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NEWPORT WAVES Creepy Community Watch Program (Which Of Course Will Set Off Undesirables And Get Us Removed Like TIs and Mentally Ill or Homeless People)

Minding your own business is a special commidity nowadays. These programs are so obviously part of this nationwide trend to marginalize anyone who doesnt fit into a profile thst works in the desired society model they are going for. This is way to easy for perps to use against TIs. You know why East German Stasi was better to live under? People didnt sugar coat these activities to the point of creating the urge to vomit with 'feel good' 'fun' 'safety first' cover ups as legitimized reasons to create a police state that normalises torture intimidation and harassment. In order to create a program like this one would have to disregard all of human history that documents mankind always has some sort of intelligence network in every society as a control against those who oppose the power structure that might be corrupt or not in the best interest of the people. Programs like this are sickly designed by people who know whats really going on in the United States today and are creating nothing more than cheap easy FORCE MULTIPLIERS out of the duped American public. Safer streets shouldnt mean harassing people with unwanted attention. What if u don't wave back? What if u r in a bad mood and waving seems inappropriate but some cult brainwashed moron does it anyway even though if he was normal he would know that the social cues arent appropriate at that moment? What if I am not in the f$!;&#n' mood and give the finger in return? Does Homeland get called with a possible terrorist threat? Or the police with suspicious activity or the ambulance so the First Responder perp bastards can show up to assess my mental state (which I make fun of them with all the time now). Look at this FB page its hysterical. I wonder if certain people in that photo would appreciate an attentive wave if they were taking the monthly payoff money or guarding certain shipments coming into the harbor. Oh they probably dont do that anymore nowadays they outsource like everyone else. Ive been in port cities late at night and came upon guys in baseball caps all in black standing at a pier and just knew better to walk away from there. Life is so good and wholesome when reality doesnt show through eh? And cultish brainwashing like this only supports their false environments where everyone who is part of the community takes part in keeping it 'safe' and everyone who is unacceptable or doesnt belong or is a threat is kept out. They should see what some of those nice perfect people in their community are really up to. I have never encountered such high walls of denial in all my life. THIS is the nature and behavior of my grandmother's world that our parents warned us about and after all that fighting for freedom here we are again. Its like living in a garbage dump where all the trash is buried underneath but no one sees and doesn't mind living in neighborhoods built on long as they dont have to know the truth. Nothing like brainwashing people into believing they dont smell anything. Something in Newport is fishy...hmm. ("I SEE YOU!" How much more creepy and intimidating can you get? Its on the level of those old Burger King ads where The King avoids restraining orders for b and e and creeping by being charming. Ewww. It reminds me of what the characters of The Village in the old Brit tv show THE PRISONER would say in passing daily: "Be Seeing You". Im sure.)

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