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On gangstalking - Blogged


RI Officer Claims All Panhandlers Aren't Well People “These people are not well; most have substance-abuse problems and psychological problems,” said East Providence Lt. Thomas Rush, who works in the patrol division. “And they are trying to feed whatever habit they have.” SERIOUSLY? So all Travelers are on drugs or psych cases also and every homeless person? He sounds like the old days taking about blacks which people started to find offensive decades ago- 'YOU people' or 'THOSE people'. What is this guy a registered psychologist? All that and he made Lt too huh? Gee Patriarcha ran the New England mafia from this city for years and years. Are any of those guys 'well peoppe' or is their sociopathic and psychopathy tolerated becuz they bring loads of lovely black market money into an area and arent begging in the streets. WAIT A MINUTE!! Before Patriarca took a job as a door man at the Biltmore HE BEGGED AROUND PROVIDENCE like loads of other Italian immigrants. And as far as my situation goes lets put it this way 1-My sanity was never in question until yYOUR brothers in arms to the north in Boston got entangled with career criminals in a federal investigation and wanted to make sure anyone expendable or useful idiot for diversion was discredited. 2-If you hit people with enough military grade psy ops technology they are going to look nuts. Besides its bee n proven over in Europe that certain people cannot tolerate electromagnetic pollution. Is this guy a communications tech expert and scientist too? This city has retained some of its nasty little habits from the days of protection rackets and leg breaking I see. Also Mayor Thomas Menino now deceased said it was just like any other job. Like a salea pitch etc. Im terribly sorry if Providence has become so overidden with YUPpies uptight students and posers with every area in between gone completely ghetto that you no longer retain any punk rock type of Alternative culture or people loke activists or writers or outsider artists or..etc But I live here now so I will try my best to bring create a scene and draw such people here. No problem. Im already going to the old COIN O MATIC to set up an alter to channel Patriarcha and seek his guidance in carving out a niche in thw city I used to live in so long ago. But does that mean I have..gasp! Psychological problems!! Or am I just creative, highly intelligent and have a fondness for tongue in cheek humor? Maybe he's a writing critic too. Maybe Lt. IForgetHisNameNow is like, a Mensa guy! Maybe not. I dont think he could stand the work environment at that point. So...if begging aint aggressive its legal. It would help if society wasnt trying sk hard to get rid of everyone divergent or fighting oppression by driving us crazy. Thats the problem with that statement also it totally avoids any issue of beggars being people fighting political oppression or having been burned by the system. Nero is alive and well. (To be fair only as of today have officers been interfering with panhandling at intersections which if it impedes traffic can be sighted as aggressive...tourist season coming? Who knows.)

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