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Homelessness, a book and shedding light on the subject..

As you know if you read this blog I am trying to make it clear that being a targeted person one of the things that the system does traditionally is drive the person into being destitute and homelessness may be part of that process. Today's homeless scene is the perfect place to marginalize someone and get them to the point where they are discredited. Its perfect to silence victim witnesses and whistleblowers.

Nowadays with so many mentally ill released from mental institutions being shut down, which started during Reagan's adiminstration, as well as crack cocaine being introduced into the ghettos there is a constant influx of people who are mostly out of it or on the fringe of society. Crack cocaine makes human beings more incoherent than heroin or powdered cocaine ever did. LSD is the only comparison of the insanity that is produced by this drug. Its one of the worst things to hit the urban populations in this century and there have been many 'conspiracy' theories over the years thought out by people from all walks of life- artists, politicians, urban dwellers themselves and intellectuals. It does smack of social control. And it reduces human beings to animals worse of than a lab rat who will keep pushing the same button to get the cheese until it kills them.

This has created a human cesspool and with the waning of any kind of sentiment from the 60's love child generation or the underground unity of the old hobo lifestyle during the 20's we are left with what society views as human garbage, to be taken out and ignored just like bags on the sidewallk.

The problem in my expereince is like any other business: middle management. The people who are on site or hands on administrating over the population directly are the greatest offenders and abusers of a system designed to help vulnerable, marginalized people. This design has flaws for sure as it allows exploitation of this population by white collar criminals and conartists at the administrative level, serves to perhaps further truamatize the population who it claims to serve and decieves the public who often give thier time and money to help the population in question. Often they are the ones who suffer most, not understanding why they give and give and still there are people lying on the streets.

As many of you who read my blog know I come from a welfare home but yet a family that had been given special privelege through its participation in organized crime. I am highly intelligent but very undereducated. And I am essentially a targeted whistleblower and victim witness. I am more fortunate than other 'Targeted Individuals' as if I were to even give a vague run down of my story, just the events that most people see plainly most people would appreciate my predicament. Everyone is adult enough to understand rich powerful men with vices doing anything to avoid exposure as well as dirty cops taking bribes to ensure their privacy with militant force if necessary. There are just some crime rings that cant be broken as too many legit people are benefitting from it. Its a joke to think that all crime can be solved. If you stopped all the criminal or black market economy businesses in the USA, that the police and feds actively help manage or leave untouched our economy would suffer worse than it does right now during this 'recession'. Its a simply matter of numbers; supply and demand.

I can not bring my life back to where I left it nor ever get my health or my youth back. I will most likely, continue to be shunned and live in exile for the rest of my life, in a kind of limbo where none of the people who helped put me here will ever have to deal with me, my testimony as a victim or a witness.

Many people are homeless due to this motivation by the system to protect certain people or enterprises. And that is not a fact that is in the publics mind as popular opinion.

The perception is that the 'homeless' consist of drug addicts, drunks, mentally ill people with disorders who for whatever reason refuse medication or help from the system, domestic violence cases and just plain lazy people who dont want to work.

Even though domestic violence victims as well as many people drinking and drugging could be survivors or revictimized trauma survivors they are not viewed as such by the public. These are people who due to various reasons have slipped through the cracks in the system and ended up 'on the street'.

Firstly, human beings have been nomadic longer than they have been housed and 'civilized'. When put under dire circumstances it may be in a human beings greatest interest of survival to go nomad. Then at that point, one is living out something so primitive in the human DNA that we become at odds with 'modern','civilized' society. We start to get in tune with other humans in a tribal way and commune with nature. We begin to percieve housed people who live and work in closed spaces as caged animals that exist in false environments.

I have often wondered if this is not the true motive behind mismanagement of the homeless population and their services. You have now become wild, ferrel and untamed and most likey very hardy and robust or resistant to disease if you do well on the street compared to many housed tamed humans.

I just wonder if this return of the human animal to a primitive state, perhaps unraveling strands of DNA or other changes due to being chased out of proper society into a primitive tribal survivor state, is not the greatest threat to the system and all social control inerhent in it.

People in power believe that if you destroy someone like me enough that we will bow down and know our place, which for me I guess is to believe that I am unattractive white trash. It doesnt matter how much of me they have destroyed I know that at one time I was very pretty, youthful and highly intelligent and could have had a very different life. The purpose of harssing some one into homelessness is also to try to make them beleive that you cant fight the oppressive system and trying is useless- resistance is futile. This is especially the attitude today after the Bush adminstration basically made all efforts at self defense and exposing corruption into the definition of terrorism.

It only stands to reason that the more the corrupt system takes from one that is incentive for them to expose such corruption in the system. The system is hoping that the person gives up and sees themselves as a loser, stupid, ugly, old, trash-worthless. They want to drain any and all fight out of the human being and getting the person into the homeless population is the best way to get the target to internalize these projected feelings of shame, guilt and humiliation.

If you have been robbed of your future there is no way one should ever let the system be unaccountable and escape without consequences. You are not aged due to your own stupidity but fighting a system that wants to keep you down. Rarely do people who fight as hard as I do get a hero's welcome, what we get is even more scorn and probably worse treatment by the system and those who work in it as they know that they are part of a corrupt system and that is who butters their bread.

The homeless get treated like criminals or naughty 'bad' children depending on which shelter one goes to. It is commented on by staff that we have the minds of children..that is becuz the system that handles the homeless and I mean that quite literall, actively employs brainwashing tactics used in other scenerios and instituions to reduce people, especially the women, to the level of children.

