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Food and Water Quality In Cambridge, MA and HS Homeless Shelter Dangerous To Everyone-Specifically The Homeless

(Adding comment 12/5/2014-
This was written right out of the hospital next day after being treated for chest pain and labored breathing. Turned out to be stomach related. The condition described below did in fact clear up after a hospital visit.

It was irresponsible of me, perhaps in my state of illness, to not consider that no matter what Ive experienced at the HSHS from people who havent had the best intentions there are always people how are there because they genuinely want to help the homeless and work with this population. Also, its been improving since the years of Bush. This year has been especially bright, with no real troublemakers for guests and staff seeming genuine. Ive sensed some ill will at times but nothing compared to what it was years ago and its not overt anymore. I dont think they would dare.

The water creating such an effect could be from many different sources. It could be anything from old, bad pipes to what I mentioned about water and food in Cambridge seeming to create a controlling if not psychedelic effect on citizens generally (as compared to what I feel is a normal state coming off the road from traveling) and that includes stuff from stores and restaurants. It could be something just in the water or even rain water. Then again with my experiences which I mentioned the homeless being drugged through foods, its natural for me to be distrustful especially due to the fact that in my case being rooted in MK Ultra, its Harvard Im dealing with and that is scary even though I dont think about it.

Harvard is a place where you can sense the good at work alongside the extreme corruption and abuse of power. Thats why its special.

I know what I experienced. But its normal in the life of a TI. Especially someone who's health is delicate now due to mishaps being on the run from this system causing permanent damage.

However I am still a homeless woman who's home base is Harvard Sq Cambridge. For how long I dont know considering the gentrification. I and others still need the HSHS to exist and for people to volunteer. I learned a valuable lesson about the power of my words.
Speaking only from fear and anger has effects one doesnt consider in those states.

I learned this in ME this summer-the value of women's daytime drop in centers. ME has a huge domestic abuse problem and hardly any safe houses like we have in MA. I learned the outside environment to a targeted person cab be abusive, with no privacy at all. I realized that being inside one of these is safer and provides all female companionship even if they have other issues.Like being in on gang stalking which most are nowadays. )

When drinking the water at the Harvard Square Homeless shelter I notice afterwards I experience a slight hallucinatory state..something akin to an altering of the mind and it seems to accumulate over time causing a degeneration in the mental state. Also  jerking of the limbs when laying down or sleeping, including uncontrollable surprise jerks of the head/neck even the entire body.

It seems like the water from Cambridge generally gives this reaction but last night after getting out of the ER in a Boston area hospital (inside a healthy maintained environment for hours, food, air, juice and water all hospital quality) i noticed my degenerating health and mental state improve. I could once again reason and felt solid in my faculties even my body.
The strange effect gotten from Cambridge includes a bizarre experience where i feel as if I am being pushed around by celestial 'winds' and al ot of this originates from the mind yet it effects the body by forcing uncontrollable movements. It also feels like one's thoughts are being swirled around by internal winds. One cant keep a thought or focus or stay with one thought or decision.

I would dare to say that it feels as if one is effected by electromagnetic fields with no control. Yet theres definitely a delivery of some chemical influence into the body to make this possible.

The jerking of my limbs and even my head in the past ive experienced this and it was theorized to be either rat poison (in my apartment in Brighton early 2000's) or a side effect of anti psychotics which i experienced being put into homeless shelter food in a small city in CT circa 2008.

Drugging the free hand out food to the Homeless isnt uncommon. (Nothing is free right?)
A woman's daytime drop in in San Diego seems to drug the homeless women with some substance that makes one uncontrollably sleepy and sluggish after lunch probably to keep them off the streets of the privately owned Gas Lamp district during peak daytime hours.

Drugging people to keep them asleep is way less dangerous than long term damaging psyche meds or poisons probably to continue the degeneration of a certain population's mental and physical state. Smart talented homeless people are drawn to Harvard University area but usually in a mind controlled or already degenerated state.

Ive experienced Cambridge especially Harvard area putting out what seemed like varying forms of bio or chemical warfare into the environment since last year.

DONT DRINK THE WATER OR LEMONADE PUT OUT TO DRINK AT HARVARD SQUARE HOMELESS SHELTER. If necessary drink tap water from the bathrooms but preferably bottled spring water is best choice.

