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Your Hometown: Nowhere, USA

Every time I come back to my hometown I see these locals who think they know the story but only know a cover story. They look at one like one has been 'removed' from life here at home, like the TI has been changed by so much power, that they were destroyed by forces here at home especially in a place like Boston that is at once so highly educated and intelligent but also narrow minded and isolated from the rest of the USA. Its enough for them to get that typical New Englander charge out of someone being removed from existing in an area by powerful people. What they dont realize is that you are fighting something that is on the cutting edge of what is going on in the world at large and you have been thrust into an international scene. Sounds glamorous if it wasnt all torture and loneliness. If enough of us keep on this system's back and dont give in someone is going to have to recognize officially what goes on and really mean it not just put some laws on the books that are unenforcable. In some ways its harder to go through such things in your hometown as you have to deal with the reminder of how they just CUT like that and didnt do sh*t for you or even bought themselves futures by helping to get rid of you...then it feels good to know the progress you've made and the years of writing and activism while they stay in thier small space removed from the 'action'. Its not the kind of action I would have wanted, I would have much preferred traveling while creating and getting paid for it and actually having a good time once in a while not laboring so every day...but its better than being f*ck stuck here with people who have no idea what the hell is going on in the world today...who actually think they have it over on YOU becuz you were banished and erased from local memory.