The homeless have no voice and its expected that the system will speak for them as it intimated that they cannot speak for themselves- as of course they are all mentally ill, drunk or on drugs or lying and making excuses for being lazy. This enforces these misconceptions and its on purpose it seems. The homeless are then effetively marginalized and Joe Public doesnt know about the many human and civil rights abuses that go on using his tax money or charitable tax deduction or his generosity. This goes for staff in many instances who are working a job that doesnt begin to pay what it should for dealing with people who have medical issues, psychiatric issues, trauma or maladjustment issues. In more diffuclut shelters, the staff often exist as soldiers in Vietnam or Iraq have, never knowing if they are going to encounter friend or foe.

Often in my work here in these blogs I am focusing on myself and what I have lost or what I go through. This is due to my own PTSD which I never had a chance to deal with due to ongoing circumstances and often I am experiencing continued harassment or just a lack of the tools needed to concentrate on anyhthing other than my immediate situation.

One of my books is going to be about revenge and very personal. The other book I plan to put out is going to consist of the injustices I have seen first hand living as a homeless person and a traveler who is houseless. The difference between the twow is striclty an issue of status and is akin to one being a street prostitute and being labeled 'hooker' or being a high class call girl who proximity to wealth and powerful men obviously gives her a bit more clout and protection. I have discovered that society only fears powerful men and thier wealth- never a woman on her own.
Though I would rather get on with my own life and try to regain some of my lost youth I feel that this book must be written as the prosectution and warfare against the homeless has basically solidified to having this population live in a police state in most of the 50 states of the USA.

It also adds cred to my other claims of targets being harassed by stalkers who seem organized and informed by authorities with access to intelligence on the target--if the homeless can be profiled and treated in a presribed manner in a great number
of cities in the USA in differing locations then this proves that our system has the technology, manpower, funds and motivation to target either individuals or a speicific type (via profiling) of individual from a group. Targeting the homeless due to profiling or even identifying the person as a vagrant or homeless indivudally as part of a campaign against 'the homeless' seems to be fairly easy to do in the USA nowadays.

Many people wonder why so many homeless sleep outside when there are shelters. A great number of them are non funtional and are banned from shelters. There is another kind of urban camper who choses to face the elements over taking part in the shelter system- people with above average intelligence who see through the system's mind games, control tactics and corruption and cannot will themselves into being oblivious, persons with very bad experiences with the system who have been conditioned to distrust any and all help given by mainstream society, many people who have been incarcerated cannot stand the similarity to an institution and amusingly refer to shelters as "jails". For people who are more the hippie traveler than homeless its a matter of cultural lifestyle and pride...they do not want to ever to associated with 'homebums'.
In some cities however there seems to be no hardcore Rainbow Family types around and the people who sleep outside resemble more of 'the homeless' type. There is a misery and lack of flow among the homeless or homebum type of houseless person. Besides the fact that the traveler is usually treated with more tolerance due to the fact they do not usually take to the cities servicds and they leave the area more quickly as they are just passing through. Also America being a shallow society in alot of ways, your average traveler is a young person in thier early to late twenties who is attractive as a romantic figure in the American mindset, from the memories of the 60' back to our earlier history of Hobos riding the rails. This is something luckily that America refuses to sell out to corporate America, the dreaded and almost mythical 'New World Order' and globalization. America still has its pride intact when seeing a citizen of our United States traveling freely without much money over this large continent. Its most likely tolerated well due to the romanticism of it and also its a testament to our ownership of the land. Only we have the privelege of bumming around in our youth across all 50 states that smaller countries only wish they had that much land. So its to a Capitalist mindset that this appeals to.
Becuz I look young when I am rested I can blend in with traveling kids or look like a traveler. However within the homeless scene I am then resented especially by staff. But traveling young people have a habit of not caring about much of anything jsut yet in life as well as doing stupid things to cost them time and loss of possesions as well as a liking of pot smoking. All this is just more obstacle for an older person who is trying to get substantial work done on the road.
Believe me, its my wet dream to find a traveling group that is either more age diverse or older who is very into getting work done AND having fun on the road. They would probably then label us a threat or terrorists or as such due to being that disciplined and focused.

Also I want to put out this work on homelessness becuz in my other work there is a very great chance of being discredited or systematically ignored due to its content and the claims I am making as well as asking society to believe a story that puts many credible wealthy people into a bad light just for the sake of one lower class middle aged, childless single female. I am not naive at the odds involved but I dont mind making the bet and playing the table.
Why not at least release something that puts forth some non threatening credible information. If one book cant help people maybe the other one can.

These are very female urges and tactics. The modern world seems to understand female very little. Why are we so predatory, greedy, sneaky, selfish or even unfaithful? Its my job as a woman to stay alive at any cost and if I have to use anyone or anything I will. It's in a woman's wiring to take the most money and anything else she can get and it takes all kinds of efforts at staying moral to be human and do otherwise. Its also very typical for a female to try to get her babies to live and be born into the world at the cost of her own life as I am doing with these books. It seems to me that what I am doing is akin to taking the sons of two different males as I am not sure of conditions being friendly for thier survival so if one does not survive perhaps the other will.
This is why the constant interference by the system as well as a largely male dominated faction is firstly never going to deter me and also serves as more obsticle. Men who know my situation and as if I am not going about things in the right way or that I am being irresponsible. Such is what humanity has devolved into when we live in a society that is afraid or ignorant about a female existing in a natural primitive state, which is curious considering it is a mostly male dominated faction that seems to be behind the actions that had driven me into this state to begin with.

Nature will never allow men to dominate women into true enslavement. Women have ways of getting around these things as well as countering them. Nature is the decider of who conquers and who falls,not male brotherhoods.

