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If Youre Feeling Bad This Holiday Season..About Family And What You Left Behind Remember Theres Always Family and Adventure Elsewhere

Don't feel bad on the holidays or at any time during your campaign about separation from family. Especially if they were a danger to you as a Target. Self preservation isn't anything to feel guilty or bad about. A great old film clip may demonstrate this scenario. Put it aside becuz theres always others. There will always be good and decent people to balance out the bad you meet. And at the end of the vid Tuco is thinking about THE NEXT ADVENTURE. THE GOLD CHASE. THE ROAD AHEAD. Theres always you and yours. Potentially what you left behind was a prison or worse a pit of snakes. You may be better off.


Blog Alledges New Law States If You Have Large Overdue Tax Debt Govt Can Confiscate Passport

If You Experience Harassment Or Bad Drivers On GREYHOUND Or Any Other Form Of Transport While Traveling There Is Recourse

I never realized I could make a complaint to the Dept Of Transportation concerning Greyhound drivers. So much of what GH does is designed to keep TIs off balance and tramatized so that they cant reach out to the agencies that take care of oversight of the industry.

Gang Stalking is meant to keep a Target away from thier rights and from making perps accountable for thier actions.
Company complaint:

Driver complaint:

This probably includes public transit buses but Im not sure.

Make sure its a legit complaint not something related to Gang Stalking or covert warfare, It helps if other passengers were also complaining as well.

Make NO mention of GS, covert war, psy ops etc.  Theres plenty of instances where gang stalking has included extremely bad drivers acting totally psychotic or abusing power and being unprofessional.

Also theres been safety violations on Greyhounds Ive been on like purposely overcrowding the bus and picking up more passengers than is allowed on the bus.

I dont think you can report GS harassment, Ritual Abuse or a MILAB but I wish you could. Its hard to prove. Im told there are no cameras on buses like this. If I am wrong-if there were cameras Ive go ta hell of a case going.

Im aware that TIs get harassed so frequently that if we complained about everyone and every incident then we would be busy all day and night writing out complaints which is one of the purposes of the exercise.   Diversion and time and money wasting.

Ive learned that reporting whats important is what needs to be done and things that are on camera or very obvious with witnesses.

There seems to be some sort of new program in society at least around here where people report in on MBTA and other employees like that when they abuse power. Ive had this done for  me in this area even recently and whatever bs the employee pulled they didnt do it again. So the public or some hired eyes and ears are keeping tabs on these kinds of instances. But not always.

I know that transit of all kinds in the USA  has been one of the greatest sources of abuse and harassment if not life long for some of us-since 9-11. Amtrak, Greyhound and now Megabus has joined the ranks of the utter assh*les. Bolt bus is still decent but that may be becuz they are so small.

Every city that has public transport has been a nightmare. From drivers directly involved in the unethical human experimentation to doing extremely abusive things like shutting the doors on us as we get on or off the bus and theres consistent psychological operations from perps mixed in with passengers. The trains and buses in some cities are worse than others.

People with badges became unquestioned authority figures after 9-11. And they readily abused that to destroy the lives of people who were marked as Targets across the United States. During Bush they were very arrogant but then toned it down during Obama. There were still those that behaved as if it was still the Bush era. Nothing could be worse than that period of time in this country for abuse of power involved in continued unethical human experimentation.

Hitchhiking Robot Gets Ripped Apart-No One Hipped Him To Stay Out Of Philli

Great now they are making fun of us and trying to figure out how The Road works and being a Traveler. Thank goodness that it takes actual human skill, ingenuity, creativity and that luck/intuition that only travelers posses.

Firstly, this could happen to a human Traveler to begin with. This extent of violence more so in a deserted area or from a killer who can hide somewhere like train hopping. Plenty of crazy violence in that group. They are always cool with me (when they are genuine and not agents posing as train hoppers trying to infiltrate the subculture) but Ive heard about weird violence in that lifestyle.

Also going to Philly is never a good idea. To be honest its safer in Old Town on a Sat night than outside of it over the bridge if you know what I mean.
No place is safe at night nor on a partying night especially. I actually met cool people there and the blacks there are nicer. They have a ready sense of humor about things. HitchBOT must not have understood how to make connections.

Im hoping that someone ripped this thing apart becuz it mocks real traveling culture and it makes it appear as if we are a joke. It also reveals too much about the culture and how it works which isnt good either.

Humans dont do things for nothing. Acts of kindness have a selfish motive. People either want to feel safe or feel good about themselves by being helpful or they were in that position themselves and need to pass it forward, sort of in a superstitious way, to feel orderly inside themselves. Some simply want company and are bored. Being a TI some people of course want to do psych harassment to us in order to gain whatever they can get out of it.

It would have been very funny if someone acted out the most ridiculous myths about the traveler culture and asked HitchBOT  for sexual favors or gas money.

He probably got rides more so becuz he was a sanitary robot who wasnt going to mess up the seats or ask for 20 bucks for beer. Maybe he got more rides than we would have. Maybe less.

Having HitchBOT go around filming and experimenting in this subculture is like sending a spying robot to travel the Underground Railroad while slaves still need it to escape.  Its not a good thing.

Maybe he should bring a road dog with him next time for safety and companionship. Like a toaster or blender or something. Maybe Boston Dynamics can provide him with one of those prototype killer cheetahs theyve created that can run faster than any mammal on earth and probably kill with precision-and cannot be reasoned with or have mercy.

Hey..wait..if people can afford to built fake robots that do stuff like hitch or outperform humans, then why do we still need warfare at this stage of technological evolution??



ADHD Linked To Wanderlust Gene In Humans-Being A Traveler Might Come Naturally

Scientists Link Gene Variant To Human Longevity:

Restless Genes:

I am very fortunate to be of a generation (Gen X) where they did NOT medicaid us as it wasn't part of the culture yet in my class and social level of society.

They knew you were 'bright' but just not made for the classroom so they would pass you and hope you find your way or you'd have a hard time, drop out and forge your own path some other way.

It was also a time where our Boomer parents still had strong a hold on society and bohemian and alt cultures were tolerated.

Terrorism as its known now hadnt come to America yet and so going or existing outside the established structure of society hadnt caught the interest of authorities or citizens the way it does today.

You could find your way elsewhere or get the wanderlust out of your system enough to find something you could focus on.

Its important in America to control people now but I notice that much of the wonderful things our gene family brought to the world doesnt exist much anymore.

I dont meet or see many younger people who look like me or resemble our kind. If I do they are Traveling kids who are recovering from being medicated with Riddlin or similar drugs as kids and resent the system.

Pass this on. I think its important to start advocating against preventing us -7R's from existing in the modern civilized world. Much is missing due to us being missing from the natural human landscape.

These studies have also found that we have bodies that are more geared towards long distance travel. This may be why we 'recognize' each other and Travelers kind of look the same, other than the styles that define the subculture.