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On gangstalking - Blogged


(no emails will be sent by me with any relation to anything in this blogpost. So if anyone receives any emails with my name on it using any info in this post why dont you do what you should have in 2016 and catch the motherfucker responsible instead of trying to make it stick to an innocent person. I dont sent emails, i destroy with words and truth and facts)

Homeless people need two things more than anything else: consistency and to know that people are aware of them and someone cares. That doesnt mean stuffing them during Thanksgiving with multiple meals in different places just to leave them without any resources on Thanksgiving day itself or Xmas etc. In San Diego I saw more holiday meals than I had anywhere and it just reminded me of how I was left with nowhere to go on Xmas day or New Years because everyone who provides those 'treats' during the holidays is busy during the actual day itself. Its one of the things that needs to change about homelessness. No one seems to actually take the day to day lifestyle into account when they make decisions. 

There seems to have been changes to the system over the past five years but I dont trust it as it seems to be just so that they can cover their ass for all the decades of corruption and unfair (if not illegal) treatment as well as a new corporate/globalist backed culture of 'equality' where corporate Marxism has come to dictate to us while still allowing westerners to be self absorbed consumers. Its probably worse now than it ever was because the technocrats are focused on creating whats known as 'the isolated consumer' which we saw during the pandemic. This leads to a whole other conspiracy theory which I will do a post on. However one has to consider how homeless people were thrown to the side during the pandemic at its inception and thier needs and even thier existence was not included in society's calculating the needs of the public at that time. This is an example of what might happen in the future if we go more towards isolating people in controlled indoor and outdoor environments (pseudo-public spaces and even the conspiracy theory of psycho managed spaces).

In other words-it is imperative during this time for homeless people to redefine and reinvent ourselves to have a place or niche within globalism because if we do not we will be wiped out and our culture cease to exist. 

Remember globalism is just colonialism. Cultural genocide does exist regardless of claims to the contrary. The counter culture rooted in the 50s beatnicks and 60s counter culture that seemed to last until even recently has died out. For people my age to be born into that culture as the norm and see society transformed seemingly overnight to this horrible reality thats been created where people are increasingly more greedy and self absorbed than the 80s.  Nowadays they offer people a way to avoid the reality that globalism is about shareholders and increasing profits. Creating a progressive culture and marketing it as 'inclusive' and as 'institutional change' simply means that the goal is to ensure the big machine has no dissident voices remaining and no marginalized group to be discontented nor any resistance from anyone. It almost seems like anyone who cant be brought into the fold is a terrorist cell or at least is going to be treated like one. A smart capable group of people living in urban spaces with access to resources in college areas who have some genetic advantage especially if people who share this advantage have gravitated towards one another in a certain area forming a tribe or social group who've bonded, could at this time be considered a threat to globalism's designs for cities and towns even countries. 

As long as people support the progressive left wing agenda and give help, support and seemingly 'care' about certain causes and demographics they can be considered good citizens and good people and the increasing consumerism, waste, greed, destruction of public and green space due to gentrification (the building boom especially of condos) can be ignored and compartmentalized.  In this system, one of which I experience increasingly in the northeast-common decency or even common sense, along with civic mindedness is becoming less a part of daily life. Its been replaced by a group think where you have to posses a victim-hood card or be considered an 'ally' to receive anything resembling decency, politeness or even humanity.

All this is really is that the normies have realized foreign countries are in competition with them and they have to keep up along with the reality that their lifestyles based on outdated industrial cultures have been unsustainable and its catching up to them  Instead of doing things properly by starting these things twenty five years ago and letting them develop and evolve naturally over time, theres been a power grab during the pandemic which is based on prioritizing these changes by taking covid as an opportunity to restructure the infrastructure and along with this comes the great reset being put forth by globalists where basically a system akin to the social credit system in China is going to be applied to all western dealings and even banking. Loans are going to be politicized just as much as your cup of coffee has been which in the past few years is way too much. Business transactions should remain business not ideology or politicized in any way. As my mother once said-money has no emotion. This is fact however the era we now live in is based on cult like mind control methods and systems not facts. 

