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If You Are Allergic To Dust Mites This Mite Pandemic Will Make You Miserable-But Not Alone

When are institutions especially communal living situations like homeless shelters, day programs and anywhere there's much traffic going to learn that cloth and foam on chairs as well as anything with fabric and stuffing is going to be a hazard for spreading health hazards. Clothe seats on public transportation is the most ridiculous thing I have seen in a long time. Is this done on purpose to help spread misery among the poorer classes or something? Seats can contain mites and such and don't even get me started on thinking about parasitic disease. Its unsanitary end of story. In a communal living or traveling space only plastic seats or plain wood should be used. couches should be covered in plastic and futons would be preferable with a sealed cover over the futon itself then a futon cover. Carpeting should be avoided with just hardwood floors or better yet ceramic tile or the best-concrete underfoot only perhaps with lenoleum floor. Bugs and mold have a harder time invading Yang materials i notice like glass, marble, concrete, steel, metal etc but the mold issue is still possible.
As far as mattresses i don't know. Id be happier with futons or mats on the floor of a more hygienic, simpler, cleaner shelter than all the fancy pretty girly stuff thats a health hazard. it would be so much less expensive to simply build it correctly from the beginning.
Its like the being homeless on holidays thing. You resent society gorging you on those days yet you can't find a place to shower on a Sunday. Its so damned inconsistent.

The System Of Oppression Utilizes The Dysfunction Of The Peasant Classes To Keep Down And Slowly Destroy Target

I can't wake up here until 1pm for some reason. Every day its the same time. I can't sleep late at.night either.

this reminds me of the last electromagnetic nightmare i lived in in Brighton, that moldy apartment. there were cell phone repeaters on top of it. Nextel. My sleep was screwed up in much the same way there too.

This older black woman relapsed last night, she smelled like alcohol and the supervisor claimed she and her friend who just moved in were smoking crack. Yet she did nothing about it and said she was going to drug test them but hasn't. The woman who smelled like alcohol has been a pain in the ass to other people that live here also. Like mind gaming or messing with people. Shes been friendly to me and i think i got suckered in becuz last night she was messing with me a bit.

I think that this house consists of very average people who don't comprehend travelers or people who are targeted. They misunderstand someone like me and if there is any info being fed into this environment from the gs system then these are the types of people who are unsophisticated enough to do the system's bidding either unwittingly or simply out of jealousy or if their mobbing instincts can be triggered.

Unlike back home there is no cohesiveness among a group of people. In Boston if u r accepted in a group demographic they take care of their own. Despite all my anger towards my hometown there is a sense of 'stand up guy' there still and of loyalty. Even on the street to an extent.
The other issue is that communal living situations are usually run pretty badly in a Capitalist country like America. People don't know how to function or self govern in a communal environment. Anyone who does feels they can't or shouldn't be living communaly, they should have their own house or apartment. The kinds of people who are willing to stay in an environment like this usually have to be supervised and if the supervisors are not doing their jobs, then you have a mess. People usually revert back to behaviors like mobbing or similar depending of course on gender, culture etc.

Its considered lowly in America to be in a communal living situation as having possessions is the pinnacle of existence here. Which of course is totally ridiculous but that is how many Americans think. In many places now the idea of alternative life styles is accepted and people living communally is acceptable socially if they are successful according to American standards in other ways like education, profession etc.

This is why many sober houses, rooming houses and homeless shelters or transitional living doesn't work. American culture does not teach how to live communally or to be self governing or socially responsible. Political Correctness is NOT an example of taking social responsibility.

This is becuz America has its high standard of living from.exploiting and intimidation of other countries and peoples. The way Americans function and express thier lifestyles is a relfection of this. Its actually considered uncool at some subconscious level in American culture to be truly upstanding, socially responsible or 'good' WITHOUT the status of being Christian, religious or economically/professionally successful.

The kinds of people who live in these places might be of bad character but they aren't going to change and grow if communal living spaces don't actually work.

The one consistency I have encountered with Americans is that they are lazy. Not lazy to bust their asses working but lazy about using their minds to find ways to live more cheaply, more efficiently and with more wisdom. I am assuming thats becuz these concepts don't feed the economy. Focusing on quality of life instead of what American culture dictates as 'the good life' is all thats necessary. People don't stop and think about how the system in place might be conning them into spending or working harder than they should or how they are driven to work too hard and neglect whats really important like their health or their peace of mind. This is where American life can seem like slavery.
To be smart is to work along with the system in place but dip out of it consistently to find alternative ways of doing things thus avoiding its traps.

In this country being smart enough to understand that is considered being dissident. The only way America flourishes is basically on stupidity and creating waste. An examle is how many truckers tell me that comapnies have food driven around through many states in the process of preparing it for retail sale. Chickens are kept in one place, slaughtered in another, packaged in yet a different place and then brought to a warehouse in another place then shipped out to distribution centers etc.
This obviously creates jobs but the price of food is probably higher than it should be.

