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On gangstalking - Blogged


Houselessness and FEAR

Homelessness is about fear..and the gang stalking system plays this up well.

I notice in everything from mushy appeals to the public on behalf of the homeless (by the service agencies and non profits mostly) to bum fight vids what they DONT show you is the fear involved.

The way the homeless are romanticized for profit and other purposes in America is not the way that it really is.

gang stalking is about fear and so is homelessness. This fear is played upon on the individual constantly as part of the gang stalking campaign against the TI.


Stayed in an infamous Oakland squat...

It was kind of a sausage party (all men) with one dominant control freak female who looked a bit older. She actually had a house to live in but stayed there just to control things, which I take great offense to....the rest were cute 20 year olds.

There was an old hippie there who was the only one who I really felt blocked out mainstream society to the point where he knew what the f*ck rebellion 4 life was really all about.
The old drunk didn't impress me at all. In fact there are stories about him getting drunk and being abusive to people.
(after the meeting i asked a key member if i could come back to the next meeting to see if there is any room and he intimated something about disruptive people being allowed into thier meetings. I dont get the drunk old guy..he doesnt seem into fighting society at all or oppression. He actually is pretty attached daily to his UNION Teamsters shirt every day since the second day I arrived there.) Hmmmmm..

I was told about the place by everyone in Berkeley and some in People's Park but the guy who took me there and showed me where it was made up this ridiculous drama where I had to lie and say I was there before.

Still to be fair it was very healing with a rest indoors, interesting people and the lack of worry over bills or who pays for what food. Two of the rooms I rented ever since this started seemed gang stalking I have learned to not be alone with a small group of people in an apartment or house. The roomate situation, which would be all I could afford in a major city or town, has in my experience been not safe as a Targeted Individual.

I dont know what to think from a gs point of view..the vibe and the way the house functioned did change after just 2 days there.
It seemed there was the old game of alot of people leaving for a few days while remaining guests were annoyed with noise and drama and then alot of people returned for the meeting of who they want to keep there and who they dont. I could be wrong.
They had this meeting to decide who would stay and who would be asked to move on.
I cant decide if they dont want me to stay on I am a TI or just due to personal reasons..every situation strikes a TI this always have to wonder if gang stalking is effecting situations and thier outcomes.

The person who brought me too the squat had become an annoyance by interfering with my internet work time and also trying to be my boyfriend which I do not have time for right now.

I love the house computer guy who told me when I asked him about buying a laptop he replied "I dont know anything about computers"..when I asked another resident he said I didnt "worship the geekiness enuf" or something.
(update: I have to say that later he was helpful, he was just trying to protect himself I guess.)
The coolest people were this tranny who was moving out, two guys from the French Alps and a beautiful Belgian man who was a dancer as well as a core of young women who did not yet let hang ups rule thier lives.

I learned that the person taking u to the squat should be responsible for that decision to the house and not put it on you the new guest.

I gave them a $10 donation and a bag of food. We also cleaned thier living room.

I wouldn't stay there for long periods..too many 'hipsters' for me passing through and an element within the core housemember group that I did not understand. There seemed to be an effort to make me feel bad at a certain point.

I appreciate the rest and the extension of time becuz I was urban camping. Parts of the Bay Area do not agree with my health. I could use a longer stay but I feel limited here as a personality.

The only real tragedy in a TI's life is the gang stalking system's influence over thier lives. That is why we have laws against human rights violations and to protect people.Since those rules have been broken and the infractions are all deniable that tragedy continues for life.
It's incredible to think about how many lives are ruined with the system of organized stalking and harassment and the target simply never knows the truth.