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On gangstalking - Blogged


Phoenix AZ

Phoenix AZ has NO 211 ACCESS. In case u dont know pressing 211 from any cell phone usually gets you a wonderful United Way service in many states where they are on the whole pleasant, helpful and have a comprehensive list of homeless shelters.

Since AZ has no 211 service I was given a local number: 602-263-8900 by a local shelter.

When I called this number I was greeted roughly and coldly. Firstly asked if I was calling due to being abused or homeless. Then "what is your name" gave a real first and fake last. Then "whats you social?" F*ckin outrageous. These people are not even IDENTIFYING THEMSELVES AND THIER COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION and the shelter who refered me gave me no such info.

This is one of the biggest problems with the homeless system in the USA. It violates all kinds of laws and common decency given to everyone else automatically becuz the non profit con artists and white collar criminals know that the homeless and abused are a marginalized society of vulnerable people. And this is NOT just becuz I am a targeted individual this is for everyone who ends up in this position.

I then stopped her and nicely said that I am just looking for a shelter that has beds for women with no children. Response was "Do you have a problem with children?" It was a power play if I ever heard one. It was also the typical intimidate with shame, guilt and whatever else to control the homeless. However she went just a bit to far too fast. Not slick enough dear.

I said" No its just that alot of places dont want to deal with a woman with no kids its hard to find a shelter". Since I made the homeless shelter business sound deficient she stopped the bitch act. She said "oh well yes we do have those". Then I asked if this hotline operated out of a private shelter or if they were state run. She then said she provided shelter info. Then I asked more specifically who they are funded by: "are you state run or city run or private?" . She replied: "We just run". Then after denying to IDENTIFY HERSELF, HER COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION SHE THEN ASKED IF I HAD A PROBLEM GIVING OUT CERTAIN INFORMATION.

I hung up.

Unless you are going to be entering that particular shelter as far as I am concerned a stranger on the phone has no right to your social security number, especially as they have not identified themselves or who they work for.

My grandparents handed down some of the US Marines ways of doing things and for years I was taught to get names of who you spoke to and when at at what number. NOWADAYS, its considered bad for m for in the civilian world for anyone to ask any questions of someone on the other end of a phone who wishes to remain faceless. Wether in a corporation or other things we deal with daily in our business as Americans, the phone customer service person has a power trip going on as they hold power by not being identifiable. Some companies will have the operator or customer service rep give you a ID number or at least a case #. This is a compromise at least and the company is showing willfulness to take responsibility for its actions and that or its employees.

In the land of homeless, no one takes responsibility for their actions as the homeless are vilified from the start of the interaction. Yet, legally or even logically this is absurd as no premise has been set to determine exactly who you are talking to.( like you could be talking to an activist with a blog and a brain for instance- like now.)

Outrageous. The capitalist society we live in and the image and ethic of hard work is USED AGAINST THE HOMELESS PERSON so that those making a killing off of non profits can continue to bamboozal not only the public but the clients themselves.

Cult mind control or 'brainwashing' tactics are commonly used within the homeless culture. No one sees as this is a marginalized population and a subculture. It is probably most similar to jail though thats a guess for me. BUT becuz we live in a democracy (still anyway on paper) and you HAVE NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF ANY CRIME they HAVE TO USE CULT MIND CONTROL TACTICS OF INTIMIDATION in order to get you down or keep you down so you can be processed through the system and handled.

This is the exact reason homeless people with any Willpower or brains risk everything and sleep outside.

There is a shelter listed on there for Central AZ shelter services and they sounded nice and somewhat sane.

I dont treat these places like hotels but I cant do a stupid act becuz I just dont have the energy. And if I do that the other homeless people will know I am full of shit and target me without it being about the stalking or harassment system anyway.

I never did get the game down of how to play in shelters. Usually people hate me after a few days out of jealousy or I get targeted due to the gang stalking campaign- and believe me I can tell the difference.

I was TARGETED from GANG STALKING at the Rescue Mission in El Paso TX.
I was messed with by a jealous racist b*tch at St Patrick's in Somerville MA.
How do I know the difference?
-Staff is usually in on the gang stalking campaigns. Going to them is useless, but in the other situation they help to resolve infighting.
-lots of the smear campaign swirls around you if you are being harassed as a TI withing gang stalking. If its just regular BS it will be a specific person and incident as well as about other things like cattiness of women, racism, etc.
-Staff who know you are targeted but feel bad about it will often give you some kinds of indication that you are in for some kind of set up before it happens. There would be no such foreknowledge in a situation that was truly random.
-There are creepy people who seem to be amused by you or what state you are in and play with this or toy with you in the very beginning if its gang stalking. Often its like a private joke shared with staff or other homeless residents but the joke is YOU the TI. This again says to anyone logical that they know who you are before you know who they are. In a situation that is truly random, things unfold as people interact wtih you.

The southwestern USA is a hard system to be homeless in as it is run by religious organizations alot of the time and you are expected to have this suffering attitude. Its not like in NY or Boston where homelessness if part of life and no one really cares why you are or if you are- 'homeless'. Its almost like a moral judgement here. And they are very threatened by anyone with intelligence or a Will about them as here you are supposed to be handled by the system as you are helpless. In cities back east that would get you robbed or beat up in a shelter.

I refuse to play victim becuz the system wants it that way. I am constantly fighting to survive and I cannot stop becuz the homeless sytem here wishes to shepard me like Jesus. Everyone homeless fully appreciates what people give, provide and do for the homeless but the system is corrupt and some of us are never going to be able to not be homeless or if we can its difficult for us due to our circumstances.

And most people who volunteer or donate have no idea how the staff treat the population while they are not around. It is thier job basically to beat down the population and handle them through the system. Yes , many people may need jail like conditions but the ones who dont by LOGIC WOULD BE LEFT ALONE TO GO ABOUT THIER BUSINESS. SO why then are independent minded smart people who come into the shelter beaten down harder than other homeless people, if by thier actions they are showing they need LESS supervision?

Take a wild guess.

Also if you are targeted and they even smell you are a whistle blower who is targeted then they have to be afraid of you spotting anything wrong with THIER system which you now have full access to investigate.

THAT is how it works.

Just wanted to warn you about AZ.


Unknown said...

hi, your blog is so true, I have been n both ends of the "non profit " world in AZ. I have worked for more than a few very well known non profits,and I have also been homeless and in need of the services. These non profits are so fraudulent, they all "claim" to be helping "the poor unfortunate souls" but reality is, they pick one "token" family the one that "looks" the neediest, and they create campaign or a poster family to advertise and market to all with the money, "look what we do to help these poor needy people, while they pocket donations and take salaries 5x the annual rate of any successful business person.And when you are homeless they force you to participate in degrading yourself and making yourself more dependent on their "services" for instance they put you in a "homeless Information system that is accessible to all organizations(which prevented me from getting employment because I was in this system) also they prevented me from being employed because they would call anyone I interviewed with or submitted resume to, to verify, it is ridiculous I wish I had never asked for their"help" because it has left me "targeted" and ruined my hope of ever having a normal life again

Unknown said...

My name is Deserie foley and I'm a targeted individual from Phoenix. This is my story Gang Stalking:

Unknown said...

This shit is crazy. Its happening to me. I am scared to leave cause i know people come in my house... They follow me. I feel like everyone is in on