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On gangstalking - Blogged


N. Cambridge/E. Somerville Bad Remote Influ Area, E. Cambridge Heavy GS

Forget Central Sq with all its gs activity or Harvard with its slight use of tech that is annoying sometimes. The winner is North Cambridge with absolutely the worst effects I have experienced in the entire area. Arlington just up the road is pretty peaceful and Lexington seems pretty clear. In fact when going into Lexington, I actually experienced a shut down in internet service very quickly then it returns. Experienced this in San Diego, had posted that when on the train and arrive from the south say, Chila Vista, at the 12th and Imperial train station, internet service cuts off every single time and one must reconnect after such event. It happens in the same location each time. The state of mind also changes along with that event.

This would indicate some sort of switching from one tower or system to another and in case of remote influence as it is mapped out. Why does it not surprise me there's a different system or tower when entering Lexington? Its a city that could afford to keep itself up and avoid corporate infiltration- in appearence anyway. Its beautifully preserved physically and I stayed there for a few days weeks ago and found that the 'vibe' there, if you will, is clean and without disturbance. It reminded me what my life could have been if only not for this nightmare that we are all living in now- those of us that did not believe what some perps warned us about years ago and I was warned. You better get money, you better get property before yer 40. Of course that person claims to be a seasoned TI and I dont trust her fully. How am I supposed to get anything if I am targeted- didnt seem to make sense.

Its right next to Porter Sq. Its been a horrible day due to having to walk around this area. Its been an emotional roller coaster just trying to find the laundrymat and do wash. Very dramatic. Ridiculous really.

I actually became so lost in thought that I 'woke up' with my sleeping bag disappeared. Only after backtracking for a few streets did I return to find it at the laundry on a table that I did not recall putting it on. I actually had the sensation of arriving at the laundry without my bags. Just waking up that way out of the fog I was in.

Of course there was much sexual arousal and of course it ended in release accompanied by negative thoughts or statements. This system seems to always need that to 'seal' the suggestions and complete the brainwashing.

Of course looking for my sleeping bag I met alot of weirdos and people who tried to talk to me who I avoided.
This kind of sleepwalking ONLY happens in MA. Its the only place I ever document such an effect happening and I have posted it before in past visits to this area.

Afterwards there was a bit of conditioning as in getting me to feel comfortable with what occured, not telling (like writing this) and the typical ideations to conform, move on and forget about years of torture.

I learned something though- stay the hell out of N. Cambridge. In fact leaving Harvard seems to be unpleasant no matter what direction I go in. I suspect this is why so many people get stuck in the Square being homeless.

Harvard has an energy to it..the buildings and campus itself. One can feel it taking from the humans that surround it, grounding it, feeding it. However, in return one gains protection from these structures at Harvard. Such is the way of Masonic archetecture. There are many sun symbols there and arches etc. Its safe, for me anyway. I feel comfortable coming back there after going to some other part of Boston.
It wasnt like that before, I dont know what changed in the past year. I wasnt going to Harvard alot though and I was probably still trying to do shelters when there was no one to hang with.

Its getting dark and I feel better of course as I always do when the sun goes down. The day time being a TI is an absolute nightmare but sometimes what happens at night can be worse depending.

I met a nice family though, this woman who had kids but wasnt all stuck up, a real friendly mom type native to Cambridge. Her husband had done military stints and we talked of San Diego. Interestingly he said that during a certain president and during a certain war back in the 90's, it got annoying trying to do his job and people telling him not to do his job. That certainly made me feel better about all I had been through today, every other day. We arent crazy or wrong- as TI's we are just privy to information that only certain other types of people understand to be true or feasible like military, criminals, cops etc.

Oh and I saw this morning a Cambridge cop wave to a black dude in a red t-shirt who, after seeing that I saw this, did a good job of concealing that he was nervous and guilty just a bit.

East Cambridge is awful as well, except they seem to lack tech being used and rely heavily on lots of gang stalking. From the Portugese neighborhood down the road to the mall, which is always full of perps. The gs around E. Cambridge is like during Bush, constant and overt.


Anonymous said...

It seems a lot of cops get involved over here, but it doesn't look like it's their "choice" to do so. It's more like they were being manipulated into it, or coerced, just like everyone else I come across. I've found that the System is far nastier than anyone involved in it.

I've had the same experience, that I feel like I'm much freer walking around at night, but I figured it was because I've always liked being out at night (before the targeting). The only thing though is they still have annoying gangstalkers pursuing me at night, which pisses me off. Otherwise, I like it... it's much cooler, and you don't notice the fools in cars as much (unless they turn their interior lights on as a harassment tactic). That's one thing they used to do a lot: interior lights as a harassment tactic, so I can see what the perps look like. And you can bet the way they look is itself a beat-down tactic. I don't want to elaborate further, because it will give them feedback. I'm sure you know what I mean, although they probably aren't doing the same things to you they are to me.

Anonymous said...

That's true, though it is very hard to leave the System. Unless the System goes away, I don't see any way to realistically escape it. The only way to do so is to spend time in the basement of a building, alone, no internet, can't read newspapers (because it is yet another perp medium), can't watch TV, etc. It's like being forced out of another prison and into another.

One thing is for sure: this system has been in use since the late 1700's, because I have researched it, in Austria, and possibly in other European countries. So it is not an American thing, and it certainly is nothing new. In fact, I've found that people wanting to escape the System back in the very early 1800's in the Oligarchy of Austria thought that the U.S. would be a truly great place to live, because they figured it was a True Democracy. Well, it isn't, it is a Republic, and it is become a completely Socialist state. Of course, they can do it without technology.

See? Just like I pointed out, the late 1790's, around the time where organized stalking was used pretty regularly. Around 1810, it was pretty strong in Vienna, after having been around for a while. So I expect it has been used in other places as well.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! MK ULTRA LAND. I trust NO ONE who went to Harvard and will not use the services of any professional grad. Seriously. They are INFECTED in a way that goes far beyond the usual system infection.

The same is true also about different countries. Things really eased up for me when I moved to Montreal.