Since a sensible, intelligent person would find this ridiculous even distasteful such people are a threat to America its economy and the 'American way of life'.
The system fears people who are too smart (or still have European thought patterns from our ancestors) to fall for this and independent enough to not fall into its traps as well as inventive enough to find ways around the system.

In order to make America a strong country within globalization the gs system, behavior modification and mass mind control seems to be being used as a way to ensure people fall in line with the American system. As if its essential the majority of Americans do so in order for America to survive. Which is bullshit becuz its actually to help create a New World Order which is anybody's guess as to exactly what that consists of, other than speculation and theories based on piecing together clues. Like George HW Bush's criminally insane speach where he actually uses the term New World Order and looks into the camera saying 'When we are successful...and we WILL be..". Then Obama is documented using the term. Something about finally forming a New World Order that everybody wants. (Everybody? No people that matter to him. Their people, not people like us).

Unfortunaltey citizens in every culture historically have been shown to go along with fascism if its put forth effectively. This is what humans do.

Thats why keeping a TI like me down is essential. I will always end up in places like this with these kinds of people where they know that the system at this level is designed to fail these kinds of people thus keeping them down, not letting them grow. The covert system knows that at this class level and in this culture I will always be surrounded by people that are not like me. It ensures the targeted person never gets to their own element-they can never be around other artists, successful people or intelligent people who are accomplished.

Environment is a very strong factor in growth.
When i was at the women's day shelter in Cambridge i always felt better and more hopeful when outsiders would come in who had normal lives and were working. There was a message therapist who came in once to give free mini messages to the women. Her presence made me so happy. It felt like a taste of the outside world, of normalcy. There was a free flow coming through her from the outside world. The normal world. Where people have freedom to work and live and express themselves.

Its obvious to me now that the homeless system is just a new system to contain anyone considered 'mentally ill' or socially unacceptable somehow. And i now realize that the gang stalking system is the most severe part of this system with things like community watch being used as complimentary to it.

This is why Loud Gheppetti made a comment once that this other artist in his building was allowed to lead a normal life, becuz her family was extremely wealthy. Also a Waltham taxi driver perp commented on Scott being there and abusing me by saying "Oh that won't last long" as if it was planned and was part of this grand scheme, then when I asked further about it he commented "oh well, it doesn't pay to be poor". This is how Targets know they are being targeted becuz people like this express knowing far more than they should about whats going on in your private life.

This explains why people around a Target who are guilty of crime, of much worse character etc seem to go on in life unscathed or even have golden opportunities put forth before them after helping the gs system betray a Target.

There is an entire nationwide system out there now that is used to keep certain people basically jailed for life when they are innocent and it rewards the truly guilty. Anti terror, intelligence agencies and law enforcements are all misused to accomplish this. This is why its important to drive the TI to acting out- even if the Target is too smart to avoid getting labeled, they can be driven into homelessness and then kept in check locally with whatever is used to 'handle' such people. I note if I stray from my part of town I am tracked. Under guise of community watch?


How Nanny States Provide For The Uppitiest Of Classes

Some places consider themselves Democrat or Liberal or Republican or Conservative yet each state seems to handle homelessness differently. I'll never forget that perp student librarian at MIT who as part of this nasty directed conversation, was bitching about MA being a nanny state. Good u little bastard why don't we take all those animals off welfare and close the shelters in Boston or Maryland or NY and see exactly what happens when they aren't provided for. They are going to come rob your rich student ass and go to your parents house eventually. (Ive heard stories about ghetto trash taking public transport or any way they can to do theft or robbery in nicer neighborhoods. their is good reason that rich places don't want trains or buses going through there.)

Boston knows its got a very nasty arrogant and now more intelligent population of various kinds of poor people there. The transplants from down south of the former slave population being the absolute worst (at least 40% come from southern migrants.) This does not include new immigrants from totally screwed up countries like Haiti and Africa with horrid human and civil rights records. Both of those populations have brought the worst of their culture to areas like Boston where the rich and the ethnically strong (Italian, Irish, Jewish) can fend them off by their cultural cohesiveness but anyone not having a group's protection is going to suffer. Even poor ethnic areas are now infiltrated.
The nanny state exists so that the rich can sleep at night. That spoiled MIT brat probably knows that but the wealthy up there often tap into propaganda aimed at the middle class to continue to cover what is really going on.
Lets not forget how much Boston stands to get out of people who are controlled by psychiatry largely nowadays (lower classes) as well as health care and other human services. All that grant money keeps flowing. All those human bodies any of which can be used for black projects without their knowledge.

So think next time about what the professional classes and others get from a nanny state. Ive learned there isn't much they don't already know and that isn't set up for their benefit from the get go.