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The Homeless Are Like Other People..Not Quite
Part of the 'homeless problem' is that we have many different demographics lumped together. And none of these when defined as The Homeless can advocate for or respresent themselves.

We then have liberal type bleeding heart campaigns and social service people representing us. This in itself creates hostility becuz its like hiding behind moms apron strings.

Its not true. Homeless people are not normal. Many lack support systems or their support system was torn out from under them at a time when they were vulnerable or aged or sickly and they can't get back again.

There are alot of variables in The Homeless as well as there's going to be cultural and political differences between countries.

Essentially homelessness is POLITICAL.
And that is often why the seriousness of that is masks with warm dizzies or reactionary hatred.

The homeless represent some failure in society or culture. People don't want to look at that. This is a perfect example.

Also since when are Russians going to be sympathetic like Americans? So many years behind an Iron Curtain westerners still aren't familiar with Eastern European character and culture as we are with others. Its still mysterious to many Americans. In a way I don't know if true Russian culture ever even makes it to American minds to ponder. There's got to be some manipulative reason for that as well.

Many homeless people had extremely bad timing or they don't have the social skills to make it back- for some reason or a combination of reasons they have been effectively weakened. Some just cannot make it back to mainstream society.
As many of us know that might be on purpose or not. No matter what's done is done by that time.

And while people who work in the system are busy pouring their (or your) money into the next theorized solution that doesn't work to solve homelessness and trying to push campaigns to 'end homelessness' which is questionable constitutionaly and otherwise, real people are suffering NOW. Things need to be dome NOW.

Part of the problem is the fear of revealing homelessness as political and the ignorance of the professionals who insist on respresenting us. At administrative levels you have people who are playing some very shady games with money and trust: from white collar fraud to further exposing the homeless to continued human experimentation, especially anything connected to Harvard or MIT which I now fully realize has never ceased their human experimentation agendas.

This isn't paranoia, its realistic human nature and if you don't believe those accusations could be true you know very little about cut throat acedamia and businessmen in science. These people are smart and well educated-so how does this make them moral? It doesnt? The genteel acedemic never existed. Inventors and scientists have been cut throat, businessminded and getting targeted dying penniless and insane for millenia.

With that established as realistic possibility let's look again at The Homeless. You've got a population that exists to be exploited and alot of these bleeding heart liberals are in full knowledge of this. Why they go along is becuz they want jobs and advancement like most selfish people.

This population is far to vulnerable and has its own social structures and traditions even to be dismissed as merely a babe in the care of social workers and other self and gov't appointed caretakers.

The reason people hate is becuz they can. Humans are animals. The homeless population is understood only too well by the people who exploit them and many harsh realities are still not accepted by people who don't understand the political VALUE of such a population in many societies.

Before you solve problems effectively you have to assess them truthfully and for various reasons that never happens when dealing with this population.

If the really wanted to help us they wouldnt create questions on intake.forms that have only answers they want to allow and if not then one feels under threat of being labeled mentally ill and psychiatry is sicked on them.
There are too many questions that no one wants answered for this problem to ever be effectively dealt with.


Informants ans Rats Constantly Surround The TI

Informants and rats are constantly around the TI especially if they are homeless. I can't get away from these kinds of people. They are.the.first ones to want to be around or befriend the Target.

There's a deaf guy in our camp I don't trust ans.of course any of the junkies or people who end up in jail alot u have to wonder about.

They usually have money alot and have wonxerous stories about people just giving them things. They walk into places where the TI usually vets.treated very badly and get preferential treatment. Medical, dental etc.

They end up often walking away from probation or multiple offenses.

These days there is no honor system on the streets and rats are usually the norm.

It also looks good for the smear campaign becuz a TI is made out to be a rat along with the other things we know are smears. So if yer around those people it backs up the smear.

You can also be mind controlled into doing stupid things that they will use against you. The point is to ensure that the TI has no cred or is hated by society and constantly controlled by police via informants.