All the food and water around Cambridge seems to be dosed somehow even the food YUPpies and students eat.
Generally its to calm the population and make them controllable or passive. I EXPERIENCE THIS EVERY TIME I COME INTO THE AREA FROM TRAVELING THE USA. I notice distinctly the effect from foods in Cambridge
MA and slowly over time it effects me.
Take into consideration that i usually only stay in the area for a few months, anywhere from 3-5 every summer.

I have never stayed in this area this long. Ive been here since October 2013. Also my first winter outside in this area.

The food and water I mentioned being for the homeless specifically isnt to implement control-its purpose clearly is to kill, degenerate, destroy and discredit anyone who requires it from those in power.

And u just voted in a governor whos father worked for Reagan and Nixon.

When is MA going to emerge from its little bubble and realize the 21st century's beginnings in the midst of a right under our noses militarized police state CONSISTS OF BLACK OPS TYPE COVERT WAR?

Theres always been elements of it. Nixon flew in pot to 'keep the students quiet' (one of my family members knew a pilot somehow supposedly).

There used to be a little less greed and a bit more decency or humanity.
All bets are off now and realize we exist in a reality where these bastards have no humanity for anyone's but their own agenda.

The monsters of the MIC have been spoiled by endless wars and the Patriot Act etc has allowed all different varieties of monsters to do or get away with whatever they like.

Joseph Mengala'a photo makes him seem a likable, amiable guy compared to who we are dealing with today.

War crimes are now well hidden, secretly pulls off and undetectable to the average untrained or inexperienced eye.

Cambridge is totally capable of this and the technologies and scientific ability exists.


Anti Homeless Laws Are Anti Targeted Individual Laws

The divide between the public sympathizing with or understanding the Homeless  and the homeless ourselves is the largest I can recall in my lifetime.

The homeless went from being a major cause along with the environment in the 90s to being villified by Bush and now what Americans consider a bad economy.

The sad thing is that targeted individuals who live as homeless people are society's key to understanding why the country has gone downhill and why things have become so oppressive, so difficult. TIs experience the full dose of this system whereas the public are allowed some rewards under the system in place using mass mind control on everyone, due to thier ignorance or compliance.

Thus the public now dont understand what is going on with homelessness and the way its being done to get rid of us or make us go inside (impossible for a TI) is through covert warfare which the public doesnt see or the system uses the Cause-A-Problem/Solve-A-Problem tactic to create conditions so ridiculous that the public just want to see the area cleaned up.

Notice that as the country has become more dependent on war crime activity and anti humanitarian ways of making money that people who represent oppression or know too much about anti humanitarianism at home are being shunned. The public knows that America has become an ogre, that we are doing so under the guise of human rights while committing international war crimes or creating legal ways to do so and they dont want to know.

During Obama its become more anti homeless than under any other president in my lifetime.Much of this is being done by authorities in different cities and states which makes it look separate but authorities in different locations communicate with each other regularly and work together considering terrorism and globalism. Obama appears to be for the poor by keeping people focused on his funding that specializes in minorities and African initiatives and creating housing which does not focus on the management of homelessness or even dealing with the oppression of people who are homeless for various reasons. Which of course denies the Homeless a voice once again and especially keeps it from being revealed that many people who are homeless are targeted and we are homeless because we are kept that way by a shadow system that exists and that thier wealthy, freedom loving, humanitarian country could not exist without it.

It seems to me that cops vary on what they know. Some are in on this system and some aren't. That's from dealing with street cops as a homeless person but also in instances where obviously a marked police car and an officer in uniform was performing gang stalking harassment. Who knows what exists in the higher ranks of the authorities. I  know I had a crappy experience calling the FBI  twice during this entire campaign. In fact, the police seem more responsible than the FBI did. The FBI seemed like they were fully in on gang stalking, knew about it and thier first response was to deny it (in very manipulative ways). It was more disturbing than dealing with any police every could have been.

Its scary how corrupt this country is now because unlike years prior, people deny that that is the case, which is the scary part.

So police often seem like they are enforcing laws that they know are anti homeless in the interest of a business association or to get rid of people who dont have money or scare away tourists but its questionable as to how much they know generally about Targeted Individuals being a good part of the population of homeless people.

