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Squatting becoming more difficult in EU illustrates more of hte NWO becoming a reality

Squatting scene in Amsterdam has changed significantly

Why are the liberal dutch slowly becoming more conservative?
The answer given to this question is ignorant and stupid so I am not referencing it for that surely. Its that many Westerners are looking on (with fear due to many of us depending on EU as a place to run to) and noting that many places in Europe are becoming more like America. From Britain's raising the cost of college significantly to squatting becoming a crime in Holland. What is disturbing is that these are the things that make America suck and its the reason so many poor American's dream of running off to Europe to escape the USA. Its very often said by poor people in the Boston/Cambridge area.

To here of these things happening as well as the Muslims destroying or interfering with EU culture (which reminds us often of ghetto culture taking over or muscling its way into destroying what was left of OUR culture here in the states) one starts to feel a cold dread of the future. That the NWO is going to succeed in its aim of building a world wide prison for all people and now there is not going to be anywhere to run unless you have substantial money, an education and most of all the understanding of how to use those two afore mentioned assets to go somewhere that is not going to want to keep constant tabs on you nor only allow you to exist if your name is on everything all the time everywhere you go, wants to limit your mobility and basically only allow radicalism if its managable and approved of by the 'state'. Like making graffitti art OK and legal as long as its some sell out like Fairey who asks 'mother may I' ever time he wants to put up his artwork anywhere which of course ends up making the city into his art gallery instead of battling commercialism or changing public spaces. With that already stamped approval, the presence of such artwork makes a whole different impression upon seeing it than it would if some looney got up to hard to reach areas and put thier work up there.

I cannot believe people en mass cannot see that America is being torn up so they can force a form of Socialism on us and the EU is becoming more Americanized (puritanical, greedy, fascist). The problem with this introduction to socialism is that it comes along as just on of the many cars to roll through here, but the train started with BUSH. It started with fascism and anything unloaded off this train is deadly to America- the real true America and our freedoms as we knew them. Under the guise of anti terrorism America has been transformed into an absolute nightmare. This is due to many other factors that many Europeans arent familiar with.

A guy from Enlgand saw we have ads for psych meds on TV here or any drugs for that matter and was offended saying that EU did not do such things. If EU understood just what goes on here they would know why the direction they are taking is dangerous to human freedoms all around the world.

America has been slowly over many years into what it is today. Reagan years brought on alot of this change but we still did not take it seriously. Even with what we saw progressing during HW Bush we couldnt admit to it. Then when it came even closer, during Clinton's second term with 5 year mandatories and major cities being gentrified nation wide, rent control being pulled and people losing thier apartments to condos we still didnt want to believe it would get any worse. We figured like in decades past this will stop somewhere. Once the Man or the system gets a bit of control to take back from the 60's they will feel secure and everything will be in balance again.

The day that GW Bush did not become impeached as was the Will of the people due to the towers blowing up and then the following events of dramatic hysteria over who did what and what to do about it and the insanity of invading Iraq due to Alqueda and all of it....that was the day that we finally got hit with the reality that this was indeed happening. It was going to happen and finally it was. Many people like myself grew up with the 60's generation fighting back the tide of things like this so we figured there would always be a safeguard. This is why smart savvy people took thier lives over to France or left the country during Clinton. They knew what was going to happen. If I had been savvy I would have understood the dangers of an administration made up mostly of the same men that were with HW Bush during Nixon and Ford.

And I paid the price dearly for staying here and thinking it would never come to this. My life was destroyed and my health ruined and any chance of a future has been taken from me, and I will most likely never be able to get justice for myself.
America has become a place run by heavy handed white factions that share power with thier house slave populations to keep everyone down and I mean oppressed, heavily oppressed for what Americans are supposed to have a right to. Its done by very sneaky means and lots of covert activity and psychological warfare.

They are also covering thier asses by making those gentrified areas I mentioned seem like the new ideal, see what you get if you conform and work hard and become a YUPpie. And they make sure that minorities have thier way nowadays so they can cover for those groups doing intimidation on white middle class and even their own people as well as any other group that needs handling and silencing. Diversity is a cover up for making sure that race gets put firmly in place the way they want it so no one brings up class war which is exactly what they have used to cause these changes.

