Self or inner core. Its like the gang stalking experience is supposed to totally pervert and corrupt that untouched Core..and suck its energy out of you as well.
IF the perps are somehow energy or 'psychic' vampires or even it might be a form of ritual sacrifice just without spilling blood literally, then this energy would be most valuable to a delicacy. Pure untouched spirit. It might even be akin to sacrificing a child as the Core has never been developed or corrupted. THIS would be one theory as to why a mc slave is saved from suicide programming only to be tortured into a state as I am now that is akin to living death or being a hollowed out shell of a person. This is why its called 'ritual abuse'. Its done all covertly and no evidence is left behind. This is why so many people get confused or convinced that RA was nothing more than 'satanic panic'. The system didnt want them to begin to understand that many of these things connected to the physical evidence of RA often occur in other states or in spiritual ways.
Like I have posted before it seems that all parties involved first and foremost want the general public to be ignorant of or disbelieve in spiritual matters. Its especially important that they do NOT realize from occult study and even documented history that 'magick' has always been and that technologies- primitive up to present- have always been a part of such process. The want the public to perceive that 'ritual' doesnt exist when in fact it exists in our daily lives in very mundane ways outside of religion.
What is interesting is that people are very willing to believe that thier concept of a 'God' works 'in mysterious ways' or 'through people' or miracles but yet they cannot perhaps will not believe readily that an opposite force also exists that operates likewise. And forget about in this society trying to bring about the perception of duality such as Hermetic systems. Its like this is the system's greatest fear.
I believe I understand why.
If a person behaves or acts in the interest of 'satanic' forces in a society, say in a culture such as the USA, where people often do so without even realizing that is what they are actively doing, then they are part of the system and fullfilling the agenda. If a person is truly Christian and not some self serving poser or charlatan, then they are acting in the interest of the same system by picking up the slack and helping manage the damages of such a system- taking care of the poor or casualties of a society set up in this manner.
But if someone is of a dualistic approach like Rosicrucianism or other that actually wants to change the system and improve social conditions not based on being reactionary but by changing the society's way of doing things from the root then this is a threat. Such a belief system actually accepts mankind as selfish, greedy, murderous etc and simply sees this as part of nature.

I notice that I am often encouraged to eventually take part in being a helper to society only if I do so in a passive non threatening manner or I am encouraged to take part in a very destructive,negative part of our society. Its been posted many times that much of the remote influence I experience of which the contents are either Satanic or very Christian, focusing on the more Jesus heavy Christianity. It's like Catholicism is even some sort of threat to the system.
Strangely me converting to Judeaism was also pushed at one time. Its like anything but gnosticism. I cannot believe that thousands of years later this is still a threat to a system of governance of the populace. Its amazing and really stupid actually. REALLY stupid, especially considering it comes to me naturally to be this way. Odd, very odd.

So this sort of validates all those theories about Masonic influence shaping what our country is or is governed by. That a similar system would be the only true threat.
(Yes I know as I finish writing that all the shrinks out there just read that as I percieve myself as a threat to the ultimate authority-the govt itself or shadow govt. Sorry its not that simple. And if you cant just explain away the gang stalking as insanity, then YOU tell ME what the f*ck is thier beef with me then??)
Actually I am quite innocent in my beliefs. All I ever wanted to do was change the system a bit to catch people who fall through the cracks and improve social conditions. Its like I did something really awful the way I am being treated. Which says alot about validating another 'conspiracy' theory: that mind controlled slaves, pedophilia and white slavery DO exist and prostitution, drugs and money laundering is connected so heavily that expendables need to stay EXPENDABLE to keep such a system functioning.

Unethical human experimentation is always fun too I guess and unfortunately this is more easily proved through documentation than any other claim that I make or theory I put forward to actually exist. I find it interesting that unethical human experimentation is always in the past tense..note how its always going on in past history. Its never caught in the present or prevented. This is indeed part of the system of pulling off human experimentation it seems. So that means that there is a constant business of unethical human experimentation in existence that does not cease and is only exposed after it has occured (with lame-ass promises that it will never happen again).

Anyway I dont know what to do. I cant see me with someone who isnt at war with the system. I loved having someone around as I magically stopped getting harassed.