Being a homeless female the things that would be beneficial to me in mainstream society have proven to work against me in the world of homelessness- being white, female and attractive and not knowing how to hide my intelligence and play to the system as helpless. That is due to the fact I dont really want to be here and I am in a situation where I can never leave homelessness, at least that what has been proven over the years.

I often think that making a seperate blog about homelessness totally devoid of anything to do with being targeted would be a better idea but then it would be a misrepresentation becuz many people get helped by system out of homelessness and are homeless just for a short time in thier lives. My experience is not the norm but it is interesting to find over time that there are other people living as homeless persons who are not drinking, drugging or seem mentally ill. Many of them are targeted not directly by definition but have seen too much of the system's corruption such as formely involved in crime, vetrans of military service and war and many others who have just seen too much of the reality behind the scenes and are either silenced or dont want to take part in society ever again.

Mainstream society is also up to something since Reagan I notice- the effort to streamline our society and make it appear that human corruption does not exist when in fact it is not realistic to think that humans can exist without corruption. This has created an air of intimidation, sort of akin to a cold war, where no one says or does anything directly but there is awareness or covert action opposed to overt action. The presense of corruption has been so streamlined that its greeted with a yawn and the idea that fighting for justice is passe. That its naive and old school to point out and become passionate about injustice. This apathy and desensitization is something that new money uses as well as the upper middle class along with snobbery, to make themselves appear as having an air of indifference or superiority when it comes to human nature and the knowledge of worldliness. They are afraid, cant handle it and are being influenced into a herd menatality that says fucking people over and disregarding people is a luxury. A taboo one and since they want to be considered as having arrived, they are going to take part in this attitude. People become what they percieve themselves to be especially if a power figure has given them that new spot on the throne. When watching the Wives of Henry the 8th one day, BBC production as I wanted real actors not method actors, one of his brides is of a lower class but once she knows she is going to be married to the King one of the side characters mentions "Shes already walking like a queen".

Because of what is basically the destruction of our country and our culture, of privacy and the expectation of a fairly good life as an American citizen, people need to compensate or feel they are striving for that today. A way of doing this is to disregard others as you feel somehow you gain more for yourself. The homeless population is a scapegoat for a country that is being obviously purposely destroyed and that is by wealthy educated persons who know better.

In my book I also want to illustrate how the homeless population is made up of many demographics and some elements within this subculture are what make homelessness miserable for everyone and why Joe Public hates on the homeless. How in the world a simple but difficult transition to a primitive nomadic state of human existence could become so damn complicated...there has to be someone monkeying with the gears somewhere. By logic, without deception and interference..and corruption it should not be THIS difficult to exist in this state of being.

My writing is often scrambled or angry and if people knew the whole story they would understand why. I do not divulge all information becuz this is not the forum for it. I would go to waste here. And I dont want my only efforts on this lifetime to communicate effectively to go to any waste that is for sure. There has to be something of value to pull out of the ruination of my face, my body, my mind and my future. There must be something of value left in the rubble.

And I suppose I must admit I am fascinated by a subculture that can exist in this day and age with such ignorance, in a time where scientists can reduce molecules as well as tag diseases down to their components or our genes that contain defects. This is human error, this is the costant wrong doing and irresponsibilty of human beings and it is something that is not in fashoin to consider or look at. Part of the streamlining of society is to give the impression that we have arrived at a near perfect existence mostly due to science if not technology. Corruption cant exist now with the fine tooth comb being put like a net out all over the world by the likes of the police, the CIA, Mossad, the NSA, the FBI and military factions. I dont believe that society cares about corruption or crime I believe they care about being overt or sloppiness- they still tolerate corruption but they wont tolerate the mess. So its an attempt to return us to say the 50's or some other out of sight out of mind type existence. But in the 50's there were undergrounds one could go to and the authorities were not in your bedroom- though your neighbor may claim you were a Commie while peering into your house via peeking through thier curtains.

Now its like an effort to brainwash the public out of concern for corruption. That one does not challenge authority..Its like one big mood stabalized wet dream where everyone shouldnt worry just take you meds and 'be happy'. If the authority figure thought it was important then God..oops I mean the overlords..I mean the authorities would not be doing what they are doing.
Its less an evolving into techno perfection as it is a return to insanity.

I have had cops who are obviously deserpate to shut me down in Boston try to suggest (after I get attacked or some other suspect trauma) that "this is normal life ya know" and they say such things out of the blue or very off the cuff, with no conversation to build up to such a statement. The aim is to tramatize either the target to be oppressed or the entire population of the American people, to the point where no one will ask any more questions and any one who does is a mentally ill conspiracy theorist who needs to take thier meds and "just be happy"..or someone who is seeking attention and just being plain 'annoying' by pointing out things that the American public are obviously generally OK long as you dont take thier stuff away.

If you really wanted to start a revolution in this country all youd have to do is take away people's technology and watch them freak out like babies seperated from thier Baba's and blankies. I dont know what the average person is experiencing due to my experience being so outragously illegal in its human and civil rights violations. Most people if they become homeless during this recession will most likely have a good experience with homelessness as the system knows that they have been good sheep and will continue to be so when they return to society after this bad patch.

I am seriously considering starting to only associate with chronically homeless people. But the people I get on with best are those who are newly homeless as I have retained by experiences as a housed person. Manyh chronically homeless annoy me as they are hustlers, drunks or have disorders that make them low functioning. Its hard to find other smart people who focus on activism. I think it may be wise for alot of us to start asking "how long you been out here?" or are you a long timer..something to that effect. Id like to see how that narrows down the demographics of exactly who is chronically homeless.

