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On gangstalking - Blogged


Homeless Programs and TIs/Targeted Survivors of Mind Control

On The Rise..the women are talking about race again. I finally said something and of course got singled out. One of the women is obsessed with race. It has to enter into every conversation. She can't stand me becuz I know what the game is and also becuz some jealous old white trash at St Patricks whispered in her ear.

Its laughable how she is talking about bullies at Duley House and how wrong it is. Yet she had no problems fraternizing with the In crowd when she was at St Patricks where a few of them were overtly nasty to other shelter clients. Staff does nothing.

Her problem is she is a social creature completely. She believes what the crowd tells her and can't stand me becuz of what the crowd tells her and also becuz I am a loner. Like everyone else she thinks I am stupid and whatever other smear campaign.

The bullies at Duley house sound like they are overt and individualistic. So of course this gets noticed by her yet when a social group bullies someone she's too blinded or weak to realize or do anything about it.

The conversations in here are typical female stupidity unless truly educated people are here both clients and staff. And don't confuse a good education with people going to school or back to school for purely vocational purposes.

I see those in here and education has done nothing for their thought processes. It hasn't taught think outside of PC or modern trends or out of their percived ghetto or street youths.

I become very amused considering who my family is on both sides while listening to the way they talk to me and how they percieve me.

Also they are full of shit becuz one advocate in front of a few other advocates agreed that many people are triggered by anyone talking about gang stalking. Triggered by that content. I wonder if it was a polite way of saying schizophrenics are are triggered by such content.

I have to remember these are people just like any other. Yet a few advocates have said they believe things like that go on. This lesbian woman who was here as staff agreed with me at one time in the beginning of my coming here that things like this do exist.
Yet some time later she made an alarming comment about my trauma. I mentioned something about the effects I was feeling lately and she said while slightly sighing "Well, extreme trauma will do that". It wasn't sympathetic at all.
It was almost like a joke.

Wtf is wrong with people? Thats why I don't trust this place nor do I respect them alot anymore. Their attitudes are somewhat weak in the face of great oppression and they seem to be ingenuine in supporting Targeted persons. What, exactly is their position? Do they believe black ops exist and whistleblowsrs are targeted or do they pacify and humor claimants but withold the fact they believe TIs are delusional, mentally ill or attention seeking?

Its as if the supporting or mediating for the status quo is their mission pertaining to Targets.

They are wonderful for homeless women but for Ritual Abuse Survivors that are being targeted or any currently Targeted Individual they seem to lose all sensitivity to the issue of dealing with torture victims or they flip flop in their validation of the person's claims.

If a person like Christine beating them down constantly with conspiracy theories makes them lose faith or support then why are they not educated about TIs that fall into information hoarding and conspiracy theory as part of the effects of being traumatized so OR the fact that disinfo agents and operatives regularly do such things as part of gang stalking as a system?

If they believe in it and support TIs or RA/mind control survivors then why are they not familiar with everything that comes along with it?

It might be that they are being taught to believe in Recovered Memory Syndrome by the psychiatric and psychological establishment.

What's so interesting is that if they don't believe in it then why do they play so many games with Survivors to help handle them or silence them?

I think RA and mind control are still subjects that are not understood nor accepted in this society. People are afraid of this subject matter or they fear the perps' power of intimidation and control so severely that they help the system hide Survivors and the oppression they face daily.

I think also that there is no common experience - no point of reference for such torture, mistreatment and spiritual torture.

This further isolates Targeted Survivors from society which is not good for our healing or progression out of the mazes created by programming or gang stalking.

Unfortunately Ritually Abused persons or programmed people are trained to take an inhuman amount of abuse and are used to being hated and misunderstood. Keeping silent about being angry or being hurt is the way you are raised..its a normal part of living in mind control families.

Normal people further oppress and cause the Survivor to be subservient to them by treating Survivors this way and denying them their realities and processes. The entire society does this along with the To having to be targeted.

The Targeted Survivor does what they know best- they fall back into old programs and destroy themselves. Hate, helplessness, food addiction or whatever can be done to cope.
Latest deception:
I should number these, like Lie # 1,238 or similar. There have been so many of them over these years.

Lately its been that I have to learn my lesson about Jake. And this time its not an idea or a vision.

What lesson? The kid used me and alot of the time only thought about himself.

Of.course this nonsense only occurs in heavily electromagnetized areas. More bullshit more ridiculous morality teaching that is covering.up for MK Ultra and destroying me so orgone production is not possible.

That was and is their only motive when it cutting down my sex drive or moralizing to me or trying to cut me down to get married to some square type of guy. Thats been obvious for years.

Many people who push even slightly this cover story also seem to know about the earth's natural electromagnetic spots in Lourdes France and Sedona AZ.

