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On gangstalking - Blogged


Soverign Guy Is BS

This guy is not to be taken seriously.

I read his site. Then I saw that he mentions Hushmail as a great alternative.

That was THE WORST email I dealt with while being targeted. Its obviously a set up from the get to or its monitored due to its name. It closed me out, wouldnt let me read emails and even altered parts of emails. It was totally hacked in Tempe AZ.

Dont read this blog and dont use Hushmail.


This Blog Has Yet To Become

This blog has always been the ignored child. I never had enough sleep, sanity or time on the road to really sit down and document place by place the experiences and services in each location. Its something that will probably come with my reviewing everything for project becuz I can go over it mentally but its best to be accurate.

I only hope the perps dont use the information. But the thing is that they can get into anything anyway. Its a joke to think they cant. I am not looking to create an exclusive group...well I am, after the TI realizes that he or she is part of one anyway now. But that takes a while. I am trying to reach all the lost people out there. People like me when this first went 24/7 who will die if they do not get some other information other than what the perps, their betrayers closest to them and thier community, and the system are telling them.

This blog long ago should have excelled at bringing Targets and the curious non TI's, law enforcement who actually want to help etc information about the Targeted Individual's experience who has been driven into homelessness- into the streets.

And situations vary. Many women choose to be homeless in one area or a small area they circulate in, often in thier cars. Many will stay at one shelter for many years. Some will become street homeless and that is where the danger lies in losing one's faculties and becoming completely insane due to the hardships of being street homeless in America as well as the actions of this system against Targeted Individuals.

Those of us who are fortunate and have...friends I suppose (or the experiment requires we grow due to actions taken against us as in the Nazi rooted trying to create the Superman. It doesnt surprise me that they want people like me to be protected and to excel and survive. Its not to help me, its to continue to take account of what me, experimentee or subject # xxxx-xxxxx does in this or that situation. I realized a while ago that there really is NO such thing as 'free' when it comes to the legit system in place which operates as a front for the shadow system which includes gang stalking, and its various motives.

Only the genuine people who help people like me for reasons other than the AGENDA are giving anything free and I assume its not free as they get something out of it whether that be personal or some benefactor is paying them to assist the TI due to THIER own personal reasons. I suppose their can exist an agenda for a positive outcome as well. But that gets too complicated.

This is why SO MANY HOMELESS SLEEP OUTSIDE OPPOSING HOMELESS SHELTERS. Every TI has experienced how infiltrated homeless shelters are by the scum of the earth from the jail and petty criminal sides of society. Gangs- everyone connected up the ladder who put forth the Agenda. All the way up to the military and the real criminals globally.

TIs dont realize how damning thier testimonies are collectively against this shadow governing system by world class criminals. The ultimate perception management.

The public are shielded from the big picture and showered with diversions.

I tried to cut alot of whining out of this blog. More has to be done to make it informative not just a bitching area. However, I am usually under such duress that its been impossible.

It would be like trying to do your accounting for the yearly bills at a desk while that desk was placed in a foxhole on the front lines of a battle field. I am usually too busy fighting these assholes and whatever tech is totally horrendous to function properly.
Which of course makes me out to appear
-genuinely mentally ill or
-a total aggressive, selfish jerk

Only other TIs are going to be able to relate to whats going on here as I try to function. Some occasions I am being hit very hard and cant think or function as I would like, other times I have fallen under brainwashing via tech, stalking and harassment which will work off of YEARS of prior conditioning on a TI from this system. Often moving locations helps this as does other actions.

I dont understand TIs who have homes and stay in them. How the hell can you survive? Unless you have no electromagnetic pollution whatsoever and loyal friends, guard dogs, resources, etc etc. I have to keep moving. Its been the only way to stay focused on whats really going on. Strange isnt it that constantly moving and staying on highways in big moving vehicles is the only way to stay focused on one point in space and time.

This system seeks to control environments- to create false ones and to alter natural ones. Humans are controlled in those spaces.

TIs are isolated. Alot of them wont even get to read this blog.