I also publish this blog as a supplement to thier info gathering that is used to define reality. So is on paper it says I am chronically homeless then you need only read here to understand why. The funny thing is that on those documents they never ask you to really explain your story...I of course only state that I had an uninhabitable apartment and my life situation became "unamanagable". If I was ever to be asked further, I would be glad to mention everyone from my old associates to crooked cops on the take, to all that crowds close association to the state Govenor at the time who would do anything, to anyone to get on the vice presidential ticket..thus the fedral busting of a money laundering ring being between his state and his running mate for President. And I will be glad to furnish details as well.

And that is just the COVER STORY! The other tale is one best left for a book that librarians or store owners can put either in non- fiction, fiction or sci fi with an inscription on the back cover "These events are based on true events and according to the readers experience in our culture can only you determine what you know to be true". Let the people decide for themseleves. (this blog is copyrighted dont steal that).


Still in CA/ missing winter snow

Allright as usual blogs I create for educational purposes turn into journals sometimes. Considering I lost a half a digit due to all this bs and don't write well with a pen anymore tapping on keyboard is the only way.

In San Diego CA its lovely weather. It has stopped raining finally. And I thought I would enjoy this. It seems my system is accustomed to darkness, ice, snow and the privacy, quiet and insulation this provides. Looking at pics of Boston in winter is helping. Focusing on the snow I actually feel is cool my body down and calm my system. Its true all the things they say about Californians in winter..its like 50 degrees and they are asking "Arent you cold?". Uh, no. I was in this wind storm trying to catch a truck ride here from outside Victorville CA. People safe in thier cars looked very perplexed at a human being weathering the elements to achieve some goal. Pathetic really, hiding in your car.
This shows me in a way why so many people go along with gang stalking. Plain and simple they are weak. Its easier...unless of course you enjoy what goes on then its like a taboo luxury, but so many people look on sheepishly. Its intolerable really.

I never realized how the weather we are born into or the environment effects us for life. In another part of CA, this nice suburb with mountains and lots of green things, I felt a bit healthier but allergic. The minute we hit a dirty, gritty big city type of place down the highway, where the highway signs have dirt on them and the concrete is worn and familiar smells of city pollution hits you...I felt perfectly normal.

As I look at pics of Boston I get these impressions that the city knows what they did, they know they helped ruin my life in a major way but I also sense eternal silence. Like its the kind of action that Boston will always know but never tell. Like a statue that represents the city who cant speak and stands silent for as long as the city stands, holding everything in place with dead quiet and that knowing but unchanging look carved into her face until she wears and crumbles.

This is maddening for me. Its the unsolvable problem for many targeted people. Its so surreal, these actions against us. It has caused an actual change in the timeline and that is ultimately what destroys our sanity. And this is the system being stubborn, hoping you're Will shall crumble and you give in to their altered timeline and form a new self becuz of it to fit into thier false reality. This is what was meant when that creepy girl in that hospital said to me "They are angry with you becuz you arent accepting your situation".

The original timeline should be held onto tightly for dear life, like your personal treasure of pure gold. IF you let the system wear you down you will be turned into a mindless drone. The greatest power they have is to keep denying the campaign exists...thus denying YOU exist.

Checking out is preferable to letting them have thier "accepting you situation". Accept this you jerks: my middle finger is raised high and its JUST for you. That is what I think of this 'offer you cant refuse' bullsh*t.

Its so mello here and sunny my body is freaking out. I mean anxiety due to no snow? Weird. And I can see how CA gets the herd mentality going alot. I think the mello attitude is sort of sedating, and you start acting part of the hive and you dont notice it..unless your from the northeast and wonder why your feeling VERY jittery.


Ontario CAL: TA truck stop/ gang stalking CA style

Becuz there is little remote influence here guess what you get? You got it- lots of in person real time gang stalking from live human beings. Good old fashioned perpdom all over again. Its like the bad old days during the Bush administration when it was like this everywhere a TI went and you couldnt get the hell away from it.

The funny thing about that is most TIs who made it through that era are now so battle ready that it has little effect. I also believe that the extreme torturous kind of remote influence is something that is no longer used as it was during Bush and the height of the war. I havent tested this theory becuz I stay out of targeting 'hot spots' like Boston or all of MA, NY and St Louis MO...places I know the remote influence is so severe each and every time I return there, that the only goal of those places seems to be to kill the Target or get them institutionalized.
There is a major truck stop in Ontario CA. First of all you will not get a ride especially south or north as most people here are going east. No one will pick up hitchers here because hitchers here tend to be hijackers and many truckers have been robbed and killed giving rides to people. Plus your dealing with new school morons and the new generation of person who once they here a story about crime they parrot it all over the place to inject drama into thier veins Jerry Springer style. If truckers had this thin skin in the old days there wouldnt be any more truckers.
I am tired of people thinking that the world has changed so much..guess what geniuses? BAD THINGS HAPPENED IN THE OLD DAYS BUT THERE WAS NO NEWS SERVICE FAST ENOUGH OR DETAILED ENOUGH IN INFO TO TELL YOUR ISOLATED SORRY ASSES ABOUT IT, ALSO NO INFO HIGHWAY(INTERNET). This is why at heart I am an elitist that thinks there should be an IQ test to use the internet. So the public gets there hands on the www and realizes how life really works and all of a sudden the world is a bad place "in the day and age we live in". WTF? All the old school truckers just take one look at me and say "Yeah but you dont look dangerous no one is worried about you". What these guys have to understand is that most people nowadays get into trucking becuz ITS NOT AS HARD AS IT WAS IN THE OLD DAYS AND DOESNT TAKE THE INTUITON, BALLS, GRIT OR KNOW HOW IT DID YEARS AGO. Old timer travelers and truckers talk about travel just like it has always been "just scope em out".
It is smart and just easier to not give someone a ride if its an area truckers are getting hijacked out of but as one trucker said "alot of it (the way people think nowadays) is just paranoia". But induced paranoia can be so powerful it can change the minds of men (and wmn) to become thier reality.

