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Loitering Citation in Front of Shelter (?) Salt Lake City Utah

I learned today that this place is big on giving out citations for sleeping outdoors. A huge city in the desert and they cant share its got to be all thiers. When you look up into the mountains surrounding the city such behavior seems ridiculous considering where the city is located.

I recieved a citation while sleeping outside the front of The Road Home shelter. Many people sleep outside the shelter for its convenience to services and safety due to cameras monitoring the bulding. Also it seems that its tolerated.

I did not see the no loitering signs outside the building and as a squatter I should have been more aware. However since there are a few no loitering signs and many people sleep in front of thge building nightly one can only assume that the shelter employess tolerate this due to it being in thier nature to do this being the field they have chosen. I am sure that the signs are for insurance purposes as well as compliance with official authority. So I am saying I dont blame the shelter. Often in places where the shelters are not so corrupt the state will harass the homelesss instead. In Boston the shelters are all sh*t yet people can pretty much sleep outside as long as they are up by a certain time or hidden from public view.

The policeman asked me "What are you doing sleeping out in front of this place?" Due to the stupidity of the question I didnt answer as well as I know I didnt have to answer. He did not press the issue. Also ALL THE SHELTERS ARE FULL and to get into any there is a WAITING LIST of at least 2 weeks. That is what the hell I am doing out here genius.

He ran my ID and he sort of winced when he looked at something on the computer. No idea but he kind of felt bad givng me the citation. He also asked me if I plan to be here and I said I was planning on leaving due to my allergies.

Now I have to wait til Friday. Why? Becuz there is a judge that actually comes down to the Catholic Social Services building across from the shelter every Friday. This is how much they know they have a scam going here.

The locals told me that they will most likely give me community service or dismiss it. They also told me that this cop is the only one who does this and other officers on this beat just let them be.
I was also told by them that we are allowed to sleep in this area from 10-5::30 AM.

OK so you are going to give me a citation for something that is NOT posted (allowed from 10-6Am) . You are also selectiviely enforcing the posted rules selectivelty according to which officer feels like enforcing it on which day. Also the hemeless shelter is taking no responsibility for allowing this yet postin signs to the contrary.

Alot of these peoplle are actually on the waiting list to get into this shelter. Its not my fault that no one told me to be up by 6 AM but I am at fault for not seeing the no loitering signs. So what is this rule that allows loitering from 10-6? Also he did not inquire about the belongings of two people next to me. Only myself and another gentleman got a ticket.

Yes I am expecting it to be dismissed but the way its set up is ridiculous to begin with. It is the norm in evey city I have been to in the USA. Since the laws arent changing to be realistic about he homeless population ( if you ever use the word 'problem' I will direct you to a history book to the phrase 'The Jewish Question.' Nuff said? Society vilifies us, deal with it as a reality.) these inconsistent and ridiculous grey areas exist.
One of the number one stress factors for being homeless is INCONSISTENCY. On behalf of the system, your location, food supply and medical care as well as being dependent by force on staff of shelters as well as official authoirity like police who's behavior need not be consistent with human or civil rights expectations as an American citizen.

This is due to homelessness being cold war style criminalzed or vilified. What I mean is that its not legal to mess with us becuz we are hated or society doesnt want to deal with guilt or the casualties of thier system,but those exact sentiments rule the behavior of dealing with homeless people.
Also we are a voiceless marginalized population. We have been conditioned and intimidated into allowing the social services industry to represent us and speak for us. Many coherhent homeless people feel this way but in order to get fed or otherwise playing stupid and the victim is the norm.

Society chooses to lump all demographics of houseless people together and allow only social services type persons to sort us out on paper. We are an oppressed faction of the American landscape but we are represented as a vile enemy of thier way of life.

This is soley due to the American guilt and shame producing anger in its people over something that they know should not be but is beyond thier control and thier understanding.

To blame is governing bodies as well as the social service industry and especially white collar criminals types at the administrative level of the non profit industry connected to homelessness. In many communities there is great influence on local corporate interest which the governing body will work on behalf of.

I am going to write the ACLU about the way this was handled due to it being entrapment basically as well as the cities lack of shelter. Dont get me wrong Salt Lake is still a lovely place and the shelter employees seem like they want to help as well as the homeless who are around the shelter many seem friendly and not into causing trouble. But once again the homeless population is so conditioned and intimidated that they are sadly lacking in being pr active concerning their predicament. Most likely the urban campers and more independent homeless types are somewhere more tolerant of those not wishing to be institutionalized.

