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Ontario CAL: TA truck stop/ gang stalking CA style

Becuz there is little remote influence here guess what you get? You got it- lots of in person real time gang stalking from live human beings. Good old fashioned perpdom all over again. Its like the bad old days during the Bush administration when it was like this everywhere a TI went and you couldnt get the hell away from it.

The funny thing about that is most TIs who made it through that era are now so battle ready that it has little effect. I also believe that the extreme torturous kind of remote influence is something that is no longer used as it was during Bush and the height of the war. I havent tested this theory becuz I stay out of targeting 'hot spots' like Boston or all of MA, NY and St Louis MO...places I know the remote influence is so severe each and every time I return there, that the only goal of those places seems to be to kill the Target or get them institutionalized.
There is a major truck stop in Ontario CA. First of all you will not get a ride especially south or north as most people here are going east. No one will pick up hitchers here because hitchers here tend to be hijackers and many truckers have been robbed and killed giving rides to people. Plus your dealing with new school morons and the new generation of person who once they here a story about crime they parrot it all over the place to inject drama into thier veins Jerry Springer style. If truckers had this thin skin in the old days there wouldnt be any more truckers.
I am tired of people thinking that the world has changed so much..guess what geniuses? BAD THINGS HAPPENED IN THE OLD DAYS BUT THERE WAS NO NEWS SERVICE FAST ENOUGH OR DETAILED ENOUGH IN INFO TO TELL YOUR ISOLATED SORRY ASSES ABOUT IT, ALSO NO INFO HIGHWAY(INTERNET). This is why at heart I am an elitist that thinks there should be an IQ test to use the internet. So the public gets there hands on the www and realizes how life really works and all of a sudden the world is a bad place "in the day and age we live in". WTF? All the old school truckers just take one look at me and say "Yeah but you dont look dangerous no one is worried about you". What these guys have to understand is that most people nowadays get into trucking becuz ITS NOT AS HARD AS IT WAS IN THE OLD DAYS AND DOESNT TAKE THE INTUITON, BALLS, GRIT OR KNOW HOW IT DID YEARS AGO. Old timer travelers and truckers talk about travel just like it has always been "just scope em out".
It is smart and just easier to not give someone a ride if its an area truckers are getting hijacked out of but as one trucker said "alot of it (the way people think nowadays) is just paranoia". But induced paranoia can be so powerful it can change the minds of men (and wmn) to become thier reality.

If you are a targeted individual you have little choice but to travel from place to place and stay on the run. Its actually worse than being a fugitive due to the fact that you never will get caught and placed in jail and then its finally over. The only place this system wants you is in a pine box or institutionalized where you will most llikely be tortured further. This is why so many people do not want to believe targeted individuals stories and believe thier circumstances are mental illness or delusion.
They honestly believe that in the USA or any other democracy such a thing would not happen and they would be able to spot 'bad people' ..wouldnt they? Use your info highway and look up all the atrocities that have come before as well as human experimentation. If you lived during COINTELPRO or MKUltra when these things were overtly being done you probably wouldnt have known the people involved on sight UNLESS YOU WERE INVOLVED or trained to look for such things. Just becuz its talked about in a historical context as if we can now see it clearly does not mean it was allowed to be seen when is was occuring. That would make it a pretty sh*tty covert operation.

Anyway stay away from this truck stop unless you are with someone and leaving with them or meeting someone there. The cops are cool if they find out you wandered into the area and an uninformed traveler. The TA west is strict and wont let you back on the lot once your ride leaves. TA east is a bit more open to people walking on the lot if you get stuck with no ride you cant sit in overnight. The cops are the least of your worries here and dont seem to be at all into the gang stalking. They have that way that Cali cops have where they are pleasant as long as your story is honest and dont piss them off. They dont seem to be trying to prove anything like back east..I have heard bad things about LA but I stay the f*ck out of LA as my ex is there and I want all my detractors to understand that he does exist. Also LA , with 85000 homeless seems like a baaad place to be a vagrant. The cops will stop you and check you out if you look at all scruffy or houseless, like with a backpack but like I said they are cool about it.

The problem with this area is gang stalking...lots of it. There are truckers in on it, and it will become known that there is a targeted person around looking for a ride. Be prepared to find another way out of here as you will have to deal with smirks and other run of the mill bullshit to make you feel bad about your situation. Be prepared for the place to be covered with the ability to know where you are every moment- such as if ypou do find a trucker to hang with and you look out the small window of the sleeper, you will see a greybeard look right at you and point and other hand signals acknowledging that the system knows where you are. Then when you go inside the truck stop BE PREPARED FOR SUBTLE BUT EFFECTIVE GANG STALKING TACTICS that are frighteningly effective due to being tailored to your specific situation with attention to detail and the ability to not be detected by anyone but the Target.
This is gaslighting central and is one of those places that will drive YOU nuts while anyone you are with will not see a damn thing. We are talking about down to the music played on the radio in the bathroom and the timing of its airing. People coming into the bathroom with very subtle mind games that you have to be a seasoned TI to have lived through and now know how to sut out.
Bring earphones.

This says something about this truck stop. Most other truck stops are not this perp infultrated or not as obvious and do not pay attention to such detail. its like this area is infultrated and covered so well that any TI can be targeted with harassment tailored down to the finest detail. I wonder why this is...well, its a very Asian area, So Cal and this style reminds me of Oriental subtlety. An Asian did stop and stare me down and nod in gang stalker acknowledgement in the very beginning. It could be thier mafia runs this area I dont know.
I was informed that the Hells Angels allegedly runs this stop and I was never harassed before with my driver friends going through there but as a traveler with no ride perhaps the rules change I dont know.

