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On gangstalking - Blogged


US Govt Released Reports That Outline Ending Homelessness By 2015-2020/TRAVELER GENE Discovery May Be Real Cause Are they serious? WTF IS THIS? The US govt cant dictate to people if they are housed or not. We ready know the reason why no one has a problem with this becuz the entire natiin is under mind control and has been conditioned to want local homeless and houseless travelers eradicated anyway. People have a right to break with mainstream culture and with the system in place. Especially considering the effects of ABUSE OF POWER and POLITICAL OPPRESSION by powerful entities. Also there has not been any effort to make alternative lifestyles or work witj high to medium functioning homeless or even allow us to organize so that homelessness is not such a burden on mainstream society or communities. In fact this explains why everything in their power has been done to prevent organization among the houseless especially since OCCUPY proved it was possible (WITHOUT the disruptive drunk homeless that authorities sent in to mess up the camps). Alot of incidents of homeless messing up areas are a sort of FALSE FLAG OP just like is suspected of many other events giving the authorities that opportunity for 'change' they so desperately need. The FEMA camp predictions are just speculation. However the first part about the govt reports ACTUALLY EXIST. This explains alot thats been going on. Whats so insane about this is that its so blatantly obvious that they are hiding something if they have not tried to work with homeless populations or even tried alt or experimental solutions like in NY or Europe or elsewhere. It should become obvious that this marginalized population consists of people who are inconvenient to those in power. Why would there be a homeless population in a country like the USA to begin with? This might be why Im being guided to seriously find a way out of the borders of the United States. I was wondering why there was such a covert operation against the homeless nationwide and now its obvious. Some of the stuff they were doing in different cities was so obviously set ups and frame ups and creatng problems where there wasnt one. I suspected OCCUPY was actually an experiment set in motion by someone woshing to at once satisfy America's urge to protest globalism like Europe at the same to have a controlled situation that could show them exactly where TRUE resistance may lie in the hodden parts of American society. Once they got what they wanted they shut down OCCUPY then I notice thats whrn all the set ups and destruction of peaceful homeless scenes began. Ive met a good amount of Traveling kids who are completely full of sh*t and are obvioisly agents becuz they either do gang stalking and try to get me to ridr with them or they just put themselves in my path in a way thats to get me to become involved with them. I think this has something to so with the discovery of a Traveler gene also. Maybe they have predicted that we would branch out into new territory when the false environments became too restrictive as the 20% of society that posesses the gene are divergent by nature as part of humans evolving by travel all over the earth. Whatever is going on we have to fight this now or do what we do best: leave and find a new home in some unthought of new frontier outside the NWO controlled environments.

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