They also told me Tesla made the mistake of discovering energy grids that matched up with the Druidic grids. They intimated heavily that he got targeted and destroyed by this system for his work.
These are real people who have said these things in person to my face. I can recall location surroundings and faces etc. I did not imagine alot of the info that has been handed to me casually concerning this type of information. Part of their arrogance I wonder?

So obviously many people around the country are in on this system as part of defending the life destroying polluting way we live that make a certain group rich and as far as they are concerned trickle down everyone else.

I recall years ago when I was walking down Mass Ave away from Central Sq towards MIT, right at the railroad tracks actually- it was before this all came down heavy, before the world got intensely weird. I was looking up at the sun gaining some energy or at least I didn't know at the time that's what it was, a woman walked by at that moment looked at me as she passed and said "No cheating!".

That is just the kind of intrusive insane perp thing to say as well. So obviously these jerks are big fans of polluting fossil fuel systems and humans being locked into a false environment instead of getting what we need from nature.


Harvard Sq Cambridge MA Becoming Closed To Homeless

Don't bother to come to Harvard Sq this year. Comraderie is almost dead here. A bunch of out of towner drunks ruined it for everyone last summer, some junkies messed it up over the winter including a stabbing over some broad, and now all the hipsters and travelers are on speed so they aren't doing much to make the place nice again. Of course as always the kids who look scruffy bums but have rich parents get to squat wherever but if yer not in the mix most likely you'll get a ticket.

Its impossible when it rains now becuz every dry spot has been destroyed by the groups I last mentioned. And of course alot of kids seem to have places to go when it rains. If yer seriously houseless and are trying to live in Harvard and accomplish something its getting very inconvenient.

I find it strange that it took only one year for the old timers to get chased off and for every spot in Harvard to become ruined.

Starbucks just moved in right across from the MBTA station. In all my years of being gang stalked Starbucks is one of the main offenders for having staff actually in on the harassment with access to intel so they can work in detail to harass the TI. Every corporate store in the US for that matter has some.sort of remote influence affect whether positive or negative.

In Burlington VT I went into many restaraunts and shops where there were no cameras and no remote influence. Thus the presence of human gang stalkers was very high. The place was unbelievably saturated.

Rule of thumb: Less remote influence via tech/chemical controls = more human forces gang stalking perpetrators being used. Less human forces in use = more remote influence via tech/chemical controls. This formula has never failed me and looking back it was true in all my past experiences as well.

I believe that the mood here has been set so that alternative social scenes fail here this year especially. It took only one year to ruin all the priveledges that were open to people for decades...not coincidence. With assistance of course from many rats and informants and shithead trouble makers the cops let loose on this place knowing what the results will be. All engineered. Remember on every police force there are members who know about this system it seems.

And I have been swayed by my parents having met here lived here and my being born just down the road. I am so humanly attached to this place that I can't think reasonably. I know logically that Central Sq and Harvard Sq both have way too many cell phone repeaters as well as high up cameras monitoring large areas. I know damn well that I have always felt terrible effects in Au Bon Paine becuz of the cell repeaters on that building's rooftop. I know all this intellectually but remember that gang stalking is a three point system. A Target is attacked with massive assaults from human forces with extreme psychological warfare and then drugged/gassed/other forms of chemical warfare. Tech is used but the person might be able to fight this is not for the other two. That is its effectiveness.

Any one point of attack a person could cope with or overcome is impossible to due to the other two always in use as well.

Its a deadly formula for destroying a human being..strong smart human beings. Over time and without society's knowledge.

If the population decided to fight gangstalking and the system didn't give in and simply attacked all who resisted then one would see the effects of our society revolving into all out war.

The point of covert ops is to get things done working around the public.

I can understand now why I am being advised to leave the country if only temporarily.


Womens Center Cambridge MA

The Womens Center in Cambridge also opened by a Harvard associated person just like On The Rise is very targeted. I have experienced neighborhs around the building involved overtly.

Its mostly remote influence harassment there. But its very bad and one always feels monitored and interfaced. The only truly safe activity there is sleep.

For those of us with no other access to resources it's one of the only places to go so just keep this in mind when you frequent the place.


American Gets Crash Course In Paris Culture And Homelessness

I dont agree that she could not have made it here homeless. America is very big and it depends on where you go. Most homeless people either have a knife for protection or know how to make weapons quickly out of breaking a bottle etc. Train riders usually have...I forget what they are called: a big train lock inside their skank (hanky) which you then swing at attacker.

Women actually traditionally reach for weapons in an attack faster than males due to their instinctively knowing they cannot fight with muscle. Maybe Europe is just more used to poverty due to thousands of years of it.