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On gangstalking - Blogged


Locations Rich In Intellectual Resources Being Cut Off To Homeless By Design It Seems

I notice theres alot of people coming into areas and screwing up peaceful homeless scenes like Harvard Sq. I also notice that these same people belong to a crowd that brings drugs into the area they are blowing up and they also actively gang stalk Targets.

To me it seems like these are operations designed to make certain areas very unfriendly to the homeless that were otherwise tolerant.
Areas where we could have access to educated people, good bookstores and other things to keep us connected to the real world if you will.

Boston and Cambridge are so bad now with clouds the mind and stifles thought that one doesnt even realize thats whats going on in the moment.

Its getting really bad, like the are phasing out the homeless. They are certainly setting us up to become isolated. It pushes homeless people into isolation and being profiled thus persecuted. Therefore anyone targeted will probably be stressed out further and driven closer to genuinely losing their mind.

This has all been planned it seems which is why many,TIs tell of campaigns intensifying in 2003. They planned all along to use anti terror or cover stories like federal investigations against Survivors or Targets and now the total gentrifying of areas making them 'rich only'.

Sending in the most ill behaved homeless as well as pumping drugs into an area adds to this making the area have to adopt a zero tolerance policy.

TIs then suffer due to being further isolated.

What is most suspect is the element of many bad homeless who are strangers to the area at the same time as hard drugs like mad man speed saturating the area at the exact same time. Its like one event altogether.

The reason I,think its an operation is becuz these groups who bring drugs and destructiveness also gang stalk people like me who are targeted. Actively and in a way that is obviously tactical.

The cintent they use to harass is based on my experiences as a GS target not anything I tell the Traveler community. Firstly how would they know secondly even,if rhey read my,blog why,would they,be motivated to use,the content against me?

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Anonymous said...

Before i got wise to the attempts to agitate me to anger....i got banned from the public library...some voodoo killed my laptop and so i went to the library....i dont go to libraries they got some black transsexual to whisper stuff to some handicapped woman who said i dont know what everyday when i came the wacko staff doing i ccomplained and got banned out of ritual torture out of the democrap party types in there....but i didnt know what it i know to ignore the psychopaths from cia fbi who pay these folks to gangstalk isnt to help people....its to murder people by taunting and mockery