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On gangstalking - Blogged


Still in CA/ missing winter snow

Allright as usual blogs I create for educational purposes turn into journals sometimes. Considering I lost a half a digit due to all this bs and don't write well with a pen anymore tapping on keyboard is the only way.

In San Diego CA its lovely weather. It has stopped raining finally. And I thought I would enjoy this. It seems my system is accustomed to darkness, ice, snow and the privacy, quiet and insulation this provides. Looking at pics of Boston in winter is helping. Focusing on the snow I actually feel is cool my body down and calm my system. Its true all the things they say about Californians in winter..its like 50 degrees and they are asking "Arent you cold?". Uh, no. I was in this wind storm trying to catch a truck ride here from outside Victorville CA. People safe in thier cars looked very perplexed at a human being weathering the elements to achieve some goal. Pathetic really, hiding in your car.
This shows me in a way why so many people go along with gang stalking. Plain and simple they are weak. Its easier...unless of course you enjoy what goes on then its like a taboo luxury, but so many people look on sheepishly. Its intolerable really.

I never realized how the weather we are born into or the environment effects us for life. In another part of CA, this nice suburb with mountains and lots of green things, I felt a bit healthier but allergic. The minute we hit a dirty, gritty big city type of place down the highway, where the highway signs have dirt on them and the concrete is worn and familiar smells of city pollution hits you...I felt perfectly normal.

As I look at pics of Boston I get these impressions that the city knows what they did, they know they helped ruin my life in a major way but I also sense eternal silence. Like its the kind of action that Boston will always know but never tell. Like a statue that represents the city who cant speak and stands silent for as long as the city stands, holding everything in place with dead quiet and that knowing but unchanging look carved into her face until she wears and crumbles.

This is maddening for me. Its the unsolvable problem for many targeted people. Its so surreal, these actions against us. It has caused an actual change in the timeline and that is ultimately what destroys our sanity. And this is the system being stubborn, hoping you're Will shall crumble and you give in to their altered timeline and form a new self becuz of it to fit into thier false reality. This is what was meant when that creepy girl in that hospital said to me "They are angry with you becuz you arent accepting your situation".

The original timeline should be held onto tightly for dear life, like your personal treasure of pure gold. IF you let the system wear you down you will be turned into a mindless drone. The greatest power they have is to keep denying the campaign exists...thus denying YOU exist.

Checking out is preferable to letting them have thier "accepting you situation". Accept this you jerks: my middle finger is raised high and its JUST for you. That is what I think of this 'offer you cant refuse' bullsh*t.

Its so mello here and sunny my body is freaking out. I mean anxiety due to no snow? Weird. And I can see how CA gets the herd mentality going alot. I think the mello attitude is sort of sedating, and you start acting part of the hive and you dont notice it..unless your from the northeast and wonder why your feeling VERY jittery.

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