If this were as real as its being marketed then homeless people would be a number one priority as a vulnerable population and the problems associated with the community would be dealt with instead we are being disregarded, ignored and swept to fall through the cracks. Anti homelessness is much worse than it was before the pandemic even though its being marketed as improving the situation due to lack of policing, law enforcement and more services. All thats changing is that more services are being created and given out to a much worse off homeless population and people are being basically herded into the system instead of being given alternatives to become independent or learn how to improve homeless quality of life and self governance and personal responsibility so that those that are capable can improve their lives THE AMERICAN WAY by making something of themselves, seeing homelessness as an entrepreneurial opportunity or puling themselves up by their boot straps. Adding meth and fentanyl to every city and town across the USA is also a brilliant move to gain control of the homeless population. 

I recently returned to the public library in the main area I was framed for threatening emails in 2016. Due to being treated that way so many years ago Ive lost out on accessing the same opportunities as others because of being marginalized, having been terrorized Ive been too traumatized to return to the area and the stigma by what was done to my reputation. 

I learned that during the pandemic in this historical monied, well to do area services were created to give much greater access to people who needed to be connected. If only I had access to a library or could rent a computer for weeks instaed of just a day I would have competed much of hte work Im now struggly ing to finish thats set me back literally years because I had no resources even though through my former sponosrs kind donations I had financial resources. Basically i was cut off from society by the pandemic and by the destruction of homeless safe spaces.

I saw clearly whats been transpiring during the past two years-the armies theyve formed out of thier definition of 'those less fortunate'-those theyve ingratiated themselves too during Obama and now Biden with left wing extremism and abondoning the homeless and working class and villifying ceratin demographics using war like ideology like CRT-what theyve done is ensure their 'troops' have access to SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY. They also have been building psuedo public spaces as well as incorporating anti homeless/skater HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN into every new building and space put up during the building boom for gentrification. 

During the pandemic the creation of The Isolated Consumer has begun. People who are Netizens not citizens in a real world physical reality who increasingly know less and less about what is outside in the real physical reality in thier neighborhood because the 'space' they live in is online and now- in very micromanaged physical spaces in the real world.  Which during COVID have less and less homeless in them. 

At the same time dangerous and deadly drugs have been flooded into the street scenes in cities and towns. 'De-fund the police' policies, (both dangerous and unrealistic and yet another sign of a populous that is no longer thinking cleartly but area existing in cult like conditions after being traumatized and fed disinformation for too long) guarantee that the street scenes and homeless culture will self destruct with ongoing degeneration and total lack of quality of life....unless people join the system and get housed. That is now the only alternative thats being offered.

Looking at this as war one can see plainly that those in power are gathering troops, arming them, indoctrinating them, educating them and ensuring they are kept in 'barracks' and on 'bases' which are managed spaces both physically and mentally. Superior tech is now readily available to them, practically free of responsibility other than to return it to the giver by a specified time, undamaged. This is all within the inside spaces or managed spaces of the interconnected system that is controlled and seems interested in 'empowering' only certain people for a very specific agenda. 

At the same time, those living outside the managed spaces and cult like culture of indoctrination and online existence, the homeless for instance-are being increasingly excluded and scapegoated.  Especially since the populous live under the assumption that COVID is now 'over', we have returned to the days of people nastily telling homeless people "Get a job!". As if the situation they are in is totally dependent on that factor as its solution. 

A society of people who are denied hating on others even privately, who can no longer tell watermelon and tit jokes either at the water cooler at work or at home even-now have to find a new villain, scapegoat or common enemy. People who they are 'allowed' to hate even though the signs in their windows and lawns claim "Hate Doesnt Live Here"(an appropriate second line would read 'but greed certainly does' and  if you look closely at all the demographics listed on the signs not one says "homeless". Every single one is a federally protected class under U.S. law. They arent stupid I will hand them that.)   This is what happens when you use mobbing as a way to enforce a moral stance or ideology. Anyone seen as an enemy will be mobbed or people will become used to mobbing as a norm even though its the USA and we are supposed to have Constitutional government. 

Allowing drug addicts and shitty homeless people to flood into areas where other types of homeless were safe and then not enforcing laws as some sort of attempt at tolerance is completely irresponsible. The system knows it and its using progressiveness as a cover to destroy homeless culture in this manner. Being over tolerant of homeless people who are destructive, disruptive or unlawful in the extreme and providing too many services in areas they congregate not only is akin to 'spare the rod, spoil the child' it basically DISEMPOWERS them by taking away all challenge, opportunty to create alternative solutions and any chance of humans seeing adversity and opportunty or any kind of euntrapanuership that may be latent in thier nature. 

