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Homelessness Today Compared To When This Blog Began

This blog never was what I wanted it to be. Like the neglected child of a mother with too many children I never had time to develop this one as I envisioned. I felt badly about it because when I did post info on services readers seemed to copy them quickly in high numbers. Who knows if it was TIs or people wanting to know about such places for sinister reasons.

 I began these blogs for education, to raise awareness, self defense and to track my own experiences for a book I had planned. I simply did what felt most logical in countering and reacting to what the system was doing, which left me little choices. Of course I was instructed to various ends, all seemingly to keep me tethered to caring for others instead of myself such as that I should become employed at a hospital or become a home health care aid.

After 30 yrs of being kept prisoner I refused these calculated moments of advice, many of which had a kind of intimidation to them. More bluffing at the table so I called them on it and as always my bet paid off.

I've been traveling and writing since 2006. I'd never had a long term permanent home in adult hood and even had been moved around as a kid so what did it matter? I'd always written anyway. Now I had a cause.

Ater realizing that I wasn't Homebum material then traveling the country looking for a new place to begin, realized shelters weren't suitable-all are corrupt.
A short, almost Leprechaun like drunk on his way to a gathering in a national forest told me he could show me a better way.  As we approached the highway to hitch out of Albuquerque I realized that there was a different view of that highway. One from the single human perspective on foot. That highways and cities don't have to define your reality.
This low form of human life in most people's perception had more been caring on a whim than any one of the people who had helped lead me to this end, from actively working to destroy or contain me to negligence in trying to save or assist me. I will never sell out or abandon houseless people or culture for this reason.

It's in my nature to flee oppression and seek higher ground. Sometimes that requires going into areas one may never see in a normal lifetime.

Over the years and especially after the OCCUPY movement, homelessness and the Traveler/hobo subculture has become very different, oddly this part of society usually remains mostly unchanged and mainstream people don't take much notice.

Globalism has taken notice. It seems for various reasons, anything out of reach of corporate and the surveillance state is now basically deemed the enemy of a utopian, safe and promising future.  In many areas it's considered terrorism both against capitalism or even culturally offensive. Unconsciously, of course.
I never imagined that in an area of the country with a trendy multicultural mindset, an Urban Primitive wearing a jacket decked with metal band patches with a backpack could register as a walking micro aggression..yet this has come to be. Lol.
Maybe I should be preceeded by a trigger warning.

It's been difficult to perservere in an environment of Equality pipe dreams complete with Inclusion whilst still remaining marginalized and a true dissident while corproate Liberals smugly save the world as they don't even know who or what they are looking at or dealing with.

These changes in our society have made it very difficult to do any activism unless your aligned with the Left ironically, it's the New Cons that started this hellish reality to begin with in 2001.

Many people in cities today dislike anything truly alternative and are anti Homeless/Traveler though they embrace Identity Politics. Homelessness is seen as interfering with quality of life and employment and Travelers are seen as 'homeless-at-will' with little understood cultural value, to a generation of people who's lives have been micromanaged from birth and whove known or now know nothing but a surveillance state and a false sense of safety.
Specifically, the Traveler culture is seen as inherently racist as it's primarily Caucasian, based on Americana and has many elements of primitivism and pre Christian paganism. People testing their meddle and getting around the system or trying to reinvent themselves.
This is very threatening to a system that's trying to ensure that kids only understand corporate or the state as their cultural background.

Also that same generation of kids
have become homeless or Travelers. Like their counterparts, they have little experience with cooperation between mainstream society and street scenes or subcultures which was a normal phenomena just a decade ago and beyond, colleges being the major gateway for such fraternization. Interestingly, it's the very Liberal Left areas now rejecting us that were once the only safe places for us to go or start our journey.
There's also a huge opiate epidemic among our demographic. Conveniently of course.

This has made taking this avenue of escape and refuge a much more unsure and dangerous one. Seekers are being blocked for sure. Even the damn new LED street lights that are now in every city have been proven to emit HEV or blue light, that ultimately interferes with the human pineal gland or 'the seat of the soul'.

People will feel less connected to their own inner selves. The Source of all life. To the universe itself if you've ever reached that far. This is going to more heavily effect people who sleep outside under these lights.

I haven't been traveling for three years due to being framed three times in 2016. It took over two years to comply with completing the legal process then health issues. Then caregiving for a relative and life partner and I fear being on my own ever again as I may be framed again. And then there's the emotional and other fallout from the ordeal which now severely impairs me on a daily basis. It's also been disconcerting that I could not sue due to fear of retaliation as I had health issues that could not have withstood such a challenge to the corruption that caused my ordeal. If I had not been ill and caring for others I would have gone for the throat with lawyers.

Not traveling has degenerated my health and ultimately has made me unhappy.

So I cannot accurately inform readers of what it's like out there today.  I observe some changes but can't get out there to make a reasonable assessment.

When I have time I will simply retell what I do know to share experience and hope this serves someone along the way.

Safe travels. If the situation is bad enough it's better to abandon ship or retreat to fight another day.

Remember, there's always some place else. There's always a party somewhere else. If it's raining and cloudy, the sun is shining in another part of the land. Everyone should always remember this. It may help you preserve the only life you have for a bit longer.