Targeted into homelessness and the campaign to 'end homelessness'
"Donna has previously been harassed by rangers as part of the 'clear out the hippies' campaign at Three Tree Lot and the other lots around Lighthouse Fields. Recently the City's Parks and Recreation Department had its 'No RVs' signs painted over by state Rangers, for apparently violating state law and policy regarding parking (i.e. RVS are allowed to park). "
Clear out the hippies? Why, are they terrorists? Are they breaking any laws? NO? So then the laws must be changed so that they are doing so then you can bust people you dont like, who wont conform in a now fascist, capitalist society and are most likely very wise about corruption in the US so they might as well be whistle blowers due to thier lifestyle basically saying just that.

The game is to covertly harass a targeted individual into homelessness which guarantees further harassment as a 'homeless' person.
One can clearly see that the whole game plan is now designed to force TI's into compliance with behavior modification programs and to ensure thier silence about human experimentation as well as torture.

I was targeted into homelessness. During the beginning of the campaign I was gas lighted and traumatized in order to attempt to label me. Due to help from covert factions unknown as well as people being very sloppy in thier attempted frame ups I navigated through this without an official label. Later on it was attempted for some time to force me to act out in some manner that would get me jail time or get me labeled or even death by cop. I resisted all of this as I knew full well that not every lone shooter is just crazy. Many of these people are targeted, bullied or harassed by authorities covertly until they act out.
At this stage it is hoped that I will realize the futility of fighting any further and my health is deteriorating as well as I am aging. The system now hopes I will trust in it and become housed. This of course is potentially a trap which will lead to further home break ins, harassment by neighbors, noise campaigns and other such 'bad luck'. Then of course perhaps the TI will give up now and take a label of mental illness just to get some peace if this is the only way that the person can be housed: by dealing with being harassed and taking meds for it. I have heard some TI's say that the second they gave in to a label, the harassment stopped without meds. It was their circumstances that changed. They submitted to the system's wishes for who they wanted this particular person to be in the great scheme of things. A scheme designed and managed by the system. I have also heard many targets claim that with meds and accepting a mental illness label- going to a shrink and lying by playing stupid about knowing its harassment or gang stalking, they still did not get relief from being targeted and of course meds DIDNT work becuz there is nothing wrong with the TI to begin with. A truly targeted individual will suffer PTSD and other symptoms of being tortured and through battles- from real circumstances not a damn disorder. The fact that psychiatry continues to pick and choose reality by the insistance of ignoring the fact there is a trauma model not just a disorder model is another part of the arrogance of the people involved in this system.
Most TI's are people who know too much along with being of little value. By that I mean that every TI is of little value relative to who the system is protecting. Even rich connected politicians have been targeted due to the people they upset having greater value than they, even if thier value is very high compared to the average citizen. Whoever the system is protecting is of greater value than the TI but it is only in comparison to who they are protecting not a normal gauging of human value in society.
That is why gang stalking seems to be so disconnected from our usual value systems. People from all walks of life are perps and also targets. All you need to know is WHATEVER OR WHOEVER THEY ARE PROTECTING IS MORE VALUABLE THAN YOU THE TARGETED INDIVIDUAL. Either that or you are more valuable in society as a Targeted Individual somehow, most likely human experimentation or something else for profit.

What do they want us to do? They target us into homelessness and then they insist on nowadays making homelessness a crime and houseless people are frequently harassed and unable to lead lives uninterrupted. Its more than conservativism or fascism that has brought about the harassment of houseless people and travelers. The only rationale for this campiagn by police and others is money. There must be something going on where money is at stake or can be made that they dont want uninterrupted or disturbed. And many homeless people are TI's and dont even realize they are targeted. Sure crack is a problem and stealing and crime but the legit system's refusal to allow functional homeless people any power, voice or freedom in the USA is very suspect. They insist on forcing us to live among criminals and the severely mentally ill in institutional settings that make acting on free Will impossible and discourage taking action or thinking for one's self.

