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On gangstalking - Blogged


San Francisco resources

My work on this blog should improve soon but its been hard to have limited internet access so the info and layout are not as comprehensive as I would like.

Here is what I discovered about San Fran CA,USA.
Berkeley CA is right off the BART public transit system. It is full of hippies travelers and amusing people. You can sleep on the street and food not bombs is in People's Park every day at 3 pm. However, I noticed a lack of shelters. And its not like other college towns- the UC kids are a drag in general. Unlike Boston where if your panhandling in Kenmore Sq near BU some drunk Dutch professor will sit down with you and talk and he is interested in your activism, no one here will want to deal with you at all. In Boston intelligence itself is still prized above money and status in its most raw forms- in CA your dealing with a new money sort of snobbishness and the status quo taken very seriously. Find your place among the alternative community there. Be careful as always.

San Fran is not someplace I would try to sleep outside but I have seen men doing it and they usually are in a group with a very trained and mean traveling dog (usually a pit bull mix that is very large).

Thier shelter system is typical big city and has a ghetto element to it. They are nicer than the east coast for sure.

Their is a little game with getting a bed so ask them to tell you how it really works before going into the system. I waited all day for a bed and ended up back in Berkeley becuz of the way thier system is set up. You have to have a TB test in a few days after arriving and you have to register with an ID, I dont know if this is for all of them.

In Berkeley its impossible to get computer use as UC has gotten rid of all except for strict research only (.org, .gov, .edu).

This is typical of conservative schools around the US now as they would rather block out activists than manage thier public use computers better. I dont want the kid playing video games or the old guy looking at porn next to me either while I am trying to get real work done..but these types are used as excuses to get rid of everyone who isnt part of the university usually. Keep in mind that LIBRARY employees are usually against this kind of limitation and hate having to do this...its the people in administration who make these decisions.

If only they could verify say someone like me for instance and give me a public use account that cuts out porn or video games and has a time limit on it, they would never have had the problem with the public abusing thier public use computers-which they usually get a federal grant for anyway so dont buy into them being private and doing you any big favors.

So UC is one of THOSE schools like BU, that let the public hang themselves and now have major restrictions.

San Fran seems to have good computer public access as its a major city.

This area in general is tolerant of the homeless or the traveler but you might get bored after a while.

In Berkeley there is a youth drop in(The Suitcase Clinic) that if you look young enough, are a traveler and are well behaved you can get all kinds of cool stuff as well as fed with real food. YOUTH SERVICES ARE ALWAYS MUCH BETTER IN THE USA AS THE PUBLIC DOESNT PERCEIVE THEM AS LOST CAUSES YET, OR BLAME THEM FOR THIER SITUATIONS. AMERICA LOVES FAMILIES BABIES AND CHILDREN MORE THAN HUMAN BEINGS INDIVIDUALLY AND THE GUILT FACTOR WORKS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE WHO ARE HOMELESS.
The people who work this youth drop in have the best attitude I have ever seen towards homelessness. You are treated as a human being and you feel your dignity intact.

Here is at least the San Fran list of resources. Berkeley is just a place where you can show up.
HITCHHIKING IN OR OUT OF THIS AREA IS IMPOSSIBLE so you might want to take the BART train from a surrounding area. Like pick a place on the map that is very far from the city and get off there take the train in. Total paranoia of hitchers. In certain towns outside the area if you have a back pack the cops are on you 10 minutes after you arrive and will want to know your life story. Get out the camera like I did. Its profiling but even truck drivers hate Cali as the cops are restrictive.

However in Berkeley all I had to do was report one instance of obvious gang stalking harassment to police and it stopped and all the 'creeps' disappeared. You have to understand there is a faction of powerful wealthy people in this area who side with not only the homeless but activists who are targeted I would assume. Its like they just werent having it in thier town. It was pretty cool actually. Their is a fabulous little war you get to be part of between powerful liberals and the conservatives and the homeless are used to this end. Amusing as hell. Great.
And the home bums are colorful usually.

Dont get sucked in here. The circus is meant for temporary visits. Also there is something going on with should I say this, illness. I got a rash when I arrived that was a bitch to get rid of and the whole time I was there I was sick with a bronchial thing as well as yellow stuff constantly coming out of my nasal passages as well as my coughed up from my lungs.
Rumor has it UC is involved in bio warfare..who knows.
But it'll be easier for the young and the very healthy.

Here are the pages I picked while there. Its not complete but it should be enough to get you by.


Woods Mullen Boston MA (aka The Boston Public Health Comission)

This is the best con in any of the horrible shelters I have ever been in. Just for the record staying there the other night I got blasted with something in my sleep as I woke up coughing from it. Something like aerosol spray.

I noticed they have built a new ramp and waiting area in there. The staff are still mostly pieces of sh*t or lazy friends of thiers with some nice people mixed in.

I stayed there one night last year when I was here. There was a woman from Africa staying there who warned me that the ladies they hire on staff are from a country east of her country in Africa. She described them as wanting to have a paying job but not wanting to get thier hands dirty..and that they traditionally lie alot.

Sure enough one of the workers was not that nice about opening a cot and made us all feel very badly about sleeping on them at all.
Then a drunk woman came in and it seemed no one knew how to deal with a a wet shelter. Uh, OK. Then why are you funded as such? Anyway, instead of telling her she had to go to sleep they let her get in the shower and of course she busts her head. There is blood on the floor and no one cleans it up even though I ask for them to. The mentally ill there who do not pay attention to hygiene would sure enough have tracked this bio hazard out into the rest of the dorm.
The next shift was pissed off as hell that they left that for them to clean up also a woman on this shift told me that she couldnt report what goes on there becuz she wants this to be her career and needs the experience..but she told me I had the brains and I could .

