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Diversity In The Homeless Population Still Not Reflecting Organized Stalking and Harassment

The diversity isnt so striking, when one considers the two commonalities. Would it be striking that housed people with higher income form diverse groups? That is essentually what many modern cities consist of.

Still there is either ignorance about or refusal to acknowledge homeless or nomadic individuals being targeted into thier current circumstances.

This is akin to doing a total run down of US economy and leaving out black market monies, products and services.
You may get a result but it is never an accurate one.

To continue to avoid the influence of oppression, political or otherwise on the homeless population is irresponsible and will result in a never ending problem.


California's Dreamin'- Permanently

Northern CA. Culturally tolerant of eccentric people in San Fran and Berekely. Much outside of that is culturally incompatible with travelers. The remote influence ceases around midnight or a bit before and the difference is certainly noticed.

The psycho management or remote influence, seemingly via technology is enough to kill a horse as the expression goes. It would drive even the most resistant strong mind half insane if remaining in this location long enough. A truly frightening place for ANYONE targeted. Everyone else seems outwardly normal and happy even especially in Berkeley.

There are consistently far too many seemingly mentally ill people in various areas of Cali to be normal. There is something up with a state claiming to be broke giving their mentally ill SSI recipients 900 dollars a month, one of the highest amounts in the USA.

If you come through here, do so only with supportive people who will also be back up. Then get out while you can, unless you somehow find a situation.

The sheer insanity of this entire state, via what seems to be from....outside influence lets say, may just be responsible for its high levels of creativity in such things as acting. But the instability isnt worth it. Just like living on the land mass itself, known as California.