This is a red flag that the legit system is up to something bigger. That its covering for most likely what we know as the covert system of managing things in society. There is no reason there are no gray areas for a houseless person like myself to have a peaceful existnece with society and for hte cops to be so gung ho about harassing travelers and the houseless is very questionable. If homelessness breeds crime etc then why is there not a system to manage the population better aside from institutional settings? The system insists that you become housed or have enough money to use campgrounds, usually at inconvenient places away from urban areas or resources. This ensures that houseless people with little resources go to shelters and when they discover how corrupt they are or abuse human and civil rights consistently, will prefer to sleep outdoors or in camps with people they feel they can trust. For the modern state to vilify living in a tribe or a group is absolutely the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard of. It is the most logical and ancient of lifestyles for human beings to revert to especially under duress. Look at prison. People almost immediately set into a tribal situation set on race and then gang factions. Without women available this is more severe than it might be and more violent. This is text book typical human behavior.

So if the system knows this why are they so insistent on criminalizing what is normal, natural and for some people fighting oppression or trauma that threatens our lives and health its the healthiest choice for survival. And still they insist on 'ending chronic homelessness'. I have allergies as well as life long chemical sensitivity from that moldy apartment. Now I have allergic reactions from anaphylaxis induced by a sulfa drug Bactrim. I get symptoms of anaphylaxis almost daily if I eat the wrong food or in very poluuted areas like SD from something in the air. Trouble breathing, heaviness on the chest nad if its severe enough I do get some hives though its rare. And becuz I am targeted I get everyone looking guilty as hell at an allergists office who tries to convince me that its coincidence that I now have allergic reactions after anaphylaxis. Targeted individuals get constant harassment in some form or another and somethings that consists of purposeful negligence.
I dont even think I coiuld sleep inside if I wanted to. And do I want to risk losing a deposit or having to move aain due to harassment? Its too risky. TI's who sleep outside and keep moving may have the best system yet and the covert system knows it so the overt legit system makes up the bs like 'homelessness' is wrong, breeds crime and should be criminalized and ended by a certain year.
And with how insistent they are I bet they will win in the USA. The USA is consistently full of shit. They will 'end homelessness' much the same manner they ended child labor. By using 'out of sight out of mind'. The clothes you wear may be from a sweat shop using child labor. Do you care? No, becuz you just dont want to know. Since the USA is an isolated coountry that is more powerful than all its neighbors it needn't deal with anyone else like in Eurpoe perhaps. Not that Eurpoeans are not worse than Americans on some fronts like white slavery. In Cuba the young girls say Americans are kinder to them and less exploitative of their situations whereas European men come there just becuz they know they can exploit thier situations.

If every stubborn smart homeless person leaves the USA and others stay and are behavior modified into accepting conformity, housing and perhaps bowing out with psychiatry as an excuse for thier situations then yes, 'homelessness' will end. Due to the denial of the underlying problems causing homelessness as well as the denial of man to exist in his natural state for survival. You will also witness by this occurring, a part of one of our times greatest cover ups as many TI;s are homeless and are targeted whistle blowers, experimentees, survivors of mind control projects (no, seriously) and all sorts of abuse by the child welfare system, the police, organized crime etc. Many TI's are either experimentees for the perfecting of non lethal weapons or tech used in psy ops but now used domestically on citizens. All of this is also behind homelessness as well as true mental illness, drug abuse, alcholholism and yes just lazy people.

The shame of the life of a TI is that we must keep silent about our true predicament. And if you look at many of our lives we are anything but lazy. This may be the worst crime of all which is keeping many smart talented people down and silenced.

The attitude is that expendable people are an acceptable loss in business. That is why TI's with no resources become homeless and there is no other option for them other than to stay homeless. Unless of course they are willing to give up and take the lying excuse by feigning mental illness and taking on a label to try to gain some peace and normalcy to thie lives as well as most likely gain housing.

I'd rather sleep outside, move to another country while still fighting this one and all my betrayers and enemies within it left behind as well as never take on thier excuses or thier deals. I was told by an older friend of mine when this all started to become 24/7 that I had been given a "raw deal" and that to pick on me, a woman who basically has nothing is f*cked up, in faovor of "some drug dealer" (Jake my ex). The system handed me a 'raw deal'. That was thier choice. They made thier moves and everyone chose thier sides. If you think I am going to renig on that deal you are mistaken. I plan to play this hand for as long as I have to to win and if not I leave the table. There is no compromise and any compromise would losing.

This system has alot of stupidity, destroying someones life and then trying to harass them into some sort of submission where they are finally so drained that they accept that they will never succeed in life or that somehow the system was right or that the system won. Its the single most stupid set up I have ever heard of . How can you take action against someone and actually expect them to finally agree with what you say or what you offer?

