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Rome's Homeless Given Humanity With Guidebook

The fact I want to change the homeless system in America to be more like this, ad its probably Italian instinct or similar thinking is what gets me loathed in the USA. This is the sort of approach I have had and America hates it, well the non profit white collar criminals anyway.

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And this is the action of true Catholicism not that fake crap that is being pushed in those horrid ads or by that awful German pope Bush supports.

I am very grateful for this article.

At least some people understand that poverty should not be defined by anti intellectualism. The very idea that in the USA poverty especially homelessness is defined by ignorance, stupidity, sorrow, madness, filthy dirty unsanitary conditions and keeping the homeless down as human spirits is the most ridiculous thing in existence in the USA today. Its like Oliver the 21st century! Its the result of media blackout, info manipulation and a plethora of other illegal activity by the oppressive white collar criminal class/academics that run the homeless industry. People shouldn't be treated like prisoners becuz they are nomadic or in poverty.