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Attempted Brainwashing To Go To Undesirable Cities-A Bit About California, NYC, Las Vegas NV, Portland OR

(Please remember PC has no place on the battlefield. It will be used against you as a weak spot for infiltration or control. Also you MUST assess your own personal demographic info so as to predict what you will encounter that differs for other TIs. Class, race, gender, age, style etc must be looked at to predict your experiences that may differ from mine.) Im telling random people im going to leave Austin. So the word seems to be getting to the perps a tad of pressure seems off and the area is happy Im leaving. I have been hit daily with ideations that i should go to -Las Vegas -NYC -California. Sometimes with these come flashing visions of these places and the specific idea almost in words it seems but without my hearing anything as would be audible,the reasons i 'belong' in these places. I fit in better in California supposedly. The way I dress etc which seems to be very hated here even though this place thinks they are hippies or like Cali. I belong in a place like New York supposedly. I fit in better there. According to this wisdom given theres other activists like me there. Theres people doing activism like mine. I would 'fit in' better in a place like this. Im given the idea there are collectives like intentional communities or squats where I would do better than an alternative lifestyle in a place like Austin. Im also sometimes told, in a derogatory way, that I belong among African Americans. Due to its what I am used to, what i grew up with. Sometimes I given the impression that I'm 'like' African Americans. That I'm not really Euro-American (white). That I don't belong in a white world. Before it became derogatory with that recent content, the idea was very clear that I could go there and work in the restaurant business. That there are Italians there and I 'belong' among my own kind sort of idea. That they would take care of me and I'd be tolerated due to that city being one of the only places left that retains its strong concentration of Italian influence and power. Las Vegas was pushed heavily for a time but it hasn't been part of the brain washing content lately. That consisted of my being perceived as trustworthy with money thus I could go there and get a job in a business dealing with their money. It was also pushed as being cheap to live there. To a lesser extent, the northwest where I was last year was a strong suggestion. (And this is ALL attempted hypnotic suggestion, be completely aware) It was marketed to me that places like Portland could need my help alot more than more established areas. I know the homeless scenes there are ridiculously bad as far as over tolerance, enabling and refusal of the city to put forth any real structure. The women are city-hicks (hick town turned big city) that drink and dont have any instinct for their safety or banning together with other women for safety in numbers. Rapes even death by beating is common there. Their tent city R2D2 run by a black Muslim who perhaps well meaning, is never there to oversee his project. A handicapped woman fell on my stomach after I had that abortion there. I will always recall that place with hatred for its negligence, white trash sloppiness and ridiculous favoritism and corruption. This is the place I overheard a man volunteering there ask another "Hey, are we doing any favors for her?" The guy answered "I WISH. F*ckin goldmine". Uh, whats worse than not knowing if favors are actual favors or if 'favors' refer to harassment and trickery, is being reminded Im in that situation to begin with. So the underdeveloped, still pioneering northwest could use the expertise of a city girl from back east. All of these suggestions are to get me to leave Austin. The only way to be able to stay in Austin is being pushed into becoming a Christian. That's what I'm being sucked into now. Which I must reject becuz its dishonest. One shouldnt sign contracts under duress or intimidation-or choose religious belief systems. The realities of those places being pushed daily as places to live or next destinations are as follows: Las Vegas- Atomic fallout from testing over many decades, too close to Fukishima fallout on west coast, horrible air quality as I find myself unable to breath well despite the arid climate due to pollution. Sort of ok homeless scene but too many speed/crack freaks-not the southern kind that mind their business, the Cali type that actually disturb your squat while you are sleeping there and begin talking, won't shut up and smoke more speedy shit as if they own the place. (This is what tasers or stun guns are for. Just like stray dogs, just the sound sends them on their way. In Cali anyway) SOME OF THE WORST MOST ARROGANT MALE HARASSMENT I'VE EVER RECEIVED OVER THESE YEARS perpetrated by Mafia looking guys. I absolutely avoid Italian areas now. They hate me, still dont know quite why my own people hate me. I do sometimes get favored there but its just creepy there. Those cameras looking down from the ceilings of those casinos have entities of pure blackened evil watching and thats not a sensation I want to live with anymore. Ive been given crap in NV before and not Vegas. Its not appreciated. Lastly and most of all: the House Slaves. The Mexicans there though I agree with their cause, refer to the city as part of "AztecAmerica" or Aztecland or some sort of take back the land. Its in murals on buildings even. I agree yet Im not exactly going to be a welcome demographic there and to be realistic many of them are going to be working for the drug routes and human trafficking set ups which prob include org crime, military etc. They are the least annoying perps out there. The real problem is the African Americans. These people are blacks in the old sense of the word. Shockingly, they mostly hail from the deep southern USA. They are very ignorant, backwards and are brutal to whites who are poor or Travelers. On Sundays you can see a tall lanky male dressed up from church, with his woman walking two lengths behind him. Its literally a bizarre piece of history taken from the deep south and replaced in Las Vegas. Its just another grotesque attraction so typical of that city. Needless to say the gang stalking is done mostly by blacks and its totally pervasive and they are their typical uncharming, viscous selves. Of course the males are the worst. I was almost grabbed