If the USA wants to pull this bullsh*t on its people by slowly destroying the damn place, making a good life only accessible to criminals or the wealthy and then criminalizing reactionary behavior by humans that is perfecty natural then they have a fight on thier hands. It matter not that they have formulated this clever 1984ish dictorial style where eveyone is brainwashed and intimidated into accepting a total lack of decency or reason...and accepts that as the new form of being civil. Some of us simply will not accept being highway robbed then told to f*ck off basically and having all but one door slammed in our faces. Some people just refuse to re enter thier false created reality as broken citizens. I would rather live a stateless person for the rest of my life than a part of the USA as a broken person and a second class citizen when in fact I was prettier, smarter and more talented than many of my oppressors. I have no problem leaving the USA. The only 'terrorism' I will perform (and anyone who they are harassing is probably on some list somewhere for one of thier cute little attempts at a self fulfilling prophecy) will be to simply tell the truth about how f*cked up everything is here and that Europe may be perfectly justified in hating Americans. Pity I now cant get tattoos due to my allergic reactions. I would fare well in Europe with either an upside down flag on my arm or a red circle and line through the American flag, , like No Smoking signs. That would pretty much let everyone know where I stand with my original home land and why I left.

I know that Americans get harassed over there too. But how much worse can it be? At least they would have to stop using the puritanical bs they use over here to smear the TI.

Most likely they will force everyone to either leave the USA that is homeless or to become housed. That is the day that this country will truly die as any kind of promise of anything to do with freedom and human rights. When they end chronic homelessness. Just admit that there is a system in place that works to destroy people who are targeted so that people who matter more than they do can group together for mutual protection and profit. Just admit it , stop being stubborn and trying to deny it so we have to do stupid things like take on labels when we are not insane. If the system still refuses then I have nothing left to believe in here anyway and the whole place is a total lie set up only for certain people to have good lives. And anyone who accepts thier deals are stupid beyond belief, no deserving of one once of respect and they and the USA deserve each other.


TIs Dealing With Homelessness and Travel

From all my experience I can say it seems that we do indeed presently live in a psycho civilized society.
I was just traveling through an area of the desert that has no phone reception. Just like my experience a year ago in southern Ill near the TN border, wherever there is no cell reception as well as internet does not work one can feel relief.
Today I felt very much like I did before the events of 2002 or earlier. Back when life was good. I felt a sense of privacy return, of health. My body's reaction, even sexually were a return to normalcy and health.

What I experience daily since around 2001-2003 is a break down of health, sanity and a feeling of being...'possessed' by an outside force. It would sound like mental illness or even something metaphysical- if it didn't follow the exact behavior of technological influence not metaphysical or my imagination. Each time I enter that rare zone where there is no cell reception and no internet I feel relief.

If you have been driven into destitution and homelessness and you are not the type of Target to stay in one place, then you may become a traveler due to being persecuted. You will find that each location presents different kinds of challenges as a Targeted Individual.

I can say that I learned the hard way, I had to finally accept that big cities are so managed by tech or at least accept there's so much electromagnetic pollution that certain TI's will have various problems there.

An old traveler, also from Boston told me yesterday "Its the same in all cities now. Its either gangs or YUPpies." And he is correct. I have seen this happen in every major city in the US over the years. These cities obviously have agendas and they are all not only similar but seem to feed into a larger agenda. Gang stalking using human forces as well as tech for population management is most likely thier idea of protecting thier investments in these gentrified cities.

You can actually see the 'gangs' working along with the system in San Diego so everybody makes money. I get the impression that if anyone did not play along with the agenda they would find themselves listed as terrorists very quickly. Perhaps its intel or other shadow people among that population. I cant figure it as I don't know enough about the way things work at the street level and a bit higher...but I know what I saw especially in places like SD. Everyone disappears when there is a game. No scum bags annoying people on the streets. And after the homeless snowbirds leave homelessness gets ugly as the sports stadium money moves into season.

To destroy you must give something of equal value. The people involved in gang stalking believe they are protected from these rules due to thier own little set of metaphysical standards including destroying to benefit themselves.
They believe that a faceless mass or mob is protected and will never have to pay for what they have done.
We are talking strangers, firemen, cops, my own mother, security from MBTA.

