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Dunkin Donuts Opened In Austin TX-There Goes The Neighborhood

Well it's probably pointless to visit Austin anymore-because wherever there's a multitude of Dunkins-theres trouble.

You can bet on this and win every time for any of these stores stirring up sh*t for you upon entering and frequently hiring the sh*ttiest employees. You can count on it.  There's a prerequisite for assh*ledom before you are allowed to work in this chain.

However as a Bostonian I had become so accustomed to this coffee brew that I needed it's fix at least weekly. When I was in Austin yearly as part of my travel route I had to take a bus for one hour to Research Blvd area north of Austin's central areas to get DD coffee. I think I did this weekly perhaps monthly and as always exploration of new areas was part of my motivation.

It was probably the best place for it as the FBI office is there and it's a research area that seemed guarded (pleasantly. Austin doesn't terrorize its citizens with security theater).

 Thus it seemed encountering quality employees would be easier as they'd have to be, due to the area.

I felt it was only right it be there because the modern DD always downgrades an area. DD has become something very different from what it was as a MA institution of sorts decades ago.

I would even go far as to say that DD is ultimately corrupt and seems to be utilized for everything from spying to convenient money laundering. Most DD seem very nervous and have something to hide-like corruption. Their employees are the absolute most schitzy and paranoid I have ever seen in any chain.

We can always count on Target to f*ck up  as employees try to pull stuff in many area of the country (always report and document) but there are exceptions based on location, where the places seem quality.  Same with Walmart etc (no one tries anything but there's often collective psych out attempts from employees. I've noticed some Walmarts clean up the store eventually and everyone is nice, normal and helpful again. Someone must come in and evaluate for pest control and pull the store out of the f*cking Matrix per se.

With Wally World it's usually the customers who try to pull stunts).

However every singular experience I've had at any DD nation wide has been of feeling like I just entered something oppressive like whats casually sited as stereotypical Russia or worse. Most seem to just exist to give demographics of people jobs who couldn't work anywhere else. The language barrier is the worst nationally of any corporate chain. Yes it's at McDonald's but the employees try and they've installed those ordering kiosks to get around the problem. DD just says 'f*ck you, give us your money'.

Many either serve burnt coffee or it's watered down. Being old enough to remember what DD coffee should be, it's become a  craft to be picky-choosy and judgemental in finding locations that do it right. There are a few but then the coffee seems GMO. Stores with 'real' DD coffee are gems and just as hard to find.

TX usually doesn't f*ck around with holding people and business up to standards opposed to MA who've become complete whores in lowering standards for globalist culture and have destroyed internationally respected standards, traditional work ethic, attention to detail, and complex social cues and culture formed over centuries. There's everything you could want in Boston now-except refinement.
A company like DD degenerates an area, lowers the bar and generally is an indicator that standards of decent service are eroding.

After seeing how bad the DDs have gotten in MA as well as other states I understand exactly why Austin only had one an hour outside of the city proper. And it wasn't manned by idiots I'll tell you that.

If I bother to go there again (since the GoodWill bomber struck I'm assuming that it might have been invaded already. Boston's marathon bombing had allowed the feds to take over and/or gotten the area anti terror funding, which seems to be a pattern where the fed then somehow take control of the area and forms it to a globalist standard, thus crushing all local resistance that may have been in place).
 I'm imagining that DD has brought a ghetto corporate cultural feel to the area especially the Drag near the college. I noticed that the globalist brainwash had gotten a death grip on the Community College during Obama (kids had no chance whatsoever. Indoctrination posters and propaganda everywhere in the college halls) but the bigger university seemed solid and with a healthy resistance. People actually seemed to be going there to learn not be brainwashed.

Just look at the article. There's a connection to NFL in NYC and some NY ballplayer's uncle who owns delis and loves expanding. 'Nuff said.

I hope Austin has exerted some control over the quality of the DD there now. There are occasional DD where employees seem responsible, coffee seems ok but there's always that feeling of something lurking beneath the surface that makes one...uncomfortable.  Even the original one I used to go to on Research Blvd had that in it's atmosphere but I felt safe, probably as I mentioned there's alot in that area with some serious security not jerk offs trying to destroy America with globalism and utilizing Marxist type tactics to do it.

Even the owners of many of these franchises seem like they are skidish, slightly hypervigilante types. Is it that stressful to run or own a DD?? Geez, it hardly seems worth it-unless you're desperate or a greedy possibly corrupt assh*le and that seems to be the case more often than not.

There's always intrigue, there's always an agenda and the upper employees always seem to either think they know whats going on in the 'big picture' 🙄 or they are up to something with sad delusions of 'making moves' to gain some sort of edge. The people who seem decent that run these places are eternally nervous and hypervigilante to the point of unnatural for simply owning a donut shop franchise.

Whatever the hell is going on with DD in the past 25 years it can't be good-or completely legal. Everyone is too f*ckin nervous, defensive, haters, sneaky, arrogant, sh*tty and always looking over their shoulders for it to be normal.

Whatever the problem is I dearly hope that the strong and wise city keepers of Austin have something in place to preserve decency. I depend on them for it because I need places to go to get away from my hometown which will degenerate your health and well being, which is exactly what's happened to me being kept here for 3 years due to the email frame ups.

I wouldnt want to see the rot that is part of the system in the Northeast, destroy the place I considered my third home (sorry. Cali has 2nd).