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Montreal Homeless Also Getting Crackdown As In The States

Many of the fines I actually agree with. I am sick of seeing drunk assholes aggressively panhandling. However if one is simply flying a sign and is fairly cleaned up and is civil to people, are they going to give people tickets for loitering.

Drunks and addicts decades ago were much more respectful of the host society around them. This is no longer the case many times.

Ive traveled to places where the zero tolerance to homeless policies is ridiculously strict and to places where it seems far too tolerant.

The problem lies in society and police constantly negotiating with the 'problem' without truly understanding what causes the phenomena to begin with.

They claim to understand but still the judgement is that the druggies and alchololics are doing this to themselves and  the other houseless people are out here by choice...and if none of those fit their rationalizations then they think people are mentally ill. As it is our society now views those with substance abuse issues to be covering up for mental illness. Anyone with a trauma history, race issues, anger issues etc is 'mentally ill'. This is extremely dangerous.

Also housing has become ridiculously priced as well as a new culture and generstions who are intolerant of imperfections in the human condition even relying on mobbing, blacklisting, shunning and viscous snobbery to keep people down or out of their social environment who they dont understand or were taught by this new culture to reject.

These people of this new culture seem to base rejecting imperfect humans or people who dont conform on a form of survival. They reject such people in what seems like an absolute fear of not surviving themselves.

People are increasingy living lives that are insular, virtual and over protected from reality, free association and the real world. Such people are lacking in the skills of normal more natural human beings who can process social situations or various kinds of people to calculate a solution or effective reaction to the situation or person.

In other words todays younger people seem less capable of simply sympathizing with being human. The idea that people have problems or humans do odd or extreme things naturally to survive or grow seems to elude them totally. This is what has become of a country thats insisted on dumbing down and weakening the common people while increasing the amount of YUPpies and slightly well to do snobs and catering to their needs almost exclusively.

Who WOULDNT go crazy or be depressed or go live outside under such conditions?

Many homeless people who refuse shelters are or were above average intelligence for their social class.

Many of us are people who refused to sell out to yuppydom to survive this new culture yet refuse to be dumbed down into a world of glorifying ghetto culture, Jerry Springer and psych meds.

There is no movement for us, no houses to squat no communes no intentional communities-all those things today take money. And everyone is so greedy now you cant get what u want or need anyway.

Face it. These are just some of the causalities of the NWO and globalization.

Some of us dont want to live the most negative expressions of African American culture (why arent you listening to Miles Davis or some new black innovator? Why does it HAVE to be hypnotic, dumbing down ignorant, souless pop-rap? ) , glorifying ignorance, poverty, White Trash and N*gger culture sitting around watching Springer or Povich or Oprah bullshit us all day long with their destructive programs. We are smart enough to see though Oprah as a mere Mammy- becuz if she wast playing House Slave then why arent Dr Phil or Dr Oz either female, minorities or both??

We dont want to wear Baby Phat or Rocawear. We also would get really bored in a trailer park.

Many who urban camp are indeed doing so due to substance abuse problems. Merely becuz decades ago one could afford to have an apartment and live as a drunk maybe even hold a small under the table job.

Society is also very unsociable and inhuman nowadays. People dont socialize or meet in public the way they used to. Everything is very controlled and sectioned off.

Many people feel isolated, soulless, marginalized and left behind.

These are the now stateless casualties of globalization.

You can solve these problems only if u get honest about the causes.

Until Westerners admit that the world has gotten too technological, complex, inhuman, snootty, expensive, unfriendly, greedy and fast for some people to keep up then they will never be able to effectively solve these social ills.

Not everyone is going to go for a psych label and meds,  immersion into glorified ghetto poverty culture  (shelters), religion (shelters) or managed poverty culture (low income housing). And people with substance abuse problems rarely stop using until they are ready to recover which might take years.

America is now demanding its citizens live certain pre packaged lifestyles in order to be allowed to exist in society.

Noticeably there is no place for the outsider artist, creative people who are very poor, people with trauma histories that are bright but need the right support and environment to heal etc etc.

Humans are not allowed to gather and experience free association. Everything seems controlled, planned, mapped out and such. If u notice homeless cultures often consist of people forming little communities. Some consist of shelter dwellers and some form from local 'home bums' who live outside. These people arent usually Travelers and the shelter rats are rarely creative or bold.

Those who venture to sleep outside are usually looking for a freedom not available to them  from any established system or structure. Traveling urban campers even moreso.

How is society going to force these people to behave? Becuz housing them isnt going to work. Many need free association in an open space and the safety of public spaces. They get lonely and closed in being isolated in apartments.

Its something primitive, as if we are people who prefer living in tribes and communally.

I think THATS the quality most hated, feared and disliked about us in a Capitalist society. Western society generally has moved away from living frugally more in synch with nature and with others in a communal, tribe like set up.

THAT is what is being criminalized. Mainly becuz it doesnt feed the economy and perhaps they fear such independent, bold creative people organizing and gaining power in society which is probably why there is NO representation of the homeless from within the homeless culture itself. Its all about letting people who work for the system represent us and the outcome thats the 'solution' to the 'homeless problem' is always ending homelessness by housing everyone.

Its totally illegal in more ways than one especially the shelters, the way they are run. No representation? No voice?

One also has to realize that Targeted Individuals are driven into homelessness and so an entire demographic isnt being accounted for by the social services people delegated to represent us to the system.

This is also what society fears about any houseless people becoming organized, self sufficient or powerful. Its not just extreme cases like Survivors of RA or classified/black  projects but people simply screwed over by simple corruption usually political or criminal. Powerless victims of political or criminal corruption are simply thrown away into the homeless and poverty systems with total disregard from authorities due to wanting to keep the country running (city, town whatever) or fear of helping the person due to how poweful the corrupt authority is.

This is truly what society is afraid of. The damaged people found in homelessness are a direct relection of the failures in society's system. Everyone whos a reasonable adult should know that crime and cheating people is an intricate part of any economy being successful.

Not wanting to face this is why the homeless are so hated by societies as well as tolerated beyond what they should be (guilt). Its why we are stuffed away and hidden in shelters or into the shadows of street life.

A society with a 'homeless problem' has screwed up bigtime and is usually biding its time while manipulating the situation until the day comes they can totally get rid of all the victim witnesses once and for all. Like making conditions so that the problem worsens then reacting by making homelessness illegal, no sit no lie down or squat laws etc.

The objective is to never admit to what really went on in that particular society that created such a huge problem to begin with.

Like Reagan closing the mental institutions in the 80s or crack being pumped into urban areas in the late 80s/90s, the glorification of ghetto culture, African American gangsta culture and hybriding marijuana so its more potent in chemicals...