So like many targets you may hit the road. You will then have to formulate a new way of living AROUND the system you discover exists.
In fact as you keep traveling it becomes more obvious than ever that tech is being used to manage the public and its different in ever city. After coming back from SD that has a large amount of severely mentally ill running around the streets in the homeless population, I realize that there are people with true disorders and there are definately targeted individuals that end up in places like that. They become more abused and cornered by the system and they never come out of the rabbit hole. 'They'- thier old life and true Selves, dies.

I realize that it may be necessary to travel to find where you survive best but do not get stuck in places that are so heavily targeted. Your hometown is where you can be targeted the most effectively due to many emotional vulnerabilities you may have there.

Its a good idea to document the changes in your being targeted with every new place you travel to. You will hopefully experience much of the harassment as truly tech based due to changes from your environment.
There is no city I have been to that wasnt targeted.


Places in SD dowtown to be free of some of the effects of gs

OK there a few places in San Diego where I have personally experienced relief from what seems to be non human forces harassment or what is commonly referred to as 'remote influence' or 'electronic harassment'. (Every TI understands what I am referring to and if you are not familiar with the term then please do research utilizing links on this blog as myself and other TI's have done much research to show the existence of these technologies, if not documented then one can deduce they are in existence and classified.)

I wrote this a few days ago:
If you are in SD area and on the street or heavily targeted and want to go someplace that is 'safe', try a place called Horizon on Fir and 6th up near Hillcrest north of downtown.
Yes its religious, but not in the traditional sense. As a TI however this is what you'll get:

How they pulled this off I don not know. Either they are doing it on purpose as a con, knowing that people are heavily targeted here and they knowingly shield this building somehow or they have no idea that the building is perhaps shielded by its design and feel safe there and/or base this on thier religious belief system.

San Diego I have discovered is one of the most dangerous places to be a Targeted Individual especially if you stay past the homeless tourist season in the winter. The system here is SO well put together you will not want to is one of the most damaging places I have ever been. Whatever is being used out in the environment as well as the social dynamics here will seems to have the power to drive an already traumatized individual into isolated mental illness.

You will get a time of relief here and thats all that matters. I mean relief like you havent had since before 2003 and if you are a TI for life, you only had moments or short times of such peace anyway before 2003.
I looked in the mirror and could see the damage from years of being targeted. But at least for once, in a long time, I recognized my own face..or at least saw who I was supposed to be or could have been.

And if you know anything about cults take in what this group is talking about and its interesting. SD in general is very interesting...considering you have the Navy, Scientology and the border right there.


Also hospitals which I posted also provide some relief.

Another place I discovered today is the San Diego Superior Court downtown. Again free of the insanity causing elements that are outside, tech (most likely) and the social dynamics.


And the award goes to..

The award for the most ill mannered, rudest least well behaved, most ignorant and nosy African American males in the USA iiiisss: SO CAL!!! Its in very close running with St Louis but there EVERYONE was equally ignorant and ill mannered and very into getting me to off myself. Here its just a question of when will every white female who doesnt fit into the YUPpie set (all 'white trash' in thier perception) going to get with a black man and be impregnated or at least, after much harassment NON gang stalking related, admit once and for all that African American culture is the dominant culture for poor whites, and everyone else for that matter in the USA or hey, even the WHOLE WORLD??!! (In thier minds, rich whites can only hide from this ultimate truth by thier money giving them protection from the glaring fact that African American culture is superior).


AFRICAN culture may be in the running with many other strong ancient roots of many kinds of people on our planet but African American culture is only dominant due to it being marketed that way and anyone who has eyes to see, for very calculated purposes. Its called social control and the great dumb down of the USA.

In Starbucks one can hear lots and lots of in fact too much of OTHER African based cultures non stop in fact here in So Cal, as if no other kind of music is cafe friendly- Reggae, REAL Jazz music not that lite crap, the stuff that gets your mind working and old R & B or Soul. The thing one notices especially about R & B is its intent on making one feels relaxed and happy. Or sentimental. These are the healing qualities of African cultures.

I am the FIRST one to note that people of African descent have MUCH, not to teach whites, but to help them RE-DISCOVER after years of oppression from the middle ages in Europe-the burning times, the plague, wars, famines etc. Do you honestly believe that whites really have no rhythm or that they are without 'soul'? Its true that Africa seems to have its own special kind of 'soul' but so do white cultures and many more did have a long time ago. Before the oppression by the Churches, before the Middle Ages-the burning times, the plagues, the famines etc.
Do you really believe that Whites have no rhythm naturally? This is nonsense. Its been burned, beaten and scared out of them by thousands of years of intimidation and 'civilization'. African Americans have an edge by coming out of raw Nature and a pure pagan culture just many hundreds of years ago.

