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On gangstalking - Blogged


Phoenix AZ - from TI perspective

I got slammed unbelievably here years ago and arrived here to live due to it being the hottest and driest place on the map and I wanted to quickly improve my health due to mycotoxicosis( a condition from heavy exposure to mold). The damage had gone as far as me walking with an unsteady gait and damage to my lungs, rhinitus. Many different molds do different kinds of damage. Even when I arrived in AZ I was still experiencing symptoms like I tried to unpack my clothes in the new place and found my arms were heavy to lift. After much research I knew that this was a sign of the neuro damage.

I did not know it was called gang stalking. I wud discover it while living here while googling "police harassment" due to the campaign in Boston MA. I would also read two more newspaper articles and see that the bust that the federal investigation revolved around, a friend of a friend, had involved Phoenix as the city where either drugs ran through or drug money was laundered through. I also then realized why Scott Ashmanski kept saying "Phoenix is a good place to go." I mean maybe he didnt know it was connected but I think its possible.

When I got here people were just avoiding me like the plague when I would put an ad in to rent a room. I tested out that theory by putting an ad out under a fake name and the results were much different then when people found out who I was, it all changed. This was one of the worst places I was gang stalked definetley. This is also where some gaslighting occured. They pulled some things here that I had not known they were capable of before.

The general character of Phoenix is that it is a crime city. The military as you should know is heavy in this area , AZ and NM, San Diego CA. Its also a major drug route through AZ, as it was mentioned to me with a wink once concerning Tucson AZ, as I asked why I wondered, was I not allowed to stand in one place for more than 5 min in Tucson AZ.
Mexican gangs are prominent here. Just yesterday on the news the story was that another drug smuggling tunnel had been built and the cops found it due to thier being a pothole in the road.
In order to do business and get business taken care of, especially with such screw ups, I imagine that gang stalking is good profit in itself and also a good way to get 'Out of Jail Free Card's as well as favors and continued co operation from any official authority.

It's also a prison state I am told which means that the prison guard unions are strong and this is how they make thier money- by building prisons. The Sheriff is a guy from Boston MA I believe and only a guy from Boston could come up with something so puritanical as pink pajamas to immasculate the inmates.
However, I must say that I do not recall a police presence, overtly anyway ever being part of my harassment here.

And my theory as I travel and return to specific locations is proving reliable: Gang stalking tactics stay basically the same in each city, town or region as they are specific to that area.

The perps are doing the same things they did last time I was here and it doesnt work now as I have gear, experience and a knowledge of their tactics from living here before.

The tactics thata I experienced in 2007 in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa,AZ as follows:
-mostly if not all civilians and perhaps very few overt military personell.
-Cars are used most frequently
-brightening is used frequently (cars parking in obviously inappropriate locations and shining thier lights on the target or in the targets eyes.
-cars utilize the following tactics: u turns, parking and watching(day) or brighting(night), stopping or slowing down or pulling in near the target on the sidewalk where TI is walking then as the TI notes the car and the driver watching the driver then pulls away. This is frequent and there is no other logical purpose for the cars to be doing this repeatedly. Lots of hand signals are used. The southwest style often consists of multiple perp drive bys at bustops and such, like a parade of perps. Being a female this may be easily written off as men being stupid but the hand signals say other wise.
-many of the motel staff seemed to know but did nothing directly overt. MESSING WITH THE PHONE IN THE ROOMS IS FREQUENT HERE-either harassing calls or the phone not working properly.
- what I have dubbed as 'check point charlie': this is when cars are parked on the side of the road in various places spaced apart to form a line of cars watching the TI. This was used specifically here in the past as I had a bike I rode 20 miles a day as it is flat here and I wanted to try to get healthy from mold sickness. I guess on a bike the usual tactics effects are lost as the TI is not as stationary as walking- also speeding on a bike a TI would note cars lined on the side of the road, kind of akin to those old cartoon books where you flip the pages quickly and it looks like a movie is running. I actually confronted one of the cars years ago as I was less attuned to ignoring it then and the perp was not surprised like a normal person would be by such interactions- he just looked VERY very arrogant and better than and rolled up his window on me.
-people will say things to you on passing. Years ago it was very overt like "Loser" upon leaving the library. Or saying your name to let you know they know you as they pass.
-employees of Bank of America were in on it, one of the tellers as I recall.
-neighborhood watch organizations
-people in this Asian cyber Cafe near the college, I forget the name. Constant hacking as well.
- THE most outrageous interference with tech I have seen to date. Cable system going crazy only when the owner/roomate is not home, heating going out conveniently on Xmas day etc.
-a weapon that is most likely tech that will make your stomach feel nausua and pain but its obviously induced as it comes on out of nowhere and if you fight it it goes away..a car outside is present during this and it goes away when that car leaves. This weapon is documented to exist.
-BUS DRIVERS WERE THE ABSOLUTE WORST HERE (and in St Louis MO). They would do anything they pleased as I recall and they were always men, older men. They would close doors right on me and I wud get stuck in the door- they would sit there smirking.
-Harassment and theatre on busses is rampant and pumping the TI for info is usually the purpose. The perps on buses here are never alone and you can see they have 'back up' silently present.

