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On gangstalking - Blogged


Digital Vagabonding

One of the girls who was a road scholar gave me a lift from OR to CA. I don't know what she thought of me eventually ( I gave her my blog addresses) but she was very cool to ride with.   We rode a very long way  together and had alot of fun.  It was nice to meet someone only 20 or so with the same views as alot of older people concerning getting out of the false environment and not believing in the fear that is marketed to most of the USA via the news etc.

I think its for people who cant actually travel  who use their computer..whatever, they have people taking road trips around the country.

She was curious about the more nomadic of us who rough it more.   Might be interesting for someone who cant physically get away.



If you run out of money this is a good option. Why? becuz you are out in the open, you are socializing and if you get harassed by perps then it is right out in the open.
Its also a way to push your activism possibly if you have a website or blog.

Panhandling, spange-ing, (west coast), stemming(northeast)..yes it is basically begging. But often it may be necessary or even desirable.

A TI who is in need of 5 dollars for the day or 50 dollars for a room for the night may need to partake in pan handling.

Outside of necessity it may be something you want to do depending on your level of isolation. You will learn that the isolation brought about by organized stalking and harassment is what dumbs you down and brings on suicide ideation and even damages one's health.

For some of us the hunting or gathering instinct is somehow fullfilled by this action.
It also can serve to make a safe level of interaction with the public.
One can attempt to give out materials concerning one's activism as well.

You may get harassed for multiple reasons.
1) just your average bs from humans picking on a beggar
I always got lots of crap becuz I looked attractive and clean. I also got harassed by perps with intent on harassing me personally as a Target. How can one tell the difference? Just like you do when you are NOT begging. The perps are stalkers and their intent is not just to have a quick bit of fun with a run in on the street with a person panhandling or to mess with a woman or try to pick her up or all the normal harassment a street person/lone traveler gets...perps have sophisticated methods of psych warfare and they will always intimate that they know all about your situation on levels that merer strangers should not have awareness of and access to.

The great thing is that they are going to have to utilize public space (as they always do) but this time YOU the TI have a strong hold on your territory. They have to come up to you while you are set up and stationary and if the harassment gets too weird or frequent the public will start taking notice. At least that is how I always played it while alone.

It is probably better if you spange with other people you trust.

A warning about hostels

(I have only experienced  with hostels in the USA.)

I have found that hostels, though at first seeming a good option for a traveler or occassionally for a homeless person, are one of the worst options for a TI.

Why this is I have no idea.

I have been harassed in most hostels I stayed in and in a choice few experienced certain horrors that no one would believe as a TI.  Mostly during the beginning of my harassment being 24/7 was it at its worst.

a few commonalities in hostels:
-rich kids
-heavy involvement with marijuana (staff)
-old men who are pervs working there, hanging out there or owning the place
-old buildings/sick building syndrome/mold

If you have been a TI long enough you'll be able to put it together. If you dont get it just go by the rule " what do these people have to protect/gain?"

Also alot of hostels are moldy, old buildings or obviously below code for being truly habitable in the long term.  Take health issues into consideration. 

WORK TO STAY:  a great idea for the average traveler. For a TI I can imagine its a nightmare. I have thought about it but it doenst seem like a good idea for someone targeted. 

As a guest in these places perps would just show up in streams and often I have felt like a sitting duck. A captive victim. Its justs not a good idea..unless you know the people or have some sort of protection in this situation to make it OK.

Houseless and homeless not the same thing

I now refer to myself as 'houseless'. That term 'homeless' is not only worn out but the stigma attached to it is more power than society deserves, considering how thier apathy only helps the system target people, as well as those who take part for protection and profit/benefit.

It has become a 'slide': a term that when used, the moment someone hears it and processes the term, it creates a block from them thinking beyond a pre set or preconceived idea or notion or ideal.

Kind of like 'conspiracy' or 'Hitler' etc.  These sort of terms are used in cultural psych warfare to imprison a subjectmatter so that the mind of the person in that culture immediately turns off to any open mindedness concerning said subject.

You can hide alot of corruption behind slides..usually in plain site.  So long as people discredit the subjectmatter actively or continuously add dis info to it causing confusion or doubt.

The term 'homeless' just works in favor of the system at this point.