But this is what positive blacks may be doing or would be up for it. At Gods Extended Hand, a place that takes NO GOVT FUNDING thus one never has to deal with a jail house environment like at St Vincents..nor does on find they are passing out after eating or is one unusually docile or mood stabilized after eating there either. Its just plain old food. The environment is a bit depressing and if your not into Christianity yes it can be trying. Churches come in and speak before everyone eats and surprisingly enough they are actually genuine in thier beliefs. Even if I dont agree with them the people that come in to speak seem dedicated to what they are doing and its NOT connected to big money churches or politically driven...even though in general only allowing faith based organizations to serve to homeless IS society's big keep down move, lets stay focused on my main point for now.
The best speaker was a black preacher and I have always thought thier sermons the best or at least most tolerable. They are usually full of common sense and most of all include politics in thier sermons. Like 'Black NA' in Boston they tend to be more comfortable in addressing subjects that Whites shy away from such as money churches becoming politically opportunistic. He mentioned that his grandmother, who must have been alive long ago as he was graying, spoke of 'good religion'. "Do you have good religion?" He spoke of old Negro spirituals asking this of thier listeners. This kind of subject takes me back and reminds me that Africans have a special talent among all peoples for story telling and for getting a point across firmly and lovingly in this way. Its why the Irish used to hide out with the blacks when the Protestants put up signs saying "Catholics need not apply".

The divisions between races has become such a mess and so violent through the years in the USA at least. It wasnt always this way. Now with PC taking over as the new social norm coupled with post 9-11 terrorist witch hunting/paranoia and post Bush fascism we now have a culture where the designers can put anything forth into the system in a calculated manner and anyone willing to tackle it at all even by speaking about it is some sort of bad person-racist, terrorist, mentally ill, malcontent whatever. Its all very obviously a system of social control in the USA and anyone rocking the boat is a troublemaker. The country never again wants LA riots, the unrest of the '60s, the 90's or things blowing up randomly. Americans do NOT want to see that this has all been worked against them in order to create a society where the people no longer have any say in what goes on as well as social issues cannot be approached in a sensitive or humanitarian type of way. Corporate and psychiatric standards of problem solving have been applied to the way we think, feel and socialize. And its done in a very quiet way. That creates what we have now which is a huge racial and other kinds of 'cold wars' where people are angry, hateful and dissatisfied but feel they are powerless not only to change anything but to even SAY anything or express thier feelings or discontent.

This is NOT democracy. That is NOT a country full of institutions of learning or of thinking people. This is NOT a place where people want to truly get along or have true peace or even peace of mind or security. Its a place that wants security at any cost and that includes freedoms to speak, feel, think or even in some cases peoples right to exist. America will FORCE you to get along and always to the benefit of the powerful, for the good of all in a globalized society. That is NOT a free country.

Part of the culture that has become a staple for iresponsibility, the loss of civility, unrealistic fantasies about money and power,shallowness and trend, dumbing down the nation, SEXISM, and fostering a culture of depression and aggression is modern hip hop music. Unlike the afore mentioned musical styles this music has become increasingly commercial as well as creates an environment of aggression and negativity wherever it is heard. One has to take note of the hypnotic beat and flow. The darkness of content, message and lyrics has always been as it deals with dark subject matter. But there is a line where original intent is hijacked by other factions then used covertly. People should be very aware of that in general.

Rap music started out as something I could relate to coming out of Roslindale during busing in the 70's living with kids from Mattapan and Roxbury being bussed into school and me not getting bussed out or them hanging around the neighborhood. Even then thier parents taught them how to hate whites, just par the course. But after a while you get a few who are not brainwashed and think for themselves or have some sympathy or decency for 'the enemy'. You're around them every damn day its not like little kids can be enemies all the time...but their parents keep on them it was incredible the training they received on how to hate- in thier parents minds this was how to survive in old school Boston. Most white suburban kids didnt know who Sugar Hill was or Grand Master Flash...they had only latched onto very recently Run DMC, who was to me obviously marketed and watered down for white suburban consumption.
After this rap got very silly for a while until the early 90's when it seemed to become raw and real again. Full of fight, attitude and contained the things that Gen X grew up with: music that was decidedly and unforgivably Black. The street lights of the city at night down the highway or the block, your home, your personal prison. A familiar coldness in your core and most of outside society says 'yer not getting out of here alive'. A bit more positive was the 70's stuff that influenced them as in the Revolution Will Not Be Televised and much that most whites wouldnt be able to say they have ever heard before.
Rap or Hip Hop (I am unclear on the difference nor do I care: just feed me, nourish me with music.) then again turned very silly but now instead of being cartoonish or pop its an entire industry and it seems to churn out new talent constantly none of which interests me or I am impressed with.