For many people America is now a place where we are expected to shut up and silently exist in the backround. If we dont like it we can either drop dead, get medicated for a disorder or be absorbed into ghetto culture or the diversity cult full of people that dont fit into YUPpie catagories or aspire to move up class wise to become a YUPpie which is nothing more than middle class to lower class people who have been made to feel so insecure they feel the need to move up in the world due to pressure, not true desire to excel, and of course you have the people who are going to gravitate to those levels anyway there to begin with. The YUPpie is a largely mid to late 70's invention and it was considered square and distasteful to middle to lower class whites at that time. I can still recall the early versions of thier pleated pants, the ones that would become so popular in the 1980's when YUPpie culture started to become a cancer in the USA. We never suspected that cities would fall so hard that YUPpies would be able to take them over. And I highly suspect that said cities were allowed to fall for that very motive.
Cause a problem solve a problem.
As far as I am concerned Ronald Reagan closed the institutions knowing that the severely mentally ill along with the introduction of crack cociane would destroy cities that of course were liberal towards homelessness and partying from the 70's. Interesting isnt it? First AIDS then crack then close down the institutions and let the crazies loose into the cities who become the homeless.

What better way to force normal decent people to not only flee cities but then demand a way to insulate themselves from such menaces to society. Oh and adding violent hip hop during the late 80's and early 90's was also brilliant as this will seal the deal on urban squalor and white flight. Then of course the tables turn and they have all they need to come back with bulldozers and start putting down tougher drug laws, criminalize homelessness and rebuild the cities for YUPpies or progressive black youth only. In the end they blame the whole getting out of hand on 70's welfare programs and viola! Their agenda is fullfilled and any blacks that DO get ahead are completely controllable, the ones that seem like they arent are probably working for the more unsavory elements of society like dirty tricks dept's or CIA that cause chaos to get agendas pushed through- becuz I know one thing from experience in the USA: if anyone or anything is truly a threat and cant be controlled it will either cease to exist or be neutralized by the system until its no longer a threat. There is no such thing as an independant force in the USA. EVERYTHING is controlled.

The problem with today is that the humaness has been taken out of life here. Its so anti human its unimaginable as well as being 'human' is hardly even understood as an important part of life in the USA. The only thing that remains is that good heartedness that Americans were famous for in other countries around the world many decades ago. That still exists here and its probably one of the only things that has carried me through this living here and traveling across the USA. THAT true Americaness. Thats whats helped me survive. But unfortunately there are many many people in the US right now of varying ages and races that are into the anti-human, fascist agenda. Its scary. And its like watching They Live or Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Thats EXACTLY what its like. This is when TI's start to break down and consider for a fleeting moment if all the conspiracy theorists out there who are claiming that these factions are aliens which is why anti humanness comes so easy for them, if that isnt really what the problem is. One starts to wonder if that isnt simply what is wrong here.

But we have to remember that COINTELPRO existed and I have seen those tapes of what COINTELPRO perps looked like and sounded like. They are exactly what gang stalking perps are like. Total tools of the system with a hatred of black activists, saying things like "These people dont know how to act" when its a brother speaking against activist brothers. And how exactly should they be acting? What did the state do to you to get you so compliant?

It all comes down in the end to mind control. No one wants to deal with that reality. The USA has not been infiltrated by aliens, its been taken over by mind control slowly over many decades and during Bush some sort of ultimate, mostly unbeatable system of mind control via tech as been firmly put into place that makes it unlikely that the people wont follow along nicely now with any and all agendas.

Its interesting that the war on terror due to outside terrorist action against the USA has somehow validated a domestic war of terror against the American public. We refuse to see that as well or admit to it. All many of us are doing now is going along with everything beaten down or many people are following suit by identifying with the aggressor. Make the MAN proud! By also becoming a bully, Satanic in action and a fascist spy.

