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Homelessness In USA Now More Difficult Situation Than Ever-What Are TIs Options?

This blog never did become what I intended. I just never had the time traveling constantly and being targeted-frazzled and forgetful. I really wanted to make it clear and in organized detail just what a TIs of each demographic might expect in different cities. They simply make it impossible to accomplish all aspects of what a TI would want to tell thier fellow Targets about the total experience of being targeted. Whats happening now in the states is basically every major city is using black op groups and psy ops 'dirty tricks' to get rid of thier homeless populations so there is no public outcry. Even going as far as somehow setting things up so that the public outright hates the local homeless population and sees anyone with a backpack as potentially crazy, evil or strange. The insular, false environment created by the NWO is now coming into completion. Anyone who knows too much about what has gone on since 2001, post 9-11 and the Bush war years to create the NWO is left out of this false reality thats been created. We are either deemed crazy or killed off. I dont know who is luckier..the dead or the walking dead-society's ghosts. The people I now see in cities have lost all memory of ever having had a problem with the policies of the Bush administration even though Obama has created more spying, killing off or targeting of dissidents and whistleblowers and horrible new things like drone strikes to destroy enemies we dont have direct knowledge of existing or not in areas where civilians regularly get killed instead. The effect is complete. The public are fully under control and living in a military dictatorship without thier knowledge. To whomever knows really whats going on this world is very frightening. For those of us who have seen too much through former adminstrations- leading up to Bush like Clinton or Reagan, all the warning signs and red flags- then having experienced the full horror of what the elite are now capable of living in a 21st century world whilst fooling the public of the western world into believing its still the 20th century. For us, life holds little hope other than knowing we are now part of an elite core of people who have superior knowledge about the world around us. America during Bush at least allowed full mobility, freedom of movement and an alternative scene in which to conduct activism from. This current administration has slowly destroyed any and all freedoms of activists like myself, people who are kept impovershed and down by the system that pervades this entire nation. America no longer offers a home to someone like myself. The plan seems to be to, by harassment and continued dirty tricks and sneaky tactics to 'encourage' the houseless in cities to get housed. And they know damn well that Targeted Individuals cannot get housed. Thus Targeted Survivors of programming and other mind control projects, Ritual Abuse etc as well as Targeted Individuals and activists of all kinds are being basically killed off by these actions..or leave the country to find someplace outside the civilized western world it seems. What else is there?