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MIT Going To Shut Down Public Access To Its Computers

A librarian who claims to like me told me that MIT is going to be implementing a policy similar to alot of other places around the country where outsiders to the college can only use the computers for two hours or so daily. Perhaps for research only.

This is due partially to many people coming to MIT daily and sitting at the computer for hours on end. The same computers usually. And being noisy or not doing serious work.
This is why I mix it up and go to different locations, different libraries of one college and different colleges, different times of day etc and use my phone instead of needing a PC every day.
The problem with this area of the country has always been that the poor or houseless are so used to having access to things easily or experiencing a tolerant culture that they tend to overdo things and not take care with the privileges allowed them, such as being able to walk into a major university and use a computer for an unspecified amount of time.

I know from experience that in the rest of the USA this is very rare especially out west, where they are very liberal about houseless people and Travelers yet they can afford to be so due to thier basic system of total segregation of such populations from thier own.

Now another college is doing this. Harvard wont even let anyone near thier library, and I cant blame them. Northeastern tried to remove the sound from thier computers and when that didnt work to deter home bum use or poor people, they stopped allowing outsiders in altogether.

Ive seen this around the country, universities pulling such privileges due to abuse of them.

What I do not see is any kind of compromise. No one tries to perhaps give special passs with ID's to people who can perhaps pay a small amount for that as well as qualifies by credentials such as being clean, considerate and for the most part doing worthy projects.
I dont know if my work would be considered worthy but the fact I am not watching movies, playing video games or screwing around for most of the time I am here is enough.

Again and again its the same. The allow things to be too tolerant, almost as if to allow this type of population to hang itself by proving itself incapable of respecting such privileges and then taking them away completely.

Part of the decision is based on the behavior of one of my two friends I have introduced to the library which I realized was a mistake. They are too young and very inconsiderate. One of them has annoyed one particular library and its workers to the point of pushing this new rule as a consideration for all libraries.

This was leaked to me remember. Its probably not going to be implemented until next school year, but it still saddens me that if I come back here after my usual winter travel or even going inside that I will return to yet another closed door in my face. Just another to cut me off from any sense of the past here in Boston/Cambridge.

BU pulled this as well and I cant blame them but they also allowed too much stupidity from homeless people in thier computer library to occur and thus there was the reason for the decision when they refurbished thier library.

My work has suffered greatly due to not being able to frequent the BU library, even my life culturally. I know it was a place where some horrible harassment occurred, like trained handlers or even people dosing with spray bottles (the Boston University area was outrageous for the Gang Stalking during Bush and early Obama, when Hayden was in office as head of CIA) but I also would meet people who seemed intrigued with what I was doing. From a legal and social standpoint. Younger people who would turn me on to what was going on culturally etc.

I could fight this but I am not going to. Its what they want. They want me to join society and waste my time on things like this when I should have been a counselor by now for sex workers as well as doing my art projects on the side. Baiting me with being the hero has always been part of behavior modification. And I am sick of it.

After today I am going to leave MIT and never return. I dont want to be here when they turn on me, as everyone else has.

I had a feeling they were going to do this anyway. My Intuition or guidance system. I always feel like some security or other entity is watching and listening at MIT and that lately has been judging that outsider behavior here is not what they want in thier university. It was no surprise when I was told this was coming down.

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