One incident at the 12th and Imperial trolley stop I was waiting for him across the street, where the lavender flowers cover the wooden walls. A Mex came up to me, big sky blue pro sport shirt with a players number on it, 61. Sunglasses the whole look. He asked me if I had a pair of underwear I wanted to sell and this is where memory loss from mold comes in handy as often I miss what the perps are insinuating as I forget simple daily the fact I did have a pair in my back pack from ust showering. Someone in the shower must have seen me stuffing it in my bag or whatever if he was truly a perp. That is a feasible way for the network to have gotten that info to use in a theatre. But I completely forgot so when he asked me if I had a pair to sell I was unphased. I simply answered him that I didnt have one (which I believed due to not recalling I had a pair on me) and if I did I would charge more than 10 dollars.
He also did what perps do which is get very close when he said it, kind of sweeping past my face very close and of course left confused due to me saying I did not have a pair so calmly.
Much of what is done to a TI is about constant interrigation and constantly letting them know that the network is in control, they have no privacy and the network knows everything they do- that the TI is watched constantly. This is the sole purpose of these excersises in my experinece with being targeted. Its akin to constantly keeping track of a woman to ensure she's a virgin or a constant chastity belt of control. That is what it feels like very much so. The TI must always remain 'open' to the perps and the gang stalking system. This is thier means on control.

I then told my boyfriend and brought him over to the trolley stop where the guy had walked over to after a few moments of acting confused (and shot down) on the street corner opposite me. I noted that very subtly, many security guards were quite nervous at this action, of my boyfriend searching this guy down. I also noted that that sort of harassment did not happen again at all.
It was obvious that day there was an element hanging around that area, antagonizing prob any TI there. You can feel how abnormal an area is or not natural or a group presense can be sensed when they are around. Perhaps it was gang activity in on the harassment and they are naturally occuring in that area anyway.

Later like a few days ago I had a few meltdowns there anyway due to the nature of that area being racist, sexist and negative anyway.
I had often said I did not want to be down there even just to shower or eat lunch. My boyfriend just ignores people but after being so terrorized I just cant. There is also alot of disrespect here and not minding your own business like in the northeast. Its so demoralizing and I have come to understand they know that damn well too.

Two things occured to me as to why this is also not a natural occurence or random.
Firstly I noted that since winter has been over the homeless scene has progressively sucked here and become very ugly. There is a sports stadium here and game season has just started. Most likely there is a covert system of keeping the homeless from interferring with that money due to it being so close to the homeless areas. Also after winter many homeless snowbirds leave so this seems to be a demographic they cater to in the winter which explains why it was so easy or pleasant here in the winter.
Secondly since having been near a tent today where it turned out the people were into crystal meth I realize now what was making me freak out so much down near St Vincnets: meth. In the northeast crack is much more popular or heroin. And crackheads like to congragate and hide among themselves. Meth seems to send people outdoors or on adventures for days out and about. When it was told that they were smoking in a tent close to us today I noticed that I couldnt breath so well temporarily and I became very aggitated. My voice sounded to me to be like I had breathed in helium and I was aware of the sound of my own voice to the point where it was unatural. I then realized that these symptoms are what has been uprooting me from a few squats around here lately as well as these are the same symptoms that I had very time I went down around St Vincents area. I would start to feel desperately out of control just like that if I spent too many hours down there. There must be so much damn meth down there being made and smoked that it just saturates the area. And its no surprise with my extreme sensitivity since having anyphylactic shock in December 09 from a Bactrim pill. I was already sensitive due to prolonged mold exposure.

The problem I now realize is that it was extrememly easy to piss me off and get me to react to any harassment when down there. It also helps the smear campaign I am sure with rumours of me being out of control probably due to some sort of drug use. Crystal meth? No, self respecting Bostonian would do that crap. It's so..trashy and its not even camp enough to be interesting. Like shooting dope is so ridiculous one has to laugh at how stupid one was in thier 20's..but at least one can look to Burroughs, Miles Davis, Poe, Wilde etc and note the altered state to have some merit. If one lives that is.
What has meth done for the arts? Maybe I am just out of date and dont know recent pop culture history and missed something. Whatever its just stupid and the chemicals used are so far from glorifying the power of Nature through plants its laughable. Its totally chemical from start to would be like someone preferring inhalants to opiates. Borrriiinng.

So if you try to squat here just realize that meth is everywhere and its a big problem. I realize I cant squat in the city. Its sad to realize that most urban campers here just want to get high or drunk and not fight or work outside of a corrupt system..or maybe this is the best they can do for rebellion. Remember- the Man loves petty criminals as they feed his corporate jail system as well as make you unable to think clearly and work against his set up. Society would rather see you using drugs.
An example is when my accountant mother told me that the banks and creditors probably give me a harder time due to me being a credit ghost becuz it means I dont partake in the system and I am not in the system. A person with bad credit is in the system and is now endebted to it.

I feel this way often about people on the street. It seems that authorities are more comfortable with people who are often in trouble or have been through the prison system.


ACLU sueing cities nationwide over homeless issues

Sueing cities nationwide for destruction of property as well as not having enough shelters so people choose to 'urban camp'.