Partially this is due to my situation being that I was denied my chance to grow according to my age and didnt move on to being an 'elder' in society as I should be now at 40. Partially this is the fact that every generation finds nourishment in something different than younger people. Gen X was also the last generation, the children of the transition, from dial phones to cell phones, from TVs to computers from a private world to a global one.
The world has become much less comfortable and that is no matter how much money you have..but actually that is the con nowadays and its the answer to the equation if you will as to WHY all of this bs and social engineering is occurring: if we create an environment where their is no place to run or hide, a living hell really full of disrespect and inhumanity then the MORE MONEY YOU MAKE THE SAFER YOU WILL BE AND MORE COMFORTABLE. This is the reason for all this world that has been created. Most likely to create a strong country during globalization or to get rid of the effects of the dreaded 60's or the dependency of the 70's welfare system. The problem is that as usual the problems, very human problems, underneath why people are poor or messed up etc is not being addressed, other than a quick fix by psychiatry.

Its quite obvious that the industrial complexes including big pharma want to manage humanity into perfect order in order to create the perfect world or whatever they are going for. However its markedly INHUMAN the way its being done.

The very idea that the homeless for example are forced constantly INTO dependency and told what to do by a system full of institutionally educated people who are constantly setting up models to put the homeless in instead of LISTENING to the homeless who are competent shows that its still all about controlling the poor not making them self sufficient.

This country runs..RUNS on exploitation and slave just dont see it in your face as readily as during the factory days or robber barons. I dare anyone to take everything they own and use daily and trace every part of it back to its creation and tell me how much of it is made in countries that use child labor and lets not forget environmental issues as well. How much gas do you use? What kind of environmentally mark do you leave? I dont leave much of one at all and I am proud of that..not how much money I have. Even if I was allowed to have a life I would work at living by those standards WITH my money, not having the attitude that money now makes me exempt from social responsibility.

People in the US are being forced to forget the lessons of the past and forced into remaining in the industrial dark ages, not growing up into more European attitides and ways of doing things. I dont care how much you 'green it up' its all BS without a true change in philosophy.

Ignoring social issues and accepting fascism, intimidation, clouding issues and hate mongering as well as snobbery is STILL IGNORING THE ISSUES. You cant out-snob me anyway...I am from Boston. Its not gonna work.

Americans talk alot about making a better world or being PC but then act the same old way they always have concerning several issues at hand right now. And at this time in history its MINUS any social decency or civility at all- which may have been this country's saving grace.

I refuse to believe that Christians are the only people who care about these things or are interested in doing things properly. What ever happened to being sensible? America is not a sensible place anymore at all. Its obsession with science, big business, psychiatry etc makes for a nonsensical culture anyway. I find it hard to believe that the USA cannot find sensible solutions that are socially responsible and respect human and civil rights, like with homelessness, whilst still retaining Capitalism as its culture. It just seems like selfishness and laziness at its core..but now no one can do anything or afford to do anything anyway for fun as it seems, not without feeding the corporate Corrections system.

I understand that humans are greedy by nature and businesses will usually win over people and decency but the homeless situation is outrageous in its corruption, white collar fraud and throwing to the wind human and civil rights. And every time the 'lazy bum', drunk/drug addict or mentally ill view of people is used. EVERY single time. Its horrible and it is pure unadulterated oppression of people.

The workers who are responsible or sick of it, the cops are sick of it and we are sick of it, having to navigate this gray area every damn day in a society that purposely creates no way out of the situation. For those of us who are competent yet forced into chronic homelessness by oppression from the outside in some way, the situation is even worse- we dont want to be here, we shouldnt be here and everyone thinks the same about it. But since we are here lets do something about it.

The scene is full of people who are, I am convinced, provocateurs and will attempt as has been done to me, to create racial and gender differences and hatreds, especially if you are targeted by the system for it being very afraid of you as a whistle-blower. I come from 3 generations of people who dont take crap lying down so I am sure its that plus other reasons for being kept down.