This is also majore LDS country ( Mormons). There are many self proclaimed survivors of LDS RA here and many claim to be targeted. To be fair a few LDS girls warned me not to try to move in to rooms I wanted to rent as I would be kicked out for not complying to LDS standards. They were trying to tell me I think that it would be ensured via harassment that I would not be able to comply.

The perp guy I rented a room from boasted that LDS girls were watched."oh they are watched to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to". He just thought this domination and literal control of women was just so great. Obviouisly he thought non LDS girls should be watched as well.

*Border Patrol in the south west will often be into the harassment but it could be that they check out everyone with a back pack. They are easiest to ignore as you know damn well your not an illegal from Mexico so thats not a concern.
- Security guards at malls or stores and thier parking lots were overt here as I recall. Do your best.
-clerks in stores will say you stole items
-employees in stores like Starbucks etc will be in knowledge of you as a TI. Try to ignore it and dont feed into it. ( this mostly happened in Tempe.)
-CAB DRIVERS are a major part of this here. They lead theatres once they get the TI in the vehicle- in other words you may have a theatre going on with outside perps while in the cab with this guy, like at a drive through.. They reveal themselves by talking about things related to your situation. They go further than other cabbies in other cities by actually torturing a TI with what seems like information they should not readily have access to.
One driver brought me to his house and let me sleep there. He made sure he said to his wife to make sure their young son was kept away from me. I noted when he played with his pet dog that he was very controlling. This was one of my first experiences of seeing the nature of the perps- watching them instead of butting heads or being watched by them. He then gave me a speech about me getting my life together and working and you could tell he either really believed the cover story or it was his job to keep that front up.
-people making helpful suggestions should ALWAYS be ignored by a TI unless you know the person or they are a fellow traveler/hobo type, most of whom understand you are trying to stay 'underground'and respect that. Helpful strangers are directing you to more harassment potentially: EX- "oh I know of a place you can stay. Here is a good place to rent rooms". Just walk away and say thanks and dont listen.
-Individuals trying to engage with you, mostly men if female TI. Its like a badge of honor or a gang initiation just for them to speak to you. You can tell becuz once they dont get attention they will look very f*cked up from being rejected but its not natural in proportion to the situation- the kid looks like you just threw and engagement ring in his face or something. HE SUPPOSEDLY DOESNT EVEN KNOW YOU.
-This is a place where it was attempted to recruit me as the perps saw me as confused and vulnerable. Play along and get rid of them asap or get away from them just as quickly.
-DIRECTED CONVERSATION was very big here but that was big everywhere years ago in the campaign. Buses were very big for this. Bus riders in this city tend to be nosy and look at you, alot.
-The Mexican men here are really nosy for some reason opposed to other heavily Mex areas and if you have a pulse and dark hair but look good at all expect to have your eyes directly stared into multiple times and attention from passers by in trucks or cars. It makes the gang stalking more confused with random male idiocy here.