If you are a targeted individual you have little choice but to travel from place to place and stay on the run. Its actually worse than being a fugitive due to the fact that you never will get caught and placed in jail and then its finally over. The only place this system wants you is in a pine box or institutionalized where you will most llikely be tortured further. This is why so many people do not want to believe targeted individuals stories and believe thier circumstances are mental illness or delusion.
They honestly believe that in the USA or any other democracy such a thing would not happen and they would be able to spot 'bad people' ..wouldnt they? Use your info highway and look up all the atrocities that have come before as well as human experimentation. If you lived during COINTELPRO or MKUltra when these things were overtly being done you probably wouldnt have known the people involved on sight UNLESS YOU WERE INVOLVED or trained to look for such things. Just becuz its talked about in a historical context as if we can now see it clearly does not mean it was allowed to be seen when is was occuring. That would make it a pretty sh*tty covert operation.

Anyway stay away from this truck stop unless you are with someone and leaving with them or meeting someone there. The cops are cool if they find out you wandered into the area and an uninformed traveler. The TA west is strict and wont let you back on the lot once your ride leaves. TA east is a bit more open to people walking on the lot if you get stuck with no ride you cant sit in overnight. The cops are the least of your worries here and dont seem to be at all into the gang stalking. They have that way that Cali cops have where they are pleasant as long as your story is honest and dont piss them off. They dont seem to be trying to prove anything like back east..I have heard bad things about LA but I stay the f*ck out of LA as my ex is there and I want all my detractors to understand that he does exist. Also LA , with 85000 homeless seems like a baaad place to be a vagrant. The cops will stop you and check you out if you look at all scruffy or houseless, like with a backpack but like I said they are cool about it.

The problem with this area is gang stalking...lots of it. There are truckers in on it, and it will become known that there is a targeted person around looking for a ride. Be prepared to find another way out of here as you will have to deal with smirks and other run of the mill bullshit to make you feel bad about your situation. Be prepared for the place to be covered with the ability to know where you are every moment- such as if ypou do find a trucker to hang with and you look out the small window of the sleeper, you will see a greybeard look right at you and point and other hand signals acknowledging that the system knows where you are. Then when you go inside the truck stop BE PREPARED FOR SUBTLE BUT EFFECTIVE GANG STALKING TACTICS that are frighteningly effective due to being tailored to your specific situation with attention to detail and the ability to not be detected by anyone but the Target.
This is gaslighting central and is one of those places that will drive YOU nuts while anyone you are with will not see a damn thing. We are talking about down to the music played on the radio in the bathroom and the timing of its airing. People coming into the bathroom with very subtle mind games that you have to be a seasoned TI to have lived through and now know how to sut out.
Bring earphones.

This says something about this truck stop. Most other truck stops are not this perp infultrated or not as obvious and do not pay attention to such detail. its like this area is infultrated and covered so well that any TI can be targeted with harassment tailored down to the finest detail. I wonder why this is...well, its a very Asian area, So Cal and this style reminds me of Oriental subtlety. An Asian did stop and stare me down and nod in gang stalker acknowledgement in the very beginning. It could be thier mafia runs this area I dont know.
I was informed that the Hells Angels allegedly runs this stop and I was never harassed before with my driver friends going through there but as a traveler with no ride perhaps the rules change I dont know.

There is a Greyhound station just north of there at 888 South Indian Hill Blvd Claremont, CA 909-624-4564. There are no homeless shelters and the cops will not drive you somewhere safe. If you have a bit of cash there is a motel there for 50 a night.

CA is notoriously paranoid about travelers anyway. I have never been able to navigate effectively through California...perhaps if you are from here you understand how it works. Strangely I have found the cops to be the least involved in gang stalking in an overt manner while in marked cars in uniform..but this is the land of out of work actors and people who live to be seen as 'gangsta' or dont know any other mentality.

I believe if the cops are involved it is done very well here via outsourcing or like in other cities undercovers do the harassment so no badges become tarnished with direct association.
Unlike Boston or NY city, the police in many parts of the US dont wish to be feared as psychopathic thugs who are equal to thier organized crime counterparts. But Boston, being Irish or Italian Catholic, Jewish and old money WASP, is the absolute height of neurosis and funcional insanity in the USA anyway.

As far as gang stalking goes I have yet to experience So Cal style. I was in Freemont during the beginning campaign when most gang stalking is very overt on a TI due to the fact that he person doesnt understand what is happening- that was in Freemont CA and it sucked believe me. A shelter and its residents were involved as well as the local church across the street that gave out food. This is where there was directed conversation about "the victim witness thing" and them not wanting to harbor me due to someone blaming them for helping me (still cant figure that out). This is also where that old man giving out food at the church across the street sat down with me for an interview to get food and instead used it to arrogantly f*ck with me, saying things like " Sooo, Rachel what are you doing in Freemont? Running from the FBI?" It was so great the next day when a white limo pulled into the church lot and then left after someone visited them, and upon our next meeting the same old man looked like he was pissing himself in adult diapers out of fear. Either I do indeed "have friends" as one bitch working at WOMENS LUNCH PLACE hissed in my face, or he was blowing the operation by being too overt and thus tipping off the TI, thus breaking the brainwashing 'spell'. I have seen people end up dead under mysterious and very fishy circumstances, for simply saying something that wakes the TI up our of the brainwash- something that is too close of a clue that allows the Target to see fully into the whole operation. DEAD like within days.

