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On gangstalking - Blogged


The Sweep At The Airport Is Every Terminal

7am the same liason came to the other terminal. He asked me if I,was still making my way out. I said I didnt want to use the bathroom in the last terminal becuz he wanted me to leave. There was no way I was going out into the fog this mornng at 545 am, disoriented from only three hours sleep, with nowhere to go in the city. That is NOT safe given my recent health issues and hightened stress levels. I can tell this guy,is,just doing his job. Its questionable if he knows anything about GS or not. Perhaps not becuz he doesnt seem like a total beligerant arrogant asshole. He probably wouldnt choose jomeless liason if he was. He'd be gang stslking people for his pay instead. Many public servants want to help people. GANG STALKERS DO NOT. Anyway due to him sneakily taking my picture when talking to me I,filmed his waking up Peter, a Harvard Sq homeless man who now sleeps at the airport usually. Peter isnt an angel mimd you, hes got some issues. And perhaps a record but hes got an imtellecrual side and hes more of a sixties acid casualty type than anything else. Mind you Boston is tolerant and patient compared with otjer cities and they do work with,the homeless often not jist harass or oitlaw. Its the covert action against us as well as my campaign being so intense that makes the,situatiom even harder.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Rachel,
I'm going to try, but doubt this will post or go through. None of my emails get through...
I am facing homelessness, as I'm being assaulted almost all day and night at the apartment I share with someone I no longer trust. I have been looking online for places to go that are warm in the winter - I'm 50 years old and I don't think I survive living outside in the cold. There's a place called Slab City in southern California, near the Salton Sea. It used to be a military training place, was abandoned, and is now a place for those who have nowhere else to go, that are disillusioned with the way our society is going. There's no rent, people live in motorhomes (many families that lost everything live there), tents, in their cars, etc. I want to go there to try and make a life. Have you ever heard of it?