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On gangstalking - Blogged


MC and GS In Southern USA-Its Bad

Becuz there's so much religion, politeness, corporations and drones conforming mindlessly with little creativity its a place to hide GS in plain site. Heres a few cities : N. Carolina, around Charlotte and in city. Of course American blacks are used around city but generally the black people are so nice down here that its easily navigated. What's truly disturbing is the amount of Christians who seem to be in on a TIs campaign. Its what is known as Cause Stalking. Christian extremists in the United States are typically violent and cultish so ideal to get involved in gang stalking. However as always its possible this is merely psy ops designed to make me believe these are Christian extremists. Hiding out behind that as a front. Its certainly to the system's advantage to infiltrate Christian groups and communities in order to turn them violent and use cult mind control. Many Christians are the ones who expose much of whats corrupt in the system. Their information can be useful just as info from Satanists can be at times or pagans or Jews or Muslims etc. Just as gang stalkers demographics are often cross sections of different parts of society this is also true for those of us countering their actions and the agenda they defend. -------------- N Carolina is like a huge plantation that they make it very hard to leave. As a TI whos a Traveler I felt like I was a struggling escaped field slave. They even make it hard to walk on edge of freeways and roads with bulky dried grass. I felt tired more than usual and gear was unbelievablely heavy. Literally within the minute i crossed ovrr state line to S Carolina I felt stronger, more awake and energetic and there seemed to be a sense of life force there. In Charlotte city limits something is used in the air or perhaps on bus thru vents. I would be normal then feel so tired i was nodding off..exactly as if I has been drugged. It wasn't food. It was airborne and seemed to coinside with bus rides thru downtown. Community watch harassment was used in a development i was house sitting in for either GS or anti transient. It was overtly anti transient but that could be covert gang stalking. A lot of forced speech due to interface that ENDS AT AROUND MIDNIGHT. I was being given answers through what seemed to be an almost non stop stream of v2k but very light as if it was an intelligence like AI speaking not actual human me answers to how things worked and why things were the way the are. Though useful it wud seem, it could be deception and simply to guide my writing from now on. Also constant info stream like that is a burn out to the mind. There's no bohemian culture and everyone basically fits in and conforms and takez their place in the society. They seem uppity to Travelers. Shame based society. Took more effort physically than anywhere i can recall ive ever stayed to get out of the state. --------------- Savannah GA. Got ride here so GS activity mite have been set off before i arrived (driver was perp)? Arrived outside city. McDonalds was immediately set upon by perps-began with thw tactic of employee cleaning second i sat to eat and using tactic of having to start cleaning floor right next to where i was sitting and lingered in that area. I got up and wouldnt have my personal space mobbed, which is what that tactic comes under and also its possibly under guise of anti vagrant activity- Harassment of percieved homeless to get such people out of desired area. Happens in stores (theft prevention) and in neighborhoods (community watch). Both fronts for harassment of TI.Experienced this harassment/community watch in Virginia in neighborhood I was in, in western Alexandria VA. Lockheed Martin around corner. At least that one understandable. Perps/community watch aplroaches Target walking in public street and asks in feigned concerned manner "Are you ok?" In loud voice yet underneath there is diadain and disapproval. After eating in McDonalds just outside Savannah GA i am nodding out and falling asleep with a tiredness that once again feels like being drugged but unlike on buses in Charlotte sleepiness feels like have been drugged here in Savannah is resulting in nodding or eyes closing losing consciousness uncontrollablely IN CYCLES. it comes and goes cyclically. This happened in a southwestern state in 2012 or 13 i believe AZ which I posted. SAVANNAH GA SEEMS TO BE USING PSYCHIC WARRIORS black males of course. One in McDonalds got up very quickly to leave in reaction to my self talking a bit from forced speech. (I was given strong ideation I would eventually give up in time and conform from sheer tiredness. It was too strong me@ntally for me so i responded with 'that premonition will not come true' which is a counter measure Ive posted about before. All along the coast have been given idea that ive lost, im done and i have no allies or readers left i am old (which black perps said on bus in Charlotte in black male perp grpup) and my project cant be completed now. That wat im doing doesn't matter anymore and im alone. Im discredited. Why did this peer bullshit or 'what other people think never matter before? Oh and in McDs outside Savannah the most BS was them parading a little kid in front of me which I ignored becuz i knew it was a set up-he passes me then i hear "daddy she's homeless" a few times which, uncharacteristic of the south, dad was a rude irresponsible parent and didn't correct junior but instead said some bs about homelessness which was unintelligible...and doesnt matter anyway becuz its all fake and scripted.