So there are not only the homeless themselves but workers in the field to tied to careers or paychecks to stand up and face corruption who would like to see these things laid out for public viewing.

Also the woman from that eastern African country was so hands off that she made a big strong black girl who was local handle the little drunk woman. Another client has no business handling other clients.
Then they tried to get her to dress herself and I told them that the EMTs deal with dead bodies and gory accidents where clothes get ripped off of human bodies all the time they even have to rip clothing off regularly to save people...these women were so in thier own little culture that they were only concerned with if she was naked or not when the EMTs showed. This of course put her in more danger of hurting herself by falling possibly. Then I noticed that a little group of women had congragated at the desk and were just watching this for amusement.

This place has not cleaned up its act and I have seen it be the same since the 90's. Only recently has it had to give people numbers on cards to account for them being there.

I have to say that there was a point during the harassment where someone tried to do me an obvious favor by giving me one of the new registration cards without any info on just popped up.
I understand what they are trying to do. I know the black community if full wise to what the man does to people and how it works.They have been dealing with being targeted basically since slavery as a people anyway.
And I know that they are often trying to make me see that going under the radar is best and to just try to have a good life while the man is opressing you. They are as they always have, trying to play mother hen to the white woman who is treated as they are.

However, whites fight with the oppression on this earth is for different reasons and we fight them differently. This is the way it must be fought and someone like me in my gender and skin has to fight overtly and in the way I do. There is no way I can just hide from being targeted.

The system needs to account for what it does to people and what it has done.

Whites have been fighting an oppressive system for thousands of years in this way...I know what I am doing.
I cannot fight covertly as they do on higher levels. Being overt is the only way.

So put my name and number anywhere you like and let the trouble come becuz there is no hiding from this. Let the corrupt system be the ones who have to hide.

A life is not worth living if it is not one's own to do with what one likes. I do not come from people who will tolerate slavery in any manner and NOTHING can 'make it better' or tolerable. Not family, not money, not the love of a man, not friends, not land.

Once the system has gone as far as it has with my case there is no letting up on them to give back what they have taken in some form or another. To expose them and to take back at least what could have and should have been.

Part of the problem with being a TI is that when you are driven down into the shelter system as a 'homeless' person, you are put into this world of being marginalized and extreme corruption and bad conditions like this. Then the gang stalking system is hoping that this will either destroy you or make you want any pay off they offer you to get out of it.

F*ck them. They started this. And also I am sure that there is some dis info in the smear campaign becuz of the way I had been treated for a while there, about me being some sort of informant or taking a payoff. Someone in Conn who was a rat actually tried to tell me that the official line that was being pushed was that the money I had received for settling out of court with Olnick for the mold in my apartment was an informant payoff. That works due to the fact I signed something where they basically can deny ever have had done anything wrong. I want you to prove to me and everyone else just where and when I informed on anyone or ratted. If this were true then why are other story lines pushed simultaneously such as that I am just crazy and getting worse ever day or that I was in the sex industry and deserve this or that my mother wants this done as some sort of behavior modification program becuz I need to grow up etc.

As usual with the gang stalking system there are multiple story lines thrown around....where as in REALITY only ONE can be true.

So I refuse to hide, I refuse to change my hair color and start dressing differently or leave the USA. All those things are what guilty people do and also its what expats become terrorists against the US are profiled as doing and I am NOT going to give them that much ammo.

Gang stalking has to it a very very nasty dis info machine that is more than just mere smear.

So the conditions in shelters need to improve so that if you are driven into them by corruption you wont end up having this social problem HELP the corrupt system destroy you.

Its a great dumping ground for TIs and for alot of people who think like the killers that they are, once you reach this level you are already in cement shoes at the bottom of the river. Yer done, youve been dumped.

That of course is their perception and they want it to be society's as well. This is an info war essentially and your job as a TI is to get the info to the public as well as INFOrm the perps that thier version of reality and their constant perception management is not the ultimate end all be all.
You must challenge the end they write for you becuz you have to realize that its not the truth. Only the truth matters.

If it did not why would they have to work so hard and dilegently at covering it up?

By the way a new waiting room and a ramp are not going to help the aggrevation that staff has to live through working in this place nightly as well as clients have to deal with sleeping here.



Back in your hometown

I am back in Boston. I am seeing homebums who I saw before when trapped here as a 'homeless' person. It is the saddest thing I have seen lately. They will never know that there is another system out there, that Boston and all its falsely created realities about race, gender and class..all the smoke this town blows up everyone's ass, they will never escape the psychological prison formed by Boston's way of doing things.

And true enough I would rather be in Nashvegas right now.

You dont have to stay trapped by where the system wants to put you.

The thing about your hometown perps is that they will always think they know you and in the beginning they really feel they own you. I hate to sound sexist but its true that as a female you are going to get alot of male perps. They are more into controlling a situation in such ridiculous ways like this...and so you get this targeting that is very much like a large collective boyfriend who is extremely possessive and abusive- the one on one stalking and harassment that everyone readily admits to.

You have to let your hometown know that you are not owned by them and they only arrogant enough to think they know you.

Its fun to haunt people who helped sell you out as well. They really are so controlled by the system that they naively believed that you would just go away or they would never have to deal with you again. Sometimes just showing up is enough. Let them know that you will be coming back and showing up anytime you please.

This is why the smart perps, the designers stay hidden.

Some people its better to never see at all..then you can let them know that they dont exist. Due to the amount of perps who are delusional about the power trips that they are in on, this is more effective a tactic. Show them how they measure up on a world scale opposed to thier little area of the world.

THIS is the benefit of being a traveler opposed to being driven out into being destitute and letting the local system define who you are.

The perps all only have THEMSELVES to blame and their own guilt to fear.