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On gangstalking - Blogged


Homeless Being Told Not To Sleep At Airport Due To Better Weather, Explains Increase In GS

5:30 am. I was just woken up at the airport by a homeless laison. I have what I consider more proof gangstalking is also used as part of the campaign against anyone undesirable sponsored by a company or entity. The reason to gang stalking is so heavy recently is because it is tourist season. that is what seems more likely now after my experience just now. I was actually warned by someone that a trooper goes around that terminal. But I didnt understand what they,were talking about becuz I guess they only do these sweeps in the summer months which is actually pretty tolerant the remainder of the year. I didnt blog about it but last night I got really harassed in the terminal and on the shuttle there and I could not understand it usually its pretty peacable. Its just like the harassment thats come up now in Kenmore when I show up there to get spare change and there happens to be a Red Sox game. Its becuz whoever is behind harassing the homeless in this manner obviously wants to clean up the city for tourist season. Either that or only TIs get their campaigns intensified so that they leave the city during the summer. Which has,been very damaging to me. Its worsened my ongoing health conditions physically just in past few days and its pushed my,stress levels past whats acceptable to maintain (which is,bad due to my being an experimentee or whatever they,were doing all,these years to create unbelievable stress levels to begin with). Also, I was just about to leave town, blow off everything I was doing and even forget about trying to get to a doctor's appointment. Something told me to go stay at airport last night. Now I,realize that I needed to experience this to understand that the GS intensifies due to their selfish motives for profit during the summer. There are probably more people available to GS as well due to school being out. So I will continue what I am doing just stay away from their precious tourist areas and events. Someone could have just told me instead of adding to the damage to my,health. This seems to be why many people here are not aware of my experiencing other things like MILABs, human experimemtation etc when I would leave for other states. They would ask why dont I just leave town? Or years later, why am I still homeless? I can assume that many people who are doing this dont know the extent of it. That its being used to get Targets isolated in the system and chased off to places and in situations where we can be experimented on or even exposed to torture which is either as part of a continued attempt to behavior modify the Survivor or for the purposes of ritual abuse. I have to say that I am warned about coming harassment often enough a few hours or so before it happens by means I wont reveal here, but due to my being so stressed out and brainwashed by that stage when this gets intensified I cant respond to it as a reasonable person. However this could explain something I saw that I mistook for something of a bad nature but was actually helpful. We arent alone in this. It could be Alex Jones what he said about private contractors providing mercenaries. They are also providing black ops and like he said the real authorities dont approve. Whats left of our legit government. It feels so good to finally be validated concerning Gen Xs youth, how we resisted and got called 'slackers' and saw corporations as extremely dangerous but were vague about how it was going to go down exactly. Well, unfortunately, we now have lived through the worst horrors of it. Things I never imagined would happen. Changes to the country that were unthinkable back then. 6:24 am different terminal. Wise ass just went by and harassed regular who sleeps here. Guy didnt wake up. Called him Santa Clause becuz of his beard which is disrespectful. Now I understand why international terminal has homeless liason. Becuz there arent grunt worker low life union types around there to behave in their typical low brow manner. It's the same crap I have experienced here. Those cowards can only harass people when they are alone, when they are sleeping and when the low brows aren't alone but with other males. Of course. The homeless liason gave me this speech about this not beimg a shelter. Listen assholes just be straight with us about,the,time of,year,and weather,being the cause etc becuz the rest of the year no such speech is given. So can the,false morality bullshit. Also where else are women who are gang stalked supposed to sleep safely if they cant find people to squat with? Shelters arent safe, they are the most UNsafe places due to disease, severely memtally ill people and of course Gang Stalkers then having Targets surrounded in an isolated location. And Boston is more tolerant than other cities! What the speech should really consist of is 'The technologies and chemical influences we use to mansge the populations during the schoolyear are noe being lifted to make it mostlhabitable for tourists and conducive to makimg money off them. Since we know in reality many of the homeless are actually Targeted Individuals we cant have you in the area becuz you wont be made manageable by the aforementioned methods used during the schoolyear. So please remain outside the city and,be unseen as possible while we make,our,moneylthis summer!' I would have much prefered the honest route than my doctors appointment which could mean longer,orlshorter life right now, almost being missed.

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