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On gangstalking - Blogged


Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, CA . Shattuck is ok during the day but has a strong tech effect in the evenings always running until approx 10:30 pm. Its about that time that a TI shakes off the spell if u will and wakes up to realize that the last few hours were indeed an illusion. It's so powerful a signal that even if a seasoned Target can tell they're being targeted with remote influence technology, its impossible to break out of its mental hold while its happening. There is a tower down the road a way but it looks like a radio or communication tower. On top of Chase bank there seems to be a repeater tower Strangely this effect actually feels like it is coming in from the same physical direction. We sit on Shattuck facing East around Allston way. The influence feels like its is emanating from the direction that would be the Chase building or somewhere across the street (shattuck ). The illusions are atypical of California usually SoCal, consisting of the idea that certain famous people are watching via a Truman Show type reality show. So a Truman Show effect is being used. However in Berkeley there's consistently a feeling of reward associated with listening to 60's era music on the mp3 player (on my now disconnected Droid) and there's a very strong feeling of the positive and happy being created even though the situation is certainly not positive. As usual like other locations this year the goal of the brain wash seems to be to get me inside and into a permanent living situation and part of the community. What's striking is the power behind the positive feelings. Its like being blasted or cooked with positivity and happiness. Its so obvious it was not real at 10:30 or 10:20 when it drops off. Telegraph has a generally muted vibe emotionally and that whole area along with People's Park seems hit with alot of demotivational brainwashing-alot of keep down. I've experienced many episodes where ideations are supposedly guiding me to leave the USA usually through the west. Its a nice place but if there's any remote influence being used then there's no freedom. Sundays theres relief from tech remote influence. This is usually the time when gs perps become freuent usually African American males you dont see around the rest of the week.

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