-Now for the part no one believes about our situations: The tech here, or chemical pollution or both is heavy and unbeatable just like other parts of the southwest or other tech 'hotspots' like Boston MA. You may have to leave after only a short time if you dont want to feel like your mind is melting away.
-Dreams are influenced and there is no way to wake up out of it or stop it. If you try to wake up out of the dream strangely the dream keeps going and you will often feel that familiar 'paralyzed' feeling like you cant move your body as you would like or at all.
-This location was the worst ever for the "go here go there do this do that" part of the mental interference. Watch out for decision making in this area as you might not be making the best choices especially about how to spend your money. This was an especially popular place for people trying to waste away your finances.
(As I mentioned this is a major prison state and as some TIs recall there was a popular vid circulating made by a TI in the 90's when the system was more careless about the info that got media feed: A warden of a prison is sitting giving an interview and talking about new technology that will be so great for prisons as they will "tell the prisoner to go here and go there" or be able to influence their emotional states. This may explain why this is so prevelant here, I dont know).

Thats it, PHOENIX AZ . That is all I recall from the last administration as well as now. They have the same basic harassment and stalking set up they did years ago. I just think I am not a popular target anymore. You will see alot of people wondering how you are still alive and you will also see a few people looking terribly guilty that you are targeted. They will, however, keep thier heads usual.

Make sure you totally ignore them as they do not matter, they do not exist and they are either scum bags and totally ignorant or they are jealous or way stupider than you and the only way they can feel superior is to have ganged up on you and be part of the feeding frenzy during the last administration. Most of all wish them all the blackness in your heart. They are peasants. You are royalty. They would not have lasted a year through this and this is why they cooperate with the system. F*ck them. They would have taken their lives in the first stages not even knowing it was gang stalking or they would have turned perp.

However the up side is that the perps in cars here will shy away from a hand cam. I did not have this before and the difference is astounding. Also being seen talking on a phone to another human being seems a deterrent as well.
-Recently I experienced an actual lifting of whatever the mental side of the targeting is every time I got on a phone and had a conversation with male friends. Being a loner here is deadly.


Jeremy said...

Something I picked up from the Pseudoccult Media blog: a use of homeless shelters I hadn't thought of, to identify people who can be 'disappeared' (experimentation), or who have children who can be exploited after the person dies. Maybe it's something you could comment on.

How carefully are they keeping track of people who enter and leave the homeless shelter system?

Von Kidd said...

Hi, I'm Von Kidd, organizer of the Phoenix stop stalking meetup group for targeted individuals. The group is the Phoenix, AZ, chapter of the Ohio based, international human rights group, Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance. The meetup group's URL is:
I have information there about the technology used, including links to patents. There are links to some of the better sites on gangstalking, and these sites also contain links. you can do as much or as little of your own research as you want.

For Liberty and Justice,

Von Kidd

getsomeplayer said...

I am starting an organization to combat this capital murder conspiracy group. If anyone has any information to assist in that matter, please forward it to:

Unknown said...

