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Menino's Plans to End Homelessness Might Be Put Forth Under Walsh

I cannot believe that no one is making it understood to all these groups, organizations and individuals that YOU CANT 'END HOMELESSNESS' BECUZ U CANNOT DEMAND THAT PEOPLE LIVE INSIDE.

Homelessness is poorly understood by the American public and even the people who work with us have no idea of the reality of the culture in its entirety.

We've been content to sit back and have this rights and priveledges relationship,dont ask dont tell- all sorts of grey areas. Just to get showers or food or clothing etc.

Its UNBELIEVABLE to me that the sysetem has become so greedy and irresponsible that they will not even admit that people dont want to stay in shelters or low income housing in actuality BECUZ THEY ARE INTELLIGENT WITH SOME SELF RESPECT.

There is going to be a hell of a war in this country once you start messing with all those soldiers coming home who want to live outside of society.

Perhaps the greedy YUPpies the system has created and thier corporate cronies just want thier cities to be cleared out so they can enjoy life, free of reality, in thier little false environments which makes this new bunch of hovering parent raised kids so comfy and secure.

The 'homeless' dont even have any representation from within our own population. These people are totally manipulating and misrepresenting a population of people THEY created through gentrification, war, targeting and blacklisting whistleblowers, The War On Drugs, the corporate prison system.

They insist on keeping ghetto culture alive and even flourishing. They CREATE people who only know how to get into trouble and go to jail in the lower and middle classes.

Reagan released everyone from state hospitals during his adminstration but then some Republican politician today on tv was asking "Where are all the psychiatric beds?" concerning that son of a senator killing his dad. (As if he couldnt have gotten his kid out of site or watched or controlled in some way. Please.)

Well, you should know what happened buddy becuz the president you so worship is the one who caused this huge problem to begin with.

It works for them however becuz they can then keep activists from organizing from the street level by making it so everyone simply assumes that one is mentally ill instead of a targeted whistleblower or blacklisted or sick of the system trying to screw them over etc.

HUD is so endlessly, incredibly corrupt. Shelters are also. Its amazing to me that no one ever asks us what we think or that there are no advisors from the homeless population to begin with. When there is a sort of community meeting in a shelter say, the social worker or homeless workers let the crazies talk as if they arent nuts and of course this disrupts any sort of senisble, productive dialog that might occur.

There is no system for us to have our voices heard.

What are they going to do with Travelers? Tell us we cant go from city to city now?

Its us, not the homebums and shelter rats who have seen whats been going on nationwide in this country in the last few years. Since 2009 or so they have been cracking down on homelessness, travelers, hitchhiking, truck stops and banning homelessness in some areas so that the shitty homeless people  from that area who arent tolerated any longer go to peaceful scenes like OCCUPY or self governing, peacable homeless scenes like Harvard Sq Cambridge, MA or Austin, TX and blow that up for everyone so now almost the entire country is pretty much screwed unless you get outside of big cities.

I will tell you what they want: THEY ONLY WANT ANYTHING OR EVERYTHING THAT MAKES MONEY TO EXIST. That is the bottom line.

If you are homeless but you stay in San Franscisco where there is GD family you will be fine becuz of the money made there partially by those who are houseless.
The homeless who are rats, drug dealers or giving something to the system or cops are always tolerated. One can see this plainly in Tempe,AZ where local Juggalos are left alone on the street but Travelers and everyone else is run off now.

They are also trying to obviously get rid of whatever resistors or whistleblowers still remain who are targeted by making everyone go inside when TIs know we cannot ever go inside and live safefully. This makes it appear as if we are being anti social or that we are paranoid thus mentally ill.

Many low income builduings are moldy. I certainly cant go inside under those conditions. Yet, that is something else that isnt being looked at.

Instead of improving a system of having people live communally they are insisting on everyone living seperately, still with the government footing the bill. Why is it so important to ensure that people cant live communally? 

If they arent admitting to organized stalking and covert warfare then this isnt playing fair at all. And how do they expect to by force rehabilitate drug addicts or drunks who arent ready to get clean? Some people are just drunks for life. There will always be 'bums'.

This is getting ridiculous and its time to do something about it before they get crazy. Next year it should come to a head. Either homeless people will start advocating for themselves and that includes making the system or at least the public admit that a portion of high functioning homeless are people who are prevented from having normal lives participating in society due to political oppression, or there is going to be alot of resistance to this and we have seen during the Bush war protests and the Boston Bombing that the authorities are fully prepared to handle that, on behalf of the system getting its way and fullfulling its agenda.

If advocating and demanding we be recieved with an entirely new perception does not work I suggest leaving the country. The radiation from Fukashima is harmful anyway.

I highly suggest going to the local consulate of whatever country you want to start in and asking what you need at the border to get in. You will most likely need travel insurance, a passport, a destination as in a place to stay as well as proof of a certain amount of  money to take care of yourself. If you save up you can have this set aside as an escape if this doesnt work out for any of you and I mean this for homeless, targeted, Travelers, NWO resistors, former soldiers and anyone else who homelessness becoming illegal would effect.