The country is really trying to clean up the homeless scene so that no activists or victim-witnesses can have a subculture to exist in to go against the system or eventually gain justice for themselves.

The total lack of club houses or homeless hostels or some programs that would allow higher functioning people to get away from the other demographics is very suspect. We all know that the system depends on the other demographics to help oppress higher functioning people in the oppressor's  interests.

Mental Disorders In Homeless Populations Are Used To Explain Away Why People Are Homeless

The Prevalence of Mental Disorders among the Homeless in Western Countries: Systematic Review and Meta-Regression Analysis

Its assumed that the demographics of homeless people are as follows: addicts, drunks, severely mentally ill (low funtioning), broad spectrum disorders (high to med funtioning) and homeless by choice. People dont know about homeless lifestyles generally Ive noticed.
Some homeless travel (crusties/travelers) others stay only in shelters (shelter rats) and others sleep outside in one city or town they call home (homebums). Its always amazing to me when some people ask why I dont stay in a shelter.

Its not the public's fault that homelessness is never explained to them as a system and they are enlightened as to how it works.
The same thing goes for vices like drugs prostitution etc. Every interested party wants to make sure that the public dont understand how these things work and that is due of course to legitimate business and professionals all engaging in or benefiting from these worlds so authorities keep them hidden, disinform the public and keep a tight guard on these populations.

Being victimized in the US on the level of some bribery happy third world country only takes keeping the realities of these crimes away from the public.

This country doesnt even think to wonder whether someone is a targeted whistle blower or activist. Most people in democracies have a hard time accepting this as part of what brings them a good life in the country they live in which is why gang stalking has to be done covertly partially due to the money that is made from black budgets but also if people knew there would be public outcry and things would have to change. Also keeping the west a consumer culture requires keeping people in a state of dependency on consumerism and selfishness and greed must be cultivated and maintained.

So ultimately, people will react to a threat to thier quality of life they depend on by writing off homeless people as either crazy or willfully not taking part in the system.


Homelessness In USA Now More Difficult Situation Than Ever-What Are TIs Options?

This blog never did become what I intended. I just never had the time traveling constantly and being targeted-frazzled and forgetful. I really wanted to make it clear and in organized detail just what a TIs of each demographic might expect in different cities. They simply make it impossible to accomplish all aspects of what a TI would want to tell thier fellow Targets about the total experience of being targeted. Whats happening now in the states is basically every major city is using black op groups and psy ops 'dirty tricks' to get rid of thier homeless populations so there is no public outcry. Even going as far as somehow setting things up so that the public outright hates the local homeless population and sees anyone with a backpack as potentially crazy, evil or strange. The insular, false environment created by the NWO is now coming into completion. Anyone who knows too much about what has gone on since 2001, post 9-11 and the Bush war years to create the NWO is left out of this false reality thats been created. We are either deemed crazy or killed off. I dont know who is luckier..the dead or the walking dead-society's ghosts. The people I now see in cities have lost all memory of ever having had a problem with the policies of the Bush administration even though Obama has created more spying, killing off or targeting of dissidents and whistleblowers and horrible new things like drone strikes to destroy enemies we dont have direct knowledge of existing or not in areas where civilians regularly get killed instead. The effect is complete. The public are fully under control and living in a military dictatorship without thier knowledge. To whomever knows really whats going on this world is very frightening. For those of us who have seen too much through former adminstrations- leading up to Bush like Clinton or Reagan, all the warning signs and red flags- then having experienced the full horror of what the elite are now capable of living in a 21st century world whilst fooling the public of the western world into believing its still the 20th century. For us, life holds little hope other than knowing we are now part of an elite core of people who have superior knowledge about the world around us. America during Bush at least allowed full mobility, freedom of movement and an alternative scene in which to conduct activism from. This current administration has slowly destroyed any and all freedoms of activists like myself, people who are kept impovershed and down by the system that pervades this entire nation. America no longer offers a home to someone like myself. The plan seems to be to, by harassment and continued dirty tricks and sneaky tactics to 'encourage' the houseless in cities to get housed. And they know damn well that Targeted Individuals cannot get housed. Thus Targeted Survivors of programming and other mind control projects, Ritual Abuse etc as well as Targeted Individuals and activists of all kinds are being basically killed off by these actions..or leave the country to find someplace outside the civilized western world it seems. What else is there?


