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On gangstalking - Blogged


Not utilizing the shelter system

If you choose you may also try to be houseless outside the shelter system.  Many whistleblowers and other sorts of homeless or houseless people choose to be transient in other ways.  Shelters and big cities have many rats (informants,snitches) and the police utilize them as part of their security force..of course this means any corrupt cops working for 'whoever' will put them on you. 

There are many types of people in the world of the 'Homeless'.  Home bums or the people who are local especially in shelters are usually a problem for TI's.  Not only do they tend to be negative (depressing, nasty) in attitude they also have alot of people who are of a jail mentality or snitches for local crime/corrupt cops.

Sleeping outside in an urban environment is difficult especially for females.

Try to find people you can relate to intellectually and otherwise who are living outside the system.  Lazy, negative people who live to destroy anything you are working on or to not do anything themselves must be avoided at all costs.
I made the mistake of living in shelters for a long time around the USA and found corruption in almost all of them especially being a TI.