Homeless communities are just that-communities and we live on the edges and co exist with legit, tax paying residential and business communities. We exist best in places where we can form tribes or little villages so local neighborhood environments or localized city culture is imperitive. In globalizing local areas, homeless people are left with no way to relate to their environment. Homeless people are cast out and forgotten in the world of globalism. 

When I see those banners set up on fences of the tall, skyscrapers they are putting up everywhere, they often have very fake, photoshopped  looking depictions of what the planned space will look like after its completed. Plastic People in its comical and traditional sense from the 1960s or 80s is an understatement as description.  Shiny happy people walking by and into the new space are depicted, all looking very pasted into the backdrop in a bizarre and unrealistic way. Is this what their answer is to a dying environment, a potential end to our species and a constant denial of our true evolution by an ever present oppressive shadow system that century after century seems to weave a new web for us to become snared in, only to call it progress and something 'good and new' or 'a better way'? 

Im tempted to do a bit of activism by creating a cut out of a homeless guy or various freaky people that actually exist in real life and stick them onto the fake scene put up by the contstrution and real estate companies that put up these amusing yet frustrating banners on the greenwashed buildings they are working on.

What kind of a world would give children 'white privledge' quizes and teach them Critical Race Theory that destroys thousands of years of blood, sweat and tears, effort, victories and losses and lessons passed down by millions of people who existed so we could exist today? To make history, geography, ethnic heritage, genetics and the natural world competely worthless makes no sense. It does however if you are trying to have a depopulation agenda, enslave humanity and ensure your postion as the elite. 

We all now live in a prison. Complete with glaring LED street lights where the glare itself is harassment and terrorism. Just like lights in a prison yard. Our night skies are being taken from us. When we look up we see the glaring intimidating lights not our natural night sky, moon and stars which is Nature-which we belong to. We only see the glare and intimdation and with that we see who now controls our night time. Those who run the lights, who installed them and who funded the installation so quickly one has to be suspitcous of the motive. 

There is no way in a sane world that was living in reality according to facts that LED street lights containing high levels of HEV blue light would be installed as lights for humans to live under at night. The health effects are devistating and are clearly part of a depopulation agenda and to decrease quality of life. I guarentee that thirty years ago, before 9-11 when the second wave of environmentalism was happening, that these lights would never have been allowed to be installed regardless of the claims of energy efficiency. Due to the human cost and damage to human health. 

That is very revealing. It demonstrates that the entire system is not based on tolerance, seeking equal opportunity for all nor trying to find alternatives to old outdated ways of doing things nor to improve quality of life. Hate does indeed live here and if you look clearly on the way this entire thing is being run and the way its done its clear that its based on hate. Hate is the motivator, the mechanism. Its nothing but hateful. Having signs in your yard that claim desperately that "hate doesnt live here" only amplifies the desperation to claim one thing while concealing another. 

People love using Dr Martin Luther King to push the agendas still to this day. Like Marylin Monroe hes become a product of sorts and just like Marylin when abused in this sense, you just want to urge people to let him rest. Just let poor Marylin rest. She paid enough being nothing but a product, a pawn and suffering and dying but they keep making images of her, keep selling her. A sign of the disrespect the people who created her had for her then and now. Because if people cared about King or his family they would listen to his daughter whos become a Christian and has urged people multiple times that whats going on out there today isnt the way and people just "need to stop hating". If the daughter of Martin Luther King is telling the public that this environment thats being created is using hate then pay attention. Over the years, people in liberal Left areas would rather listen to Farrakahn as he shows up at colleges with his Hitler like presentation complete with female SS Officers. 

The fact that King and Malcolm X were shot and Farrakhan is alive should tell you something but the product being marketed is more attractive than the reality.  Especially right now when the carrot thats been put in front of your nose so unfairly for centuries is finally going to be given to you-for a price. Join the system completely and become servants of the corportocracy. 

African Americans under a certain age, in certain areas seem to be blank when you look at them. Theres no soul anymore and I mean that in the collective sense of what used to define that in that culture. Many look soulless generally. More akin to soldiers in the military than free citizens of a democracy.   Indoctrinated, trained and willing to act as theyve been trained to. Serving the system now in place. At war, doing duty with on conscience at all. Protecting allies, working with those designated for protection or marked as neutral and at war with anyone else. At war with those whove been designated to be not in line with the agenda. 

