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On gangstalking - Blogged


Berkeley Has Stalking Jews (humorous or no?) Id be laughing my ass off, sorry. I actually have one of these sort of stalking me. He looks very Jewish like mixed with some sort of Russian or Nordic. Like from Jew ancestors who lived in those ( areas. He claimed to be a MK ultra survivor when he met me but was unconvincing. He keeps trying to get my attention by guessing where i am from in MA but i ignore him. He just tried to stalk behind me into a church but there were people there and also the fiendish look on his face as he followed me in was close to hysterical. A Jewish nerd type stalking behind you. Oh please....maybe if he was like a Jewish type from the more desert looking ones or had that more stocky look Id be more threatened. I played him qnd he ended up sitting down in the church yard where i then walked out. His plan didn't work out i guess. Well, i learned today that where Safeway is up Shattuck in north Berkeley is a rich Jewish neighborhood. Explains the harassment i suppose...Rich Boston, Brookline and that area Jews arent too fond of me either judging from the past. It also explains all the tech mind control in the area. Partially it seems as if many Jews hate me and are in part behind wanting me dead through this system. Yet i also experience sympathetic treatment as well. I don't get this world at all, really. It also explains the frequent weird Jewish people Ive encountered who chat with me or me and my companion yet seem....menacing underneath. What a sad, sad existence. Id rather live as i do, remain free and die knowing i did the right thing minus worldly power than to have to live in their reality. Their God is so complicated, so demanding and punishing. Opressive. They can be spiritual but look at the burden. Its just not worth it. And its all on them, the way they live and the things they do. Ive got a suspicion that during this I may have had support or help from Jews back home but i dont know fr sure. All i know is to write what's happend, what ive seen and been thru. If thats offensive to any one on this planet then that is too damn bad.

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