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On gangstalking - Blogged


Los Angeles COUNTY Is Targeted Yet Get Away From That And Its A Different Story,_California Went outside L.A. county last night. Complete change. Returned to get train today, plunged right back into hell again. In Castaic i saw pics on wall of a sub shop of local business owners posing with the sheriff. He was wearing black suit red tie, store owner bright red dress shirt. Many communities like Santa Clarita and Castaic dont hAve police or fire and contract out the sheriff and fire dept from LA county which at first we thought was better off but it only makes the humint less intense. Santa Clarita was ok at first but in Casaic there were civilians waiting for us on arrival and vehicles were used for harassment around the truck stop. In some states in USA it seems to go by county but in Massachusetts iys everywhere Ive frequented without exception. Like AZ is that way alsi..

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