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On gangstalking - Blogged


Tricked out shopping carts

Since yer not crazy but highly intelligent (due to getting even this far by figuring out that this is a system and not a mental illness or the lame-ass 'Truman Show Syndrome' where TI's dont even know they are targeted but are immediately misdirected by the psychiatric community into thinking that they suffer a delusion that thier lives are being watched and broadcast as entertainment. Most people are so trained by our culture that they dont even see the human and civil rights issues with the movie itself or what would be wrong with a human being treated that way.) those of you forced into houselessness will appreciate this post. Perhaps looking into these options might even improve morale..uh, you might want to dispense with the GPS and watch out for vandals..being a target and all.

I actually spent time with some cool people I met in San Diego where our friend had his stuff in a cart from Home Depot. He wanted to scratch off the Home Depot logo and replace it with Harley due to it being orange. Why not make homeless gear streamlined or more practical? This is my number on gripe about this subculture other than the severely mentally ill in some cities (like San Diego) getting morale down for the rest of us.

The reason is becuz in a capitalist society like this one nowadays especailly its not supposed to be comfortable or socially acceptable to be a nomad or houseless which is why the culture has to be marginalized, harassed, controlled, criticized and vilified. How else would everyone who works so hard or sacrifices so much look so good? Of course many of us are very driven, multi talented, smart and attractive but that hasnt stopped the system from keeping us down thanks to covert warfare- organized stalking and harassment.
Its in everyones best interest that the homeless population be the modern day peasant class. Every kingdom needs one you know. And having so many severely dysfunctional people like the severely mentally ill and crackheads will surely keep the rest of us down.

You will find this among the local 'homebum' population in large cities.

Interestingly I have experienced theater or related gang stalking behavior from kids who look like train hoppers near San Diego. Hmmm. Cant trust anyone in this game I guess its always going to be true.


A thread on Sandy Ego, California

So I am not the only one who noticed this. I feel better now.

I was right about the dirty looks thing and the weird vibe. By the way they are not conservative but they probably think they are..this place is indeed a fishbowl and them being insulated and shadowed by LA leads to this attitude probably. But outside of downtown (described by an older traveler the other day as "a drag") you can find some very cool people and there IS some sort of love here like nowhere else, perhaps left over from the hippie days.


The Reagan era and the homeless 'problem', especially the severely mentally ill
A 2004 article on Reagans' legacy as president of US. Info about policies pertaining to homelessness.
Reagan emptying mental institutions helped the corporate prison structure become huge business.;f=37;t=001063;p=0
How bills were passed.

Dealing with so many severely mentally ill human beings within the 'homeless' scene/circuit is often steassful as well as can affect morale of any TI, who by the nature of our predicaments, are battling to retain sanity perhaps even daily. If you are sane and above average intelligence the system has less of a shot at destroying you completely and turning you into a mumbling mass of flesh from truama. There are many aspects to consider within the subject of homelessness from what it means to you the individual TI as well as historically tracing how this situation has grown over decades..and just exactly does the system- covert and overt, get out of it being set and run the way it is now.

In San Diego its obvious that this population is let run amock at the expense of other demographics of houseless people. The excuse will be to validate Reagan's assessment, that if you stay in this nightmare you do so by choice for why would you stay if it is so unpleasant and ill managed? The mindset would be to claim that a temporary situation is not supposed to be comfortable ( I have heard this said word for word and its just another way to excuse corruption and mismanagement) and alot of other Capitalist society based BS or brainwashing if you will via perceptions from that point of view being used as weapons. But what are they defending? And why is the word "nomad" and the label "Nomadic" such a threat? Becuz we dont pay? So make a functioning system where we do pay that suites our situations, or make it easier for RESPONSIBLE and SANE and SOBER houseless people to camp or squat by issuing them ID's that identify them as such and give them priveledge over other types of 'homeless' people. Why must people like me exist in a system with criminals and severely mentally ill persons?

No one has an answer unless they try to claim that I am in fact severely mentally ill due to the claims I make say, in these blogs. If you do so I want a date in court where I will sing very loudly concerning the convenient timing of your claims during a federal investigation of a very important madame within a structure guilty of money laundering and dont forget how all the trust fund brats got off or got to use me to divert attention from thier drug busts...oh and my mom's crooked law suits.

Let you not forget, ever, that I am not 'crazy' but I also am not stupid nor lazy nor peacable...nor am I finished yet either.


