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Using The Greyhound Route Map To Plan Route And Save Money

This is Quickview. There is a link for pdf if you got it.

There is a reason the bus company is so controlling with information as well as thier site. Alot of people are annoyed that they dont have a mobile site and you sure cant book a trip on the desktop site using a smartphone.

As you know as a Target and human experimentee I can attest to how horribly corrupt this company is. Why not? You dont get a monopoly on a nationwide bus system without paying some pretty heavy dues to the power structure. Ive noted in all my experience that in order to get truly big and powerful as a company in this world you have to serve the GS system and be part of the most corrupt system there is. This solves the mystery as to who gets famous, rich, connected etc etc in this world when they dont seem to deserve it through thier talents etc and who gets shunned and never given opportunity even though they may have all it takes to make it. It sounds like a conspiracy but its not. Such a system truly does exist. And its not just the paranoia about Masons in movies like The Brothers Of The Bell in the 70s anymore. Maybe it does include such secret societies as the MK Ultra project has shown that many of the academics and professionals taking part were Masonically connected.

You HAVE to play for this system in order to become big. End of story. I have seen it with my own eyes and been victim to it. Exactly what you want to call this system doesnt matter-know that it exists. Whenever you see or realize better yet, a monopoly exists as ridiculous as Greyhound in the USA, understand that no one gets this big and has this much power without being into some very seriously corrupt, twisted, sick activities.

I personally experienced a perp- a man from an old money family, a Plymouth Rock on-the-social-register type family, get a Greyound ticket for me to return from a destination and it was given to him quickly, cheaply and without all the pesky re routing and out of the way transfers that common people like us have to go through. I was also treated alot better by staff and drivers. Dont tell me that there isnt a 'conspiracy' out there towards certain wealthy and connected people or those who serve this system becuz there certainly IS.

If you want to try to beat this system by Greyhound the way its set up, which basically is arranged to get as much money and driver time out of poor people at thier inconvenience, then you have to be clever enough to first disregard whatever information they present at face value. Fuck them and fuck thier website. Its controlling, doesnt provide a mobile site and keeps pushing THIER agenda the way THEY want you to pay or to take thier buses on THIER mapped out routes.

Anyone or any company that does this is manipulating information. They are showing you what THEY want you to see so that, like rats in a maze, you will go in a route that is the way THEY want you to go. Again, screw them and thier bullsh*t.

The REALITY is that, like the graphics on this piece of crap tech you are on right now, its all information thats presented a certain way. These graphics are programming- a result of a bunch of math and 0's and 1's. What you are looking at can be broken down into a code. Just like the DNA of a person or the molecules of anything in the physical matter of what we experience as reality.

Look at the map of the Greyhound routes as they are seen by drivers etc. If you look at the routes the way the buses move will cease to be such a mystery- and you can then decide exactly where to travel from so that prices are lower. Perhaps taking public transport or hitching (safely as always) to some destination more along the route to where you are going.

After all Greyhound has done against humanity, its the least we can do to screw them out of some money which if you notice they get out of us by endless transfers and going out of the way taking customers hours instead of a direct route. Which of course I guess wont happen to you if you are directly related to the Cabots of MA. But for the rest of us, its just another f*ck over by a huge monopoly that ultimately serve the elite.

In more ways than people will ever know. Greyhound is a sick company. So give them what they deserve in return. Either find alternative routes of transportation or find ways to get around thier money grubbing, demanding, domineering bullsh*t that always ends up in a loss of dignity for their customers.