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On gangstalking - Blogged


Maine and NH

Stay the hell away from Portland MAINE. Was told later in NH that they have thier own police mafia which as you can see by my posts while there is probably true.
Somalians are killing off homeless people allegedly, so what more outsourcing? The hick style of Blackwater I suppose.

If its true.

Portsmouth seems targeted by tech but its not horrible like Portland. Its not a livng hell on earth effect. It was manipulative though. No ghetto bs there, for certain reasons I wont get into so partially for some of you it will be restful other than being targeted. Plenty of woods, no panhandling, no hitching city ordinance. Peaceful as can be. For many of us too peaceful if there too long.

Maine seems creepy like its conservative. Portland seemed like there were perps everywhere even though they didnt take too much action outright.

It was like a red squad city or something. A woman on a ride out of there commented that they shouldnt be able to have that kind of lifestyle on those salaries paid there. hmmmm