When I see any youngster of any kind or even any person nowadays in these libtard areas who looks like a person with a personality and a soul they own-not the system now in place I make sure I smile at them-negotiate with them thier humanity. 99% of the time I get a warm smile in return one of human recognition. I get a human being one born of nature who is living out there time here on earth and we have made contact ever so briefly. Crossed each others paths in the sun, on a long journey, happening to be in the same place at the same time in a very big world-so big no one can see it in a lifetime. THAT is special. That is real life and that is where I LIVE. Every day and every chance I get. 

Whatever weird prison you live in I dont want to deal with it. Whatever your trying to do or wherever your trying to get to I dont want to go there and I wont let you take me with you. Im human and I want to live among other humans not automatons. The technocrats who are a driving factor behind the mess that is our world nowadays must be very proud of themselves for taking literally MK Ultra internal programming systems and brilliantly creating internal systems to imprison the public. Mirror images everywhere? Switching genders or alters daily?? Playing out roles with symbols? Being on missions? 

The Russians or CIA couldnt have done a better job 50 or 60 years ago. 

Like I said its like prison life: glaring LED lights in the night sky to intimidate you, we all live together in one big 'all of us' and 'we are in this together' perception of the environment (cult!) yet they are training people to be separatists akin to separate factions of gangs within the collective prison population. 

We all buy from the same commissary (Amazon etc) and we all go to the same place to eat that everyone else goes to. 

Its clear that creating wonderful controlled spaces for those who comply complete with all kinds of toys that give access and destroying natural spaces as well as any space on which human could create something new through free association and self determination is war. 

I have never felt more unwelcome in the city of my birth, even after being framed by some in power there in 2016, than this year even during the pandemic.

To be fair to this area, its been made pretty clear to me that after the Boston Bombing, the Secret Service that used to do the security for the college area was replaced by what was described to me as 'fed cells'. People claimed to have been picked up for petty things like drinking in the park etc and then recruited and asked if they wanted to "work for them" instead of do jail time. This is verbatim so its not my claims nor is it me making this up. This actually happened and it makes me afraid for any other place in the US where there is or was a local system that did not always do things in line with the international globalist agenda. In theory, domestic terrorism could be a way to get a foot in the door of an area resistant to giving up its traditional locally held grip on power.

Keeping this in mind its interesting to view the area I am in as a place where a local culture once thrived but now its been attacked by a faction of an army like group then taken over and occupied.  Thus I live in my former home, now occuppied territory. I now know how people in the middle east feel or anyone in the history books. 

Look at all the wonderful things government funding can get. Yet the price is that no dissident voices are allowed. No powerful institution can any longer afford to be challenged or questioned. No authorities can be taken to task for injustices committed against innocent people. 

Thats the thing that gets me. The complete denial of the reality that as areas like this appear to stand for moral good in the form of their progressive agendas, why would say a person like me suffer as I did in 2016 because I simply write a blog thats a threat to power or to an industry or why would you create drug addicts in a new wave of addiction (thats the entire state thats responsible for that) when with all the anti terrorism technology and intelligence you should easily be able to find where and who the drugs are coming from as well as tracking finances like banking? Why would you discard homeless people to a life of suffering by making an already corrupt, badly designed system worse by making it easier to fail by supposedly providing help when youre just making people weaker and more dependent on that system? Why would you damn vulnerable homeless people to having thier environments destroyed by invading troops of meth heads and junkies? 

Why would you basically create a problem where there wasnt one (Mass and Cass for instance)? 

Its to create a common enemy so the allies and their victimhoods can bond further enjoying their symbiotic relationship where one gets the benefits of citizenship they've either just received or been unjustly systematically denied for centuries while allaying your guilt and helping you retain your position in society. A society that should be improving by evolving at this point not creating the illusion of doing so by simply providing human sacrifices to gain favors from gods on high. This is typical human behavior through history but especially in the northeast. 

In reality before WW2 the works of Tesla and others especially in Scandinavia, Germany and eastern Europe should have taken humanity to a much more evolved place by now. Isnt it convenient that that war was caused to prevent that so we remain in this outdated industrialist nightmare we live in today. 

I hate this timeline and it should never have come into existence. The world could have been so much more in my lifetime. We shouldn't have to wait. 