To think that this is also happening in other countries is so frightening. Right before our eyes the whole world is going to become just what the NWO wants it to be. And unless you have education, money and know how to go to some underdeveloped country to help thier economy grow you or you cant hold your own here due to not being part of or refusing to join one of the demographics I mentioned that are being favored and smiled upon due to thier helping to achieve the agenda, unless you have those means you...I, and people like me are going to continue to become more and more marginalized economically as well as culturally in the USA while no longer seeing EU as a promised land for artists, squatters or others who yearn to breath free. That used to be part of America's schtick but for those of us who are alternative or artistic or just plain dont fit in here anymore since the early 90's, that is our dream of EU.

And how disheartening for us to see the EU caving in to pressure.

So thier whole game is to once again make everything equal. Thier obsession with equality is an obsession with having everything the same so it can be better controlled. That is all a NWO is for. One world govt? Its not the one world govt that we have a problem with. That is just a symptom of the underlying problem.

When people like me speak of being mortally (and spiritually for some reason) in fear of the NWO its not the one world govt concept that is the problem Its the way its being done and due to people like myself seeing from afar as well as first hand how sick those means are, the concern stems from the dishonestly, manipulation and the use of extremely violent solutions like facism or mind control systems to get such results.

In other words if it was such a great dream and if it was so beneficial then why do the powers that be have to do so by such abusive, illegal, inhuman and sneaky means? If forming one world govt is so wonderful why is it the powers behind such an ideal seem to be the most corrupt and evil known to man? This is why its so important to discredit people like me. If the masses were to understand that behind this becoming a reality, the methods used to NOT reflect the altrustic ideals of its builders or its supporters.

It cannot be all that great for mankind if in fact it has had to be pulled off through mind control and coercion and alot of dishonesty and secrecy. Why cant such a plan be pulled off through cooperation or good will?

The attitude is that those things have been proven not to work, and that is the starting point of thier scam. That these methods are so savage that they will cancel out any savageness in man that prevents such an ideal dream from becoming a reality. People now want a system that works not a system that is humane.

However what we are not asking is why is being anti human so necessary? Why is it necessary to transform so many people into this way of thinking?
Also why must mind control en masse be used as well as other methods of coercion if not mind control through method such as covert activities?
The public are missing out on one important factor- the use of mass mind control as well as the oppression of specific groups and demographics and targeting of specific individuals to make thier vision a reality. IF their idea and thier ideals are so much of what they claim why must such deception be used? Mankind is only corrupt due to the same factions that are behind this corrupting his world constantly. Perhaps the idea is that if the saving of the world is made evil and violent then it will be popular with the people and 'sell' as well as sex, violence, bread and circuses ever have historically.

What bothers me is this idea of equality for all. Its not equality its sameness. First corporations made products that were the 'same'. Then they started forming a work culture and then they came in and hijacked our culture in the 90's or so with corporate sameness spreading like a disease across the USA.
Now it seems that this is being applied to human lives. And there exists mind control technologies and methods that make this a reality.

And life being no fun is not an acceptable method for change. That is the biggest complaint is life being sapped of everything that made it interesting or free or speical or even destroying people with such qualities. Why is that necessary?


Guardian: Paradox of American Poverty

This is untrue for all 'poor Americans'. The author is focusing only on the poor as centralized in ghettos or poor neighborhoods. Once again people are missing an entire demographic of poor Americans that travel seasonally staying either in shelters, sleeping outside (urban camping etc) or staying on the road as Rainbow family or the like or just 'traveling kids', which can also be refered to as 'travelers' in general but one must distinguish on is referring to a poor, neo-hobo type of traveler. Usually a mix of metal head, punk and hippy as well as hobo influences. These people are usually intelligent, interesting, creative or very drunk at least most of the time.. most of all they are tribal, self sufficient and function as a unit much better than other kinds of 'poor people' who live in ghettos, grottos etc or stay in shelters.

Alot of these people have either been to EU or would like very much to escape to a foreign country. Especially now as the country has gone from a beat down by Bush and all that mess right into an economic mess making any healing from the past administration almost impossible.

Travelers are people who know how to take advantage of what American freedoms are left and live off the land or travelers resources in a time of great strife nationally. They always have and they always will. If anyone has told me stories about how to catch a freighter out of here to Europe, its this crowd.