There is a Greyhound station just north of there at 888 South Indian Hill Blvd Claremont, CA 909-624-4564. There are no homeless shelters and the cops will not drive you somewhere safe. If you have a bit of cash there is a motel there for 50 a night.

CA is notoriously paranoid about travelers anyway. I have never been able to navigate effectively through California...perhaps if you are from here you understand how it works. Strangely I have found the cops to be the least involved in gang stalking in an overt manner while in marked cars in uniform..but this is the land of out of work actors and people who live to be seen as 'gangsta' or dont know any other mentality.

I believe if the cops are involved it is done very well here via outsourcing or like in other cities undercovers do the harassment so no badges become tarnished with direct association.
Unlike Boston or NY city, the police in many parts of the US dont wish to be feared as psychopathic thugs who are equal to thier organized crime counterparts. But Boston, being Irish or Italian Catholic, Jewish and old money WASP, is the absolute height of neurosis and funcional insanity in the USA anyway.

As far as gang stalking goes I have yet to experience So Cal style. I was in Freemont during the beginning campaign when most gang stalking is very overt on a TI due to the fact that he person doesnt understand what is happening- that was in Freemont CA and it sucked believe me. A shelter and its residents were involved as well as the local church across the street that gave out food. This is where there was directed conversation about "the victim witness thing" and them not wanting to harbor me due to someone blaming them for helping me (still cant figure that out). This is also where that old man giving out food at the church across the street sat down with me for an interview to get food and instead used it to arrogantly f*ck with me, saying things like " Sooo, Rachel what are you doing in Freemont? Running from the FBI?" It was so great the next day when a white limo pulled into the church lot and then left after someone visited them, and upon our next meeting the same old man looked like he was pissing himself in adult diapers out of fear. Either I do indeed "have friends" as one bitch working at WOMENS LUNCH PLACE hissed in my face, or he was blowing the operation by being too overt and thus tipping off the TI, thus breaking the brainwashing 'spell'. I have seen people end up dead under mysterious and very fishy circumstances, for simply saying something that wakes the TI up our of the brainwash- something that is too close of a clue that allows the Target to see fully into the whole operation. DEAD like within days.

So anyway there you have it. Youll get messed with and you wont get a damn ride. So stay out of Ontario CAL USA if you are trying to get a ride.


jerry said...

As a homeless male of 13+ years, much of what u say is true. however, i have found much help and friendship in the various churches. i have been homeless in all 50 states, the worst as far as corrupt cops being Honolulu Hi. but their is much help their also. Ive been a truck driver for 9 years off and on, presently driving for Mercer, all 48. I am more in tune with homelessness as i am still homeless myself. except for my truck, i have no where else to stay. Most trucking company's do not allow giving rides to hitch hikers. the penalty is immediate dismissal, and a permanent black mark on your record. I do pick up most people, as ive been their so many times myself. most homeless are just trying to get it together, and are wonderful people at heart. Some are rotten, and just want to take advantage of any situation. I do not give money to sign wavers, will work for food, etc. as i know a lot of them, and know they will only buy drugs and alcohol with the money they get.

Anonymous said...

I'm a TI in St. Louis (Jennings Missouri). Was also targeted in San Antonio Texas where I became aware of my targeting. But, my targeting probably started sometime during my stay in St. Louis.

On my drive alone back to St. Louis this year I was being targeted with directed energy all the way as is normal these days. There were numerous trunks along the highway as you might expect. When it started to rain really hard I remember saying out loud but to myself " I wish one of these truckers would let me follow them" (for safety purposes). Immediately some truckers started running right upon me flashing their lights. When I moved over to a different lane, one in particular moved over behind me. When I sped up that same trucker caught up to me flashing his lights. I thought that was very odd. Since then I have entertained the idea that truckers could certainly be a part of this whole scenario.

Be safe. I'm finding that it doesn't really
matter whether you're homeless or housed, these evil scumbag cowards who hide behind their little computer, GPS and pulse weapons like little girls will continue to do what they do.

NSpin said...

do you have any reason to believe the people running Fremont Hospital are involved? I have good reason to believe theyre the ones doing it, my gang stalking started right when I started feeling normal after having a chemical lobotomy at that hospital back in 2009, in 2010. Dr. Waraich and her husband, etc. There were multiple people connceted to bush Sr. and the CIA / mind control in the hopsital, patients.

Anonymous said...

My name is Nathalie, I am in Plymouth Mass. I am a T.I. for many years. Trying to leave here again. Homeless. Kids put me in Pembroke hosp. because I claim( for years) people were interupting my utilities, mail stolen, garbage thrown at house. When I discovered theres anmae for this activity and told them I was being tortured by elctronic waves they thought I was crazy. Saying a prayer for all of the world to wake up! In Spirit and love, Nathalie

Unknown said...

They deserve the truth published!

Anonymous said...

The reason this activity continues is because the police will not do anything about it and sometimes they are involved. The stalking is just a game to the perps which makes them feel powerful, where as they are merely inadequate people, the dregs of society. Ignorant immature and jealous is what they are,so keep this in mind when you're struggling to make sense of it all.The only way to stop this is by exposure.Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

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