So anyway there you have it. Youll get messed with and you wont get a damn ride. So stay out of Ontario CAL USA if you are trying to get a ride.


Phoenix AZ - from TI perspective

I got slammed unbelievably here years ago and arrived here to live due to it being the hottest and driest place on the map and I wanted to quickly improve my health due to mycotoxicosis( a condition from heavy exposure to mold). The damage had gone as far as me walking with an unsteady gait and damage to my lungs, rhinitus. Many different molds do different kinds of damage. Even when I arrived in AZ I was still experiencing symptoms like I tried to unpack my clothes in the new place and found my arms were heavy to lift. After much research I knew that this was a sign of the neuro damage.

I did not know it was called gang stalking. I wud discover it while living here while googling "police harassment" due to the campaign in Boston MA. I would also read two more newspaper articles and see that the bust that the federal investigation revolved around, a friend of a friend, had involved Phoenix as the city where either drugs ran through or drug money was laundered through. I also then realized why Scott Ashmanski kept saying "Phoenix is a good place to go." I mean maybe he didnt know it was connected but I think its possible.

When I got here people were just avoiding me like the plague when I would put an ad in to rent a room. I tested out that theory by putting an ad out under a fake name and the results were much different then when people found out who I was, it all changed. This was one of the worst places I was gang stalked definetley. This is also where some gaslighting occured. They pulled some things here that I had not known they were capable of before.

The general character of Phoenix is that it is a crime city. The military as you should know is heavy in this area , AZ and NM, San Diego CA. Its also a major drug route through AZ, as it was mentioned to me with a wink once concerning Tucson AZ, as I asked why I wondered, was I not allowed to stand in one place for more than 5 min in Tucson AZ.
Mexican gangs are prominent here. Just yesterday on the news the story was that another drug smuggling tunnel had been built and the cops found it due to thier being a pothole in the road.
In order to do business and get business taken care of, especially with such screw ups, I imagine that gang stalking is good profit in itself and also a good way to get 'Out of Jail Free Card's as well as favors and continued co operation from any official authority.

It's also a prison state I am told which means that the prison guard unions are strong and this is how they make thier money- by building prisons. The Sheriff is a guy from Boston MA I believe and only a guy from Boston could come up with something so puritanical as pink pajamas to immasculate the inmates.
However, I must say that I do not recall a police presence, overtly anyway ever being part of my harassment here.

And my theory as I travel and return to specific locations is proving reliable: Gang stalking tactics stay basically the same in each city, town or region as they are specific to that area.

The perps are doing the same things they did last time I was here and it doesnt work now as I have gear, experience and a knowledge of their tactics from living here before.

The tactics thata I experienced in 2007 in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa,AZ as follows:
-mostly if not all civilians and perhaps very few overt military personell.
-Cars are used most frequently
-brightening is used frequently (cars parking in obviously inappropriate locations and shining thier lights on the target or in the targets eyes.
-cars utilize the following tactics: u turns, parking and watching(day) or brighting(night), stopping or slowing down or pulling in near the target on the sidewalk where TI is walking then as the TI notes the car and the driver watching the driver then pulls away. This is frequent and there is no other logical purpose for the cars to be doing this repeatedly. Lots of hand signals are used. The southwest style often consists of multiple perp drive bys at bustops and such, like a parade of perps. Being a female this may be easily written off as men being stupid but the hand signals say other wise.
-many of the motel staff seemed to know but did nothing directly overt. MESSING WITH THE PHONE IN THE ROOMS IS FREQUENT HERE-either harassing calls or the phone not working properly.
- what I have dubbed as 'check point charlie': this is when cars are parked on the side of the road in various places spaced apart to form a line of cars watching the TI. This was used specifically here in the past as I had a bike I rode 20 miles a day as it is flat here and I wanted to try to get healthy from mold sickness. I guess on a bike the usual tactics effects are lost as the TI is not as stationary as walking- also speeding on a bike a TI would note cars lined on the side of the road, kind of akin to those old cartoon books where you flip the pages quickly and it looks like a movie is running. I actually confronted one of the cars years ago as I was less attuned to ignoring it then and the perp was not surprised like a normal person would be by such interactions- he just looked VERY very arrogant and better than and rolled up his window on me.
-people will say things to you on passing. Years ago it was very overt like "Loser" upon leaving the library. Or saying your name to let you know they know you as they pass.
-employees of Bank of America were in on it, one of the tellers as I recall.
-neighborhood watch organizations
-people in this Asian cyber Cafe near the college, I forget the name. Constant hacking as well.
- THE most outrageous interference with tech I have seen to date. Cable system going crazy only when the owner/roomate is not home, heating going out conveniently on Xmas day etc.
-a weapon that is most likely tech that will make your stomach feel nausua and pain but its obviously induced as it comes on out of nowhere and if you fight it it goes away..a car outside is present during this and it goes away when that car leaves. This weapon is documented to exist.
-BUS DRIVERS WERE THE ABSOLUTE WORST HERE (and in St Louis MO). They would do anything they pleased as I recall and they were always men, older men. They would close doors right on me and I wud get stuck in the door- they would sit there smirking.
-Harassment and theatre on busses is rampant and pumping the TI for info is usually the purpose. The perps on buses here are never alone and you can see they have 'back up' silently present.