into a cab at 1am in vegas back in 2000 when i was there for 6 mths. I was robbed by a white and a Mex. Its a dangerous place. Also as an Italian I know too well that its geography is too convenient for dumping bodies out in the desert. If u think thats paranoid you are either lying, not Italian or you are a very Catholic Italian who lives in denial. Theres also something very strange in Henderson, a place where I DO get treated well...except for the bus drivers but thats a nationwide problem anyway. Late at night I got this impression that some kind of monsters live in the desert as Henderson is on the edge of Las Vegas. Creatures that are the results of experiments done by the military or things the Natives knew existed but whites were never allowed to know about. (I believe America is a creation by foreign powers and it's people have always been slaves and kept caged by design. Another reason to get rid of the Native Americans. Either of these could be truth but its also a great way of keeping curious people out of an area-where perhaps you have illegal and nasty businesses like under age whore houses or much worse. Torture chambers for use by the elite etc. The way the area is set up is perfect for hiding. An unmarked military base is also a safe bet. At any rate, Vegas is a TERRIBLE place for a TI go especially an MK Kid. NYC: Shitty winters, moldy buildings both of which will damage my health further. Another city thats been really nasty to me and very heavy handed. The former mayor thinks the CIA connected police force were his private army. Its full of Millenials who are either new money horrors or Hipsters. A high concentration of African Americans is once again an undesirable security risk. Im also sick of contracting pin worm which only happens in areas with alot of poor blacks. Enough is enough Ive done my time with that crap. The Liberals are militant. My views on whites needing to reconnect to our European pre Christian heritage and educating whites about their heritage would be recieved there as racism and Ive had enough of leftist Liberals who come from privilege keeping me down. I refuse to even subject myself to that outdated, 20th century feminist environment anymore-anywhere. I will never forgive New York for the harassment in the past. My last visit there they were doing what Boston was doing, trying to harass me so hard I react and get jailed. The homeless scene is ghetto and dangerous. Portland as all of the west coast and specifically the north west is radiated from Japans nuclear accident. It took me months to recover from the last exposure from staying too long on the west coast. The northwest is worse. Portland makes you fat. It sucks. The money people think they are upper class rich but they are a more middle class types whom I refuse to be dominated by. At least in Harvard Sq my perps are the prettiest and the best. They are viscous but I accept that they are worthy of being in a position of power thus I fight back from my position. Portland? I reeaaally dont think so. At least let me be humiliated by a class of people who truly are the elite. Not just using the fact I exist in the underclass as leverage. Its just vulgar really. America is full of these peasants who use class mobility mistakenly as political power. It makes me physically ill. can buy your way into a power position? One that's petty at best? Id rather be harassed by intergenerational money or people with actual true power in society-not just power over me in the moment due to the American class structure that allows nobodies to have the illusion they are somebody. Im not fighting so that a bunch of American losers can get off on feeling superior by harassing me or watching it happen. Thats all its been in Austin and Ive learned my lesson about insecure nobodies who arent really political but just want to mob a Target. In Boston theres consequences on both sides in these battles. With the Nobodies like Austin, they go right back to being petty miserable idiots who hate themselves and their position in society. Im not here for the Circus part of the Bread and Circus for the public but my enemies know they will do their work for them and divert my path quite well. Cali: Horrible gang stalking, pollution from Mexico and radiation from Fukushima. Gang members doing harassment. People trying to run me over with their trucks crossing the street- very aggressive, Satanic harassment. SoCal is where they make drones. US Navy, Scientology. Whitey Bulger hid out in Venice Beach for years. ?! Berkeley has COINTELPRO blacks from Oakland who suck more than you can imagine. The locals and street kids disrespect me there always have and always will. They are political yet total snooty little assholes ABOUT political things going on (like gang stalking) and seem to side with the oppressor all the way. These are the viscous, nasty marijuana obsessed gang stalkers Ive written about for years. In San Fran the GD family talks shit about me while Im right there. They basically called me "old" last visit. Oh no! Wasnt JERRY like super old, maaaan? These people work for the corrupt parts of our govt dealing drugs. Most of the 60s little pricks who were revolutionary were elite kids or connected to US military. LSD is a key part of MK Ultra. Ever wonder why an entire revolution and era was based around LSD? Then disco and AIDs? Wake up. I dont trust Liberals or leftists anymore. Besides, the 'anarchists' i ran into all had infiltrated squat houses and were too comprimised selling herion to be effective against the system. Cali was a magical place with special beauty but its rotting from the inside out and the good people (La Jolla) can't outweigh the bad. Now all of its going to be radiated anyway so forget Cali. Its nice but its fake..a good TI vacation though and to their credit, they ALWAYS encouraged my pursuing creative ends like learning an instrument etc. Which is prob why they are being destroyed by the NWO. The west coast will never conform to the NWO. They enjoy freedom too much and Cali simply posesses an energy from the land that cant be controlled. Look at a map of the Tectonic Plates (that cause earthquakes). Cali is actuallu on a separate plate going out into the Pacific than the rest of the USA. Its the Natural world and the hidden, dormant power within humans and the land they dont want you to know about or rediscover. The NWO wants to take humans away from it completely...and they are getting stronger than ever.