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On gangstalking - Blogged


Perps Giving Clear Messages To Go To NYC-Even Though Homelessness Is A Growing Problem With No Solutions (Becuz They Want To Create Chaos Instead)

 So why am I getting this constant ideation as well as actual visions of NYC for the past few months? 

The GS is really heavy and overt in Boston and Cambridge now as of the new administrations taking control in earnest (Governor, mayors, city managers, police chiefs and commissioners-you name it) in key cities of power in my former home state. I left becuz it was so bad I actually feared for my life I was hit so hard. I go back for errands or appts sometimes and its bad. If I had the mind to get out the camera the stuff they are doing is Bush era worthy.

 A t-shirt on one of many passing perps said "THE WAR ON YOU". They havent done communications like that in years. In Back Bay station a woman passed with a shirt that said "ITS BETTER IN NEW YORK". Im so seasoned in this from the Bush years and early Obama when Hayden was the head of the CIA that I know what Im looking at and it doesnt phase me but its just so brazen to send someone ideation suggestions that they post about and then have someone wearing a t shirt in a crowd with heavy psy ops mobbing that states the exact same content.

 Like I posted before my allies are gone and my enemies seem to have their friends in power. Their goal seems to make me doubt my own sanity and forget by way of brain damage induced by constant trauma and terror also ensuring I dont get any peace to write my book. These bogus suggestions have gone on for years and if they mob you enough in one place they figure you will keep running to other places and relocating thus you get nothing done. Somehow they cant keep me on the run on the road like the did during Menino being in office so they have to go about disturbing my work in other ways.

 Who the f*ck goes to Harvard Sq with a t shirt that says "the war on you"?

This is the same admin that was coming in when I was baited and forced to act out by writing a comment with racial slurs on McDonalds in Central Sq Cambridge yet it stated THEY were the racists.  The entire place if full of gang stalkers. I posted how one of them said to me that the local low class types would be gone soon-obviously through covert means of psy ops. This might have been what got me targeted there.  And Cambridge is dying to cover its ass as well as the black community.

I get the feeling when Obama leaves they wont be able to have the power theyve had and raise hell. They did horrible things during Bush but were very covert about it as now its under the guise of some you-owe-us-for-slavery and black power bs. So this is his 'civilian security force'?

All they do is domestic terrorism, black ops, unethical human experimentation (continied MK Ultra rooted projects), intimidate and cause chaos and well as racism: Divide and Conquer. Under the guise of  Diversity and black unification. If the public knew what was behind the black power surge of the Obama admin and that it started really during Bush (Obama was a pay off for the work they did during Bush as well as all the momentum theyve gotten during Obama).

What about all the lone shootings and false flag ops during Obama so obviously aimed at taking gun rights away and framing up anyone who has an 'anti govt' blog or is critical of the USA?

As Obama destroys the nation with black power and Diversity the same forces are destroying Europe, Canada and any place else they can with the same terrorism only mass immigration is being used. Americans dont really know about this as they are busied with terrorism and now race issues.

It doesnt surprise me that these Liberal Elitist places are unlivable for anyone going against Obama or black power thats so corrupt. Other places are a bit easier but not by much. The entire US is somehow worse than it ever was during Bush.

Id rather deal with an administration that tries to kill me, dose me, gas me, poison me, run me down with cars and tortures me Gitmo style with electromagnetic technologies within an inch of my life than it be attempted to break me like a slave and make me into a mindless robot to be part of society and forget about everything I know that happened that was real. Only former slaves could attempt to break someone in such a way becuz its what they understand best. Its so obvious thats whats happening.

Now its very hard to get anything done due to so much demotivation. Torture me to death-fine. Dont break me and let me live. WTF is that? Its totally unacceptable.

Some black idiot on a CB while traveling in a truck this spring said "Shes not a baby anymore". Luckily theres not alot of black truckers and if there are they better have thier shit together. Urbanized bs doesnt fly out there its incongruent with the work environment and ethic. I think this was directed conversation but the odds are high it was not. It just urked me anyway becuz that is the kind of thing they do. To try to hide the latest methods of stopping my book and getting lawyers under some nonsense about my age and having to get myself together.

Thats the thing about gang stalking. Targeted Survivors are totally controlled and regressed (with alot of brain damage among other means) and then treated like children to keep control of us for life. Why people believe this is acceptable I will never understand.

One black man once said the country is sick. He was right but so many people live here and their minds are that way, you cant beat the majority. Its simply a matter of trying to be left alone and do your own project but they insist on interfering. The way the commoners interfere is so bizarre. They treat you like a threat to the nation but act as if you are stupid and very disrespectful. Its very confusing but America is very sick and brainwashed and confusing to begin with.

Im not going anywhere especially to NYC. I get mobbed at an incredible rate by alot of people just walking down the street to go to the store when waiting for a train at the main station or bus traveling through. Why would I go there?
Its dangerous. Im not sleeping outside in NYC. WTF?

The only reason they want a TI to come to certain towns or cities is so they can mob you and make money off of you as well as train thier peeple and get off on f*cking with a well known TI whos lasted a long time whos outspoken.

So Im going to travel at my own expense and interrupt whatever I am doing so I can go be a human sacrifice in yet another location where nothing is going to work out for me anyway?

Not happening.

NYC could have started homeless hostels or bohemian type club houses a long time ago. They had flop houses like Houston has Ive read. Pay to stay per night. There should be the aforementioned type of places to get certain med to high functioning and creative or self sufficient houseless people inside and out of shelters.  OCCUPY was the closest thing to that dream. They refuse to offer alternatives and make sure that homelessness is mostly defined by the lowest form of black urban culture or miserable white trash (Albuquerque NM for example).

Its thier problem and they choose to perpetuate it so that instead of OCCUPY type places to support a bohemian or alt lifestyle and be positive and produce creative works they now have such chaos that Obama admin is actually trying to end homelessness by 2020.

I dont like the current gov anyway. Who invites Al Sharpton to advise the NYC police?  Gee during Bloomberg the CIA immersed NYPD were his "private security force". Wha happened?

Perception management is for idiots who live inside and people who are drugged up on...street drugs or psych meds or technologies. I live in the real world-out on the front lines. I can tell you first hand that the 'homeless problem' is a created problem by lots of purposeful negligence, creating problems on purpose and refusing to try alternative things as well as other horrors in the way the homeless are dealt with.

And the public wont know any different becuz like other sub cultures what goes on is not out in the open. Isnt Obama the one that was all for more transparency? Ha. When theres transparency in the non profit industry you let me know.


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