Its obvious that due to globalism colonizing this area 'by any means necessary' (as predicted by Shephard Fairey's Obama campaign posters pushing Communism) the things that used to be respected in this area- intelligence, attractiveness, athleticism and natural talent (probably in that order) are now a threat to the new corporate overlords whether they be corporate or billionaires. If we live in any sort of reality that makes sense-why does one guy whos a billionaire own a satellite system where he regularly refuses to move his system so legitimate scientific research systems can do thier work for humanity? Why is this happening if the new utopia of equality and other bullshit is actually really real?

Because its fucking not. Add to that its become obvious that psycho management from tech to chemical is forming, shaping and controlling our spaces both public, private and even our internal worlds. A complete timeline created by influence put forth by powerful forces, an unreal reality manufactured by illusions created by chemical and technological influence...and of course with daily maintenance from human forces. 'Gang Stalking', mobbing, organized stalking, psychological warfare etc. Why else would losers win and winners lose? 

The danger of homelessness is that its obviously a dumping ground for inconvenient people. Years ago, people used to feel a bit of guilt knowing the way that the world works and understanding the human cost of a high quality of life at other's expense. Casualties are created and homeless people are basically that.  This is why they can never be allowed to create anything in society other than being a population of dead men walking. People who have been ghosted need to stay dead is the way its works. 

So the idea that anything alterntive could be done to improve quaity of life or to create something new and different, to create a community from such a horrible place is going to be rejected. And its going to be blocked and anyone whos capable of that sort of pioneering is going to be walled off like a cancer cell and surrounded by white blood cells. (Even though its negative that is a great way to think of the people who in theory perform harassment on a Target. The Target is treated like a cancer cell and constantly surrounded by white blood cells. It makes it a bit easier to deal with).

Ultimately, the insane system that people are being indoctrinated into is disgusting and everyone whos not brainwashed, a kid who doesnt know any better or hiding out going along with it in order to get by in the US right now-knows it. Its also completely irresponsible not to speak out against it and to keep on talking, writing or speaking out against it, about it or resisting it every chance one gets. The horror of our lifetimes is that other than some right wing resistance or some people over a certiain age who still seem to be living in the real world- it seems as if this system is actually going to stick. 

Whats also interesting is that a study shows that certain minorities suffer mentally, emtionally and suffer ill health from being discriminated against and living in society with that every day. It would be very useful to a depopulation agenda or war to ensure that certain individuals or groups of people took on that burden while taking it from others who are more useful to your agenda. It seems very feasible that like the process of creating zombies in Haiti, where a Harvard professor took great interest in the powers of the poison of the puffer fish to make humans appear dead in this process-since its been discovered, its now used in war. 

If you view things that happen in society as a theatre of war or war like actions then it becomes easier to deal with them as you no longer have to care about other people not doing as they say or selling you out or being angry over sacrificing you so others may live. Its the atypical behavior of nasty, greedy, selfish human animals and they will make you out to be whatever is required so they dont have to be responsible for thier misdeeds. So there is no new system or utopia. No real improvements to society. Its the same old games actually and its definatley the same old designs, intelligence and spycraft and its the same abuse of power it always was. Its also obvoiusly the use of the shell game to move people around without really improving anything. Why is gasoline so high and food cost so much? Why during the pandemic didnt they immediately demand corporate ration food and other items in stores instead of allowing panic shopping and hoarding? 

Why didnt international authorities or collective authorties of countries demand that in an international emergency, ships should not engage in price gouging or shipping price wars and that every available ship be recruited to get items to the people around the world?  Why arent other poorer countries vaccinated because the companies here have refused due to patent issues?   So much for a perfect world.

I was framed. I didnt do anything to anyone other than help people and try to solve a problem. Ive suffered trying to save or help people while genuinely bad people get handed rewards. 

In the MIT case they actually made themselves sound more ridiculous by including that I allegedly said "gang stalking is for losers" as if thats something akin to 'im going to shoot you and your cat on Tuesday' or bomb something or other threat or that it must be a gauge of my mental state which of course must be disordered if i am telling off a bunch of people who magically just started working there after the new president took over from the GE lady (infiltrated the place) who are too young and aggressive to have library degrees that are believable (private security company) after years of going there without any trouble and being friends with real long time employees (who magically retired after the frame up attempt didnt work).  All this was going on while alot of people on that campus and other colleges nearby were letting jeffrey epstein hang out on campus, take his money for funding and generally act like entitled sneaky assholes, including the new president who should have resigned, but who was too successful at making the college into a contractor instead of an institution of higher learning-so I heard. 