New York abandons plan to clear subways of sleeping homeless people/homelessness as part of being Targeted Individual

The comments are horrible. They NEVER consult homeless people themselves or rather us, about the issues.
There isn't even any mention or indication that society even understands or suspects that many people who live as The Homeless are dealing with abuse of power from official and unofficial forces.

Unethical human experimentation that's of course hidden due to be under classified and can be denied using 'reasons of nation security' as a block. Ritual abuse victims basically the slaves and playthings of the elite and military and intelligence services. Especially the pervert networks. Many of us were utilized, exploited or victimized as children and instead of killing us off they simply cause mental illness or make it appear so, discrediting any memories or victim witness testimonies we may come up with.
Still others are inconvenient people such as whistleblowers or abused spouses, family members-anyone who simply knows too much.

The citizens of this country don't seem to understand the complex and Machiavellian dynamics, moves, activities and structures that actually make a country run specifically looking at an empire like the United States.

Look at how many vets are coming home from their glorified, romanticized war recently and simply going homeless in rural areas. Its what they've experienced in Iraq and elsewhere in modern warfare and those conflicts.
Note how high the suicide rate is among today's military vets. Its becuz they are victim witnesses to US war crimes. Not only do they silence possible subversives its also cost effective due to not having to pay for this war's veterans for a lifetime of medical care.
Trust me when I tell you that this is the norm in the NWOs way of doing business.

Big business have a documented history of being bastards in order to succeed. The thing is nowadays people have the ability to know about it directly due to the internet. Instead of using that to better society people now choose to believe that big business is goodly and righteous without flaws that really matter.

People have chosen to side with big business to survive. Its that simple.

Just looking at 'homeless people' a person should be able to plainly see that this population are all victimized by something that's taken our power away. Most of these people who have sob stories about not being able to work are covering up for much worse issues than economic inopportunity. But how can people tell the truth when society is so loyal to the elite and the bad guys that they are seriously suggesting a possible solution be to forcibly diagnose and treat mental illness with shots of medication and forcibly sober up the remaining population? Already they have decided that 'the homeless' are all mentally ill and drug/alcohol addicts. What about all the sex offenders who have no where to go? What are you going to do with them?

The public don't even know the demographics of the homeless population and the industry people as well as social services who are privvy to so many hidden abuses based in covert activity are not going to tell them.

Its very suspect, being a TI and knowing what I do about just how someone might become forced into the 'homeless' lifestyle, that homeless numbers are rising along with this new covert warfare and zero tolerance that's spreading to every western nation around the world.

In the context of the NWO it seems as if ANYONE who has no use, no value, is rebellious, won't play the game or knows anything about what's really going on IS BEING TARGETED FOR DELETION.

Think like the system does. You are being cost effective for the present and future as well as starting with the most obviously useless people to begin the world wide depopulation.

People don't even see this for what it is.

Also living outside literally and outside the systems structure indicates you have the ability to survive are creative, inventive, cunning even talented at deception. You might posess ancient DNA of nomads, travelers or people who were more matriarchal, tribal or even militant than the average citizen who seems to function in the modern world especially the newly psycho managed modern world where its monitored as well as controlled.

This means possibly that homeless people if not aware they are targeted for specific reasons are human beings whos  DNA naturally rejects the falsehoods and restrictions of the NWO as well as senses these conditions are ultimately unhealthy for humanity.

In Japan the Samurai who no longer had wars to fight or became nomadic without any place for them in society were homeless travelers and often mistrusted, cheated and hated by the farmer types in settled communities they would come across.

Its true that many homeless people are just severely mentally ill or screw ups who insist on not bettering themselves. However many people are kept down by a heavy handed authority that is absolute in our world and there's no escape from it.

Instead of admitting theres oppression and evil in the world they choose to make up ridiculous versions of reality to compensate.

Especially countries like the UK and its colonial offshoots.
Ive read that the worst countries for this are UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

I know I've been getting guided to leave the US becuz something is going to happen soon that will make life especially hard for homeless people.

Whatever they have planned I don't want to be here for it.