This is also majore LDS country ( Mormons). There are many self proclaimed survivors of LDS RA here and many claim to be targeted. To be fair a few LDS girls warned me not to try to move in to rooms I wanted to rent as I would be kicked out for not complying to LDS standards. They were trying to tell me I think that it would be ensured via harassment that I would not be able to comply.

The perp guy I rented a room from boasted that LDS girls were watched."oh they are watched to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to". He just thought this domination and literal control of women was just so great. Obviouisly he thought non LDS girls should be watched as well.

*Border Patrol in the south west will often be into the harassment but it could be that they check out everyone with a back pack. They are easiest to ignore as you know damn well your not an illegal from Mexico so thats not a concern.
- Security guards at malls or stores and thier parking lots were overt here as I recall. Do your best.
-clerks in stores will say you stole items
-employees in stores like Starbucks etc will be in knowledge of you as a TI. Try to ignore it and dont feed into it. ( this mostly happened in Tempe.)
-CAB DRIVERS are a major part of this here. They lead theatres once they get the TI in the vehicle- in other words you may have a theatre going on with outside perps while in the cab with this guy, like at a drive through.. They reveal themselves by talking about things related to your situation. They go further than other cabbies in other cities by actually torturing a TI with what seems like information they should not readily have access to.
One driver brought me to his house and let me sleep there. He made sure he said to his wife to make sure their young son was kept away from me. I noted when he played with his pet dog that he was very controlling. This was one of my first experiences of seeing the nature of the perps- watching them instead of butting heads or being watched by them. He then gave me a speech about me getting my life together and working and you could tell he either really believed the cover story or it was his job to keep that front up.
-people making helpful suggestions should ALWAYS be ignored by a TI unless you know the person or they are a fellow traveler/hobo type, most of whom understand you are trying to stay 'underground'and respect that. Helpful strangers are directing you to more harassment potentially: EX- "oh I know of a place you can stay. Here is a good place to rent rooms". Just walk away and say thanks and dont listen.
-Individuals trying to engage with you, mostly men if female TI. Its like a badge of honor or a gang initiation just for them to speak to you. You can tell becuz once they dont get attention they will look very f*cked up from being rejected but its not natural in proportion to the situation- the kid looks like you just threw and engagement ring in his face or something. HE SUPPOSEDLY DOESNT EVEN KNOW YOU.
-This is a place where it was attempted to recruit me as the perps saw me as confused and vulnerable. Play along and get rid of them asap or get away from them just as quickly.
-DIRECTED CONVERSATION was very big here but that was big everywhere years ago in the campaign. Buses were very big for this. Bus riders in this city tend to be nosy and look at you, alot.
-The Mexican men here are really nosy for some reason opposed to other heavily Mex areas and if you have a pulse and dark hair but look good at all expect to have your eyes directly stared into multiple times and attention from passers by in trucks or cars. It makes the gang stalking more confused with random male idiocy here.

-Now for the part no one believes about our situations: The tech here, or chemical pollution or both is heavy and unbeatable just like other parts of the southwest or other tech 'hotspots' like Boston MA. You may have to leave after only a short time if you dont want to feel like your mind is melting away.
-Dreams are influenced and there is no way to wake up out of it or stop it. If you try to wake up out of the dream strangely the dream keeps going and you will often feel that familiar 'paralyzed' feeling like you cant move your body as you would like or at all.
-This location was the worst ever for the "go here go there do this do that" part of the mental interference. Watch out for decision making in this area as you might not be making the best choices especially about how to spend your money. This was an especially popular place for people trying to waste away your finances.
(As I mentioned this is a major prison state and as some TIs recall there was a popular vid circulating made by a TI in the 90's when the system was more careless about the info that got media feed: A warden of a prison is sitting giving an interview and talking about new technology that will be so great for prisons as they will "tell the prisoner to go here and go there" or be able to influence their emotional states. This may explain why this is so prevelant here, I dont know).

Thats it, PHOENIX AZ . That is all I recall from the last administration as well as now. They have the same basic harassment and stalking set up they did years ago. I just think I am not a popular target anymore. You will see alot of people wondering how you are still alive and you will also see a few people looking terribly guilty that you are targeted. They will, however, keep thier heads usual.

Make sure you totally ignore them as they do not matter, they do not exist and they are either scum bags and totally ignorant or they are jealous or way stupider than you and the only way they can feel superior is to have ganged up on you and be part of the feeding frenzy during the last administration. Most of all wish them all the blackness in your heart. They are peasants. You are royalty. They would not have lasted a year through this and this is why they cooperate with the system. F*ck them. They would have taken their lives in the first stages not even knowing it was gang stalking or they would have turned perp.

However the up side is that the perps in cars here will shy away from a hand cam. I did not have this before and the difference is astounding. Also being seen talking on a phone to another human being seems a deterrent as well.
-Recently I experienced an actual lifting of whatever the mental side of the targeting is every time I got on a phone and had a conversation with male friends. Being a loner here is deadly.

Phoenix AZ

Phoenix AZ has NO 211 ACCESS. In case u dont know pressing 211 from any cell phone usually gets you a wonderful United Way service in many states where they are on the whole pleasant, helpful and have a comprehensive list of homeless shelters.

Since AZ has no 211 service I was given a local number: 602-263-8900 by a local shelter.

When I called this number I was greeted roughly and coldly. Firstly asked if I was calling due to being abused or homeless. Then "what is your name" gave a real first and fake last. Then "whats you social?" F*ckin outrageous. These people are not even IDENTIFYING THEMSELVES AND THIER COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION and the shelter who refered me gave me no such info.