If the GS theory is real, if its feasible or pliable or able to be applied or in any way happening in practice the only reasonable explanation is that it IS DONE BY AND FOR LOSERS. People who are either Targets themselves who didnt have the balls and the strength to tell the system to fuck off when they tried to bribe them with recruitment in exchange for "making it stop" (as ive written one dumb fuck in Mesa AZ actually approached me in 2007 with just that proposal-being an MK kid has its advantages. Like having a photographic and video quality memory and the ability to act as stupid as someone thinks you are. Keep talking asshole-keep revealing how this system works. Nice) or they got into trouble and either perform this little service because they are trying to not serve for crime or trying to prevent being exposed for it to begin with. Kind of like every single person who used to hang out with Epstien. Isnt it great he 'hung himself' in jail? Unbelievably convenient. Let me tell you soemthing about someone like that. He would rape his friends and anyone else he could by ratting on them just as he would those girls. It was in his nature. Love how NH was harboring Maxwell. That figures doesnt it? Saw some real weird behavior getting framed up there. CREEPS in the justice system. I mean like....not just creepy uncle but like creepy grandad. Like generations of creep up in that place. 

Sometimes I think the dumbfucks are employed like by  private company as a good example would be the recent eBay case where people from the intelligence field abused their training by totally fucking it up for themselves by being careless and acting like working for eBay in intelligence was akin to working in the CIA decades ago when you could just do whatever the hell you wanted and no one was going to question you or notice. Like in the damn movies. Seriously? 

The way poor TIs are framed up as nutcases because they take in mis or disinformation like its our government whos pulling this crap is so incredibly sad. With the amount of super scary big companies that own literally everything now and the fact the public seem unaware of this as well as unaware of how most of our intelligence is now outsourced to companies like private mercenaries in war as to avoid war crimes charges- the amount of billionares loose out there. People should consider that if there was more support of good government like good cops for instance, then the overlords and conquering invaders wouldnt be able to take over so easily. The idea that people dont even understand the private sectors influence over their lives is the problem.

This is indeed a rant and its me gettin stuff off my mind. It will probably be erased and used in a book or other post. But i stick by my writing and im also not afraid to say GS is for losers. Just for the hell of it. I can excersise my free speech any time i want. If its shouted out randomly who gives a shit? If its said anywhere who cares? Why wouuld someone be so fucked up over a mere sentence of words? Guilty conscience much? 

I will make a mother fucking bumper sticker out of that shit i dont care. Bait and wait is all they can do because they know they are losers and they cant make it by honest means or by doing battle and winning. Mobbing in general is for losers. Its for winning wars where you know you cant fight so you win by tonnage. One lion is bound to eventually be eaten by thousands of killer ants. And insects is a pretty good comparison for the trash we (in theory of course) deal with daily.

Protests Fighting To Save People's Park in Berkeley, California

Berkeley appeals court temporarily halts further demolition of People’s Park

If you have taken to traveling or becoming a Traveler as either a lifestyle choice or as a means of countering being theoretically targeted in any one area, (and enjoyed the health and other benefits of this subculture such as enrichment, enlightenment, gaining invaluable knowledge or as a means of collecting intel or even discovering places you can retire in or move to if other areas become too....'difficult' or uninhabitable) you've probably discovered many interesting places. 

Becoming a Traveler in the USA means going to what used to be a well mapped out circuit of college areas especially those surrounded by colorful or creative subcultures both in residential and street scenes. 

If youve ever felt lost traveling California, and ended up in Berkeley (after realizing perhaps San Francisco is a bit too rough or for a younger crowd) then you've inevitably found yourself in Peoples Park. You meet people, you suddenly feel as if you have a home. People bring you to the resources you need and everyone is friendly and laid back. For a person from the east coast, parts of Cali can become extremely lonely frighteningly quickly. Its just one of the drawbacks of the land, though the benefits to a New Englander are life changing-seeing a place that isnt solid or sure or safe or structured in ways your used to and discovering that big risks equate big pay offs. 

In that park you feel as if youve been welcome and you have a home-at least for the time youre there. You can find time to find yourself, to rest up or just to regain trust in humanity. It feels like people care, which is one of the number one things houseless people of all ages need regardless of the kind of 'homeless' you are, your age or how long youve been out.