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New York abandons plan to clear subways of sleeping homeless people/homelessness as part of being Targeted Individual

The comments are horrible. They NEVER consult homeless people themselves or rather us, about the issues.
There isn't even any mention or indication that society even understands or suspects that many people who live as The Homeless are dealing with abuse of power from official and unofficial forces.

Unethical human experimentation that's of course hidden due to be under classified and can be denied using 'reasons of nation security' as a block. Ritual abuse victims basically the slaves and playthings of the elite and military and intelligence services. Especially the pervert networks. Many of us were utilized, exploited or victimized as children and instead of killing us off they simply cause mental illness or make it appear so, discrediting any memories or victim witness testimonies we may come up with.
Still others are inconvenient people such as whistleblowers or abused spouses, family members-anyone who simply knows too much.

The citizens of this country don't seem to understand the complex and Machiavellian dynamics, moves, activities and structures that actually make a country run specifically looking at an empire like the United States.

Look at how many vets are coming home from their glorified, romanticized war recently and simply going homeless in rural areas. Its what they've experienced in Iraq and elsewhere in modern warfare and those conflicts.
Note how high the suicide rate is among today's military vets. Its becuz they are victim witnesses to US war crimes. Not only do they silence possible subversives its also cost effective due to not having to pay for this war's veterans for a lifetime of medical care.
Trust me when I tell you that this is the norm in the NWOs way of doing business.

Big business have a documented history of being bastards in order to succeed. The thing is nowadays people have the ability to know about it directly due to the internet. Instead of using that to better society people now choose to believe that big business is goodly and righteous without flaws that really matter.

People have chosen to side with big business to survive. Its that simple.

Just looking at 'homeless people' a person should be able to plainly see that this population are all victimized by something that's taken our power away. Most of these people who have sob stories about not being able to work are covering up for much worse issues than economic inopportunity. But how can people tell the truth when society is so loyal to the elite and the bad guys that they are seriously suggesting a possible solution be to forcibly diagnose and treat mental illness with shots of medication and forcibly sober up the remaining population? Already they have decided that 'the homeless' are all mentally ill and drug/alcohol addicts. What about all the sex offenders who have no where to go? What are you going to do with them?

The public don't even know the demographics of the homeless population and the industry people as well as social services who are privvy to so many hidden abuses based in covert activity are not going to tell them.

Its very suspect, being a TI and knowing what I do about just how someone might become forced into the 'homeless' lifestyle, that homeless numbers are rising along with this new covert warfare and zero tolerance that's spreading to every western nation around the world.

In the context of the NWO it seems as if ANYONE who has no use, no value, is rebellious, won't play the game or knows anything about what's really going on IS BEING TARGETED FOR DELETION.

Think like the system does. You are being cost effective for the present and future as well as starting with the most obviously useless people to begin the world wide depopulation.

People don't even see this for what it is.

Also living outside literally and outside the systems structure indicates you have the ability to survive are creative, inventive, cunning even talented at deception. You might posess ancient DNA of nomads, travelers or people who were more matriarchal, tribal or even militant than the average citizen who seems to function in the modern world especially the newly psycho managed modern world where its monitored as well as controlled.

This means possibly that homeless people if not aware they are targeted for specific reasons are human beings whos  DNA naturally rejects the falsehoods and restrictions of the NWO as well as senses these conditions are ultimately unhealthy for humanity.

In Japan the Samurai who no longer had wars to fight or became nomadic without any place for them in society were homeless travelers and often mistrusted, cheated and hated by the farmer types in settled communities they would come across.

Its true that many homeless people are just severely mentally ill or screw ups who insist on not bettering themselves. However many people are kept down by a heavy handed authority that is absolute in our world and there's no escape from it.

Instead of admitting theres oppression and evil in the world they choose to make up ridiculous versions of reality to compensate.

Especially countries like the UK and its colonial offshoots.
Ive read that the worst countries for this are UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

I know I've been getting guided to leave the US becuz something is going to happen soon that will make life especially hard for homeless people.

Whatever they have planned I don't want to be here for it.