This is one of the biggest problems with the homeless system in the USA. It violates all kinds of laws and common decency given to everyone else automatically becuz the non profit con artists and white collar criminals know that the homeless and abused are a marginalized society of vulnerable people. And this is NOT just becuz I am a targeted individual this is for everyone who ends up in this position.

I then stopped her and nicely said that I am just looking for a shelter that has beds for women with no children. Response was "Do you have a problem with children?" It was a power play if I ever heard one. It was also the typical intimidate with shame, guilt and whatever else to control the homeless. However she went just a bit to far too fast. Not slick enough dear.

I said" No its just that alot of places dont want to deal with a woman with no kids its hard to find a shelter". Since I made the homeless shelter business sound deficient she stopped the bitch act. She said "oh well yes we do have those". Then I asked if this hotline operated out of a private shelter or if they were state run. She then said she provided shelter info. Then I asked more specifically who they are funded by: "are you state run or city run or private?" . She replied: "We just run". Then after denying to IDENTIFY HERSELF, HER COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION SHE THEN ASKED IF I HAD A PROBLEM GIVING OUT CERTAIN INFORMATION.

I hung up.

Unless you are going to be entering that particular shelter as far as I am concerned a stranger on the phone has no right to your social security number, especially as they have not identified themselves or who they work for.

My grandparents handed down some of the US Marines ways of doing things and for years I was taught to get names of who you spoke to and when at at what number. NOWADAYS, its considered bad for m for in the civilian world for anyone to ask any questions of someone on the other end of a phone who wishes to remain faceless. Wether in a corporation or other things we deal with daily in our business as Americans, the phone customer service person has a power trip going on as they hold power by not being identifiable. Some companies will have the operator or customer service rep give you a ID number or at least a case #. This is a compromise at least and the company is showing willfulness to take responsibility for its actions and that or its employees.

In the land of homeless, no one takes responsibility for their actions as the homeless are vilified from the start of the interaction. Yet, legally or even logically this is absurd as no premise has been set to determine exactly who you are talking to.( like you could be talking to an activist with a blog and a brain for instance- like now.)

Outrageous. The capitalist society we live in and the image and ethic of hard work is USED AGAINST THE HOMELESS PERSON so that those making a killing off of non profits can continue to bamboozal not only the public but the clients themselves.

Cult mind control or 'brainwashing' tactics are commonly used within the homeless culture. No one sees as this is a marginalized population and a subculture. It is probably most similar to jail though thats a guess for me. BUT becuz we live in a democracy (still anyway on paper) and you HAVE NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF ANY CRIME they HAVE TO USE CULT MIND CONTROL TACTICS OF INTIMIDATION in order to get you down or keep you down so you can be processed through the system and handled.

This is the exact reason homeless people with any Willpower or brains risk everything and sleep outside.

There is a shelter listed on there for Central AZ shelter services and they sounded nice and somewhat sane.

I dont treat these places like hotels but I cant do a stupid act becuz I just dont have the energy. And if I do that the other homeless people will know I am full of shit and target me without it being about the stalking or harassment system anyway.

I never did get the game down of how to play in shelters. Usually people hate me after a few days out of jealousy or I get targeted due to the gang stalking campaign- and believe me I can tell the difference.

I was TARGETED from GANG STALKING at the Rescue Mission in El Paso TX.
I was messed with by a jealous racist b*tch at St Patrick's in Somerville MA.
How do I know the difference?
-Staff is usually in on the gang stalking campaigns. Going to them is useless, but in the other situation they help to resolve infighting.
-lots of the smear campaign swirls around you if you are being harassed as a TI withing gang stalking. If its just regular BS it will be a specific person and incident as well as about other things like cattiness of women, racism, etc.
-Staff who know you are targeted but feel bad about it will often give you some kinds of indication that you are in for some kind of set up before it happens. There would be no such foreknowledge in a situation that was truly random.
-There are creepy people who seem to be amused by you or what state you are in and play with this or toy with you in the very beginning if its gang stalking. Often its like a private joke shared with staff or other homeless residents but the joke is YOU the TI. This again says to anyone logical that they know who you are before you know who they are. In a situation that is truly random, things unfold as people interact wtih you.

The southwestern USA is a hard system to be homeless in as it is run by religious organizations alot of the time and you are expected to have this suffering attitude. Its not like in NY or Boston where homelessness if part of life and no one really cares why you are or if you are- 'homeless'. Its almost like a moral judgement here. And they are very threatened by anyone with intelligence or a Will about them as here you are supposed to be handled by the system as you are helpless. In cities back east that would get you robbed or beat up in a shelter.

I refuse to play victim becuz the system wants it that way. I am constantly fighting to survive and I cannot stop becuz the homeless sytem here wishes to shepard me like Jesus. Everyone homeless fully appreciates what people give, provide and do for the homeless but the system is corrupt and some of us are never going to be able to not be homeless or if we can its difficult for us due to our circumstances.

And most people who volunteer or donate have no idea how the staff treat the population while they are not around. It is thier job basically to beat down the population and handle them through the system. Yes , many people may need jail like conditions but the ones who dont by LOGIC WOULD BE LEFT ALONE TO GO ABOUT THIER BUSINESS. SO why then are independent minded smart people who come into the shelter beaten down harder than other homeless people, if by thier actions they are showing they need LESS supervision?

Take a wild guess.

Also if you are targeted and they even smell you are a whistle blower who is targeted then they have to be afraid of you spotting anything wrong with THIER system which you now have full access to investigate.

THAT is how it works.

Just wanted to warn you about AZ.