Its like we dont exist. There are plenty of poor people who live on the fringes out of necessity but dont feel badly becuz most AMERICANS dont understand us either. They actually believe in America that if you are happy while being without a home and poor that you are doing so by choice. Americans naturally percieve poverty as a state of strife as well as secretly something that one should be penalized for. This is why America is not surviving this very well.

In New England our ways of preserving what we have or being frugal naturally make us more resilient. Certain areas have ways of surviving poverty as they have always done so.
One example of why America fails at hard times is my visit to Cali. In southern California they still do insane things like use water spraying machines to wash the sides of buildings as they seem obsessed with making everything look clean...too clean. They build outrageous things that either are totally not utilitarian or wouldnt survive an earthquake anyway. Parts of America like this are stuck in the 60's and 80's when people could afford such overboard luxuries. They live that way naturally by their culture. Then they complain the state is broke. To a New Englander they were stupid in the first place by not placing thier original wealth wisely. Its all private money out there anyway so no one cares- if you cant survive you just leave or suffer badly in poverty.

There isnt even a test for us to have our environmental footprint measured as travelers who piggyback on alot of services already in place like sharing rides or eating leftovers or sleeping outside or in places where many people will use utilities meant for one person etc. Becuz no one wants to acknowledge that there is a sensible alternative to being poor in the USA.

That is why the grotto people she speaks of would never consider leaving the USA. They are stuck in that mentality here and they know the culture. I dont think many French poor would just agree to trot over here either. I wonder if the culture exchange would be worth it. France may have poor people but culturally they may be richer than even well to do Americans.

Its sad that many TI's are now being destroyed further by these new set of problems in society that makes it hard for them to get back up again.But if you know this system you know that is why the campaigns were started in 2003 and that is probably why anyone who was looking ahead took bribes, payoffs or sold other out becuz people looking ahead probalby saw that hard times were coming and get all you can get to survive them. TI's are people who got hit during Bush and circumstances now guarantee thier total destruction and the ultimate ruination of thier lives. Its engineered that way, it was planned ahead. The system knew that knocking people down who had no way out during Bush would ensure they did not get up again during this mess.

Emotionally TI's could not possibly recover with the fascism that is still in place. And the same Targets cannot recover financially but emotionally due to how the culture is reflecting how bad the economy is.

Many TI's were so wounded and abused during Bush that there is no recovery from that and if there was we are not going to get it in this current state of affairs. More people who are not targeted are taking up space in shelters- not just whistle blowers and other kinds of TI's as well as yer other demographics of 'homeless' people.

The system knows that. They know that this phase will only destroy a TI emotionally and mentally even moreso. That is why so many Targets claim thier campaigns became 24/7 in 2003. When the people responsible for this kind of action do indeed put thier plans into action, they do not f*ck around or leave results to chance.

Many Americans in this position desperately want to live somewhere else, perhaps somewhere more adult that understand standing up to a govt or corruption can land one in these circumstances, so not to judge by appearance alone as Americans naively do.

Its no surprise that Indian women give me money while panhandling much more easily than westerners do. You can tell they know a woman is out on the street due to corruption. With Eve Teasing as bad as it is in thier culture, they know what women are put through realistically by those in power.
Americans turn a blind eye to such age old realities due to wanting to believe they can control and fix all problems. If anyone should be assisted while homeless its women. Yet more shelters are for men and more shelters that allow freedom of daily movement are for me. Womens shelters focus on pushing housing as well as having women stay in or come in earlier. Many women like myself cannot adhere to such a schedule and get things done nor can we stand most homeless women who are either in there for housing only or to get thier kids back.

Many women I have talked to want to leave. The question is not if we can get there, the question usually is if things dont work out or we cant survive in a particular culture, how the hell would be get back? As well as would we be protected as foreigners considering many of us are poor, female, no families and usually ignorant of language or foreign culture itself.