this has been happening to me for years. my father all of a sudden died of advanced cancer...they got to my mother and i ended up with no one! no friends no family, just the way they like it! i was pushed to live on the streets in phoenix were the harassment became very clear! men after men sexually harassing me, walking up to me talking about what i am doing in life! even would approach me and say your brittany right? HA!how could they know my name? i spoke to nobody for this exact reason! yeah on the buses i noticed them hand signaling back and fourth! i would get approached at the bus stops, again talking to me about my got so bad that the police were even involved in it. i would be sitting some place and cops would go into near by stores telling them i was a drug addict prostitute, and a thief and not to help me. copper choppers were circling around me in the air doing a 360 right above me untill they had to go refuel! drones flying over left and right...more so at night when i was trying to find a decent place to sleep. i would get motel rooms and have the security guard at motel 6 knock on the door saying there was loud disturbances and i had to go..but in know they were in on it too! i mean AT EVERY DAMN MOTEL NO FUCKING WAY. but everyware i went red cars mean mugging me driving by the intersection laying on the horn. street theature had 3 seprate people all in the same laundry matt i was in. they all were in there for over 2 hours, didn't say a single word to one another. then all of a sudden when it was just us in the laundry matt. BOOM they start fighting! but not even throwing punches just literally talking about how the other screwed the other 2 over yelling! just ridiculas! i mean bottom line, u are not alone and i am so sorry this is happening to you. this is only a few things that have happened to me but the list goes on and on i am 26. every smart phone i had was compromised my loction text calls pictures EVERYTHING now i just have a simple flip phone with no DATA and it seems to be okay for now. we shall see tho

Unknown said...

Your paranoid delusions are only feeding other people's paranoid delusions, giving them a storyline that to them explains their mental state and reject anybody that cares enough about them to try and get them help. I know this personally because of a girlfriend who started becoming more and more insane and once she read about this stuff she refused to listen to all logic. She is now homeless and thinks everyone is trying to make her out to be a bad person and doing things to her to try and break her. She can never say what they are doing, how they are doing it or who it is that is doing it. It's a sad sight to see someone you love running around paranoid of everything and everyone.

Unknown said...

I am currently being gang stalked in phoenix. It is hell. I am afraid almost positive my boyfriend is one of them but my mind gets so confused now. How can i know forsure?

Gohstmanix said... TI resource and fightback group out of Phoenix AZ, contact us anytime! Services are free!

On_GangStalking said...

1. The Goldwater Rule: you can't diagnose someone without being the attending physician.
2. I knew there was something wrong long before I read about theories on the internet.
3. Unlike your loved one (I'm sorry for your situation) many TIs are able to clearly point out how these activities are done and have mapped out a pretty good case such as myself.

there's plenty of documentation from history, politics, law and psychology that make theories plausible. TIs with money and the right situation have sued and won for organized harassment.
Activists and whistleblowers always deal with these systems such as the Enron whistleblowers, Ralph Nader, The Black Panther party (original), Native American movement (70s) just to name a few. Entire countries like East Germany had to live under such a system and there's much documentation.

Usually there's an actual reason and with GS theory there's often a police, intelligence, military or organized crime connection. If she is unable to eventually figure her own case then she may be mistaksn. All genuinely targeted people have a story that makes sense. If I told my story to a person involved in the criminal sciences there would be little doubt about it being feasible. I live in a very traditionally corrupt area where it's part of the legit system. It is akin to living in the East German Stasi system in this location. If your gf can't make at least some sensible claims then she may need other help.

This blog is intended for those who are seeking ways to counter a system takes away their opportunity and even maybe their lives. If someone is imagining or fabricating then that is a different situation.

On_GangStalking said...

I'm sorry I checked this so late. You've got to determine for yourself. Try to contact long time TIs who have experience. I'm good at collecting Intel on different regions and mapping out systems. I don't do well with personal stuff but I can tell you that all peeps would have red flag behavior. Your going to have to learn to keep yourself safe. Just keep in mind the 12 Step phrase "jails, institutions and death"-that is where GS theory would lead a person to if they didn't counter the system. Phoenix is a hotspot or was when I was traveling. They use lots of gangs who r probably paying off on their criminal activities. It's a rough area. It's also too close to military and the nature of that changes from state to state. You're in a bad area for criminals activities. Never a good choice for a TI. Too many easy recruits and no oversight. The general rule with being targeted is to find the good people and recognize red flags in others.