I am also now convinced that there exists in San Diego a COINTELPRO type African American presence. Either that or a connections to black gangs are used by higher ups to harass a TI and the style is very So Cal as mentioned in my opening paragraph. But lately especially I am getting alot more action from black males and some of it is very VERY obviously not random. Also take note as to how peaceful it is here in the winter then it gets ugly until the pro sports comes to the stadium and you can see that element disappear. To me that says its a faction that is most likely doing business in this area- either just for harassment (individuals) and social control (masses) or as a side venture on top of gang activity to produce profit.

Either way, its obvious that the environment changes according to circumstances which can all be traced back to running with the dollar locally. That is NOT random nor is it my imagination. Not having an mp3 for the last month or so has probably made it more pronounced to me as I experience my surroundings fully now, but now I am always accompanied by friends usually so the experience has changed.

I do often note many blacks of both sexes just around being very aware of my presence even when I am with my boyfriend. African Americans have figured prominently in my campaign and this has been said of African American TI's themselves often reporting this as black on black crime.
In non black areas I will get alot of action from whites so its not that blacks do all the harassment. It just seems to be that many more of them are visible or have greater numbers involved in campaigns against TI's, in areas in which the African American population is high.

I also have to consider that black males in this area might be by nature very rude as poor in this area equals absolute powerlessness and total disrespect as well as female= powerless as well. The combination brings out the worst snobbery within the black nature or cultural upbringing. I dont know where they learned it or what part of thier background it comes from but it seems that southern blacks as well as blacks in So Cal are the most snobby and obsessed with status seeking. Blacks in the northeast as well as the Midwest seem to be more keen on who you are as a person or understanding how to mind thier own affairs concerning one's life choices.

So its very hard to judge here concerning gang stalking as there is a feeling of a constant working out of the black agenda, from the toughest street blacks trying to talk to vulnerable white boys about how black women are better and thier bodies dont need excersise, they're all natural and other such folk culture myth based purely on ignorance and imagination, or the more affluent black males seeming to try to join in with other types of males at shaming or playing power games with white females of a lower economic status. The males who are up the ladder higher such as business types connected to banking or other Gaslamp quarter businesses actually seem to display either shame or sympathy towards a poor white female.

All of these behaviors are wrong and utterly ridiculous. One should not feel one has abandoned one's people or social caste due to attaining a better quality of life just as poorer blacks need not believe that every white person is a bland YUPpie from downtown and if thats not the case and its a healthy, primitive white female she need not be targeted as a mother for thier children if that is not HER desire.
The understanding of 'whites' here in So Cal is very very limited and based largely on either ignorance or a very limited exposure to a very limited 'tupe' of whites.

The backing off of attitude upon hearing my Northeast accent tells me that there IS an understanding of what lies beyond So Cal. However this makes me especially threatening as my connection to very strongly ethnic whites back east perhaps makes me immune to African American mind games or laying down of voodoo/power plays. I simply demand to be left alone which is something that seems to be far too much to ask in this area.

It seems that they want to hate you or they want you to hate them, shun them fight with them or love them, join them or admit that thier culture either scares you or it so dominant that you will give in to it and adopt it as YOUR culture. Either way, like children they demand your attention. Just minding thier own business or allowing for separatism or the reality of cultural differences is not a concept they want to incorporate into thier mindset.

Either that or I am experiencing very tidy and stealth organized stalking and harassment that is made to appear that this is the case and attempts to bring out the worst in the TI, perhaps to create an angry racist or work on old wounds they may have, myself especially.

It would be a very clever move as this area of the country is known for being violent, unfriendly,anti intellectual, thriving on ignorance and social irresponsibility, in favor of a good time, trend and how much 'stuff' you have. But like every other gang stalking experience the TI notes that people are a bit TOO rude for it to be normal or a bit TOO focused on them to be random. Then again, SD is known for being socially retarded in many ways....this one is a hard puzzle to solve.

Personally I just want to disappear into TJ, but I dont have a passport yet and I am told its not cool there long term. I dont speak Spanish well yet and also being Targeted my experience could be very different from the average persons. On the whole the Mex population is usally much more tolerable than blacks or whites. Its that touch of European they retain from Spain as well as the Native culture which I seem fond of in many tribes. (Ok ok the Aztecs were which one of our pagan ancestral cultures wasnt? Another thing whites have lost touch with through thousands of years. Now they just create wars and the business of war--how civilized).