If you google 'poor americans leaving usa' or 'poor americans emigrating to europe' nothing comes up with those exact phrases. Its as if the concept does not exist. The reason is that America does not want its poor to leave. It keeps people here and it controls its poor so tightly nowadays that they are often treated like prisoners. I just an hour ago walked out of Catholic Charities in Somerville due to being thrown out after stating that they were a private company that gets govt funding and they mistreat us as children or prisoners, after calling staff on screw up.
Where is someone like me to go except to follow good weather so I have an alternative when the staff mess with me and I usually leave?

My only thought is to try the traveler/squatting lifestyle in Europe where over here its said its more of an acceptable lifestyle. But how to know that is true enough to just go over there empty handed? I know any money I get here is worth almost half as much there. Well...can I pan handle in EU? Or as a foreigner could I survive better or worse?

These are things many poor Americans are sincerely considering.

Again the continued con job that started during Bush wants to blame just the economy. Americans have survived many hard times and did not leave the country. There has to be something else going on..and there is. What started with Bush has made being poor in America almost like being in prison and its not getting any better. I mean really poor with no family or anything to lean on. Its a sneaky part of behavior modification and that goes specifically for TI's. If held off from economic growth or treated so badly as a poor person maybe the TI will move on and focus on getting a job and survival instead of whistle blowing on what happened during Bush that was so brutal to knock us down to begin with, which is kind of the same intimidation towards the entire nation in the same way. You cant focus on Bush when you have to focus on survival now.

Its a con job. So that means TI's have to suffer through yet another administration to get their stories out becuz giving in to mind games is not the way to get justice for ourselves. Some people may see it as lazy or giving up with this 'why dont you move on?' attitude. Why? becuz the system wants me to so that means its what I SHOULD NOT do in the interest of ultimately doing what is right which is to expose what went on during Bush.

If that means moving abroad to write a book more easily then that is what I should do. If I can be left alone more often and hassled less in EU trying to squat and write then that is where I should go. Charles Schlund stated that if you are targeted in the US, the use of tech to torture is less outside the states. I dont know how true that is for every Target.

These are just the circumstances they need to have TI's in behavior mod programs leave behind thier old lives permanently and become 'new people' as is pushed so hard. I personally am not going to fall for it becuz I find it amusing that a woman this poor, a supposed nobody with nothing, could be given such a hard time over a book that supposedly no one will pay attention to anyway. The money that is put forth to ensure my silence is much more than it would ever cost to house me or feed me in a year...and one must as what is the source of that money. If its govt money at any level then there is yer problem right there with what is wrong with America. If its private or corporate the same applies but then one must really ask why waste so much to silence someone who supposedly is meaningless?

That leads me to believe that I as well as other TI's must fight through any circumstance in any country or culture to accomplish whatever it is that this system seeks to block so readily wherever we go.

I have thought of approaching the overseas option by going to embassy or consulate here and asking if any programs exist for the poor to go overseas. Many Americans like myself are very ignorant of the way the world works or how to go about such things. This is done from the time we are young. There is no class in public school that encourages my class of people to think about international travel at least when I was young. In fact, history teachers used to lie to us to keep us ignorant. I will never forget the teacher who told me that no one knew what occured before Christian history in say, ancient pagan European countries at the same times as the ancient classical cultures we were studying, more frightening is that he may have been that stupid and was honest in his answer!

True historically we have always been the takers of immigrants not other way round but people have been leaving since Clinton and I think now that I see why and wish I had as well.

But for some of us these are the front lines and leaving now would be like leaving unfinished business. Its exciting to think that, if we did accomplish our goals like an expose against such odds and oppression, that it could be the ultimate stab in the eyes of this dragon at such close range, as to finally get a blow in that will do some real damage instead of just infuriating the beast moreso into oppressing us more.

There is a cultural shift that disgusts most real Americans right now. Only evil Americans or people who are totally ignorant as to what is really going on or those who feel helpless to take action are allright with being here now. Many people who are fine financially want out as well due to how disgusting this country has become to any true, real American citizen who represents what was fine and good about our culture. Its not just economically driven.

I read these sights about how to leave and it makes my eyes well up. No one should have to flee thier homeland under such duress and circumstances, especially when no one is admitting that it is an exodus of sorts to escape oppression. NO ONE is really presenting it that way but that is exactly what it is.