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Intentional Communities And The Homeless/Experimentees, Sacrifices, Victim Witnesses, Whistleblowers Hidden Away In Homeless.Population

Since living as a 'homeless' person with the luxury of the added Traveler status giving me a bit more respect and much more freedom Id always wondered why there are no homeless collectives or homeless hostels, pay-to-stay shelters.

Houston Ive been told has flop houses an old fashioned solution now long gone from the northeast (but someone said there were still some in NYC).

NYC supposedly has experimental pay2stay shelters.

Still why arent there opportunities like this or solutions being developed more often in more locations.

I discovered that theres so much hidden in the homeless subculture just like the sex industry, that the established power structure merely wants CONTROL not long term solutions over this population and culture.

Secondly is most obvious-the non profits, social worker types and homeless industry- all glorified babysitters and jailers, would lose money and jobs.

This is why i suspect after OCCUPY proved theres a percentage of 'the homeless' that could become functional, organized and self or semi self sufficient while having a relationship with the surrounding community- theres a move by both government and institutions to end homelessness.

I also think that they desperately want to avoid homeless people from organizing or taking charge of our own lives becuz eventually what would arise would be communities of Targeted Individuals and thus our plights would become more credible with society at large.

Its laughable that Stanford University is involved as many Survivors of mind control projects have named Stanford as a major player in that game.  Stanford is also involved in the OFFICIAL research into mind control (which is far behind the classified levels that actually exist that the elite and their cronies have access to). They are also tied to MK Ultra unethical human experimentation.