Homelessness, natural disasters or local hazards and being a targeted individual

Yeah, I just experienced my first earthquake. Dont like it, especially since I am just blocks from the Pacific. Every time I come to CA being at heart much the sensible New Englander I just cannot understand why anyone would buy property here or live here permanently. Every city built near the large Pacific ocean with towering sky scrapers or houses built up on the sides of hills that is earthquake vulnerable just defies logic. And these people are into defying all common sense by challenging the land and the area's vulnerabilities by building non sensically: I saw a few houses actually built in a valley but raised up out of it with structures built underneath. They are absolutely out of their minds. New England has these solid little houses or farms like in Vermont that have been there for centuries and there smaller but higher value is the way unless one really needs a big house but here it seems everything has to be big. The Pacific itself seems bigger and in San Fransisco you can hardly look at it. San Francisco is probably the scariest place due to the buildings being tall as well as built on these hills that should not even exist in a non earthquake city to begin with. Hey, for all I know it helps the situation maybe.
To me the CA coast in places like San Fran and now San Diego have always struck my senses as unstable. There is something about the land that is unstable especially up north. I seem to be sensitive to land anyway and buildings. I guess this is what bugs me most about the west is thier sense of ..unreality. Can they not feel how unstable the land is here? Everytime I feel it or something like this happens I just wish I was home in the middle of snow where the land is long inhabited by Europeans and natives alike for hundreds of years and the historical buildings can attest to that. The worst that can happen is a snow storm causing fatalities or accidents or fires. That and 9-11 type action perhaps.
The north east is culturally and somewhat physically isolated from the rest of the USA and its never occured to me that something like an earthquake can be shared by so many people from different parts of the region. To realize that what I felt was experienced by people in Mexico or AZ is a new kind of idea. And its not like a snow storm where there is time to prepare and the smarter or stronger or more prepped have the advantage for survival. This thing hits everyone at the same time out of nowhere. Its the ground under your feet..its not like something you can battle using wits or sense or strength like a storm.
The ground starts to move and yer looking at buildings glass across the street wobbling. I absolutley cannot stand how helpless one feels at that sucked. The urge to run outside is actually what gets people killed I read..after we tried to run outside during the shaking of course.

In the north east its fires and snow or humidity during the summer, in the midwest its tornadoes, thunder storms or acrtic cold in the winter, in the southwest heat in the I have to learn yet another regions dangers. For one I am going to arrange my stuff around me from now on so I can grab it real quick becuz you can grab things to take out like in a fire when the ground is shaking.

I considered how being houseless would make the experience different for those of us in that situation. At the level I am living in here in San Diego the 'homeless' spend much of their time in street life as they are socially marginalized from mainstream society. Always remember that being a 'homeless' person is an identity that is relative to the region you are living in.
'Homeless people' have status that differs in each region with specifics to each state, city or town. In the north east 'street life' has always had a sprinkle of magic dust on it- glitter left over from the 70's romanticism of excess and being a "survivor" as well as the existence of Broadway and NY's love of this sort of emotional drama. The north east until very recently LOVED to sport dirty cities of trash in the a sort of perverse backlash towards its large wealth due to old money, institutions, concentrated talent and isolation from the rest of the US. It was like "we can afford to be dirty". Its what made NY great. The recent love of gentrification and corporate take over of public areas and creating false environments outside and inside has destroyed much of this in the north east but the attitude is still there. 'The Homeless' in the northeast might just be very interesting people with former glamorous lives or people from foriegn lands either lost in the culture or hiding from thier own. They also may be living the street life or have chosen it for its being one of few places left in modern US culture that still gives acceptance or free love towards anyone diffferent or eccentric. People are also frequently in college especially in Boston. You are expected to have some sort of pride in Boston or NY if you are 'homeless' some sort of sense of your own Will and Self. And most people will talk to you or even invite you to parties if you can show yer sane and carry on intelligent conversation.
In other areas like the midwest being 'homeless' depends on the area but it gets more shameful the more west one goes away from the east coas, that is a generalization you can bet on. Use it as a rule of thumb while traveling.

So just as regions differ in the psychological or social environment they also differ in hazard.
As a person living without a permanent residence most likely spending much of yer time in a city traveling around daily as a 'homeless person' either in local street life or trying to get daily necessities your going to be in a very different position during disasters. Actuallly if you are outside alot you might fare better in an earthquake say but not so well in a snow storm or tornado. Its interesting to think about. Being targeted is another issue. You are going to have to consider that you will be treated 'differently' just as you have been in every other situation in daily life.
This may mean being favored during an emergency or being shut out of getting assistance.
Strangely for all the induced 'bad luck' that TI's have that destroys their youth, looks, intelligence and talent, TI's seem to be very lucky with near death or accidents. There is also some force or covert network that seems to guide the target, inform them by dropping info or literally protect them from dangerous situations. It makes the whole situation very confusing for TI's. 'Do they want me dead or alive? What the hell do these bastards want from me?'. It IS confusing.
It seems that this system is more about behavior modification or torturing people to suicide or insanity than it is about overtly killing people.

For instance I have recently been being guided to get out of here, go to the southwest and go back to Boston and attend UMASS Boston. This is the only remaining ideations lately as I am with people now daily who are friendly and not abusive but these ideations are everyday without fail. (Interesting how if this were mental illness my gang stalking goes down to almost nothing when I am around people I can trust or multiple persons.)
I know from years of experience that not paying attention to what I call 'the guidance system' leaves on out of opportunities or will leave on vulnerable to dangers that could have been avoided. The problem with the recent activity of the 'gang stalking system' is that the guidance system that kept many TI's safe seems to be being jammed as well as hacked into or hijacked by the darker forces that make harassment 24/7 possible. This has been a marked change in the psychic environment for many targeted people and mc survivors since 2003 if not being able to sense a change towards this trend in the mid 90's.

To be quite honest things like disasters or horrible one time events are cake compared to what TI's go through-torture daily